Rams definitely got better of Griffin trade


In what likely will be the last time the Rams and Washington face off during Robert Griffin III’s career in D.C., Griffin remains in bubble wrap for fear of an injury that would put his team on the hook for $16.1 million in 2016. And Gil Brandt of NFL Media has compiled the stat of the moment as the team that got three first-round picks and a second-round pick for Griffin prepares to take on Griffin’s three-year understudy.

Griffin has made 35 careers starts. The eight total players that those four picks became via additional trades have made a total of 158 starts.

So, yes, the Rams won the trade. And, yes, Washington’s reluctance to cut the cord on Griffin likely is being influenced by a reluctance to admit their grievous error.

It’s only a matter of time before Griffin won’t be a Washington quarterback, since the $16.1 million becomes fully guaranteed in March.

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  1. the Rams should be way better than they have been. Can blame Bradford injuries on a lot of it. But a lot of it is on Jeff Fisher. Speaking as a Seahawks fan, the Rams have as much talent on their defense as anybody, but Fisher always seems like he’s coaching with 8-8 or 9-7 firmly in his sights.

  2. Griffin has made 35 careers starts. The eight total players that those four picks became via additional trades have made a total of 158 starts.

    Don’t be stupid (silly statement, I know). 158 starts would be nearly a decade to a single player, so regardless of how good Griffin was, by that measure he’d never have been able to have that many starts in this amount of time.

  3. They should just cut him now, you can totally see them going down the same route of trying to get him to quit making him do this scout team safety stuff and tearing an acl in practice.

    They have McCoy as a backup they should go find a developmental 3rd QB and who knows what you get.

  4. It is mind numbing how Washington has held onto this useless player. Is it pride or embarrassment about the terrible trade? Does Snyder really that delusional and thinks his investment will someday pay off?

    This guy is taking up a spot on the 53 roster.Those spots are way too valuable to keep what amounts to a mascot on the 53.

    Wake up already….is there anyone left who thinks he is worth the waste of time and money?

  5. Should’ve listed the players the Rams got:

    Janoris Jenkins, Michael Brockers, Zac Stacy, Stedman Bailey, Greg Robinson, Alec Ogletree, Rokevious Watkins and Isaiah Pead.

    Not sure if all of them are still on the Rams, but getting Jenkins, Brockers, Bailey, Robinson, and Ogletree were huge building blocks for this young, talented Rams team.

  6. It’s worth pointing out again what a poor Rookie of the Year selection the voters made. I said at the time it should have been Wilson, who was better than Griffin that year and obviously has been since then.

    Clearly a case of NFC East bias in the media influencing the vote.

  7. I thought you would display the photo where the Rams brought in all their draft picks for the coin toss the last time they have played the Redskins.

  8. If Snyder interjects himself into this situation and makes them play RGIII then what coach will ever go there again unless to get a paycheck (and a huge buyout when he gets fired). It was like the Bengals before they hired Marvin Lewis. Mike Brown made all the decisions for years which is why you have a bunch of coaches with records like 19-52 (Dave Shula), Bruce Coslet (21-39) and Dick LaBeau (12-33). It’s probably not as much about them being coaches as it is the owner not knowing anything about football and making all the decisions. Until Snyder decides he cares more about winning than making all the decisions, they will be a bottom five team.

  9. So, does he finally edge JaMarcus Russell and/or Ryan Leaf as the biggest bust of all time?

    I think all in all Griffin had a more effective career than either of those two guys, but you also have to take into account that they were just regular ol’ first round picks, whereas Griffin was a decade-mortaging investment.

    It’s probably too early to call. I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that he does something worthwhile in Houston next year (Baylor just up the road, amirite) or goes on to have a Vick-like third act as a backup/high ceiling spot starter.

  10. illogicalvoice, since he can’t show his face here, has been trolling fans of the OUTLAW PATS for ‘cheating’ in order to feel morally superior ‘cuz he/she doesn’t have a clue about actual football:

    logicalvoice said:

    Robert Griffin the 3rd will be the greatest QB to ever live when it’s all said and done. The Washington Redskins are a first class organization who will win Super Bowl upon Super Bowl for taking initative to draft RGIII. If you don’t agree than you are either don’t know the sport of football or are a moron. Case closed.

  11. As bad as the Redskins have been they actually won a divison title and made the playoffs with RG3. What have the Rams done? How does Jeff Fisher continue to get free pass. The last time he made the playoffs, he coached the Titans.

  12. How’d that work out for the Rams today? And last year? And the year before that?

    Can’t we all just chalk that up as a pretty crappy draft by both teams? Oh, except for the QB and RB the skins got in the 4th and 6th round that year. You know, 2 of the guys that just beat the Rams.

  13. I’m not sure that you can say anybody got the “better” of the trade. How can the Rams be “better” when they haven’t even managed a winning season since the trade, let alone a playoff trip? Going the length of Griffin’s rookie contract without a playoff trip is not “winning” the trade, especially when you may or may not even have a franchise QB.

    At least the Redskins won their division and went to the playoffs once, leading for much of their home WC game before a Seahawks comeback. They did and still do have a ton of holes because Bruce Allen didn’t manage personnel very well, so at least they at some point emerged for a brief moment in the sun before returning to Snyder’s football oblivion. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the Rams.

  14. How about the RAMS take all those draft picks and RG3 and the REDSKINS still would have kicked their @$$ yesterday! HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!

  15. A couple of notes to add in here to this fuzzy math equation.

    -First, the name of the team is REDSKINS.

    -Second, how many playoff appearances have those 8 players led the Rams to?

    You can feel free to answer at any time.

  16. How are the Rams shipping all of those “great” draft picks to LA? Moving van? Plane perhaps? Regardless, this skins fan hasn’t had his team move in 80+ years, I have seen all 3 super bowl wins and I still believe the Redskins is only a team name and nothing derogatory. Florio can sit in his ivory tower and lob uninformed dribble our way all he wants….. The only thing it does is keep the name Redskins fresh in everyone’s mind. Take notice Eagle fans… We have had clump kelly here, and it didn’t work out.

  17. And with all of those draft picks, the Rams still are one of the worst teams n the NFL. AT least the Redskins have the excuse that their Fantasy Football mentality owner waster 20% of all free agency and draft picks since he bought the team. The Rams have football people in charge. What’s their excuse?

  18. Speaking as a Seahawks fan, the Rams have as much talent on their defense as anybody, but Fisher always seems like he’s coaching with 8-8 or 9-7 firmly in his sights.

    Speaking as a Rams fan, you are correct.

  19. The Rams have a lot of talent and I credit Les Snead for that, in large part.

    The Rams are underachieving and I blame Jeff Fisher for that, in large part.

    However, we are only two games into the Nick Foles/Frank Cignetti experiment. Maybe week two was just a blip.

    Then again, these are the Rams…

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