Emmanuel Sanders liked getting back to no-huddle on Thursday night


The Broncos are transitioning into a new offensive scheme under head coach Gary Kubiak this year, but there was a vintage quality to their game-tying drive in the fourth quarter.

Peyton Manning took every snap out of the shotgun and went without a huddle after completed passes on a 10-play, 80-yard drive that ended with a touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders. There were other moments in the game when the Broncos utilized the same approach rather than sticking with snaps under center and Manning generally looked better in those instances.

Sanders told Deion Sanders of NFL Network after the game that it felt good revisiting the older approach.

“Honestly, that two minute drive he kind of turned into Peyton Manning. That’s the offense that we are used to, that no-huddle offense, slinging the ball around. It felt good to get back to that,” Sanders said. “That no-huddle offense is something beautiful. I know I love it, because I don’t have to go back to the huddle … I know Peyton likes it, too. We are going to keep trying critiquing this offense, keep getting better.”

The Broncos probably aren’t going to scrap Kubiak’s approach in the coming weeks and that should be for the best. While Manning was more effective out of the shotgun, he was hardly the same quarterback as in the past. His best success came on shorter throws over the middle, something that defenses can work to take away in the coming weeks so that Manning has to beat them on the longer throws he’s shown less of an ability to make through two weeks.

Countering that will take versatility on offense, even if figuring out the best way to be versatile remains a work in progress at this point in the season.

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  1. The intention is right (this things crashes & burns in the playoffs) but the way Kubiak is doing it is flat out dumb. Manning w/o control might as well go home & retire from the game.
    Let Manning and son of Bum do their thing & the Broncos will do well.

  2. Kubiak is a fool, he has to let Manning run the offense. Manning demise as reported by PFT and others is not quite what everyone thinks. Kubiak is part of the cause by trying to force Manning to play in a system under center that he has never played in 17 seasons. And it shows cause Manning played like crap because it is not the system he spent 17 years doing and that he is good with. When Kubiak let Manning run the show we saw a different Peyton Manning. Kubiak just needs to let Peyton be Peyton and worry about installing hisunder center system next year after Manning retires.

  3. This Denver defense is better than it ever was. It baffles me that he’s making Manning run that crappy offense. Let him be Manning. This improved D will take you to the Super Bowl again.

  4. Manning has a few miles left in the tank and showed his ability to fire the ball into a precise spot. There was good coverage on many of the late passes but his expertise showed he still has an arm as well as one of the best football minds. The problem would appear to be taking hits from the big fast defenders like Houston. He did not look very happy after one hit where his face was pounded into the turf. Kubiak is not qualified to tell this player how to run an offense and should step back, watch and learn.

  5. Their OL isn’t good enough to succeed at what Kubiak wishes to do. If they were, Anderson and/or Hillman would be able to run the ball consistently; they’re not.

    Letting Manning run the offense his way more often will open up everything. They have to be able to run and they have to throw the ball to the backs to get them involved, especially since they don’t have a legit #3 WR or TE.

  6. I believe last night was a wake up call for Kubiak.

    You can still have a run heavy offense in the shotgun formation.

    It’s not good when Denver has Manning under center, and you know that 70+% of the time, they’re going to run it.

    It’s also not good when Denver has Manning in the shotgun, and you know that 70+% of the time, he’s going to throw it.

    It’s time to incorporate a run heavy offense out of the shotgun. This will keep the defense on their heels, since they have to respect the possibility of a pass in this formation.

    Not only is Manning having more success out of the shotgun, he is more commanding on the field as well.

    Being in shotgun will help those young running backs see the field better, and open things up for them.

    Please see my comment Kubiak! lol

    Go Broncos!

  7. As you can see by all the comments and thumbs up everyone knows that Kubiak is the problem not Manning.
    Lol … Manning finally has a killer defense but his dummy coach won’t let him run the offence.
    I bet if you looked up the stat for pick six pick six QB coaches … Kubiak would be #1.
    It’s only because of Phillips defense that Kubiak is 2-0.

  8. Every year at draft time analysts complain that the class of Quarterbacks isn’t NFL ready because they worked out of the shotgun & didn’t take snaps under center. They n ger seem to remember that some pretty successful NFL quarterbacks spend most of their time in the gun.

  9. I’m glad the Broncos hired Kubiak. He was the best guy out there, and Elway knows what he can do. Peyton won’t be around forever and the Broncos have two young stud QBs waiting in the wings. That’s what they hired Kubiak for. But while Peyton is playing, you gotta just get the heck out of the way and let him direct the offense (at least on game day)

  10. Was that Greg Knapp i saw on the sideline talking to manning? is he calling the plays?

    If so know wonder manning loves the no huddle, he can call his own stuff and doesnt have to listen to that clown try and tell him what play to run.

  11. Kubiak is the reason Peyton will either retire after this year or try to go somewhere else. He is still one helluva qb even if he is 102 years old 😄

  12. I’m glad Kubiak is humble enough to let go of the reins and let Peyton be Peyton, there is no reason that both systems can’t work together. As far as the defense goes, the scheme is the only thing to change. I’m delighted Del Rio is in Oakland!

  13. Koobs is fine! Relax, he runs a certain type of O that Manning himself said he can run. He has since proven he can’t run that style of O so Koobs UNLEASHED THE MANNING! That D is stoopid good! Just don’t forget about the run game. CJ and Hillman are too good to be on the back-burner. This O might start flying but still needs to burn up clock, control the tempo and grind the ball in order for sustained success. But Manning under center doesn’t make sense.

  14. This just in: Peyton Manning is a better offensive coordinator than Gary Kubiak.

    Putting the Frankenstein’s monster that is Peyton Manning out on the boot to throw passes is just plain silly. I understand that the Broncos are trying to install an offense that allows them to transfer as seamlessly as possible to another quarterback when Manning retires, and that it is sooner than later that he will, but you don’t use a hammer to change a light bulb. Manning looks like Matt Schaub in Kubiak’s offense, but shockingly, exactly like Peyton Manning when he calls his own plays. You can waste his last season, or you can get out of the way and let him make a run at a championship with the best defense he’s had to work with yet.

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