Chip Kelly: Everything, including Bradford, will be evaluated

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The Eagles offense flopped in grand fashion on Sunday against the Cowboys as their 21 first-half yards, three turnover and total inability to run the ball helped the Cowboys to a 20-10 win that came despite the loss of Tony Romo to a fractured left clavicle and 18 penalties that would normally make it difficult to win a football game on the road against a division rival.

When the Eagles offense played the way it did on Sunday, however, all things are possible.

Coach Chip Kelly, who both designed the scheme and hand-picked the players to fill the roster, will bear most of the heat for the performance. At his postgame press conference, Kelly said that the Eagles won’t win games if they can’t run the football and that offensive line changes will be considered after the team ran for seven yards on 17 carries. Some will surely suggest that the Eagles shouldn’t have gotten rid of both starting guards from last year’s team, but only a souped-up DeLorean is going to make a redo possible on that front.

Kelly said that everyone involved with the offense will be evaluated, including the team’s coaches and quarterback Sam Bradford, who Kelly said he didn’t consider benching on Sunday. Bradford had a hand (or a chest, in the case of a snap that he wasn’t expecting) in all three turnovers and Mark Sanchez would get the call in the event Kelly wants to shift gears.

Bradford wasn’t good, but Kelly’s right about the team’s need to fix the run game. They are built to run the football and they’ve now picked up just 80 yards in the first two weeks. If they can’t run it better, any quarterback is going to have a hard time succeeding in Kelly’s offense.

108 responses to “Chip Kelly: Everything, including Bradford, will be evaluated

  1. Chip “Check Your Ego at the Door” Kelly.

    You’re not a genius, you took Rich Rods scheme and Nike Money and built an empire in Oregon.

    The College game is quite a bit different than the NFL game and you don’t let players like DJax, Maclin, Mathis, McCoy walk and replace them with Mediocre Pac 10 players you scouted 6 years ago.

    Oh also you don’t win in the NFL without a QB and Sam Badford is not a NFL QB. Neither is the Dirty Sanchez or Tebow.

  2. Just watching DeMarco Murray you could tell he already knows he made a huge mistake throwing in with Chip. I haven’t seen a guy so visibly frustrated with his own teammates in quite awhile.

  3. The person that needs to be evaluated is the person shopping for the groceries. Chip is the person that purged the offense line of its talent and failed to address it via the draft or free agency

  4. And Who fixes Chip for his Bad Player Changes, Eagles have Lost Five of the Last Six.
    Bradford is not that Good, in Fact he’s not a good Qb at all !

  5. Power running between the tackles requires guards who don’t get overpowered: The turnstiles who replaced an All Pro, Mathis , and Herriman spent more time in the backfield than Murray

  6. Fear not, Eagles fans. All I ever heard was how Chip would, “revolutionize the game” so I’m sure you will run the table and win the SB.

  7. But…but…but Chip Kelly is a genius!!! But…but…but DeMarco Murray lead the NFL in rushing last year!!! But…but…but Sam Bradford is awesome when he’s healthy!!!

    HAHAHAHA!!!! 😝😝😝

  8. DeMarco Murray got 13 carries for, get this, 2 bleeping yards w/ 5 catches for 53 yards! Great signing. $5 million signing bonus plus $1 million salary for this year.
    The Pats Dion Lewis carried the ball 7 times for 40 yards and made 6 catches for 98 yards will make $585,000 this year. High priced free agent RB’s just aren’t worth it especially if the coach doesn’t know how to use them.

  9. Maybe he will evaluate the coach.

    This is Kelly’s handpicked team. He has been the coach for 3 years, brought in his guys. Determined to prove that his system is all that matters.

    You treat your offensive line as a necessary evil, you get what happened today, a revolving door.

    You get rid of the starting QB making 1.5 mill who thrived in your system for the $13 mill QB who hasn’t played in 2 years (who had to be talked out of retirement) because he has the ideal physical attributes you want, You end up with the guy who looked lost on the field today.

    There’s no “do overs” in the NFL. Evaluate all you want. These are the players you have. There is no depth beyond the starters because it’s all about the system.

    If they look this bad again next week I expect Chip to throw Bradford under the bus to try to save his job while lamenting the need for a young franchise QB.

  10. Chip has no idea how to use DeMarco Murray. Sproles is actually the best back to use in that college offense.

    Too bad DeMarco decided to take care of his family financially (which I don’t blame him for). He could have been a beast again in Dallas.

  11. But…but…but Chip Kelly is a genius!!!

    That is all I hear on national talk radio shows that are on after midnight while I am working.

  12. mitybuc says:
    Sep 20, 2015 8:36 PM
    Bradford will make some noise given 5 secs to throw.


    That would be great if the average time to throw for NFL QBs wasn’t below 3 seconds and even the best offensive lines average no longer than 4 seconds before a sack.

  13. Disturbing trend going on here. This kind of mimics the end of last year. I think they figured chipper out.

  14. What did Lurie & Eagles fans expect from Chippee Kelly? A total of 3yrs of head coaching experience at any level. He comes from a NH coaching tree of nobodies. Lurie gives him the keys to the kingdom and Chippee treats like his own personal petri dish. SMH!

  15. Minus one bad throw into the End Zone that resulted in a pick, Bradford played well. Too many balls, right on the money, dropped by these Eagles receivers. Bad route running from a rookie, tipped passes that end up in the hands of the opposing defense and drops don’t help when your offensive line isn’t blocking anyone. Our Guards are terrible. Losing Herremans and Mathis sucks.

    Oh, and don’t forget a blocked punt for a TD.

  16. styro1 says:
    Sep 20, 2015 8:34 PM
    DeMarco Murray got 13 carries for, get this, 2 bleeping yards w/ 5 catches for 53 yards! Great signing. $5 million signing bonus plus $1 million salary for this year.
    The Pats Dion Lewis carried the ball 7 times for 40 yards and made 6 catches for 98 yards will make $585,000 this year. High priced free agent RB’s just aren’t worth it especially if the coach doesn’t know how to use them.


    I’m not blaming Murray today because he was getting hit 3-5 yards in the backfield every play but after Ryan Mathews was signed at a reasonable price they should’ve used the Murray money somewhere else, like the offensive line.

    Murray is the highest paid RB in the league while the guards blocking for him are making minimum I believe.

    A better OLine with a healthy Ryan Mathews is 2-0 most likely, even with Bradford as the starter.

    I think Kelly tends to fall in love with certain positions and players. I would rather have 1 starting RB with 2 guards rather than 2 starting RBs with no guards.

  17. Once Kelly realizes that he tore the Eagles apart because he thought he was the next “Bill Walsh” and that his college game just doesn’t work in the NFL…….he will pull a Saban and retreat back to the college ranks. In his statement to the press after the game he said all his players and coaches would be re-evaluated but said nothing about himself…….that will go over big in the locker room.

  18. Kelly treated the roster this past off season as someone who was playing Madden with a high risk, high reward strategy.

    It is exploding nuclear style in his face, in a football town. You can get past the Atlanta loss, but this one, the Eagles could not have look more inept.

    The problem is the two guards. How do you fix that now with the season underway? Via trade? It would be a king’s ransom. What a friggin mess!

  19. As a Skins fan I have never been so happy in my life to see the Eagles sucking!
    Chip Kelly ruined that team.. Lmao!

    Sam Bradford?! For Foles?! DJack, Lesean McCoy?! LOL

  20. I feel for Demarco Murray you know he has to be thinking , maybe it was the offensive line after all. Then again he just made 1 million for 11 yards so maybe not.

  21. Maybe Chip isn’t the next Bill Walsh.

    Maybe Philly has another coach that “has to do a better job.”

    Ya had a real NFL coach & ya’s ran him outta town on a rail.

    When your new coach gets rid of all the teams all pro talent & brings in perennially injured players, either the talent isn’t that good or the coach is a nut that cannot coach today’s pro bowl type players. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving fan base, that’s for sure!

  22. Wow, the Rams took the Eagles to the cleaners. Not only did we get Nick Foles, we got their 2nd round draft choice next year. This will be high in the 2nd round. Plus we unloaded Bradfords contract. This cant be true. No one could be this stupid. Only Chip Kelly would do this. Kelly will be fired and run out of town.

  23. Rams only get the Eagles 2nd round pick if Bradford plays at least 8 games this year. Kelly could just bench him and go with Sanchez and keep the pick. Just sayin…

  24. pftony says:
    Sep 20, 2015 8:37 PM
    Chip has no idea how to use DeMarco Murray. Sproles is actually the best back to use in that college offense.

    Too bad DeMarco decided to take care of his family financially (which I don’t blame him for). He could have been a beast again in Dallas.

    He may find that his career is much shorter now that he’s in philly. So he may have hurt his family in the long run.

  25. Dont blame your OL because you can’t run the ball with your power backs running to the sideline….run them bwt the tackles and run it more than 10x….Kelly performance as coach and grocery shopper is laughable

  26. Y’all seem to forget with comments like “Chop will be coaching college again ” that there is a rung between college and pro and it’s called the Jets

  27. No need to panic, Chip’s in charge and will fix this team – count in it. It wouldn’t surprise me if we went 12-4 this season. You heard it here first.
    Go Eagles!

  28. Chip Kelley is a offensive genius. He has replaced Rich Kotite as my favorite Eagles coach of all time. I hope he stays forever.

  29. screamingsheep69 says:
    Sep 20, 2015 8:17 PM

    Can you imagine sports radio in Philly tomorrow?

    OMG! Those unemployed dock workers are going to ‘illiterate up’ the airwaves.

  30. Chip Kelley is a offensive genius. He has replaced Rich Kotite as my favorite head coach of all time. I hope he stays forever.

  31. mrba4775 says:
    Sep 20, 2015 9:54 PM

    Chip will be the next coach of the University of Texas, next season.


    Still better than whatever it is you’re doing. Most likely coaching employees at McDonalds.

  32. This was a miserable nightmare. I’ve sat through some really bad Eagles games throughout the years, but this has to be one of worst. I can’t remember seeing a team play so poorly. It seriously looked like they have never played football before. From the lack of the run, to the dropped passes, to the terrible throws. It was just bad. I really don’t know what to say. The poor defense was exhausted, and they actually came up pretty big a couple times out there. I really don’t know what to think. I may have to take next week off from this.

  33. This is so predictable. The Eagles have had a top 5 offense both years under Chip Kelly. The media is fascinated by their offense so the Eagles and in particular Kelly gets more press and media coverage in The NFL. That is a well known fact not fiction. So the fans of other teams love this moment because they can mock Kelly and the Eagles. All these people commenting have been waiting over two years for their vindictive venting. Childish is what it is. I hope it makes your day. Ha ha! The truth is the Eagles offensive line has been awful in the first two games. The guards have been terrible. That is a Kelly mistake that I admit. The season is only 2 games old. “IF” the Eagles get the guards figured out or replaced by backups or a trade you will see them win the division. Why? Because it is a run first offense and the guards and even their tackles and center are playing poorly. These guys will definitely come around. The question is does Kelly want to trade for or is he able to find at least one guard and stick with Barbre. If they resolve the guards issue. ( Big IF) they will win the division. Dallas has a nice defense. With Bryant & Romo out they will struggle. The Giants and Redskins are average. Kelly is a great coach. Remember fans wanted to bench Tom Brady after two games last year? How did that turn out? Not saying it is the same level but stabilize the guards and watch the Eagles offense score a lot again. Defense is very good and special teams were # 1 in the league last year and will end up the same this year. Guards will determine the season.

  34. I’m not a fan of the Eagles, and I don’t much care for Chip Kelly, but I think there is a ton of overreaction going on here. It’s only 2 games into the season. They are far better than what they are showing. I think.

  35. ebhaynz
    Sep 20, 2015, 8:25 PM EDT
    “I’m shocked the Eagles are so bad this year!” said no one ever.

    Uh, a lot of people are saying that. Did you see them at GB in the preseason? Did you follow their camp? NO ONE expected it to be this bad. Even the haters didn’t think so.

  36. Another Dream Team.
    Another year Lombardiless.
    Nice off season to hear all the egirls flapping their wings. Gonna be trouble in the roost tomorrow.

  37. The only thing wrong with the Eagles running game is Sam Bradford not being able to run. With him not being able to run it allows the defense to focus on murray or the pass. The never have to worry about Bradford keeping it and running it for a first. Even Nick Foles, who I thought ran about as slow as you can in the NFL, used to keep it and run sometimes. Without that third aspect of the read option it’s not really a weapon. Tebow would actually give the eagles a better chance just because he can run. They wouldn’t be able to focus all of their attention on Murray.

  38. “Sports science… paced….”

    That’s all I hear about from Philly fans. Did Chip not realize that other teams have conditioning programs? And other teams’ defenses can get to the line fast?

    When that gimmick is the only thing that you have, you’re doomed.

    Check Mate, Chip.

  39. I would have thought the Eagles would have learned from the Bucs’ time with Greg Schiano that college HCs given control over personnel tend not to work out so well (Pete Carroll a notable exception). Now the brass is learning it themselves up close.

    It just doesn’t seem to register with guys like Chip that scheme doesn’t win in the NFL – players do. You can’t give up your two starting guards from last year and not expect it to have some impact on your team. From my seat, the offense isn’t going anywhere until this O-line learns how to run block. Chip’s running game seems to involve pulling guards in a lot of cases, and defenders have been jumping the resulting gaps last week and this week.

  40. Philly has a very talented defense and a plethora of talented skill position players on offense, but the fatal flaw seems to be that Kelly has no apparent respect for the value of the offensive line and that Kelly, in general, is a fraud, and not as smart as he thinks he is.

  41. Oe thing that really bothers me.. yes i know one play doesnt win it.. and i know the running game wasnt working.. but a td changes the whole way the rest of the game goes inatead of a deadshot into lees stomach (also cooper wide open for td on this play) but get the heck out of the shotgun on yhe goaline.. u have 2 highpriced powerbacks

  42. Everyone will be evaluated? How about starting with Chip Kelly? The self declared genius’s plots haven’t borne a single fruit. I feel sorry for Jeffrey Lurie: one of the NFL’s nice guy owners, he put way too much trust into Kelly, and let him spend way too much on his loony schemes. Time to cut losses and hire a regular coach, not a theoretician.

  43. Schemes or something has to be changed, Chip has to realise this. If he is such a football genius he can turn this team around. If he can’t, well….he’s fate is in the owner hands.

  44. That was one of the worst offensive displays of football I have ever witnessed. The Eagles would’ve been totally blown out if it wasn’t for their defense.

  45. 2 things:

    1. Chip Kelly is a terrible GM as he thinks his scheme trumps talent. That’s arrogance and it’s going to be his undoing.

    2. Can we stop the talk about how accurate Bradford is. It’s a constant refrain on talk radio and it’s BS. The guy has a sub 60% career completion percentage. Add to that his pathetic 5.7 YPA and you have a QB who dinks and dunks and isn’t even accurate when doing that.

    And let’s not forget GM Kelly gave away a second and a much cheaper QB to bring Bradford in.

  46. Things we heard this offseason:

    Chip Kelly is the best coach in the NFL
    Their OL is one of the best
    Their offense will revolutionize the game
    Chip is a mad genius who is making all the right moves

    Yes we are only 2 games in but I am not seeing those things.

  47. Just plug in “Chip Kelly….SUPERGENIUS!!! in place of “Wile E. Coyote” and there you have the current state of the Eagles coach. LOL

  48. I love Chip Kelly. Everyone else just jumps on and off the band wagon. It’s not like Kelly walks past a trophy case full of Lombardi trophies every morning when he comes to work. That thing is 100% empty. I respect the Eagles’ owner for trying to make some changes and win a super bowl. People act as though the Eagles are a dynasty and Kelly just came along and ruined everything. Wake up folks!

  49. Too many changes where made from 2014 to 2015. When so many changes are made, you can expect the car to run even better than before, or a total disaster.. looks like Kelly is getting the latter.. WJGroup

  50. Wow ! What ever happened to “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it??” Chipper, like others have said “there’s no do-overs in the NFL.” You’re stuck with what you have because you jettisoned all of the starters to put your personal signature on the victories. Now you’re faced with “they are what we thought they were” so good luck with that ! The only good thing about this “hot mess” is that the season is still early, Tebow has not been picked up….yet, and at least you will have the Saints, Skins and Tampa Bay on your schedule. (however, at this point all those teams may turn it around and still win.) In which case, the brightest point may end up being the USC head coaching position in a year as i understand several alumni are a little upset at the moment !

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