Monday CT scan will provide more information about Romo’s absence


The initial, informal assessment of Tony Romo’s expected absence is that he’ll miss eight weeks with a fractured left clavicle. A more official prognosis is coming on Monday.

That’s when, according to the team, he’ll have a CT scan aimed at gauging the damage and assisting the process of predicting his return.

Romo broke the same bone in the sixth game of the 2010 campaign. The early estimate on his absence was 6-8 weeks, but he missed the rest of the season.

The fact that Romo has been through this before means, as the team has pointed out, that he has a feel for where he is.

We’ll all know more on Monday — and then it will be time for reports and conflicting reports and rumors and speculation as to when he’ll show up.

30 responses to “Monday CT scan will provide more information about Romo’s absence

  1. Giants fan but hoping for a speedy return to 100%. The game is always better when it’s best players are on the field.

  2. Everything will be alright. couple more weeks will get get our two studs McClain and Hardy. Shortly after we get Dez and Gregory. Then after Romo returns. We are 2-o against our division. If Dallas can just hold on for a few games winning most of them, we will be fine. Weeden sealed the deal. Give the man his props.

  3. Snyder, Griffin and PC hypersensitivity led PFT and nat’l media to overlook actual football team Redskins are building. Lazy, lazy, lazy. Redskins have best D and run game in the division.

  4. Romo, Witten, will be back sooner than later. Weeden will be able to keep the team winning until Romo and Weeden comes back. With the rest of the NFC East being weak,especially the Eagles and Giants, Deadskins. The Cowboys should be able to win the NFC East with their 3rd string. That’s how strong the Cowboys are. Expect the Cowboys to be full strength and all engines running after week 8. Cowboys fans don’t panic, we will win with our defense. How About Them Cowboys! ! Super Bowl Bound! NFC East Champs.

  5. “The early estimate on his absence was 6-8 weeks, but he missed the rest of the season.” Correction: that isn’t a “but”. 8 weeks left the team with a 5-9 record and only two (road) games left. Romo likely could have played, but there was no point to him doing so.

  6. Get to 5 wins in the first 8 games….doesn’t matter how and really doesn’t matter which games. That should be the goal. If we can get past the Falcons and Saints, then just worry about 1 win in that tougher middle stretch and then the cavalry should be back. We might even be able to get to 4 wins and still be good to go in the back half of the schedule.

  7. It is being reported that owner Jerry Jones will assist the doctors performing the CT scan.

  8. Lot of stories on here about this (and understandably so) but how about a story about how the great and powerful rushing king Demarco Murray only gained a yard against the weak and run impaired Cowboys while his former backup, you know the guy who Murray was gonna outrush by miles, put up more rushing yards behind that O line. You know the one that Demarco Murray made look better last season.

  9. Two practice squad QB’s are not going to cut it. They have to pick up another veteran QB. The big question is who??? Its Tebow Time!

  10. Funny, everyone says Romo isn’t elite and talk about how he sucks, chokes, blah blah blah. If he’s so bad, why are those same people claiming the season is done for? When RGIII went down again in preseason people weren’t saying skins season was already over, because it was essentially a non factor. Just saying….lots of talk and buzz over a “mediocre” QB going down

  11. darrinmo3 that’s because no matter what happens in Dallas or what move Jerry makes or whatever, the criticism will change to fit every haters “the Cowboys suck” agenda. IMO if your opinion of someone or some team is based on nothing more than your hatred for that particular player or team then your opinion is invalid and shows how little you know about the game. Don’t get me wrong losing Romo is a HUGE loss on top of a few already huge losses but to say the season is over is ridiculous especially when the other 3 teams in the division don’t yet seem to realize the regular season has started.

  12. I don’t think the Pats are willing to part with Jimmy Garropalo, but I think the Cowboys would not be taking a big risk by offering next years first rounder, if they feel like they need to make a move for a QB.

  13. I wonder, since this one is the non-throwing arm, if six weeks might actually be possible? Maybe not, but one would think that an injury to the non-throwing arm will factor into the decision on when to come back.

  14. i love how after one game vs. the gmen the cowboy fans are so quick to buy into romo after years of mediocrity and choking. the reality is on the one play of the game where romo was pressured by the giants d, romo throws a horrible pass (choked) to witten that got intercepted.
    take off your rose-colored glasses cowboy fans and admit that romo going down is probably the best thing that could have happened to your team.

  15. Not to be alarmed; even “professional” wrestlers get real injuries when involved in a match in their “sport”. It happens even though it’s not supposed to.

  16. Here’s a chant that Cleveland fans can teach their counterparts in Dallas–WE DONE if its WE DONE! Now might be a good time for Big D to roll the dice for RGMinus3!

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