Report: Texans will start Mallett at QB


The Texans are making a quarterback change after one week, sources told NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport Wednesday.

Ryan Mallett will prepare as the starting quarterback for this week’s game vs. the Panthers, Rapoport reported. Brian Hoyer, who’d won the job in a training camp competition after signing with the Texans in March, was benched after struggling in the Texans’ season-opening loss to the Chiefs.

Perhaps for strategic reasons or perhaps because he was simply seeing a nightmare quarterback scenario come true so soon, Texans coach Bill O’Brien said earlier this week he was not going to make a quarterback announcement.

You’ll have to wait for the first play of the Carolina game to see,” O’Brien said.

Hoyer told reporters last Sunday he understood why O’Brien made the in-game change.

“It couldn’t have gone any worse,” Hoyer said.

Starting Sunday would mark quite a four-week turn for Mallett, who no-showed practice after he overslept the week Hoyer was named the starter. Cameras from Hard Knocks focused on that incident and O’Brien’s anger with Mallett in the following week’s episode.

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  1. And to think, it seems just like yesterday he was throwing a 28 day cycle hissy fit for not being named Startah.

    Hate to say it, Hoyer, Mallett, you dont have a qb.

  2. Cannot be understated how bad Hoyer looked last week. Go with Mallet and if we lose every game, at least we will have the number 1 pick next year and can grab another defensive lineman.

  3. So now if Mallet struggles in this week’s game, O’Brien will bench him and make Hoyer the starter again? Maybe you should stick with the decision you made after watching six weeks of training camp and see if a guy can get past one bad outing.

  4. This shows why decent QBs get $20,000,000. The Texans aren’t a bad team … except at that one very important position.

  5. The Texans are now officially worse than the Browns.

    The “Throw QBs at the wall and see if they stick” Browns gave Hoyer 17 games to decide if he could be their starter.

    Houston gave him 3/4ths of 1 game.

    At this rate, I may as well start pulling for the Titans. I was an Oilers fan before the Texans got here, anyway.

  6. Houston’s defense is so good, this Titan fan shudders to think what will happen in the AFC South if/when they land a franchise QB.

  7. Mallett didn’t over sleep, he was mad that he didn’t get the starting job that he felt he deserved….looks like he was right….

  8. This right here is why teams like the Patriots are successful.

    Teams that constantly change coaches and quarterbacks will never really be successful over the long haul.

    It’s a shame that J.J. Watt is wasting his career down there.

  9. As a Texans fan I didn’t really see a distinction between the two guys in the first place, so it didn’t matter to me which way they went. What bothers me is that O’Brien is going against what he said, namely that the starter wasn’t going to have a short leash. If Hoyer is the guy, then let him be the guy. If Mallett is the guy, then let him be the guy. My concern is that we are going to spend all season watching a carousel of quarterbacks, when we would be better off just picking a ditch and going with it.

  10. This is why 32 teams is the limit. Not enough QBs to go around. Can you imagine having one of these plodders as your new franchise QB. After this weekend I can see the Texans trading for Matt Moore. They would only need to offer a second and third plus JJ and we might talk.

  11. Really goes to show you that ‘Very Good NFL QB’ is one of rarest things on the planet. Amazing that only 12-15 men, at any given time, can do the job of ‘NFL Quarterback’ at a quality level.

    If you are going to battle with a QB named Hoyer, Fitzpatrick or McCown, you aren’t going to be contending for anything anytime soon.

  12. during the off season, the only thing unexpected about Mallett replacing Hoyer as starter was how long it took

  13. JJ Watt has been named the starting DE, TE and QB for the Houston Texas this week vs. the Carolina Panthers

  14. The deficiencies at the QB position will glare red when the Texans continuously fail at a run game. So the focus of the offense should be run, run, run….O-line needs to step up and help our Chicken n Shrimp, Blue, and Piano-Man else we will be forced into many passing situations that will expose QB weaknesses.
    Keys of the Game:
    Time of Possession (if running game good)
    Def TO’s
    Contain Tedd Ginn

  15. Have some conviction, man. The team cannot be a cohesive unit when they don’t know who their QB is going to be week to week. Make a choice and ride it out. Nobody can look at a coach and say “he made the right call” when he changes the call at every turn.

  16. Good. We all knew what Hoyer was capable of… Mallett still hasn’t had time to play much. A realist Texan fan knows this season isn’t going to be great, might as well see what Mallett has to bring. Maybe we’ll catch lightning in a bottle (probably not) or at least get a high pick next year (and maybe finally a QB). With Rick Smith at GM, he’ll probably pick another DE.

  17. It’s the Matt Schaub Curse. It causes you to play crappy QBs and your hairline recedes prematurely.

  18. I’ll tell you who is the real joke here, our GM Rick Smith. I still can’t understand how this clown has a job. What a joke of a GM..

  19. Browns start Hoyer and then pull him after they reach 7-4 with a chance at the playoffs.

    Texans pull Hoyer after 1 game after naming him the starter for the season, that earlier decision based on the entire training camp and preseason process.

    There’s a reason some teams are good, and some stay bad.

  20. Tough luck for O’Brien. He inherits a lousy team with no QB and coaches them to a respectable record, past the point he can draft a highly regarded QB. Meanwhile Lovie Smith and Ken Wisenhunt inherit lousy teams, do a terrible job coaching them, and get to pick from the two best QBs in the draft.

  21. tajuara says:
    Sep 16, 2015 3:32 PM

    The Texans are one QB away, if that, of taking the AFC South


    They could be a QB away from winning the Super Bowl too. However, there aren’t many good ones and there aren’t many sure things in the draft either, so it’s hard.

    12 out of 14 years the AFC representative QB in the Super Bowl was either Brady, Manning or Big Ben. The other two were Rich Gannon in 2002 and Flacco in 2012.

    A great QB makes all the difference. If Houston had Luck they might win the division for 10 years straight.

  22. you spent all the time and effort beefing up the defensive team then you realized that oh, my offence is craps…

  23. We will see if Mallet can make it. The problem with backups is they rarely see the field outside practice and preseason. Never getting the chance to hone whatever skill they have.
    QB is the hardest position to predict.
    Look at how many teams need one. More than 50% of the NFL do not have the defined franchise QB.

  24. I think it’s a bad move. After only one week? Hoyer struggled because he faced the likes of Justin Houston, Dontari Poe, Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, and Dee Ford. It’s not right to bench a guy after he faced one of the toughest pass rushing defenses in the league which happened to be his first game. It would be the same as benching a QB after just one game when he faced the likes of J.J. Watt, Jadaveon Clowney, Vince Wilfork and that good MLB the Texans have whose name completely escapes me for some reason, or benching a guy after one game when facing Demarcus Ware and Von Miller. Justin Houston was responsible for the interception to Peters as he drove the lineman into the QB as he threw. He was also responsible for Hoyers fumble early on. Like I said, It’s not fair to judge him based off the defense he faced in his first game.

  25. And they will soon find out that Mallet is just another Matt Cassel. Speaking of which, I think he is available and will probably start for Houston in week 3.

  26. Yes Hoyer is more consistent but with Mallett the offense had more “snap”, the team moved quicker and the defense had to respect Mallett’s arm and his ability to get the ball out fast and hard. When Hoyer was pulled the offense was not doing anything, with Mallett they immediately started to move down the field and score. Same players on both sides.

  27. You need Arian foster back. He drives the offense, not the qb. The Texans could be a playoff contender if they had a good running game. Once he gets back, things will look better.

  28. Of course Carolina’s defense will destroy the Texans O, and it’s a damn good thing. Because Carolina’s O won’t be doing much, if anything, to Houston’s Defense….

  29. I know O’Brien said it wouldn’t be a short leash but the implication was that it wouldn’t be a long one, either. He said some other stuff on the show as well that explains why he is going with Mallett.

    Scene one was O’Brien laying down the law with the coaches that it was time to win games in Houston. And when they chose Hoyer, Smith and O’Brien agreed that the two guys were “basically equal.” Game one was about as bad as it could have been; a worst-case scenario, if you will.

    Switching QBs after the first game is not a good sign, but it does give the team something different to focus on, as opposed to the beating they took last week. And who knows? Maybe Mallet gets on a roll…it’s worth a shot.

  30. Truth is Hoyer is a INT machine and he’s a dark cloud. Even with Cleveland’s lack of QB talent they realized that the guy is just a depressant in the locker room. As soon as he has a bad moment he goes into a funk and self-criticizes. You don’t want that guy being your starter.

  31. Hey O’Brien, I’m a native Houstonian. Houston is the greatest single football city on the planet–ask Joel Buchsbaum. Hoyer looked TOTALLY UNPREPARED for the game. That’s on you Bill O’Brien. Fix it or leave my hometown. Now.

  32. Agree 100% on the Rick Smith comment….look at rounds 2 and 3 of the 2011-2014 drafts. Starters or key contributors as a percentage of total picks. We are at 20%….Good teams are around 70%. And I don’t want to think about where we’d be without Watt. My understanding, albeit without direct knowledge, is that Wade Phillips had to bang the table for that pick.

  33. Glad someone is finally giving Mallett a shot to play. He’s got the tools, now let’s see him put it all together and i would not yank him if he falters. We all know what you get with the “retread” Hoyer, let’s give the “kid” some time to grow and if he stinks up the joint in several consecutive games then there’s always “tanking the season” to draft “12 Gauge” at Ohio State next season to run your offense in 2016 !!!

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