No one knows when Dez Bryant will be ready to go


Not since Bill Frist tried to diagnose Terri Schiavo via TV have we seen such an aggressive effort by doctors who have never treated a given patient to opine on his prognosis. But everyone wants to know when Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant will be back, and doctors who know nothing about his situation are in better position than non-doctors in the media who know nothing about his situation. So let’s have some doctors diagnose someone whose chart they’ve never seen.

But just because everyone wants to know when Dez will be back doesn’t make the application of a specific timetable the responsible thing to do. Which is why PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio relies exclusively on former NFL athletic trainer Mike Ryan, NBC’s Sports Medicine Analyst, to provide the audience a candid assessment regarding injuries.

As Mike Ryan said during Tuesday’s show, no one knows when Dez will be ready to go. The foot is a fairly important body part for any athlete who performs with, you know, his feet on the ground, and Bryant’s broken bone occurred in an area of the foot where blood circulation isn’t great. So it could take some time for the thing to heal.

Mike Ryan explained that the healing will be monitoring with periodic CT scans, and that a judgment eventually will be made as to whether Dez is 100 percent or close enough to 100 percent to play. There’s a chance the Cowboys will make a calculated risk to let him play before he’s 100 percent, but that would carry an enhanced risk of re-injury.

The uncertainty comes in the wake of the team’s decision to proclaim to the world — even before surgery — that Dez would miss 4-6 weeks. The problem with that declaration arises from the pressure it puts on the player to meet the timetable provided by the owner of the team.

So that’s the whole story. You can hear it for yourself by listening to Hour Two of Tuesday’s show. Or you can continue to demand certainty from doctors who will try to provide certainty even though they have no way of reliably obtaining it.

41 responses to “No one knows when Dez Bryant will be ready to go

  1. The NFL INSIDER will know.

    Schefter, Peter King, and their ilk.
    Wait, they’re just spokespeople for the shield.

    And this is heady stuff–

    “The foot is a fairly important body part for any athlete who performs with, you know, his feet on the ground,”

  2. As soon as I heard 4-6 weeks I thought that’s awfully optimistic. 6-8 weeks is more the right time frame. I looked at the Cowboys schedule and they have 4 games and than a bye week – so maybe that first game after the bye? That would be 6 weeks. Even then I don’t know if Dez will be 100 percent.

  3. Overrated turd cries, gets paid and fakes an injury. Should have kept DeMarco, the Cowboys are complete garbage.

    Fluke season is over, the Cowboys looked terrible last weekend, comical team thinks they got a chance, hahaha!

  4. Which is why PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio relies exclusively on former NFL athletic trainer Mike Ryan, NBC’s Sports Medicine Analyst, to provide the audience a candid assessment regarding injuries.


    Unless they examined him in person, they don’t know either. But really, who cares.

    It will be dragged on into a soap opera then he will come back and find a new way to sit on the sidelines and get paid.

  5. I remember Julio Jones used his own bone marrow injected into the broken bone in his foot. I wonder if Dez will try that as well.

  6. Mort awaits talking points from Goodell’s minions.
    ESPNFL has two segments ready to air blaming Brady and Belichick for Dallas’ misfortune. Jerry goes along with Goodell. Peter King tweets his coffee choice of the day.

  7. Take your time Dez. Having Dez in December is way more valuable to the Boys than having Dez in October.

  8. I don’t know about football players. BUT in basketball, these kinds of injuries ARE career threatening…

    Dez better be SURE and careful before he returns. This is the kind of injury that keeps coming back.

    Dallas should not put this guy’s career at risk. Off course Dez got paid. Good for him, I couldn’t imagine this injury on a franchise tag.

  9. Take your time Dez. Get healthy. Even take extra time if you need it. The Cowboys will be fine as long as they have Tony Romo at QB. They were fine the other night when Dez was in the locker room. They might have been in the super bowl last year if Dez was in the locker room then, too. Dez is a great WR. But this is a QB driven league. So goes your QB, so goes your team. It’s nice to have Dez out there. But the Cowboys don’t need him to win.

  10. Dez will definitely be on the sidelines, cheering his TEAM on and mentoring our new w/r, Butler 🙂

  11. Shoot, TO came back from a broken ankle from a horsecollar tackle by Roy Williams in time for a Super Bowl run.

  12. DawgPound83 says:
    Sep 16, 2015 9:08 AM
    Suck it up sissy, chop that gimpy thing off and go get me some fantasy points. You wernt drafted to sit son
    For those who drafted him in the 1st round this year and AP in the first round last year….. gonna be another tough season.

  13. Looks like 8 weeks until he can actually play like he usually does.

    Sometimes getting better without a great player and then getting them back late in the year can be a key to playoff success.

    As long as Dallas can get to at worst 5-3 with their tough schedule they will have a good shot at 12-4 once Dez comes back.

  14. also saying he cant come back in 4-6 weeks is as absurd as saying it will more likely be 8-10 .. Marcellus Wiley played DT at what almost 280 lbs cme back in 3 weeks after same surgery had his best season ever and made the pro bowl…. like Dez said.. dont listen to the ……. he will update us … anything else including saying 4-6 weeks is wrong or likely wrong is nonsense

  15. Not to bust bubbles but the same thing happened to bengals marvin jones early last training camp. First they said hed be ready for week one. Then they said week 4, then they said he wasnt coming back that year at all. If dez does miraculously come back this year he wont be near the same

  16. There are 3 different zones where you could potentially fracture the 5th metatarsal. Worst case scenario its a Jones fracture which occurs in an area that gets next to no blood supply and requires a minimum of 8-12 weeks.

    If it’s in a different spot on the 5th then there is the potential to come back sooner.

  17. “No one knows when Dez Bryant will be ready to go”

    Uhhh——Not so fast. The doctors sure have a pretty good idea. And they say 8-12 weeks. While erring on a long side of 12-20 (ala Kevin Durant with the identical injury). My opinion, for what it’s worth Cowboy fans. Don’t listen to a word Jerry Jones or Dez Bryant says about his injury. Plan to see him again in 2016 if he’s lucky and diligent in rehab. This wouldn’t be so hard for them if they had just signed Demarco Murray.

  18. He’s not coming back this season Dallas Fans.

    But take heart, you still have DeMarco Murray to be your workhorse. Oh, wait…

    Oh, well, at least he’s only on a Franchise deal this year, and not locked into a crazy long term deal with lots of guaranteed money. Oh, wait…

    Well Dallas fans, I guess you’ll have to be content with last season being your one good season out of five. Looks like more of 8-8/7-9 in your future.

    Even with the “Greatest Offensive Line Ever Assembled”.

  19. Tired of these guys getting huge money deals playing 1 or 2 games then out for the season… it’s BS.

    Sean Lee should be good for at least 1 more game before he’s done LOL

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