Jameis Winston humbled by debut, moreso after watching again


The Titans might have been able to stay up late celebrating.

But after taking a beating from the guy drafted one spot behind him, Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston had a date with the film room.

The No. 1 overall pick in the draft couldn’t have enjoyed what he watched, from the pick-six on his first pass as a pro to the 42-14 loss as a whole.

“I stayed up until probably about 2 o’clock [in the morning],” Winston said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “Just trying to see what went wrong. I was trying to get every excuse just to put that one behind me. But it hurt. The sun did rise the next day, and I was back out there playing football.”

Of course, maybe it’s just Mariota, since the only game he lost in college was to Mariota and Oregon in the Rose Bowl last January.

“It’s a very humbling experience because the game could’ve gone either way,” Winston said. “If I had had a great game, people would’ve wondered, ‘How is he going to handle his bad game when it comes?’ I got it out of the way. It’s no laughing matter, but it happened fast. I was not expecting it to happen that fast, but it happened. So as a young man, as the quarterback of this program, I’ve got to grow up and try not to live this experience again.”

The fact he’s so unaccustomed to failure might make it hard to process, but from the looks of the Bucs, he better get used to it. Because unless he gets a lot better quickly, they don’t appear to be in position to win many, whether they’re playing Mariota or anyone else.

20 responses to “Jameis Winston humbled by debut, moreso after watching again

  1. Whatever Winston does it doesn’t matter if the O-line doesn’t block and the defense remains ranked 32nd in the league.

    Mariota would have has his rear end handed to him too if he was playing for the Bucs.

    The Bucs are a really bad team. Don’t blame the rookie QB after one game. There is a head coach and a GM that had all offseason to prepare and restock the team. And this is what they brought. Gonna be a long season Bucs fans.

  2. You need realize the Titans were not exactly champions either last year they picked 2nd right after Tampa bay people need to realize Mariota just might be the better player everyone who said they would pick Winston over Marcus should at least admit there good chance Mariota has a good chance to be way better than you thought and to me way to many people didn’t give Mariota the respect he commands just cause he is to nice to be a leader ? Are you kidding me ? Winston my friend is good maybe but way over ratted

  3. I’ve got to grow up and try not to live this experience again…but you will, over and over again, because you were drafted by the Bucs…go see the movie Groundhog Day and you’ll see what I mean…

  4. get used to it Jameis you have why is offense part of the game? lovie smith as your coach. you could throw 300 yards this week and next week 20 with him as your coach. and do not think for 1 second he is not in charge of what is run on offense no matter who his oc is, at the end of the day it will be a get off the bus running offense.

  5. Everything went wrong. Since day 1 I always said Marcus would be better because he doesn’t throw picks and it doesn’t matter what you did in college If you only throw 5 picks a season in the NFL you are gunna be successful. Lovie smith has to go the bucs are the worst coached team in football and its not even close. The Titans are not 28 points better the bucs should’ve been able to compete however Lovies to inept to help Jamies be a better QB and I don’t know where to start with that defense it has a lot of good player like David McCoy verner they should be better than this

  6. The Bucs need more guys with his attitude especially on defense. That was one of the worst defensive performances I have ever seen an NFL team play. Lovie Smith is a joke.

  7. They’ll learn fast. Tampa Bay has had failure recently playing QBS getting their first starts or guys without film. Gen Smith, Panthers last year, Rams the following week….
    Defense will bounce back at the Saints, they won’t hold them to under 17 points or anything but I’m expecting the usual Drew Brees game vs Tampa where he throws mulitple INTs.

  8. Bucs made the wrong choice, morally and in terms of ability as a quarterback. This choice cost them many fans and will haunt them for years as Mariota develops into an elite quarterback and Winston never does. Why pick the QB who threw interceptions in bunches in college? To please the FSU fans who live in the Tampa area in the hopes of more season ticket sales? Wins and playoff appearances sell season tickets. The owners, Jason Licht the GM, and Lovie Smith really blew this one.

  9. The Bucs are NEVER going to be relevant with coaches like lovie Smith, Greg Schiano, Raheem Morris and QBs like Jameis Winston, Josh McCown and Josh Freeman…

    For Bucs fans it has been a miserable decade with the owners making the worst time and time again!

  10. Lovie Smith is just too soft. Todd Bowles had his team playing way more disciplined and mentally tough in the very first game he coached. Lovie needs to toughen up.

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