Michael Bennett says Kam Chancellor’s situation is different than his


It’s widely believed that the Seahawks have drawn a line in the sand with safety Kam Chancellor because they fear that, if they don’t, they’ll be confronted by other veteran players who want to redo deals that have multiple years left on them. At the top of the list is defensive end Michael Bennett, who boycotted voluntary offseason workouts but showed up for mandatory sessions in order to avoid losing money.

While they should be worried about Bennett becoming unhappy (or, more accurately, more unhappy than he already is), they don’t need to worry about a holdout.

“My situation is different than his,” Bennett told reporters on Thursday. “I’ve got three kids, I’ve got a wife. My wife wouldn’t let me hold out, so I had to come to work. His situation’s different from mine. I respect what he’s doing, he respects what I’m doing too. I just come back and try to work as hard as I can and show the team the type of leader I am and the type of person I am, and what I’m willing to do and how far I’m willing to go playing in the games.”

So Bennett (more specifically, Bennett’s wife) didn’t want to lose $30,000 per day in fines along with signing-bonus forfeiture and (ultimately) game checks.

For Chancellor, the total losses will pass the $2 million mark this weekend. While only $534,000 of that comes from lost game checks, the Seahawks surely realize that, if they don’t take fine and/or bonus money out of Chancellor’s pocket, Bennett may decide to stay away from training camp next year, if he can persuade Mrs. Bennett that the Seahawks won’t ultimately force him to pay.

Apart from the possibility of Bennett holding out is the risk of, as some call it, holding in. NFL players routinely find a way to work through injuries and suit up and play. If Bennett becomes unhappy (or, more accurately, more unhappy than he already is), maybe he’ll sit when he otherwise would have suited up and lined up despite an injury. Or maybe he develops headaches or dizziness or other concussion symptoms that linger for weeks.

That’s not to say he’d fake injuries to prove a point. The point is that the Seahawks have to at least consider that possibility if they decide to pay Chancellor when they flatly refuse to pay Bennett.

Some would say Bennett has an even better case for a new deal. As PFT noted in June, Bennett’s best argument is that he signed his current contract under the impression that he’d continue to be a part-time player, participating in roughly half the defensive snaps (as he was in 2013). Then, in the first year of his new contract, Bennett became a full-time player, participating in nearly all of the snaps. That change was a “big factor” in the offseason stance assumed by Bennnett.

So his situation is indeed different from Chancellor’s. It’s different because Bennett, unlike Chancellor, is doing more than Bennett thought he’d be doing when he signed his contract. So if Chancellor gets an adjusted deal with three years left on his current contract, it’s easy for Bennett to argue even more loudly that he deserves one, too.

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  1. I hate to say it but sometimes listening to the wife….is the……best thing to do……..damn that hurt.lol dude WILL get paid. I think he has a better motor than Suh.

  2. .
    On thing that plays in Chancellor’s favor is the NFL’s league wide lack of depth at the safety position. Someone may make the Seahawks an offer they can’t refuse.

  3. After this year, Bennett would be 2 into a 4 year deal, so the precedent isn’t as unheard of… where you’d shift some year 4 money ($2m?) in year 4 of a 4 year contract, rarely being played out for a top level player, it instead is extended. Doing it 2 years in advance like Kam demands, and wanting $3.9 million of it moved, or half of his final year base salary, is breaking a lot of ground. Not to mention his reported demand for all fines to be forgiven, another danger that would allow anyone else to hold out without fear of financial penalty if they simply show up before week 1.

  4. Michael is a professional!! His wife is a “class act,” also. It’s different alright because their personal integrity is higher than KC’s.

  5. Michael Bennett’s wife is a good woman.

    Kam Chancellor, I mean, It’s hard for me to understand. The current contract signed April 2013 is for 28 million, 17 million guaranteed. Seems to me he could get an extension in just one year. If I were him I would play football and in the free time study investment strategies to keep that 28 million. Live off the interest or whatever. In one year, you’re up for a extension and you have more leverage. This losing 2 million dollars to me absolutely makes no sense.

    Too much looking at the next guy and wanting what he has.

  6. Not different at all. Two fully grown, educated men who signed a contract and now decide they don’t want to continue to abide by the terms of that contract. Man up and go play already.

    On a side note, I remember a year back Seahawks fans bragging how Schneider was a “genius” and how Sehawk players would take “home town discounts” to stay with the team. I guess reality hurts because there’s nothing different about this team, other than that all the standout players cashed in at once, which is horrible for cap planning purposes. Given contract the contract structures, these 7-8 core guys’s salary will increase at a rate faster than the salary cap, thus they become a larger and more difficult issue to deal as they want more money.

    Best of luck Seattle, hope you enjoy that lone Super bowl trophy!

  7. Its too bad for the Seahawks that Chancellor doesn’t have a wife to listen to, instead he just listens to his ignorant reject agent. I don’t agree with Chancellor’s holdout at all, but the seahawks won’t trade him.

  8. Just pay the man already! So you make 2 Billion off of the Seahawks franchise profits instead of 2.2 Billion… Was the ring really worth that .2?

    On the flipside – That money is gonna look great by the time Cam hits 31… just ask Eric Weddle.

  9. “Dude will he paid”


    At lest Bennett is playing but him griping about his contract is hysterical considering he was a free agent last year. If he wanted more money he should have went out and got it.

    Sick of these players. Yes the owners suck too, but at least play out a few years of the contract before you start crying about being underpaid.

  10. Said it when they won the Super Bowl -all this drafted talent won’t be able to stay together because they’ll get greedy and want more $$. This is why you can’t have dynasties in today’s day and age (unless you’re Tom Brady)

  11. Seahawks have had a great run. They had an outstanding crop of young players playing on their rookie contracts. But the NFL is designed to make it difficult for teams to dominate over a long period. How they handle the second contracts of these players will determine whether the run continues. Difficult choices must be made.

  12. The day they make contracts fully guaranteed is the day players should stop holding out. While there is a chance of a player being cut every year while on their contract, they should ask for money every year they over perform their contract.

  13. Simple solution for the players……..Eschew the big signing bonus and sign only one year deals. That way, if you have a great year, you get paid the big bucks the next. If you have a crappy year, well, you get paid what you are worth the next year. If you get injured, well, league minimum, or no contract at all, the next if it is an acl or achilles or some such thing.

  14. The argument that Bennett has a better case for being paid because he signed a contract under the impression that he would play less snaps than he did might be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve read here.

    Neither of them has a case, and only the most blind of fans cannot see that all this posturing has a disruptive effect on teams.

    Don’t ask guys like Bennett what he thinks of Chancellor’s holdout. Ask the guys who are on the minimum and still going to work. I would bet that they privately think he’s a tool.

  15. It would seem this is nearing a point where its no fixable. The team shouldn’t cave but you can’t risk letting this nuke your season either

  16. Said it when they won the Super Bowl -all this drafted talent won’t be able to stay together because they’ll get greedy

    So, you’ve been wrong for 2 years now…thanks for keeping us up-to-date on that…

  17. Here is something to frame this holdout a little differently. Kam has lost over $2 million dollars based on fines and forfeit salary at this point.

    There are only 18 players on the Seahawks roster that make that much based on average contract value per year. I realize that’s more of an interesting coincidence than anything. However, his $7 mil per year in average contract value is still the second highest strong safety contract in the ENTIRE NFL, and that does mean something.

    Kam is already earning a market rate contract for his position. Facing the possibility that he may end up losing more money than he’s even asking for, I suspect his holdout might end in the next couple weeks because if the prospect of losing more than he’s asking for doesn’t bring him back, he would be better served sitting out the entire season.

  18. Kam is being just plain stupid !!! There is only $900,000 difference and he should take what they are offering,get back on the field to help his brothers,and shut the hell up ! And yes,I am a Hawks fan – Have been for over 20 years.

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