Hilton says he’ll be a game-time decision


Receiver T.Y. Hilton still has a chance to prove owner Jim Irsay wrong.

Irsay said after Sunday’s season-opening loss to the Bills that Hilton likely would miss a couple of weeks with a knee injury. Hilton, in the end, may miss a total of none weeks.

“A game-time decision depending on how I feel,” Hilton told reporters on Thursday. “I’ll talk to [coach Chuck Pagano] about it and see where I go from there.”

Pagano separately was asked if he has optimism that Hilton will be able to play.

“A lot,” Pagano said. “A lot.”

If Hilton, who didn’t practice Thursday, plays against the Jets, he could be covered the entire game by cornerback Darrelle Revis. If Hilton doesn’t play, Revis could then try to take away receiver Andre Johnson.

4 responses to “Hilton says he’ll be a game-time decision

  1. I’ll say it right now…..if he doesn’t play the Colts will start 0-2. I saw a stat earlier today and the likelihood that a team goes to the playoffs after starting 0-2 is not very good. That said, the following week they play the Titans who are more than capable of beating them. Then comes a very winnable game against the Jags. After that it’s two very important games against the Texans and hated Patriots. I think Luck is awesome, but if the colts don’t win Sunday against the Jets…..mark my words their season will in all probability spiral downward. My prediction Colts will start no better than 3-5 at the halfway point. The defense is softer than ass cheeks and the only bright side of the defense is Vontae Davis. My boy Philip Dorsett HAS to come up big if TY is hurt…..other wise Frankie and Andre are just not enough at the stage of their careers. Regardless, good luck to all of your teams Sunday gentlemen. Stay safe.

  2. Right. The Jets are a cream puff…except they have fearsome lines on both sides of the ball that knock people on their keysters. Trust me, fans are fans but no team facing the Jets the way they run it, stop the run, get after QB’s and cover look at them as cream puffs

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