Irsay could be ready to go “big-game hunting”

With Nick Saban seeming even more miserable than usual and Colts owner Jim Irsay potentially miserable come January after another season of unfulfilled expectations, their mutual misery could still make for good company.

While it’s still too early to peg Saban for one of the inevitable NFL coaching vacancies (a source with knowledge of Saban’s thinking recently told PFT that it would be a surprise if Saban returns to pro football), Irsay could soon be looking for someone of Saban’s ilk.

Via Albert Breer of NFL Media, if Irsay chooses to hire a new coach “he might be ready to go big-game hunting, which could change the structure of the organization.”

There are plenty of other coaches who would fall into the “big-game” category, even if we set aside the men currently under contract with other teams (like Bill Belichick). Saban’s name would be at or near the top of the list because: (1) the Colts wanted to hire him in 1998; and (2) Saban recently said he’d still be coaching the Dolphins if they’d signed Drew Brees a decade ago, which many viewed as a hint that Saban would return to the NFL if the team has a franchise quarterback.

Another intriguing possibility would be former Colts quarterback and current Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, but it would be a shock if Harbaugh leaves his alma mater after only one year. Then there’s Stanford coach David Shaw, who surely would at least consider the possibility of coaching former Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.

Then there’s the possibility that coaches with other NFL teams would try to get out of their current deals in order to take over a team that has Luck at quarterback.

Coaches are only as good as their players, and the most important player is the quarterback. If the Colts job comes open, Irsay would be able to get pretty much anyone he wants, as long as the guy he wants can make himself available.

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  1. I know it is figurative, but I beg you, please do not give an oxy’ed-out, coked-out man with blood pressure issues a gun.

  2. He’s starting to look like a Jerry Jones wannabe. It’s not really working for Jerry so the obvious question is, why? How about just firing your GM and getting a new one that can run a team and not is mouth?

  3. What about Shanny? Sure he’s never won anything since Elway, but with some people considering Luck to be the next Elway, maybe he could be the guy that takes us that far (and let’s give him the benefit of the doubt with the RG3 fiasco).

  4. He will need to find someone that completely lacks integrity and will destroy the integrity of the game by taking an entire season to secure a better draft pick.

  5. What a pathetic excuse for a franchise and owner. The season has just begun and The severely flawed pill popping owner has already given up. I thought this was their breakout year….Another franchise taken to the wood shed by Belichick and the Patriots.

  6. .
    At some point in the near future, the New York Giants job will open up. If Saban wants to coach in the NFL, there’s no better place to be than the city.

  7. Grigson is a way, WAY bigger issue than Pagano. So much so in fact when I read the headlines I had flashbacks to when Irsay promised us “shock and awe” and Grigson gave us Trent Richardson.

  8. Would Harbaugh, or any top experienced and successful HC want to work with the problematic Grigson and Irsay though? Seems their best bet is a young eager top No.2 looking for a shot at HC.

    Then again, they could ask for Polian’s opinion – he says he had Belichick marked as a good coaching talent as far back as the 1930s…

  9. Gotta love Saban, who first claimed he left Miami because his wife wanted to leave Miami, and now says he’d have stayed in Miami if Brees was there…and you gotta love Irsay, son-of-a-betray-the-fans-at-midnight-guy, who might fire a good head coach for another guy who betrayed his team-for-Alabama-when-he-said-he’d-never-go-to-Alabama. Two pees in a pod.

    But when a good head coach is let go just because he doesn’t have a defense that can stop the Bills and a QB that has never started a season prior to this…all I gotta say is this: Andrew Luck cannot do it all on his own, just like Dan Marino couldn’t do it all on his own either! I don’t think there is a better comparison than the defenseless and no running game of the 2015 Colts than the defenseless and no running game post-1985 Marino-led Dolphins.

  10. Love how the media manufacturers stories….In week 2 no less….the Colts have not been good enough to get to a SB, they should be more concerned with who is buying the groceries…..poor LB, no depth in the secondary and RB…..the only way they fire the coach is if thats what it will take to resign Luck…..this is Lucks team……

  11. Whatever he does until he get a coach that understands hard they’ll be known as the Indianapolis Marshmellos.

    At least they can hang their 2014 NFL Whining Champions banner to go with their “participation” banner

  12. Just finished reading that new Saban biography which mentioned part of Saban’s reason for leaving Miami was his wife’s unhappiness at not being the Queen Bee here. That jives with what I heard from mutual acquaintances. If she thinks she’s gonna have the same problem in Indy there’s no way she’ll let him take that job.

  13. In Pagano’s first three seasons the Colts won 11, 12, and 13 games, and went a little deeper into the playoffs every year. Last year they made it to the AFC Championship, only to get beat by the eventual super bowl champions. That’s a heck of a resume. The Colts are on track to make it to the super bowl this year. Their offense and defense have both been improved since last season. It’s highly likely that Jim Irsay will reward both Pagano and GM Ryan Grigson with big extensions after the season. These guys are building something special, and they’re doing it right on schedule. If they go 6-10 this season, their could be changes. But that’s a big “if” and that applies to all 32 teams.

  14. I wonder how much this douche pays the media to claim it’s “the Colts’ year to go to the Super Bowl!” and “Andrew Luck will be MVP!” over and over. One week in and they’re already looking like a mess.

  15. Why would a established coach want to take a job in a small market in the middle of know where! Indy-fensible is where corodinators take a HC job in order to move on & get a more desirable/legitimate HC job elsewhere!

  16. Translation: There’s no basis for this whatsoever, but let’s just keep saying it over and over again anyway.

    (Now THAT’S what I call credibility!!)

  17. All you people who keep on posting about the colts tanking for luck…. do the rest of us a favor, and look at that season’s schedule, and the results of each game. Go blame Jacksonville for stopping a Colt’s late game rally attempt the last game of the season to secure the first pick

  18. He should get a personel director who will build a defense and an offensive line that is physical enough to win a championship. No coach will win a Super Bowl with who they have right now ay those positions.

  19. The GM (Grigson) is the one to get fired. Other than the obvious draft of Andrew Luck he’s had one unexpectedly good pick, TY Hilton in the second round. (
    Koby Fleener was at the top of the 2nd round.)

  20. GM needs to go. Andrew Luck was a gimme-pick thanks to tanking the season. I can’t name you one other Colts draftee that’s been a complete baller besides T.Y. Hilton. Colts defense is terrible, neglected, and out in the cold. Luck’s O-Line is shoddy. Does anyone in Indy actually KNOW what the team’s weaknesses are?

  21. When I think of a billionaire cruising in a Toyota with $29k in cash and assorted drugs it’s not a big name coach that comes to mind as the game he is hunting. That said, if Pagano is made to walk the plank for Grigson and Irsay’s shortcomings he is a lot more likely to land on his feet than any organization run by those two clowns.

  22. ESPN reports that Luck is thinking of going the free Agent route after his contract expires because he despises how Irsay and Grigson is screwing Pagano and how they failed to keep Arians.

    Reportedly, Luck wants to be re-united with Arians in a few years after his Luck’s current Colts contract expires and Carson Palmer retires.

  23. I can’t believe NFL teams are still considering hiring Saban. But I guess that’s part of the reason why half the teams miss the playoffs. Mr. “I won’t quit on you if all of the conditions under which I coach are perfect.” IE franchise QB, good defense, playmakers, great lines, but if something in that equation fails I’m going back to college!

  24. I remember 2012 draft Grigson won GM of the year for drafting Andrew Luck. I thought that was a joke. He has surround him with a poor offensive line and a weak defense. Why not address the defensive line in a draft when the AFC Championship game the other team ran the ball down the teams throat. Colts fans lost their minds when they drafted a small speedy WR. Starting next year I don’t see the AFC South being a cake walk division to win anymore.

  25. brenenostler says:
    Sep 20, 2015 11:10 AM
    What about Shanny? Sure he’s never won anything since Elway, but with some people considering Luck to be the next Elway, maybe he could be the guy that takes us that far (and let’s give him the benefit of the doubt with the RG3 fiasco).”
    To be fair, no one could win under a meddling and cheap owner like Snyder and with RG3 at the helm, not even Belichick or Bill Walsh.

  26. lemmetalkwouldya says:

    Andrew Luck is over-rated. Hasn’t won a thing that matters.

    The only thing that matters is the Super Bowl. Most quarterbacks haven’t won a thing that matters.

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