Clinton Portis: I wouldn’t let Suh get away with that


Washington running back Alfred Morris didn’t do anything about it when Miami defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh knocked Morris’s helmet off with his knee on Sunday. Former Washington running back Clinton Portis would have done something about it.

Portis said that he would have enjoyed mixing it up with Suh, and that if Suh had taken a shot like that at Portis, he would have been sorry.

“I just would love to be in that situation,” Portis said on ESPN 980, via the Washington Post. “Why didn’t guys play that way when I was on the field? I wish a guy would have. I would have dove at the back of Suh’s knees so quick and got up and just probably choked him out. I definitely wouldn’t have let him get away with that. But again, Alfred Morris is a different guy than myself.”

Portis thinks other players need to stand up to Suh.

“Guys give this facade of being tough and, ‘Oh man, I’m the man and don’t try me,’ and you know, they’re really not,” Portis said. “I don’t think Suh is, you know, that tough of a player. I think he’s a great player though.”

The NFL declined to discipline Suh for the incident. So if opposing players want Suh to pay for his antics, they may have to go the Portis route.

93 responses to “Clinton Portis: I wouldn’t let Suh get away with that

  1. “Well the current group of Redskins are soft as Charmin so it makes sense.”

    Seriously…. anyone who does this for a living isn’t “soft”. The real crime here is that someone with Portis’ track record (remember his defense of Michael Vick’s dog killing “hunting’s legal”!) is that Dan Snyder is forcing another one of his pets on the public. No one and I mean NO ONE in Washington cares what Portis’ opinion is about ANYTHING!

  2. There is a big difference from doing something about it on the field or off the field. Isn’t really much u can do on it without getting a penalty, costing your team a bunch of yards and receiving a fine from the league. I do agree with Portis though. Somebody at the very least needs to stand up to Suh, get up in his face or something.

  3. “So if opposing players want Suh to pay for his antics, they may have to go the Portis route.”

    Journalistic integrity wanes as the writer advocates dirty play.

  4. Washington played dirty that entire game. Suh just started to let them now they had gone to far.

  5. Clinton, this isn’t a street fight, it’s a SPORT, with RULES! And Suh isn’t a “great player”, he has repeatedly broken the rules to aim to inflict (potentially career-ending) injuries on opponents. Not only is that “conduct detrimental to the integrity of the game,” it’s assault. When even boxers can be expected to fight within rules then NFL players should be able to. Repeat-offenders like Suh need career bans.

  6. Suh would’ve pulled portis’s head off, put it on a broomstick, put some stupid glasses on it, and talked to the other team with it like it was a puppet, to make sure no one tried that twice…

  7. As someone who is both a Canes and a Dolphins fan, I don’t know where to put my heart on this Portis/Suh fight.

    As someone with a brain, I know where to put my money on this fight.

    5’11” 219 versus 6’4″ 307

  8. Kind of poor timing to make a comment like that; A) He’s not playing anymore so he doesn’t have to back it up. B) Isn’t he up for HOF honors this year?

    Might leave a bad taste in some voters’ mouths

  9. I have heard numerous interviews with Portis, and I can’t understand a word that he says.
    Is there an “App” that I can get, like Babblefish or something, that will help me to grasp his precious insights?

  10. Great. Then Morris would have gotten a 15 yard penalty, a fine, and maybe an ejection, and everyone would be saying that he was “undisciplined” and “hurt his team.”

    You are just going to face criticism no matter what you do.

  11. People don’t go after Suh because he is the single most physically imposing player in the league. I say this as a Lions fan that watched him dominate the middle of the field for 4 years without missing a game due to injury.

    That being said, for all the BS through the years it wouldn’t be totally unjustified if he got wiped out via cheap shot.

  12. It’s a game where 300 lb men run full speed and throw their bodies at you, but you’re saying you would attempt to literally murder someone if their leg brushed against you as they were walking by???

  13. Intentional or not has nothing to do with it in my mind; you should still get penalized I think, and let intent or not dictate how severe the penalty is.

    Like “oops i accidentally ran over someone with my car” is still a punishable offense, it’s just a much lesser charge than “yeah I planned and tried to run him over.”

    Suh still kicked a guy’s helmet off after a tackle. Didn’t look intentional, but if you don’t call even a little something, players think they have to fend for themselves. It’s human nature and happens in every sport. I guess I’d rather see the officials call the borderline stuff more tightly in general and at least have an “unintentional dead ball foul” for the avoidable stuff like this. That would keep players from going all vigilante like Portis.

  14. It would have been cool for him to say something like this, when, you know, he actually played and may have had to back it up. Now he just sounds like your average Natty Light drinker sitting on his couch.

  15. Portis is going to take Ndamukong Suh down at the knees and choke him out? Oh man, now that’s funny. Maybe Portis should worry about his own knees, when Rocco and Vito come looking for their money with a baseball bat.

  16. You are Clinton Portis, he’s Ndamukong Suh.

    He’d do whatever he’d like to you, because there’s nothing you could do to stop him.

    It’s easy to talk smack when you’re out of the league and the closest you get to the NFL these days is the red zone channel.

  17. The NFL declined to discipline Suh for the incident because there was no incident. Incidental contact caused by Morris trying to get up while Suh was trying to walk by him. Florio and his useful idiots are trying to make a story out of nothing.

  18. Cue this, cue that…please stop “cueing” everything cuz you think you can predict a comment

    Back to Portis, his comment could get him in trouble. What I think he MEANT to say was “get a FALL guy to choke him out 😁”

  19. I laughed when I got to the point about Portis choking Suh out. This guy must be living in his own fantasy world.

    As a Pats fan, the Dolphins don’t worry me too much (at least no more than other division opponents) , but I’m not looking forward to seeing Suh wreak havoc in the trenches. If there was one game I’d like to have Logan Mankins back for……

  20. Love the Miami fans making excuses now for Suh. It’s actually funny. His 1 unassisted tackle was great LOL. Oh by the way, cut blocks are completely legal. A chop block is not but that’s two lineman hitting a player, one low and one high at the same time. Miami is the place good players to to fade into the sunset with large bags of money 🙂

  21. They cut blocked Suh the entire game… Although a legal block still not gonna make another player happy. What he did to Morris was not a kick. Watch the replays

  22. Portis might be talking tough from the outside, but his point is valid regarding player retribution for dirty antics. Suh is a freakish athlete, and even most NFL lineman wouldn’t line up to fight him. But he’s just one guy. I’m very, very surprised that an O line group hasn’t just pooled their fine money together to take out his knees as a team.

  23. I wish someone would do just what Porter said he would have done — dive at the back of Suh’s knees.
    Suh is the dirtiest player in the NFL. Everyone knows it.
    He’s also the most over-rated player in the NFL and it’s why the Lions made the right decision by letting him go.
    I never wish that any player gets injured at any time. But in Suh’s case, I’ll make an exception. I hope his career ends because of an injury and I hope it’s an illegal hit that does it.
    Let him have a taste of his own dirty medicine.

  24. Dolphin fans have to be 100 mil for a ” unstoppable” D lineman and he can only manage 2 tackles against a rookie playing his first game. LOL. As far as Portis..Redskins fans have always been annoyed with his whining.

  25. Unfortunately for Suh…and I watched the game and I didn’t see that he did anything…he will be blamed by some opposing player every game, just because of his reputation and not because of anything he actually did–but that’s what you get for doing the things Suh has done in the past. In other words, it’s in him regardless.

  26. I watched Clinton play when he was on the Redskins. He’s not just blowing smoke. CP was physical. He’d de-cleat guys in pass pro all the time.

    Thankfully Alfred is smarter than CP. The refs never flag the instigator, they flag the guy that retaliates. Morris was killing the Dolphins, why risk getting ejected? Suh was getting owned by Scherff and Moses all game.

  27. The reason this is a story is because Suh is a dirty player. What’s interesting is he’s actually gotten good at cheap shorting other players to the point he doesn’t get suspended

  28. Yep, Morris is a class act and one heck of a player. So grounded too… he still drives his 1991 Mazda he had in college.

  29. And then Portis would have appeared on the next episode of “When keepin’ it real, goes wrong!”

  30. “Guys give this facade of being tough and, ‘Oh man, I’m the man and don’t try me,’ and you know, they’re really not”

    kinda like guys who are out of the league saying things like this?
    “I just would love to be in that situation.Why didn’t guys play that way when I was on the field? I wish a guy would have. I would have dove at the back of Suh’s knees so quick and got up and just probably choked him out. I definitely wouldn’t have let him get away with that. But again, Alfred Morris is a different guy than myself.”

  31. Scraping up the algae from the absolute bottom of the barrel to find someone who agree’s with the boss on this one, aren’t we guys?

  32. I seem to recall Clinton Portis taking a few dives to keep from being hit. Granted, he was feisty, but Suh would have smashed him like a gnat.

  33. BS…you would’ve put on a goofy hat and glasses and danced to the sideline.
    Alfred Morris did the smart thing – even the pathetic ***skins OL manhandled Suh.

  34. I’m the last guy to defend Suh. He’s a dirty player and has proven it over and over. In this instance though, I can’t say what he did was a big deal or intentional. He was stepping around Morris and brushed his facemask. It didn’t look like he was even looking down. Even though he’s blatantly kicked a guy in the groin and stepped on a QB’s leg, I give him a pass on this one.

  35. But I’m not looking forward to seeing Suh wreak havoc in the trenches

    Apparently being a “pats fan” you didn’t watch our boy TB shred the lions last year w suh. I can’t recall if the guy even got off the bus. We have too many fair weather fans as it is watch the games then opine

  36. Clinton – man I loved your hard running in the League, the U and all that, but you missed 19 games your last 2 NFL seasons. You’d get hurt just by leaning on the locker room urinal the wrong way.

    The NFL saw nothing wrong with the contact.
    Suh will get caught up with his anger frustration and will do something stupid – that scares me as a Dolphins fan.

    But this is not that play that all Suh haters want it to be.

    Next, please.

  37. I might sound like a patriots fan,but I’m a Dolphins fan. I hated Sue when he was on the Lions,but now that he’s on my team ,I love him. I know Sue is not a dirty player,is Brady a cheater?

  38. The things CP spoke of are what lead up to this. OV was out of the game early from cut block, leg whip. Shelby was gouged in the eye, Suh faced it most of the game. In all 5 defensive Fins players were hurt. If/when they keep this type of play up when they face your team.They will be trying to preserve their careers rather than to win the game.

  39. Cant respect a guy that comes on tv dressed in drag…now he trying to talk tough….give me a break. Plus the Washington team played very dirty themselves. They gaved on Dolphins player a black eye and leg whipped another…..they injured another by chop blocking. They tried to injure Suh by at his knees every chance they got. i not m making this stuff up folks watch the game for yourself…..and these injured Dolphins are on their injury report this week. ..look it up for yourself if you think im making it up….Washington ol played dirty all game and now all their fans including portis want to point a finger at Suh

  40. Washington fans + portis= sore losers. Washington players played as dirty as they could get away with and still lost but injured five Dolphins players now they trying to point a finger at Suh….God don’t like ugly thats why ya’ll still lost.

  41. mikeoxwells says:
    Sep 17, 2015 7:26 AM

    Speaking about diving at Suh’s knees, did anyone see every play that he was on the field?
    That’s called a chop block, it’s what Bill Callahan coaches, and how DeMarco Murray put up 1800 yards last year. Either way, comparing a legal (but obnoxious) football technique to Suh’s track record on the field is a bit goofy.

  42. What will pft drum up about suh next week? This is a weekly discussion that gets old so quickly. And he has been in the league for 5 years now does anybody think o lineman have never tried to cheap shot him? The ignorance is amazing….

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