Making sense of the JPP situation

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Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul won’t be playing on Sunday. More importantly, he won’t be earning more than $870,000 for the second straight week.

Based on some of his recent social-media postings, it’s clear that he thinks he’s ready. The fact that he’s not playing on Sunday shows that the Giants think he isn’t.

And here’s the inescapable reality. In deciding whether Pierre-Paul is ready to play, the Giants won’t be able to ignore that he’ll be making more than $870,000 per week once he is.

Passing a physical is a subjective thing. Pierre-Paul surely could find a doctor right now who would say he’s good to go. But the team’s doctors have yet to reach that conclusion.

And it would be naïve to assume that the decision made by doctors employed by the Giants won’t take into consideration the cost to the Giants of clearing Pierre-Paul. If the Giants aren’t going to get $870,000 worth of performance per week from Pierre-Paul, it’s better to pay him nothing to do nothing.

That’s why the best solution to this mess would be a new contract for 2015 that pays Pierre-Paul a reduced amount per week with the ability to make up the difference based on performance. Throw in a commitment not to use the franchise tag again in 2016, and that could be the best way for the Giants to get value and for Pierre-Paul to get a chance to prove that he can still play without an index finger and whatever other damage is depicted in those far-from-clear photos recently published by the New York Daily News.

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  1. Why should the Giants do anything for JPP? They should cut the guy and let somebody else pay him what he thinks he is worth or take the chance with incentives. The guy is damaged goods and isn’t worth a nickle to the Giants.

  2. JPP just had skin grafts a week and a half ago. No one with skin grafts could pass an NFL physical for several weeks. He’s also clearly way below his normal playing weight, and strength and stamina are part of an NFL physical too, so there is good reason to believe that even if his hand was 100% normal, he would need 3 weeks or so of working out with a normal 5 finger ed hand to get in shape.

    If JPP could pass a physical now, the NFL PA would have already filed a grievance on his behalf. No credible person would claim a man with fresh skin grafts is anywhere near passing a physical.

    Eugene Parker, JPP’s agent, has been doing what agents and teams do all the time — talking to football reporters off the record to spin his story that the Giants should try negotiating with JPP. Obviously, the Giants aren’t interested. They have no reason to negotiate with or pay a player who very possibly won’t play in 2015, and might never make an active NFL roster again. No serious person would think that JPP would be worth the franchise tag in 2016, so offering not to franchise tag him for 2016 is ridiculous.

    JPP will be a free agent soon enough, within the next 5 weeks or so after his next meeting with the Giants, at which time they’ll rescind the franchise tag.

  3. No one cares but his posse, lawyers and accountants… Not one NFL fan is saying…”Boy, this this first week just doesn’t feel the same without JPP”..

  4. But that argument is predicated on the belief that JPP can still play.

    Based on the pictures, he is missing his index finger, part of his thumb and still has his middle finger taped after having a surgical procedure.

    He has skin grafts on his palm, which surely has limited his lifting, and thereby his upper body strength.

    Notice the workout pics posted by JPP are only legs or lower body workouts?

    I would not be surprised to hear his NFL career is over. So why haven’t the Giants just rescinded the tag? Because there is no value in doing so. There is no other player available for the Giants to spend that cap money on – and if by some miracle JPP is able to play – even if 1 percent chance – the Giants are protected.

  5. JPP you don’t get paid for what you did in the past. You get paid. Y what the team thinks you will do in the Future.

    manning took a cut and it may be warranted.

    Take Florio’s sound advice. The Gmen will not be blindly giving you as much money as you think you are worth.

  6. The Giants doctors are not influenced one bit by his pay, only his ability to play. This is a billionaire owned franchise, they don’t nudge doctors to do anything based on what a player makes. That presumption is short sighted and just plain wrong.

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