Blandino doesn’t admit officiating mistake on onside kick in Seahawks-Rams


Rams coach Jeff Fisher says the NFL privately has conceded that the officials failed to penalize the Seahawks for slamming into Bradley Marquez after he called for a fair catch of the onside kick to start overtime during the Week One game in St. Louis. The NFL publicly isn’t conceding an error.

NFL V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino explained in a weekly video reviewing several calls from the past week that the call could have gone either way.

“Certainly, technically, by rule we could have had a flag down,” Blandino said. “But the rule states you cannot block or tackle the maker of a fair catch. And are these players blocking him, are they tackling him, or are they attempting to recover the loose ball? It’s close. . . . The officials did not feel that this warranted a flag. It’s close. Could understand why they made that decision. Certainly by rule, technically, there could have been a flag down.”

Blandino didn’t address the question of whether the officials received help from the replay assistant, the league office, or anyone else while sorting out the question of whether the ball struck the ground before the fair catch. But Blandino pointed out that, if the kickoff from the Seahawks had struck the ground first, the Rams would have still retained possession, subject to a five-yard penalty for an invalid fair catch.

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  1. Typical lieing and playing the semantics game by NFL employees. It was either the right call or wrong call.

    No i could see how they could have or didnt throw a penalty flag. Go back to stand up comedy Blandino. You are the worst Head of Officials ever just like Goodell is the worst Commissioner ever.

    NFL owners & the League Office should give the players 70 percent of the revenue because without them this league would be bankrupt from their ineptitude

  2. Jeff Fisher whining about the officials while coaching up the dirtiest team in the league, every place he goes. What a shock. Not only is he the only HC currently working who is over 5 years from his last winning season; he’s also the league’s biggest punk, hypocrite, and crybaby. He’s so over rated he make Rex Ryan look like an elite coach.

  3. BTW – Blandino had a legitimate reason for them not to throw the flag its that he’s just not smart enough to know it.

    What he should have said is this, “The original ruling was the ball hit the ground first and in that situation calling for a fair catch is illegal, and hitting the guy is. Once the review was completed and it was determined that the ball didn’t hit the ground, and a fair catch was allowed.

    However NFL rules say that you cannot throw a flag if the penalty was noticed in a review and not on the field. For example if you are reviewing whether a fumble had occured and during the review you notice a hold, you cannot retroactively call a penalty

    Thus the officials were forced by the rules not to drop a flag since the penalty became a fact during the review.

    I know this can be confusing, but until we can look at it again after the season and change THIS kind of exception, I am convinced my officials did the right thing,” End of comment, Why Blandino didn’t use this perfectly good expanation can only be explained by him not knowing his own rules which is pretty embarrassing.

    Disclaimer: I had never heard about the rule that says you cannot penalize a team for somethng you see in a review, but it makes a lot of sense. I saw it mentioned in a discussion on this topic, so I only have hearsay to back my opinion, but I’m pretty sure I have it right. Just trying ot be honest here,.

  4. Seahawks fan here:
    Enough already, its over, we lost the game & it’s not us whining! Lets all move on to next week.

  5. I still believe teams should be allowed to Challenge 2 Pass Interference calls per half. Case in point when the NFL admitted they blew 2 calls in the Giants game!

  6. They should be able to challenge whatever they want to challenge 2-3 times per game, even uncalled penalties. The replay ref should be a part of the ref huddle. Let’s get a cleaner, fairer game. It really sucks when you lose because of bad calls, it makes for a bad product.

  7. Blandino never admits when the NFL does things wrong. Matter of fact he has no problem contradicting himself when necessary or making excuses.

    No speaking specifically in this case but own your mistakes, get them corrected and NFL tried to pull wool over our eyes by the officials they “fired”. The worst offenders are back on the sidelines and probably getting all the playoff gigs.

  8. As we enter week 2, has the NFL figured out exactly what is and what isn’t pass intereference?
    The Giants/Cowboys game was a mess.

  9. With how bad officiating is and how many timeouts there are in the 1st half of games, give head coaches 6 challenges per game. And if they are right, they still have 6 challenges. And let them challenge any play or call they want. A missed call is a missed call.

    And do away with the whistle blew the play dead non-sense. Thats the dumbest rule in the NFL. Uusually those are the most blatant missed calls. All is does is give the refs a copout to not reverse a turnover.

  10. I can’t believe this non call is getting this much run. It had ZERO impact on the game. The player wasn’t hurt on the play. The Rams won the game. What’s the controversy?

  11. It doesn’t matter the head official was told the ball didn’t hit the ground so a fair catch was appropriate.. He got the call right but did so in an illegal NFL officiating protocol way.

    Their are holds illegal hits personal fouls every single play.. What matters is the call was made immediately to correct an error by the officials. If we want to go back and review unreviewable plays were opening a totally different can of worms..

    Stop complaining about officiating, 99.99999% of you couldn’t officiate a single quarter.. We all have YouTube and social media to review every play complain about current hot topics. These guys make split decision live action fast paced calls, inherently their will be some error.

    It’s the complaining fans who ARE RUINING THE GAME.. Half of some of the best plays of all time could be reviewed and reversed..

    Enjoy the game how it is and expect a bit of human error. In this case the ref found a way to get it right even if it wasn’t 100% correct at the end.

  12. You want to be able to challenge pass interference??you are insane, you obviously lack football experience and knowledge if you think this would help anyone..

    Human error is a part of football their are holds pi personal fouls every play. When does 2 penalty challenges not become enough challenges and everything become a challengeable play. Perfect example of someone not thinking their logic through

  13. Did Blandino address if it you can call a penalty post-ref huddle?

    They thought t was a fair catch signal on an onside kick and illegal. Even though they were wrong about the onside kick, why would they throw a flag after realizing it wasn’t. Can they do that? I know it wasn’t an official review, but a review that overturns a call doesn’t allow for uncalled for penalties. E.G. If an incomplete pass call is overturned and they missed a hitting defenseless receiver call originally, they can’t add it after the fact because they see it on the replay.

  14. Seahawks fan here…

    I agree the replay official should be a part of a Ref-huddle when trying to decipher a mess of a call. I was glad to see the call reversed to 1/2 way correct at least. I too thought, in the moment that Seattle should’ve be penalized for the hit on a fair catch.

    I hated to see the, “fail Mary” from a couple of years ago. It was a tainted, “win.” My oldest son has been a Packers fan since he was 5 & he was crushed.

    I wish the owners would stop, assess the current leadership on Park Ave & make changes right away! It’s only a matter of time before its my team or yours if it hasn’t happened yet.

    Here’s to a better game Sunday,
    Go Hawks!

  15. That’s his style. He didn’t admit the Suggs hit on Bradford’s knees was illegal either, but week one the refs were throwing flags on quarterbacks being hit in the knees, which is what I expected.

    He’ll be the next guy replaced.

  16. davebarnes21- Seattle is better than the rams the rams were lucky to beat Seattle. The turf tackled a defender and that cost them the game.. We’re you even watching

  17. “Certainly, technically, by rule we could have had a flag down,”

    Translation: there should have been a flag but, we reserve the right to be subjective with the rules and screw up calls as we see fit

  18. The call felt right to me. Why argue over how they got it right? Do we want lawyers getting involved in interpreting rules while the game waits for their decisions?

    Moving on.

  19. patfanken says:
    Sep 18, 2015 6:23 PM

    Jeff Fisher whining about the officials while coaching up the dirtiest team in the league, every place he goes. What a shock. Not only is he the only HC currently working who is over 5 years from his last winning season; he’s also the league’s biggest punk, hypocrite, and crybaby. He’s so over rated he make Rex Ryan look like an elite coach.
    Tell us how you really feel

  20. Wait…. If there’s a really short “pop-up” kick, it seems that -from what Blandino is saying – it’s possible for the kicking team to try to catch the ball regardless of a fair catch call by the receiving team.

    That actually makes a bit of sense if you look at the other football codes. Marks in Aussie or union can be contested, but you have to make an attempt to catch the ball if your team kicked it. I wonder if this is yet another odd vestige of rugby foot ball?

    I might be odd, but it amuses me when forgotten corners of the rulebook come back to bite moderne players and coaches.

  21. Blandino has no officiating experience, yet he is the VP of Officiating. What planet am I on? Only the NFL folks!!

  22. Protecting his own refs is part of his job, but it is amazing that a guy would give up his manhood so often to do so.

    As for the penalty not being valid because their was a review, that is not the case because there was no review. The refs did huddle, but that is not the same thing as a replay review.

    The penalty could have, and should have, been called after the refs huddled. Happens frequently that a flag is not dropped on the actual play, then the refs huddle, and as they break the huddle they drop a flag on the ground and announce a penalty.

  23. Dean Blandino also claimed he knew nothing about the Colt’s claim of delflated footballs prior to the AFC Championship game. The emails prove otherwise.

    Blandino, Mort, Kravitz…can’t trust anything they say.

  24. The current system the NFL uses to officiate games is embarrassing. This league is a multi billion dollar business, and give the impression every game, every week that their officials are amateurs.

    A couple of suggestions that I believe would go a very long way to improving the product without dramatically altering the current way the game is played would be:

    1) Make the officials, ALL of them, available to the media immediately following the game. Just like the players and coaches are. Right now, these guys really don’t answer to the people paying their salaries, which is us. If they had to actually explain to the media, any of their controversial calls, they might do a better job preparing before hand to call a better game. Don’t send their mouth piece to talk to the media after he has had time to prepare a canned statement. We constantly hear that they are “just human” and make mistakes. Well, allow them to explain their mistake immediately if asked about it.

    2) Allow coaches the ability to challenge any penalty called, or penalty missed. If the missed call could have impacted the play, for instance a receiver holding a DB downfield to allow another receiver to make a catch underneath, and it is not called, a coach should be allowed to challenge it. I always hear about the “Holding on every play” thing, but how many of those “Holds” on every play would actually impact the outcome of the play?

    3) Finally, start holding the officials accountable. If an official makes more than 2 calls that are overturned or not called and then subsequently enforced, they should start being fined portions of their check. If they wind up being constant repeat offenders, they should be suspended and then ultimately fired. These employees should be held to the same standard the rest of the league is held to. If a player commits the same stupid illegal hit, multiple times per game, and multiple games in a row, they are suspended and eventually run out of the league. Poor officiating is just as dangerous as illegal hits. Start treating it as such.

    Just my opinion.

  25. This officials crew is bad. Referee should have to stand up after game and explain calls. Not some league liar ( like they all are)

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