Brandon Bostick is still haunted by onside kick

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The Packers claim they’re no longer thinking about the 12-point lead squandered late in the NFC Championship against the Seahawks. A former member of the team whose fingerprints are smeared all over the loss admits he still does.

Tight end Brandon Bostick, who tried and failed to cover an onside kick with Green Bay clinging to a five-point lead, remains haunted by his impromptu decision to go for the ball instead of block for receiver Jordy Nelson, who had the assignment of getting the kick.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about that play,” Bostick said Friday, via Bob McManaman of azcentral sports. “I think about it all the time – at least once a day. When I do, I just try to snap myself out of it real quick.”’

The Packers let Bostick go “real quick” in the offseason, and the Vikings claimed him on waivers. Minnesota cut him after training camp, and Bostick now is a member of the Cardinals’ practice squad.

“I’ve had a lot of death threats,” Bostick said. “I don’t take them serious and I’m not too worried about it. I still get a lot of hate mail and stuff. I expected that. I read it all, I took it on, and I just use it as fuel.”

He plans to never stop using the moment as motivation.

“I’ve never been hesitant about talking about it, because it’s part of me,” Bostick said. “It’s part of who I am. I’ve always faced it. I just take it head on. I’ve never shied away from it.”

It’s hard not to respect that approach. Everyone makes mistakes. We can either pretend that they never happened (or try to claim they weren’t actually mistakes) or we can own them, learn from them, and move on.

55 responses to “Brandon Bostick is still haunted by onside kick

  1. He played a role in the loss but really the Packers should have had the game locked up long before the Seahawks even had the chance to get an onside kick attempt.

  2. Everyone does make mistakes Brandon. You didn’t lose that game, the whole team lost that game. And even then, it required a combination of unbelievably lucky plays for you guys to lose that game. It happens. It wasn’t meant to be.

    Try to ignore people too small to see that it is just a game.

  3. The poor guy. He made a mistake and he’ll have to live with it for the rest of his life but he is a human being. It’s a shame he couldn’t come down with the ball, but what are you gonna do.

  4. I’m not a perfect person, but I’ve never threatened to kill someone over a friggin’ football game.

  5. people need to let it go. as a packer fan, i am saddened to hear people sending letters and unkind words. let the guy live his life and move on. i for one, wish you the best mr bostick.

  6. Brandon as a die-hard Packers fan please put this behind you. You’re forgiven. We all make mistakes. And we’d all love to see your focus 100% on your successful career and come back to GB some day so we can cheer you on. Forward!

  7. Lifetime GB fan here, he made a mistake but it was not the sole reason for the loss. Hope he has success and moves on

  8. So he should be. He lost the game for the Packers.
    Mike McCarthy kicks himself every day for the Super Bowl that was there for the taking and his decision to find a spot for Brandon Bostick on Special Teams.

  9. I still do not understand people who send death threats over something so inconsequential, and certainly not personal. Even the most diehard fain can neither gain anything nor lose anything from the game.

  10. He doesn’t owe anybody an apology. People forget McCarthy’s horrible play calling towards the end of the game. Hope Bostick gets his career back on track with the Cards.

  11. We ALL make mistakes, but VERY few people have to live with them in the public eye, particularly in a “once in a lifetime” scenario.

    I feel for him, Bill Buckner, Steve Bartman & the others who’ve carried the burden of guilt and endured the threats & callousness of overzealous fans.

  12. Kudos to him for finding a healthy and positive way to redirect the negative energy. He made an attempt to try and make the play that he felt he was in position and able to make, and it just didn’t work out that time. He doesn’t deserve to carry around any emotional baggage over it and it’s wonderful to hear that he is finding success to let it go and move on from it.

    Congratulations on the current NFL opportunity and make the most of it!

  13. Hmm… The bulk of the responses I saw locally were, while people were angry, they respected him for facing the fire and talking about it afterwards. And damn near everybody recognized it as a culmination of laughable errors made by the team at the end.
    Death threats and hate mail probably reflect an incredible small percentage of the fan base, as they would with any team, and also probably more-so reflect the real loons in our society, again another small percentage.
    In terms of the team releasing him, he had been a tease for a few years and was going to be released regardless and the fact he was released by the Vikings speaks volumes because the Vikings almost never release former Packer players.

  14. Sorry but that wasn’t a “mistake”. On the snap of the ball he was to run 5 yards upfield and block. Instead he stayed back and jumped in front of Jordy Nelson to catch the ball. This was premeditated hero syndrome. Not a mistake.

  15. Disappointed to hear about death threats Brandon’s received from his mistake in the NFC Championship game.

    But, to give it some perspective, today’s social media venues (Facebook, Twitter) allow just about any cowardly idiot to threaten any public figure/athlete without consequences.
    Unfair, yes, but it’s part of the risk using these social tools.
    By its anonymous nature, I wouldn’t take much if it seriously.

    Now, as for the creepy losers who are actually inclined to put crayon to paper, stamp and mail this kind of garbage, well, that’s another story.

  16. The number of ways the Packers blew that game is remarkable. The Bostick play barely scratches the surface.

  17. To any fans threatening this young man–get a life–and find another team to root for. You are not Packer fans.

    Good luck to you Brandon. I hope you succeed with the Cardinals or another team.

  18. Why does everyone just assume that all death threats come from fans of the team? Is it not probable, and in general more likely, that a lot of these threats come from people who gambled on the game and lost, but couldn’t care less about either team outside of their gambling?

  19. I just can’t fathom having my own identity so wrapped up as a fan that I would send any sports player a death threat for ANY screw-up on the field. There are some sad people out there.

    I hope Bostick can turn tragedy into triumph some day. Good luck, sir.

  20. As a Hawks fan, I was happy to see the turn of events in the game. HOWEVER, one mistake by the Packers or one play by the Hawks did not win or loose the game.

    I’m saddened to hear that he’s had to endure that kind of abuse. Look, when the game is on, I’m as irrational as the next guy. But once it’s over, it’s over. When the Hawks won SB 48, on the Monday morning after, I still had my real life to return to.

    Maybe those that are taking the time to pick at this guy should realize that their own Monday morning came months ago and should resume their real lives….

    Honestly hope he does well in AZ!

  21. Put your heart at ease Brandon, life is SO much bigger than a football game. It’s the folks who can’t recognize that who botched their golden chance, not you.

  22. He made a mistake but it shouldn’t have to ruin his life. Threats of any kind are completely out of line.

  23. If you take even a second out of your day to wish I’ll will on someone for a mistake they made, you have problems that you need to address in your life. I’m not sure what people hope to accomplish by threatening him, other than trying to make his life miserable, and if that’s the case you are probably miserable person who needs to get their priorities in life straightened out.

  24. Let it go Bostick. Learn from it and move forward. It was one bad play. Conservative play calling from McCarthy doomed the Packers that day. It should have never came down to that onside recovery in the first place. One moment in time won’t define you, your actions and behavior moving forward will. Good luck and enjoy every day

  25. Bostick is a good kid, and as a Packers fan, I don’t blame him for that loss to Seattle.

    I blame Mike McCarthy because he lost complete control over that team. Can you imagine Vince Lombardi just standing like a statue while his team imploded? Neither can I. Well, that’s pretty much what McCarthy did.

  26. “I’ve had a lot of death threats,” Bostick said. “I don’t take them serious and I’m not too worried about it. I still get a lot of hate mail and stuff. I expected that. I read it all, I took it on, and I just use it as fuel.”

    Nothing but class, those Packer fans.

  27. It doesn’t surprise me at all that packer fans have made death threats they think they are owners of the team with the fake stock that they bought. Besides cheese and football what else is there to think about in Wisconsin. Classless pathetic fans

  28. Brandon, Kyle Williams is 10 times the man you’ll ever be. Put your sorries in a sack, mister!

  29. A. Rodgers was 3-16 on third down in that game. The loss isn’t all on Bostic.

    Even the best qb in the game had a horrible day that day. 3-16 is FAR from clutch.

  30. There were so many G.B. blunders in this game to pin the loss on Bostick.

    A tackle reports as an eligible receiver for a field goal and nobody on the Packers (coaches or players) thinks it could be a fake? Gilliam waltzed right into the end zone completely undefended!

    Peppers signals Burnett to go down after the interception with a good 20-30 yards of open space and 5 minutes left in the game?

    Clinton-Dix just watches as Wilson sends a floater to the end zone on the 2 point conversion?

    Bostick is definitely not to blame for this loss that’s for sure.

  31. Im really mad bostick messed that onside up ruined my day week month year exc and probally everyones legacy and paycheck in that locker room for going for the ball n not blockn for nelson but i wouldnt wish death on him he made a huge mistake its football its very unfortunate i mean nelson could of fumbled it lets see they could of stopped the seahawks or the offense could of scored tds not field goals so they didnt get to that point theres so much that went on u win as a team and lose as a team that being said they had no choose but to release him and im glad they did but for those who wish death upon him just expect the same for yourself if u make a mistake put yourself in the man’s shoes if it was a accident than u k he’s sick about it uk that feeln if u done somthn like that in life how u would feel just think before u speak people gl bostick peace

  32. Okay I love football, I LOVE it. But anybody throwing out death threats to players because of what happens in a game, I just can’t wrap my head around it.

  33. Aron Rodgers had 175 yds 1 TD 2INT. 8- 3& OUT
    Missed 2 wide open TDs one was INT the other behind Jordy. Then he blamed the HC for play calling and teamates for the loss.

  34. Leave it to ViQueen trollers to throw Packer fans under the bus. Packer fans have been voted the BEST FANS in the NFL for several years. Packer fans don’t use death threats as a manner to express their feelings. Brandon screwed up and it’s in the past. He knows it, The coaching staff knows it, His teammates know it, We know it. But hopefully he can move on. The kid is one helluva blocking TE.

  35. I re-watched the game last night. Bostick’s error was just one of the final errors that cost the Packers the game.

    1. Two times in the first quarter GB kicked FGs after getting to the one yard line
    2. Rodgers throws pick in the end zone to Richard Sherman
    3. Morgan Burnett collects 4th INT but slides to the ground with a bunch of open field in front of him.
    4. Bryan Bulaga 2 or 3 offsides
    5. GB special teams gives up fake FG touchdown play.
    6. Clay Matthews pulls himself from the game in the final 3+ minutes, the same time Seattle scores 2 TDs to take the lead.
    7. Mike Daniels gets a unsportsmanslike penalty on first interception that was returned inside the 5 yard line by Clinton-Dix, GB settles for FG.
    8. Tramon Williams given no help over the top in game winning TD in OT. The only way to guarantee a loss in OT is to give up an initial TD
    9. The 2 point conversion by Wilson that looked like a punt that somehow Clinton-Dix despite 5 seconds of hangtime couldn’t knock down. Having not converted this, Crosby’s FG at the end of regulation would have been a game winner, instead of game tying FG.
    10. Bostick’s blunder certainly was part of the mix but having a 12 pt lead with 3 minutes to go and having intercepted Russell Wilson 4 times should have resulted in a blow out with Richard Sherman’s dangling arm.

    The only saving grace was to see Seattle return the blundering favor in the SB by calling the dumbest playcall in history with the Wilson INT at the goal line.

    But I’m past the anger. Looking forward to a good game today.

  36. “The only saving grace was to see Seattle return the blundering favor in the SB by calling the dumbest playcall in history with the Wilson INT at the goal line.”

    I thought you had an insightful comment until you pulled out this regurgitated gibberish. The play call was a great one, but I wish they would’ve given it to Marshawn – in spite of his horrible stats in that situation and NE having their biggest run blocking personnel on the field at the time. The odds are slim he would’ve made it in but at least we wouldn’t have to hear casual observers and talking heads spout off their unmerited opinions on how to coach a pro football team for the last 8 months.

  37. Lambeau West, Yes there were multiple errors by the Packers but the onside kick fumble was by far the knife in the back. You could feel the momentum change at that point. I think the Packers were in shock after that. And Yes Tramon could have used some help from the deep safety or the opposite corner. It’s why Tramon is now in Cleveland – he lost a step or two. I’ll admit he had decent coverage but that pass was perfectly thrown by Wilson. Time to forgive, forget, and move on.

  38. jmethane says:
    Sep 20, 2015 4:16 AM

    A. Rodgers was 3-16 on third down in that game. The loss isn’t all on Bostic.

    Even the best qb in the game had a horrible day that day. 3-16 is FAR from clutch.
    The guy who went led a game-tying drive against the best defense in football, in hallowed Century Link, on a bad leg, and with all the momentum against him isn’t clutch?

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