Four arrested for assault of Vikings fan

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The shocking video of 49ers fans beating and kicking a Vikings fan on Monday night served an important purpose: It helped police in Santa Clara identify four suspects in the crime. Via the Minneapolis Star Tribune, those suspects have been arrested.

Three California men and a 17-year-old girl were arrested on Thursday night, with the victims identified as the Vikings fan and a security officer who assisted him.

The video of the parking-lot attack emerged Tuesday, a day after the 49ers defeated the Vikings in Santa Clara, 20-3.

The 49ers issued a statement that same day announcing that “unacceptable behavior such as this will not be tolerated.”

Ideally, behavior of this nature will be prevented at all NFL stadiums. Otherwise, fans inclined to show up to root for the road team at any venue will be more inclined to stay home and watch the game on TV.

104 responses to “Four arrested for assault of Vikings fan

  1. Their is no room for this behavior. What is with these San Francisco fans? I mean their was the Giants Dodgers incident a couple years back and now this. Enjoy the win guys. PS, Fans should freely be able to fully support their team wherever they go.

  2. You know, we joke about Eagles fans doing this crap a lot… but I swear, this always happens in Oakland and San Francisco. So unfortunate and uncalled for. Amazing how a game can make adults act like children.

  3. The problem is there are many fewer police officers outside of the northeast and Midwest than in those locations. LA and SF have far fewer police officers per resident than NY/NJ and Chicago. There are no examples of beatings at NY/NJ baseball, football, basketball, and hockey games, but there are a few bad ones every year in California. If you mess around at Yankee Stadium, MetLife Stadium, or Madison Square Garden or outside those buildings you will get arrested. It is very different from a game at Dodger Stadium, Candlestick Park, or the Oakland Coliseum. People attending games probably aren’t any different anywhere in the country, but the police presence at NY/NJ area games makes them much safer than California games.

  4. What a classless group of people. They should have the book thrown at them. I’d be embarrassed if I was a 49ers fan right now

  5. They moved the team from candlestick – brought the garbage with them. Silicon Valley is on the forefront of facial recognition software – beware basura!!!

  6. Sooooo, without the video, nothing would have happened?

    Where are the cops who should be assigned in numbers outside venues after games. Are the ones that were inside the stadium yakking it up after the game while trouble brews in the carpark.

    Here’s a suggestion – have cops in known trouble spots. Revolutionary, I know.

  7. Print their names and then tell me why posts saying Mexicans are the problem aren’t posted.

    Then go to a 49er game and tell me I’m wrong.

  8. Bash my Jaguars because we are good at losing, but I’d much rather live with that then have to live with the reputation of being a savage, classless fan base. I don’t care how many Lombardi trophies you have, because at the end of the day you are known for the company you keep.

  9. The 49ers say that this type of behavior ” won’t be tolerated.” What a joke! This type of behavior at 49er games has become the rule, not the exception.

  10. Why I and my family will NEVER go to a game at Battery Chucker Stadium. When I was a Dodger fan, I’d go to ANY stadium other than the giants field. SF fans suck in general. Most are drunks looking for a fight, or to pee on you from behind as you watch the game.

  11. Prosecute them to the fullest extent. This is just despicable behavior. I love my team as much as anyone, but come on guys. Some people just take this stuff way too seriously.

  12. The funniest line of the article is the response from the niners. “Behavior like this will not be tolerated”. The article left out the rest of the quote. ” unless of course these guys can play then it with actually be tolerated for way too long until until we finally cut them and they sign with the raiders”. Nobody has it better!! Except every champion since 1995. What a joke of a fan base. Ctiggs is their fan bases loser poster child.

  13. Too bad it’s in the most left wing part of liberal California. They’ll do a few hours of community service and that will be it.

  14. Doesn’t matter where the game is played, who the teams are, this is sad. Glad they caught the punks!! I hope their sentence is letting the guy have 30 seconds with each person, tied to a chair!

  15. I figured this stuff from San francisco would calm down with a new stadium on a different side of the bay. I guess it’s not that surprising the more I think about it after rememebering that I was threatened by a 49ers fan for really doing nothing at all at a packer Cowboy game of all places. Sure the vikings fan was possibly mouthing off, or even likely was, and that is extremely immature, but it is 100x more immature to actually assault someone (especially 4,5, 6+, to 1) because of some drunk guy is mouthing off. I hope these guys and girl spend at least a year behind bars.

  16. Well I guess that’s better than beating up their fellow 49ers fans like they did in the bathroom last year.

    Best game day experience is in front of my 60″ flat screen. Period.

  17. Pathetic folks on this blog associated a historic franchise with the actions of kids. We know they are kids with no names released. But whatever it takes to keep taking shots at a team that will prove to all that they were buried to soon. I guarantee they will defensively beat down big Ben tomorrow.

  18. Further reason to watch the game on TV. Cheaper beer & food, free parking, crystal clear HDTV signal, and no risk of being assaulted…all at home.

  19. If it was pftpoet or ariani or one of the other trolls on thise site I could understand. Otherwise, this is just stupid, and there is no excuse for their actions, and they should get prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  20. Anyone who tries to fight a fan of a different NFL team is an idiot. Glad they got arrested. These types of people ruin the stadium experience for everyone else not to mention there are kids at these games.

  21. It takes two parties to get into a fight. People don’t randomly punch people in the face, even when they are drunk.

    If you don’t want to get in a fight don’t run your mouth.

  22. This is a problem that is affecting sports in this country as well as the world…Just makes the choice of staying home to watch an event easier.

  23. One outcome of the Raiders bad years is the wannabe tough guys have jumped over to the 9er bandwagon. Can’t say I miss them.

  24. I don’t know what it is is but the 49er fan base has this element far more than any other team. They have their good fans for sure but bravado dirt bags like you see in this video show up at all events.

    I thought I did see a 49er female fan kicking him when he was down while security was holding people back. Disgraceful stuff

  25. When I was young, a fight lasted until one guy got knocked down. Now, once your down a bunch of cowards will join in to kick you in the head, face and ribs until you’re unconscious I find it truly pathetic and disturbing behavior.

  26. “Ah, Northern California, the bastion of liberal tolerance. Such nice people.”

    That is a cheap and stupid comment.

  27. Read deeper. The guy was mouthing off (big surprise.) He did not deserve to be attacked three-on-one, and he certainly did not deserve to be kicked while on the ground.

    Slapped silly……maybe. Stomped……no.

  28. As a Colts fan I would never go to Cleveland for an away game and after talking to a friend who last week got tickets in the end zone and was wearing Colts gear in Buffalo, I would not travel there.
    Coming to Indy Browns and Raiders fans seem to want to prove a bad boy reputation, and their teams are bad.
    Saints and Titans fans are always civilized.

  29. And they say eagles fans are bad. As a GIANTS fan I have attended many GIANTS eagles games and have been verbally abused, BUT NEVER PHYSICALLY.


  30. No interest in watching the NFL from anywhere but a couch or a bar stool.

    And just so we’re clear, the NFL sharply condemns this sort of behavior. Unless, of course, your name is Pacman Jones.

  31. I have been to Green Bay for a Ravens game. They were incredibly hospitable. They offered to send cheese curds n the mail, deer sausage. Wow…Green Bay should be on everybody’s bucket list.

  32. 49ers have some of the biggest dirtbag fans in the NFL or any sport.. I’ve seen them at my stadium throwing gang signs when their team was up by couple touchdowns .. Bunch of clowns

  33. This is what happens when you allow alcohol at games. It will keep going and going until the prices of alcohol at games gets too high or enough people die and they get rid of it. Either way, the NFL is no longer a family friendly experience. It’s full of drunk, uncontrollable, swearing morons who are prone to violence.

  34. The suspects include Felix Chavira, who is wearing the #28 49ers jersey in the video, Juan Arias, wearing the white jacket, and Eric Martinez, who has the Jerry Rice jersey on. The fourth was a minor.

    I’m noticing a theme here…….

  35. qdeathstar says:
    Sep 19, 2015 8:55 AM
    It takes two parties to get into a fight. People don’t randomly punch people in the face, even when they are drunk.

    If you don’t want to get in a fight don’t run your mouth.
    Hey moron, assault is illegal. Free speech is not. Clearly, most people here recognize the fact that being an adult comes with responsibility and consequences. Also clearly, you do not.

  36. I love football and I love going to games, Youth Football, High School Football, and even college football, but as far as pro football is concerned thank God for TV. I would rather not spend $500 just for the opportunity to get assaulted by a gang of drunks.

  37. How many times do incidents like this have to happen in SF for the team to pay for police protection. That’s the issue here. The city or county police have budgets. They don’t budget to have extra staff at stadiums especially when it’s usually overtime pay. The team has to pay up for the extra patrols.
    I guess it’s going to take another murder or seriously injured assaulted fans to get the point across. I like what Seattle did. Put officers in the opposing team jerseys and filter through the crowds. That’ll make em’ think twice before picking a fight.

  38. I doubt that this is indicative of SF fans in general…but more so indicative of certain football fans in general. Face it, there is a lot of trash football fans, it is just the nature of the sport.

    Also, I am sure this wasn’t entirely unprovoked.

    Oh, by the way, I am Vikes fan.

  39. I think it’s funny how people take the actions of a few individuals and use it as evidence to call a whole fan base “scum”. And I’m not even a 49ers fan.

  40. York, just shell out for real security. The yellow jacket part timer in the video made an admirable effort, but I’d guess that was because he’s a good person and not because you paid him a fair wage to put his safety on the line. Bottom line, for whatever reason your stadium is not safe. You need to pay the relatively minor expense for serious security to fix it.

  41. Crime in the bay area in general is pretty bad and that creeps over into the games. I grew up in Santa Clara. There are great fans there–some very intelligent, classy, friendly, knowledgeable fans. But there are also tons of gangs and some really rough individuals who make their way to these games….drinking and drugs as well. You definitely should not be mouthing off to people in the bay if that’s what happened…someone will eventually pull your card. To call the whole fan base classless is just plain uneducated, but there’s definitely a problem with violence in this new stadium as well as it’s surroundings.

  42. Eventually detectives identified four suspects: 33-year-old Juan Arias and 32-year-old Felix Chavira, both of Hollister; 30-year-old Eric Martinez of San Jose; and a 17-year-old female.

  43. The vikings fan pushed a woman into a barricade trying to fight a niner fan who walked away. He then said to a crowd of fans who had gathered to watch the fraccas and said “whats up? any of you f…kers want some?”

    I hope those guys get lengthy jail sentences, but the vikings fan asked for and started the fight and I have no sympathy for him.

  44. Week 1.. And it’s not even a divisional rival or anything. This shouldnt happen ever. Brutal. Hope the 4 in custody get banned from sporting events for life. Especially the 17yd old girl? Lol. That part is hilarious though.

  45. When you read the full story about the Vikings fan behavior PFT conveniently left out, you understand that 9er fans were just enforcing 49er team policy that “unacceptable behavior such as this won’t be tolerated.”

  46. NOW…..If they’d just go and arrest that Carlos Hyde guy for Assaulting and Battering our whole defense!!!

    …..and NO excuses, there is more than enough video of that!


  47. Knowing Vikings fans, this guy deserved it. Nobody with an opposing team jersey would get jumped unless they talking crap outta their butt hole. And Vikings fans fit the hole!

  48. I’ve worked with the Jets and Panters as a strength assistant during camp, what all the fans need to learn is that physical ability is obsolete in the NFL, everyone is that big and that fast. The NFL is all coaching, with your exceptions. There are 2 players in the NFL, underachievers and overachievers, and nothing in between. Guys with such God given ability that they can eat McDonald’s everyday and when they step on the field.. There is nothing you can do. Then there are those guys who have no business being in the NFL but work their butts off and make it! There is no in between. It still is s team game too, don’t listen to these media idiots like skip bayless and mike florio, watch Ray Lewis and Trent dilfer, who knew how to play the game, yes Dilfer! This is still a kids game played by men, if you can’t work together, you can’t win! (Patriots).
    Support what’s right about this game. And keep in mind, all it says in the win column in.. W

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