JPP could be planning to file a grievance against the Giants

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Last night, we tried to make sense of the Jason Pierre-Paul situation. And if our effort to make sense of the situation makes sense, it could make sense for JPP to take action against the Giants, within the confines of the labor deal.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media hints that an independent doctor could make the call on when Pierre-Paul is ready to play.

That would happen only after Pierre-Paul files a grievance against the team for failing to agree that he’s ready to play. And that possibility underscores the point from last night: The player’s doctor thinks he’s ready, the team’s doctors think Pierre-Paul isn’t.

The team’s doctors quite possibly are influenced by the fact that clearing Pierre-Paul to play means that the team employing the doctors will be paying JPP more than $870,000 per week. If Pierre-Paul files a grievance (it would actually be a “non-injury grievance” under the Collective Bargaining Agreement) and wins, the Giants would be forced to take him back.

Mechanically, the process likely would start with Pierre-Paul signing his $14.8 million franchise tender. Otherwise, the Giants could yank the tender immediately after the independent doctor says the player is ready to go.

That still could be Pierre-Paul’s primary objective. And if the Giants aren’t willing to pay him $870,000 per week in his current condition, doesn’t it make sense for the Giants to rescind the tender and let him find someone else who will at least pay him something remotely close to that?

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  1. Giants should file a grievance against JPP for being stupid with an explosive while under contract/expected to sign a long-term contract.

  2. Why in the world would the Giants doctors pronounce him “ready to play” when he can’t even physically sign the tender?

    It’s sad and a shame, but no one is paying 900K per week to a guy with essentially one hand.

  3. If anyone should be grieving its JPP, but he should file it against Bic lighters not the New York Giants. He blew his own hand up and is desperately trying anything possible to make a few bucks before he is cast of the NFL as self-inflicted disabled former player.What a guy!

  4. IMO. IF he finds a Dr willing to sign on the dotted line the Giants will pull the offer as soon as they find out. Wish JPP all the best but in no way can he play at a high level this season. Next season? Who knows but seriously doubt any team is going to match that tender money. It’s sad this happened but business is business. Like I said, wish the guy all the best not only in football but also dealing with his negotiating life with his injury he suffered.

  5. This guy is truly a head case and not worth the Giants’ trouble.
    Let’s see now. The guy was stupid enough to blow one finger off plus part of his thumb, not to mention burn them as well, — all because he did one of the all time stupid things to do — play with fireworks.
    Then he rebukes all efforts from the Giants to contact and meet with him. Real smart, huh?
    This happened while he was trying to convince the Giants to hand him boatloads of money in a new contract.
    Now he might file a grievance against the Giants because his doctor says he’s good to go and their’s say he isn’t.
    I don’t know what the Giants will do, but I wouldn’t pay him 87 cents per week to play for them again. They’d be better off just cutting him and be done with it. He’s never going to be the same player no matter what he thinks. Besides, he’s already had back problems which have made him less effective anyway.
    JPP is in line for the Biggest Dope Of The Year Award in the NFL. The only problem is, there are many other NFL players who have done stupid things too.
    So, the Giants should hold up one finger and show him what that looks like and tell him to hit the road.

  6. So JPP shows his hand to the Team for the first time since July 3rd. The Team Doctors observe 3.5 fingers (one of them a partial thumb with fracture pins in it). They pronounce him “not physically fit to play” based on a fresh skin graft performed the day before in Florida. Skin Grafts take weeks to heal and present a threat for infection (MRSA Anyone ?)

    Find me the Florida Doctor who’ll sign an affidavit countering that.

  7. Then he’s going to sue the fireworks company for not telling him sternly enough to not let it blow up in your hand. And the maybe the lighter company.

    Football players are victims too.

  8. Missing an index finger and a portion of his thumb is going to affect virtually everything he does on the field. How do you even safely lift a 300lb barbell to workout? It would take a lot of nerve to file a grievance.

  9. He’s not a member of the Giants because he never signed the tender so not really sure how he can file a grievance against a team he is technically not a member of.

  10. Both sides have a vested interest. The Giants dont want to pay him and he wants to get paid. No one is putting a gun to the giants to pay him a franchise tender, however if he can play and they simply dont want to pay him what he’s worth (not saying its the franchise tender amount, could always be less) then pay the player and get him on the field.

    This is why unions exist because of crooked and corrupt employers. There should be more unions with how businesses operate today. They can fire u at the drop of a hat for any reason.

  11. Yeah there should be more unions. Because that’s why unions exist. To sue employers when employees blow their fingers off lighting illegal fireworks. And then refuse to meet with the employer who would be the one to pay 14 million dollars. But by all means sue the employer because it’s their fault. Thank god for lawyers and unions

  12. 14 million or not, the goal is to win games. If the Giants think he can contribute at a level where he can help them do that, they will pay him. Until then, nothing will change.

  13. Release him and let him see what team is willing to pick him up at this stage in his recovery and pay him almost $15 million dollars. I doubt whether that will happen.

  14. The Giants are prolonging this. I would’ve cut the guy months ago, he has half a hand. He’s not going to be on the field anytime soon and if another team wants to pay him that kind of money, then let them.

    The Giants don’t want to pay him, don’t think he’s ready to play but won’t cut him loose; they need to figure out what they want in all of this.

  15. Self inflicted injury. Stupid man. You did it to yourself. Entertainers protect their voices, appearance, ect., because that is their way of making money. The only thing the Giants wanted him to do is show up in shape and intact.

  16. @bathroombenlovemachine says:

    “JPP is over rated any way. Eagles will win Super Bowl 50. WU TANG”

    Chip must have you drinking those smoothies, too. Or is it that Ol’ Chippy must has you drinking from his stills deep in the bowels of the Linc. Do the barrels aged from Oak housing that glorious liquid grown on Lurie’s farm?

    How about considering whether or not your team is even the best in the division? Yet another Lombardi-less fan of the Eagles professes their team will bring home something in which they themselves have last seen only in the pixels of Madden 2015

    There is this thing about chickens and eggs hatching you may want to look up. The blades fell off the smoothie blender last year after thanksgiving with Philly in full control of the NFC East. It could easily happen again this year.

    With a loss today, Philly could ultimately end up wrestling with Washington for control of the basement in the NFC East. In other words, gather those snowballs for yet another Santa pelting.

  17. And if his agent thinks anyone will give him a one year deal paying him more than the veterans minimum he’s got a bad agent. Yes I can see the Giants letting him go if he tried to pull this stuff but that would also require a doctor staking his reputation that he can and would pass a physical with any team in his current condition. I dont see that happening.

  18. I’m no Giants fan; but, he keeps the team in limbo, doesn’t talk to them, doesn’t let them know the extent of his injury and now he has a grievance? If Coughlin or the Giants GM had a backbone, they would have waived him a month ago.

  19. Maybe next time you let the guys who plan on paying you almost 15,000,000 dollars for one years work to get in on your repair surgeries and rehabilitation.

    Staying away and not seeing the employer who is offering you a contract was not the way to go.

    Maybe take the original contract and divide it by three….the remaining fingers on his hand….get him out there and see if he can actually tackle or grab someone…..if he can’t…..well it’s been good to know ya….maybe a career in the fireworks industry for you…..

  20. Everyone on both sides knows he isn’t ready to play. I think he will be ready to play at some point, maybe this season. The question is can he play at the same level after he heals. He’s trying to force the Giants to take that risk. The Giants are trying to mitigate that risk. The NFLPA will support JPP as they should. His position certainly does not invite much sympathy however.

  21. The guy blows 1/2 his hand off and now he’s mad at the Giants… LoL. It’s all his own fault. He’s lucky he’s still on the team.

  22. rcampore says:
    Sep 20, 2015 9:32 AM
    He’s not a member of the Giants because he never signed the tender so not really sure how he can file a grievance against a team he is technically not a member of.
    That’s why the article explicitly states that JPP must first sign the franchise tender BEFORE starting this grievance process. RIF.

  23. nels1959 says:
    Sep 20, 2015 9:40 AM
    Yeah there should be more unions. Because that’s why unions exist. To sue employers when employees blow their fingers off lighting illegal fireworks. And then refuse to meet with the employer who would be the one to pay 14 million dollars. But by all means sue the employer because it’s their fault. Thank god for lawyers and unions
    If the employer hasn’t done anything to violate the CBA they have nothing to worry about. The union is not there to make people like you feel warm and fuzzy. They’re there to ensure the rights of their members is adhered to base on the contract in which both the union AND the owners signed. If the contract calls for only 2 game suspension for domestic violence and ownership violates that…..the union is obligated to fight for the player no matter how much you don’t like that player. It’s that simple. Just because some people like you are all emotional about the situation doesn’t change that.

  24. Even if he finds a doctor to validate his hand as “ready to play”, he’s still a LONG way from being in any semblance of football shape, let alone Pro Bowl-caliber football shape.

    JPP has been getting some horrendous advice this year. No one stopped him from playing with fireworks when he was not under contract (the tag only holds the rights), then he refuses to meet with the team for 2 months, and now he’s considering a grievance because the Giants are properly protecting themselves? With “advisers” like his, it’s no wonder JPP is desperately trying to get on the field – he’s probably in need of the money.

  25. The Giants should maximize their talent this year. They will go 7 & 9 which is an improvement. Eagles will win the division!!!

  26. Since when does a player get to hand pick a doctor to clear him? This is why America hates Lawyers Florio because dumb cases like this arise. JPP can sign his tender and if a NYG doctor thinks he cannot play due to injury they Giants can NFI him.

    The Giants are working to keep his rights next year. Plain and simple. JPP is a disgrace.

  27. Typical “I am in no way responsible for my actions. Gimme my money check” attitude. You see it on every episode of Cops. “Ya’ll gonna hear from my laywer!”.

  28. The complete lack of Judgment of JPP in this case is pretty shocking. Who the hell plays with fireworks without a contract? He gets hurt, refused contact with team and refused to sign tender offer. He basically wants the Giants to release him so he can get money from anyone.

    The Giants refuse to play that game. He is out of options. He has to sign the tender to file a Grievance, but the odds of an independent doctor saying he can play is pretty slim. Once he signs, the Giants can Non-Football-Injury him and still not pay him. And then he can’t go to another team.

    Basically JPP is screwed. The threat to file a cliam is probably leaked from his agent trying to pressure the Giants. They won’t give in.

    He cost himself a lot of money by playing with fireworks. I imagine Every future contract in the NFL should include a no fireworks clause. And if it doesn’t the team is dumb.

    As a Jets fan I was shocked and furious over Sheldon Richardson getting in trouble how he did. But this JPP situation is far worse, and his insistence on getting paid despite the injury is infuriating.

    But it would make for a great season 2 of BALLERS! Vernon blows up hand, Strasmore has got to HANDLE it…

  29. If they’ll let him affix a pirate style hook then he could possibly be a force again, however the increased facemask and holding (hooking?) penalties are going to be murder on the team.

    Better for the Giants to waive this foolish youngster and let him earn his way back through performance with another team.

  30. This whole thing has a very Jets-y feel to it. The Giants might want to rethink the shared stadium thing, the Jets appear to be infectious.

  31. Any doctor that signs off on him being able to play is a fool. If he does as a result and further damages his hand–or gets a very serious infection–the doctor would be liable for medical malpractice.

    JPP probably disagrees with this statement, but it’s not like he can vote thumbs down.

  32. Who here among us have not lit a firework in their lifetime? He didn’t blow his hand up on purpose, it was an accident. Could have happened to anybody who has ever lit fireworks before. Who says he can’t play anymore? If he was the place kick holder, OK he’s done. Quarterback? Done. Wide receiver? Done. Running back? Iffy at best. But a defensive lineman? Why not? I would fight for $870,000. Lets see him play.

  33. The Giants have to be pissed, first he was hands off for weeks after the accident, they couldn’t finger out whether he was ever going to play again, and now this all explodes in their face.

  34. have him dress as if he were going to play then have Flowers hit that hand as hard is he can
    If JPP can not take the pain he should go to PSA’s for stupid rich folks

  35. No one would pay him remotely close to that a game. At this point he’s lucky if he finds a job next year forget about 14 mil a year. He has had only 2 good years anyway. The other years he had a million excuses about his health. This will just be another excuse.

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