Todd Gurley could debut this week

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When the Rams put running back Todd Gurley on the active roster at the outset of training camp, it was clear he’d be playing sooner than later. The clock possibly is ready to strike sooner.

On Tuesday, Rams coach Jeff Fisher said Gurley could play this week.

“Yeah, there’s always that possibility,” Fisher told reporters. “I ruled him out in the preseason and ruled him out last week. I’m not ruling him out right now. We’ll see how he does, but this is a medical decision, a trainer’s decision, a collective decision. But we’ll see how he does this week.”

Fisher added that Gurley got some reps with the first-string offense in practice on Tuesday, and that the plan is to give him more. The head coach also has no worries about Gurley’s ability to do what he needs to do.

“I’m not concerned about him knowing what to do, whatsoever,” Fisher said of Gurley. “He knows what to do.”

On Sunday, the Rams were so low on running backs that what they had to do was give the ball to receiver Tavon Austin, who ran it 16 yards for a touchdown. He had three other carries for an additional net of one yard, and running back Bennie Cunningham added 16 carries for 45 yards, and average of 2.8 yards per attempt. Isaiah Pead contributed three yards on two tries.

Fisher’s comments came 10 months to the day after Gurley tore an ACL in what was his final college game at Georgia. He could be making his NFL debut on Sunday at Washington.

21 responses to “Todd Gurley could debut this week

  1. I hope this guy stays healthy. I really would hate to see his potentially tremendous talents “wasted” or “ruined” by injury. Obviously, we have seen it many times before, but I think it helps the overall product to have elite caliber players able to contribute…

  2. Rams already had a great D with likely the best DL in the NFL and a solid group behind them.
    If Gurley can stay healthy and live up to his “Beast Mode” potential and if Foles continues to play like he did this past Sunday, that offense is going to make some noise as well.
    The NFC West, top to bottom, is a very tough division and there should be some great games against the AFC North this season.
    My Seahawks have some issues, but they’ll get them sorted out. Cards have been flying under the radar, but that’s a very good and well-coached team that just needs Palmer to stay healthy. The ‘Niners have had a serious dumpster fire of an offseason, but that’s still a very talented team and I think people (including myself) may have been writing them off too soon. We’ll find out soon if they’re better than advertised or if the Vikings are just that bad.

  3. I think Pead is on the roster bubble but they can’t cut him until either Mason or Gurley is good to go. That would free up a roster spot for Melvin White as well. They need to get another corner on the roster ASAP. Last week Johnson and Joyner going down almost cost them.

  4. “Well, time to login to my fantasy league and scope the waiver wire”

    Man, those 4 team leagues must be a blast to play in!

  5. I wouldn’t risk playing him on that awful field. Mason is due back anyways and on paper the Rams should be able to win. Hold off 1 more week when they get the Steelers at home IMO.

  6. kane337 says:
    Sep 16, 2015 9:11 AM

    Great. My fantasy team needs him to play

    I’m anxious to see what he can do, for the same reason.

  7. I keep comparing him to Fred Taylor in terms of skill. Really hope I’m not comparing career knees down the road. This guy is fun to watch.

  8. Other than A.D. i think he is the most anticipated RB return/debut to watch… I want to see if what they say about him is true… Especially since Ameer Abdullah tore it up in his debut…I think he will take the league by surprise… Indeed…

  9. Can’t wait to watch this guy. All the experts thought Trent Richardson was the second coming, and now Gurley looks like the same RB. Ran wild through those gaping holes in college, plowing through college DBs with a full head of steam. I’m from Missouri. The show me state.

  10. They need Gurley back so that Austin doesn’t get injured. Returning kicks and lining up everywhere on offense is going to get Austin hurt, no matter what team they’re facing. It is just a matter of time, then Britt being double teamed it is hard to picture Foles getting any type of passing game going.

  11. I know that I’m not telling you Rams’ fans anything that you don’t know, but as a U of G fan….I love this guy! He is an amazing talent, and he seems like a really good kid.
    I hope that he has a great career with the Rams!
    I really hope that he can stay healthy.
    That, certainly, has been his one problem.

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