Report: Dez Bryant out 10-12 weeks


After Sunday night’s win over the Giants, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones rushed to the microphone to declare that receiver Dez Bryant would miss 4-6 weeks with a broken bone in his foot. Other actual doctors (who never treated or evaluated the patient) applied a longer timeframe to Bryant’s return.

Appearing on PFT Live, former NFL athletic trainer Mike Ryan said no one knows how long it will be.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, the Cowboys now expect that Dez will miss 10-12 weeks. The longer time frame, per Rapoport, arises from the fact that a bone graft was needed to repair the so-called “Jones fracture.” Even without a bone graft (which isn’t done in all cases but which isn’t an unusual development), doctors who stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and otherwise had been pegging Dez at a longer recovery window — including Falcons receiver Roddy White, who applied simple logic in reasoning that teammate Julio Jones had the same thing, and missed the whole year.

If the Cowboys truly expect a 10-12 week absence, they need to decide whether to carry Bryant on the active roster, or whether to place him on injured reserve with the designation to return, which would knock him out for a minimum of eight weeks. As Rapoport notes, coach Jason Garrett said Friday that the team wants to give Dez every opportunity to return early.

But that could be a problem. With Jones applying a far shorter window for return and Garrett essentially saying Dez can be back within two months, Bryant may push it harder than he should — which could lead to re-injury of an already delicate area of the foot.

So, basically, Dez didn’t hold out and he signed a long-term deal and he showed up for Week One . . . but that could be it for a while, especially if he tries too hard to get back on the field at the not-so-subtle urging of his team and breaks the bone again.

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  1. In other words, what most of us on this board predicted from Day One. And 10-12 may still be best case.

  2. Damn, sign a huge deal and be lost for the season. If only there was a colloquial saying that expressed how, with wealth, one often finds himself in a slew of unforeseen difficulties.

  3. Anybody that knows anything about football knew 4-6 was a lie and the media that reported it gullible.

    The question is why lie? Because he’s nothing but a huckster and can’t help himself.

  4. Season over for the Cowboys.

    Cowboys may have won the battle last Sunday but they lost the war.

  5. Foot surgeries are a challenge when the patient runs and jumps. Dez may be back sooner or he may never be quite as good as he once was.

    Yeah, Julio Jones has just never been the same since these same surgery. He struggles to run and jump. SMH .

  6. So basically…..the answer is noone really knows, because each person heals differently. Got it….but let’s continue to play the guessing game until someone is right.

  7. I still cannot understand how you let the NFL rushing leader go and give in to the demands of an overrated player. OK I get he’s one of the best players on the team but not one of you Cowboy fans (like my wife) have even commented about how some other players on the team feel about this whole scenario. Jerry Jones has personally cost his team a couple of Super Bowls. My 49ers could end up being better this year than the Cowboys. I’m a big fan of Romo (love to see great QB’s) and I was really impressed with how Murray seemed to get better as his career progressed. I hope Romo stays healthy.

  8. Get off this story already. You dont know, know one here knows, the Doctors on ESPN dont know. And Roddy White with his impeccable logic doesnt know. You know who knows? The Doctors currently treating Dez.

    Find a real football story to write about. Not one thats a weeks old….this isnt the offseason anymore you Hacks.

  9. The Cowboys losing Dez is like New England losing Gronkowski. Hard to imagine the offense will be the same. They’ll still be good. Romo & co. will get their points. But they won’t be the dynamic machine they were when Dez was in the lineup.

    Still, if the ‘Boys can maintain and Dez really does come back by season’s end, they’ll only stand to be that much better come playoff time.

  10. Different sports, I know, but Kevin Durant had the same injury, tried to come back early and is now recovering from his third surgery. Cowboys need to be extremy careful here

  11. That is why EGO MAN (Jerry Jones) needs to shut his mouth and slip into the background, Nobody wants to hear the rantings of an old man that is losing his grip on reality.

  12. Dez will not play at his pre injury level this year if ever. After todays game with the Eagles we will have a better idea how much impact this will have our season. My guess is 2-3 games. Dreams of a Super Bowl visit are very remote and winning the devision or even winning more then half our games might be a stretch.

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