Someone placed a Patriots hat on the new Ralph Wilson statue

If Bills fans didn’t already have reason enough to be fired up for Sunday’s visit from the Patriots, someone provided a little extra incentive.

A photograph has emerged of a Patriots hat on the head of the Ralph Wilson statute unveiled last week at Ralph Wilson Stadium. The reader who passed along the image has pointed a finger at a potential culprit, and for his own safety and well-being I’m not going to provide any information about who may or may not have done it.

Wilson founded the team in 1960. He died in March 2014 at the age of 94, and the team was purchased later in the year by Terry and Kim Pegula.

Whoever did it (and there’s a chance Rex Ryan wishes he’s thought of it first), the rivalry has now taken on another layer of intensity and intrigue. While it may upset the Bills Mafia, it will delight the NFL, since it will only drive more interest in Sunday’s game between the Patriots and the Bills.