Pictures of JPP’s right hand surface

Getty Images

Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul posted a video of himself working out this week that offered a somewhat grainy glimpse at his injured right hand with bandages on his thumb and middle finger.

On Thursday, the New York Daily News released photos of Pierre-Paul that provides a clearer picture of the hand. Pierre-Paul’s middle finger, which was operated on last week, is wrapped in a bandage and the knuckle at the base of his amputated index finger is visible next to it. You can also see his thumb, which was fractured in the July 4 fireworks accident, although it’s hard to tell how much he may have lost from the tip.

It’s a lot of damage and the picture probably won’t fill anyone with optimism about Pierre-Paul making it back to the Giants lineup anytime soon. The Giants are expected to examine his hand again in several weeks, at which point they may make a decision about whether they’ll keep waiting for Pierre-Paul to heal if they don’t think he’s ready to get back on the field.