Buccaneers hang on to win a weird one, keep Saints winless

Football is funny sometimes.

The Buccaneers, who didn’t appear to be familiar with the rules of the game a week ago, just went into the Superdome and left the Saints with an 0-2 record.

The Bucs held on for a weird 26-19 decision, in a game marked by dueling turnovers and mistakes.

Ultimately, it was the Bucs who made fewer of them. The Saints fumbled, missed extra points, and allowed Jameis Winston to look like the smooth veteran, as he made a number of beautiful touch passes, spread the ball around, and run for a touchdown and threw for one.

Coupled with a defense that looked competent for a change, the Buccaneers improved to 1-1, and dropped the Saints to 0-2 and sole possession of last in the NFC South. It’s their sixth straight home loss and the third time in four years they’ve started 0-2, and the Superdome no longer appears to have the kind of automatic edge it used to provide.

35 responses to “Buccaneers hang on to win a weird one, keep Saints winless

  1. This win is dedicated to all the Jameis Winston haters. He is the most gifted QB since RGIII. It’s no coincidance both Griffin and Winston won there first NFL games vs the Saints. Greatness. It’s going to be fun seeing the Redskins and Bucs in NFC Championship games in the future. Winston>Marriota.

  2. Hey Drew your team could really REALLY use some help. How about stop suffocating the roster with your contract?

  3. Must be that Robbie Ryan defense again, LOL…..I think it’s time for Payton to replace him with anyone who can spell defense.

  4. I’ve told you Saint fans in denial, Payton’s last year. Brees is close to the end, that defense is way young, and he makes too much money for the return he’s giving. He’ll resign at the end of the year to keep it from getting messy because I know Benson is personally fond of him.

  5. I guess maybe we’ll start seeing fewer Saints fans coming in to every story about Rodgers on this site, proclaiming Drew Brees the best QB in the league because of all those YARDS!!!!!

    Shut down, at home, by a defense that just made Mariota look like the GOAT.

  6. C’mon, let’s here it from the resident Bears fans whiners trying to rub it in about Lovie. At least the Bucs have a win under their belt, and the Bears, well, umm, don’t. Wasn’t a pretty one but the Saints underestimated the Bucs just like the Bucs underestimated Tennessee last week. Any given Sunday…

  7. Congratulations to Winston. Mariota and Bortles will probably win in New Orleans as well. The Saints are a 4-12 team in the making. Cue the thumbs down from delusional Saints fans who still think this is their year.

  8. @beastnola:

    Denial is not a river in Egypt. Blaming refs is loser speak, and while Winston looked ordinary, Brees looked washed up. Have fun with your season.

  9. Refs Got mvp for the bucs. … Winston just looked ordinary. ..

    So how did Brees look? I’ve never seen so many wounded ducks in my life. Go Bucs!

  10. Before the season started, I blogged on this forum, that things didn’t look good for us. And it’s even worse than I thought. We couldn’t take advantage of two rookie O lineman to create a pass rush. I’m a Saints fan and ALWAYS will be but we’ve got problems on both sides of the ball. Last year, some of my whodats on this forum, accused me of being a fair weather fan. But as I correctly pointed out last year, we were healthy when things started going sideways and we didn’t have any injured players who would return and help out. I think we need to make a change from Coach Ryan. I don’t know if the lineman are getting good coaching. They all seem to only have power moves to get to the QB and obviously it is NOT working!

  11. This was two terrible teams battling to see who is the most incompetent team. Just like the last game last year the saints were the worst team. Unlike last year it ended in a bucs win. The saints are pathetic right now. The D should improve as they get healthier and with more experience. Too bad the season will be over by then. Having said that, this loss is on the saints offense not their defense. Defense did enough to win.

  12. The saints suck this year. I believe we are witnessing the end of the Sean Payton era.
    All good things come to an end. Sean Payton has been coach of the Saints since 2006 which is a very long time in the NFL.

  13. @beastnola

    “Refs Got mvp for the bucs. … Winston just looked ordinary. ..”


    Did you not see how many penalties there was against the Bucs? Both teams played terribly.

    Lets not forget when the Bucs were killing the clock it was 3rd and 20, Doug Martin catches a screen pass for 25 years and they call tripping on the back up center. Replay showed that his legs didn’t move at all! So yeah there were calls missed, BOTH WAYS!

  14. Where are the Mariota and/or Winston Trolls at?

    Hate Hate Hate…

    Winston looks good boys. Mariota looked just how I said last week..Once you take away his slants and RB dump offs then his going to suck! Truth will tell in time, just like it did for RG3 and Luck.

    Talking of that, RG3 was doing Subway commercials and Mariota is too?!? So we will see if the curse is real.

  15. Refs almost cost the Bucs that game. Penalties gave the Saints chance after chance to come back.

    In the end, it was the LOVE SMITH defense that removed the refs from the game.

    Winston had a much better week. Still making mistakes, but overall an improvement. And that’s all we can ask for his second game.

    Offensive line is getting better too. Martin is really going to benefit from it before Winston does.

  16. Where was the Saints O-Line?
    Where was the offense?
    Who played on O besides Colston and Robinson?
    How many dropped passes did they have?

    Who knew what they were doing on defense?
    Where was the pass rush?
    Where was the SECONDARY???

    I’m a die hard Saints fan but we suck. I don’t blame Brees, sure he was off some throws but his lack of experienced wrs and TEs took toll today. Rob Ryan MUST GO!!! Along with his secondary. Saints D did do enough for the offense to win the game with numerous takeaways but the sad offense didn’t capitalize. Get it together Saints.

  17. The biggest difference for the Buccaneers offense this week… Mike Evans. Even if he doesn’t get a ridiculous states line he opens things up for other receivers and the run game. Also the defense looked aggressive resembling some of the Bears good defensive days creating turnovers and looking to try and score when the did.

  18. Can we stop saying that the Saints missed an extra point!?! The Bucs made a great tackle to deny them a two point conversion and then blocked the extra point at a crucial point in the game!

  19. I enjoyed seeing Winston spin and DIVE for the first down. Also like his deek on the goal line. He is missing a wide open open Mike Evans down field though.

    Bucs D punched the ball out and had a couple nice INT returns. The kicker Brinza in money. The only reason he missed the 52 yarder was because the holder dropped the snap. Well done, boys!

  20. Very good effort. The penalties showed that discipline is still a problem for the Bucs.
    Still have no faith in Lovie though.
    Congrats to the team for the first win of the year.

  21. So much for all the Buc trolls…including the PFT..predictions?

    Game pretty much went as expected for those in the know.

    Saints did make for some drama in the 4th.

    Winston…and Lovie’s D will get better with each game.

    Too bad we can’t play the Saints every week.

    Go Bucs!

  22. Last season Major Wright SPEARED Jimmy Graham and broke his shoulder …he is still injured…
    then during the 2014 rematch Wright is mysteriously “inactive”
    yeah Wright!

    Now McCoy breaks Brees shoulder…then is mysteriously out of the game…
    Maybe Roger Gooddell should be looking at the Bucs!

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