Steelers with the offensive fireworks, hammer the 49ers 43-18

It’s not like the Steelers are going to take carries away from Le’Veon Bell when he returns from his suspension.

But they more than survived his absence.

Veteran backup running back DeAngelo Williams ran for three touchdowns, as the Steelers hammered the 49ers 43-18.

Williams had 127 rushing yards in last week’s loss to the Patriots, and kept the Steelers from missing their bell cow back. Of course, the way Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown are playing pitch-and-catch, they might have anyway.

Brown finished the game with 195 receiving yards and a touchdown, as only a big lead kept Roethlisberger from putting up record numbers, as he had 252 passing yards at halftime.

They were up so big late they left Michael Vick to take the final knees to end the game, cruising to even their record at 1-1.

The 49ers have the same record, though it feels far different. Running back Carlos Hyde left the game with what appeared to be a head injury but later returned. But he wasn’t able to run often enough for it to matter, as the Steelers cruised to the big lead early and never looked back.

39 responses to “Steelers with the offensive fireworks, hammer the 49ers 43-18

  1. Great game Steelers. This game was a comedy of errors for the Niners. I realize Pittsburgh had 10 days to prepare and we were coming off a short week but that’s no excuse to continue to run plays that result in 3 and outs. We ran Hyde into a brick wall so many times he sat out for two quarters and potentially got injured.

    Only in the LAST quarter did we try to take advantage of Pittsburghs suspect secondary. Which brings me to our GLARING weakness. Our corners got burned time and time again. I figured our O-Line would be our biggest liability this season (thanks Erik Pears) and it allowed 5 sacks but we cannot defend against the pass, or at least against a high caliber WR like Antonio Brown.

    We’ll head into week 3 1-1 and hopefully triage these weaknesses but man … play calling, coaching, we have work do. So again great game Steelers you guys imposed your will on a team high on its week one win.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  2. Great game. Ben is the best QB in the league. He is THE MAN. Shazier was a beast. Hey Hey contributed. Williams was an awesome pick up.

    What will citizenstrange say after this game? Ben supplied a nice tall glass of shut-up juice.

  3. Where’s the joker that was on barking about how the niners were going to dominant the steelers?

  4. logicalvoicepft says:
    Sep 20, 2015 4:13 PM

    #EverybodyhasitbetterthantheNiners, Ctiggs.


    Glad to see you back Logical, figured after last week you’d be MIA. As you have been all offseason. How’s RGIII doin’ by the way?

  5. Sort of a bend but not break (too badly anyways) defense for the Steelers today. Loved the goal line stands! Ben played well but Antonio Brown gets double teamed every play and still puts up massive numbers. He’s the best in the game, bar none.

    Go Steelers!

  6. Kap was the only niner with a pulse today. Our dbs are not good oline way be worse and most of the game the wrs did not help kap. I completely agree with the earlier post about hyde. It’s a long season we have time to fix these things. We definitely got our butts kicked. To logical … you already know that #nobodyhasitbetterthanUs #RG3wasahealthyscratch

  7. Wow, tough game for the Niners. Not a lot of positives outside of the passing game in the late fourth(although Pittsburgh was in prevent). Just gotta shake it off and bounce back. If we can win against Arizona next week were right back in it. The Cardinals look good though. Will be extremely tough to earn a victory.

  8. addair154 says:
    Sep 20, 2015 4:19 PM
    So Stealars I don’t here any excuses for wining?

    2 13
    It’s “hear”…Repeat the 1st grade.

  9. I’m sure citizenstrange will go into hiding like he always does after games like this, but I have a couple questions just in case he’s lurking.

    1. Is 43 points good enough for you?

    2. Do you realize we put up 27 last week just off the easy missed field goals alone? Another 4 if Heyward-Bey doesn’t dip his toe out of bounds? That’s actually 31.

    And the bonus question: what’s 21 + 43 divided by two? That’s your scoring average for the year so far. Still want to blame that offense for everything that goes wrong?

  10. addair154 says:
    Sep 20, 2015 4:19 PM
    So Stealars I don’t here any excuses for wining?

    2 13
    It’s “hear”…Repeat the 1st grade.

    Hey why not your second go around appears to have worked wonders for your spelling…..

  11. It wasn’t until the 2nd half til the Steelers started playing off the rec’s. Otherwise they pressured and allowed very little after the few receptions that SF had. Over all a solid game. Now show me a few games in a row!

  12. Happy with today’s outcome … of course. But Ben and Brown weren’t the problem against the Pats, so it’s too early to know whether the Steelers have addressed the problems that plagued them opening week. Can we attribute this win more to the Steelers’ dominance or the 49ers’ failures? Time will tell.

    We still have Scobee, and Scobee’s still unreliable. We won’t know whether Tomlin has improved on clock management until clock management is once again critical. As for the secondary … the 49ers don’t have the Pats’ passing game. But it was a good day, and the team looks great on offense.

  13. 9ers are the only team that can suck horribly in all facets of the game and yet somehow still be considered overrated. Their idiot fans actually thought they’d be a force this season lmao beating Minnesota was the highlight of your season, bank on it.

  14. We don’t have the talk about the Steelers offense because we know how great they can be. But how about Shazier who was supposed to be a bust according to several post I read. Don’t think so, keep dreaming shazier is as good as advertised and will only become better.

  15. @chicagotomahawk bro it’s just 1 game. It happens to the best of all teams. Especially against elite offense… about the bears? You guys haven’t had expectations or high hopes for your team in decades. Nobody ever overrated or underrated you guys cuz nobody talks about that joke of a franchise. We might drop games this season but at least we’re not the bears lol

  16. braceyourselffor12 says:
    Sep 20, 2015 4:14 PM
    Great game Steelers. This game was a comedy of errors for the Niners. I realize Pittsburgh had 10 days to prepare and we were coming off a short week but that’s no excuse to continue to run plays that result in 3 and outs.

    And do you realize we were once again playing without both Bell and Bryant? The best back we have, and our most explosive downfield receiving threat?

    Speaking of “excuses”…

  17. I’m not a fan of either of these teams; but, I think it’s terrible scheduling to have a team fly across the country to play a road game on a short week when the home team just had a mini bye from playing the prior Thursday.

  18. My only negative relates to Jarvis Jones who played a good game against the Patriots and seemed invisible against the Niners.
    For the rest, it was good to see some aggressive defence being played 🙂

  19. San Francisco has an incredibly young defense and this season will have a lot of ups and downs. Hats off to Pittsburgh, they are an elite team that was upset with how they played last week and took it out on a Niner team not equipped to stop the train once it got rolling. Pittsburgh is a 13-3 caliber team, and San Francisco is a team that is going to take a year or two before they really gel.

  20. Really loving the offense. Can’t wait for Bell to be back! Let’s hope we can keep Todd as our O coordinator. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got another head coaching opportunity with the work he’s done with us.

  21. stoogy says:
    Sep 21, 2015 6:06 PM
    The patriots raped this mediocre team.

    Hey look everybody it’s the genius who once said Bell “wasn’t an NFL caliber running back.” Good call there buddy!

    Yes, if you mean by “raped” that your cheaters got totally outgained, had their defense run over and only won because the Steelers missed two easy field goals and gave back a gift TD before the half, then yes I guess they were.

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