Colts come up flat, empty in falling to 0-2


The Jets are 2-0 and playing some serious defense.

The Colts are 0-2 and have issues with turnovers, penalties and injuries. What’s supposed to be one of the NFL’s best offenses is a mess and turned the ball over five times in what became a 20-7 Jets win Monday night.

To quickly recap what went wrong in the game for the Colts, the Jets quickly turned an interception into a touchdown, Adam Vinatieri missed a chip-shot field goal, starters Dwayne Allen, T.Y. Hilton and Vontae Davis suffered injuries and the clinching touchdown came despite a penalty on a makeshift secondary.

The Jets blitzed Andrew Luck from the beginning. The Colts played like a team under pressure all night.

The Colts have scored three touchdowns in two games. They averaged 28.6 points per game last season, sixth-best in the NFL. Luck only threw 16 interceptions last season but has already thrown five this season.

The stats were pretty even in Monday night’s game, and the Colts’ offensive stats weren’t terrible. It’s just very difficult to win with five turnovers, especially when they come via a fumble at the goal line and interceptions that set up easy touchdowns for the opponent.

The Colts started 0-2 last year, too, and finished 11-5. That didn’t stop what was left of the crowd at Lucas Oil Stadium from booing at the end of Monday night’s game.

“Just trucking along, keep working,” Luck said after the game. “We aren’t comparing [anything] to last season. We just have to find a way to get a win.”

The Colts play at the 1-1 Titans next Sunday. The Jets host the 0-2 Eagles.

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  1. Channeling my inner-Nostradamus, I predict the following:

    1) Luck will have a few five-TD games against the Titans and Jags, and the “experts” who do little more than skim box scores will proclaim him the future GOAT

    2) the Colts, a soft team, will get embarrassed again in January by a hard-hitting defense

  2. Colts had 5 turnovers tonight too, just like they had in a game where a certain head coach had a famous post game press conference.


  3. Now it’s up to the rest of the AFC South not to let them run roughshod over the division like last year. It’s not like they are a powerhouse outside of the AFCS.

  4. The Colts look and play like a big, hot, steaming pile of dog crap. Maybe Grigson can somehow blame the Patriots for his teams awful, disgusting play. BTW Colts fans, I thought you said that when your team picked up Johnson and Gore that you guys were a lock for repping the AFC in the Super Bowl. Is that still a thing??

  5. Pats fan here.

    Happy the Jets smacked around the Colts. Take that Grigson! Luck has run into two good defenses but the team has looked sluggish. May want to deflate those balls a little bit

  6. Maybe the reason the colts looked so bad was the fact they played probably the best d in the nfl. Don’t give them credit. Bradford next up that should get ugly quick

  7. Somehow ‘I told you so’ doesn’t quite say it. But on the plus side, you can give yourself a MNF Finalist banner. Adorable.

  8. Something doesnt seem right? Please NFL investigate and try to find something that links this 0-2 start to the staff in New England. This cant be, the colts are supposed to go the Superbowl and the defense was projected to be tougher. Lagarette Blount and the Patriots OLine are licking their chops right now. And belichick just circled “JUMBO TIGHT END” package on his little notepad. #3-0:sinceDeflategate

  9. Thank you Jets did each other a big favor this weekend. the Jags were the only team to win in the afc south this week. When was the last time that happened ? Don’t acted surprised when we win the division.

  10. No wonder they have to pipe in fake crowd noise. Those “fans” acted like they were at a funeral.poor Pagano. He works for a GM who is obviously out of touch with reality..
    Lousy drafts and even worse free agent acquisitions.
    The Titans or Jaguars will win this division.

  11. To be honest, the only thing that kept this from being a blowout was the Colts Run D. Jets couldn’t get any sort of balanced attack going which threw them off pretty hard.

    Love the direction of this team though. Team is incredibly disciplined, defense is making huge plays, and the offense actually came through when it mattered most. Bowles is definitely creating something special.

  12. First step to having any chance is to fire Grigson. Second step is to fire Pagano and company. Anything other than that is just delaying the inevitable.

    Grigson is, by far, the worst GM in professional sports. Absolutely inexplicable to draft Dorset, trade A FIRST for Richardson, continuously ignore the oline and defensive issues, shall I even continue?

  13. Did someone check those Jets footballs? I mean, underinflated footballs must be why the Colts loose games.

    Now, who’s the one that can’t throw a properly inflated football?

    Brady (2-0): 754 YDS, 7 TD, 0 INT
    Luck (0-2): 593 YDS, 3 TD, 5 INT

  14. Gee Ryan Grigson your colts look really deflated.

    Started finding another LAME excuse why your team can’t win… Oh, I’m sure someone of your ILK will blame Chuck Pagano.

    That is what a teams gets when they hire ex jets.

  15. If the Colts didn’t play in the AFC South I don’t know if they would have ever been a playoff team. They have just feeding off 6 gimmie wins in that division for years but looks like those teams have caught up and will fight this year.

    Ryan Grigson has put together one of the softest teams in the NFL. They drafted Andrew Luck and he is elite, tough and everything you could ask for from a franchise QB.

    That offensive line has been weak for 2 or maybe even 3 years. Front 7 played well tonight but I want to see what they look like versus another AFC contender.

  16. Also, I hate to say this and it might sound crazy, but the Colts window with Luck may be closed. They have done nothing to put any notable talent on the oline or defense and when he starts eating up $25,000,000 of the salary cap.. They won’t be able to.

    Just like Seattle, they’ll be spread too thin without any depth. The only difference is that the Colts were never elite and don’t have as far to fall.

  17. Don’t know which rat turd organization I wanted to see lose tonight?? Would be awesome if they both could have lost. Two cheating organizations involved in the worst Monday night dumpster fire ever. One pipes in crowd noise for years, and the other tampers with players under contract with other teams. Two CHEATING ORGANIZATIONS. Should both lose their first and fourth round picks next year!!

  18. “The stats were pretty even in Monday night’s game…” ???

    Luck posted a QB rating of 52.76 while Fitzpatrick had a QB rating of 93.26. Yes, the attempts, completions, and yardage were similar but the results were not. Luck threw 3 interceptions.

  19. Todd Bowles has the Jets looking good…….and disciplined.

    Miami was stupid (but totally predictable) not to keep him as their head coach.

  20. Sad thing is that in that division, they could probably start 0-6 and still make the playoffs.

    Same old Colts. All hat no cattle.

  21. Tom Brady is 1st player in NFL history to have all of these in a game:
    – Throw for 450 yards
    – 3 TD passes
    – 0 Int
    – 55 attempts


    With properly inflated footballs.

    Maybe the crybaby Colts should concentrate on their game instead of worrying about the Patriots. It’s hilarious how the two crybaby, whining teams Colts and Ravens are 0-2. LOL.

  22. Overrated, sorry it’s the truth. Don’t worry, your in the AFC south. But then again the Colts have the worst D in the south. The Jags just might take the south…. Weird.

  23. Karma.
    The excuse making, mentally weak team is 0-2 while the Pats go 2-0 including a spanking of a team that spanked the Colts.
    Mort’s playmates getting all the success that they deserve

  24. I don’t care what the media feeds me, Luck is NO WHERE near the elite QB’s and it’s disrespectful to even mention him in the same breath as Brady, Rodgers, and Manning. He continually makes bad decisions, throws into double (sometimes even triple) coverage, and is just clumsy with the football. And it was absolutely laughable hearing ESPN crew say Luck needs more weapons. Gore, Andre Johnson, Ty Hilton, Moncrief, Fleener, Dwayne Allen, Phil Dorsett… and he needs MORE?!?!?!?!

  25. What happens when Luck plays teams with good D’s?
    Heck what happens when he has to play teams outside of the AFCS…..
    Dude is a turnover machine feasting off a weak schedule yearly. But yeah the media loves to Hype who they love to Hype.
    The 4 letter network even said he needs more around him…. as a someone put it “If Andrew Luck had anymore “talent” around him it’d be called the pro-bowl.”
    /sigh just give Cam one of those WR’s let alone the 7 Luck is surrounded by out there.

  26. Lucky for them they play in the high school division of the NFL. Tennessee, Houston and
    Jacksonville are a guaranteed 6 wins every year without breaking a sweat….sheesh….

  27. The game was so bad that ESPN kept showing shots of the exterior of Lucas Oil Stadium.

  28. So does Luck the anointed one, otherwise known as the future first ballot HOF get some criticism now? Even just a little bit? It’s sad enough he’s in arguably the easiest division in football and is still hailed as an undisputed great when he hasn’t had much to show for it

  29. Andrew Luck is the most overrated player in the league. Hardly ever comes up big when it counts. Go back to college, comes up small. If it werent for being in a lousy division the Colts ruled over we’d all be wondering why everyone thought he was a can’t miss, best since Elway prospect.

    Just look at their record playing the AFC South and take a look against everyone else in the NFL

  30. How exactly does a team come out flat? A pro team where everyone is getting paid, many of the players making huge sums of money???
    I think this is a tired excuse. I mean seriously, did you see any Colts players sulking at the start of the game, or see any Colts players acting as if they were asleep??
    Nope. It’s a dumb excuse.

  31. Ravens and Colts both 0-2.

    That’s what happens to teams that try to beat their opponents via sham investigations off the field rather than well executed play on the field.

  32. Being 0-2 is not the end of the world but how poorly they’ve played and not really being competitive in their loses is not a good sign. Fortunately for them they play in a division that has 3 candidates with #1 overall draft pick potential.

    Luck needs to step up and not allow anyone to blame his own line. Rw Oline and offensive threats are far far worse and we don’t blame them when RW doesn’t has a bad game.

  33. It makes me feel slightly better to see teams like Baltimore, Seattle and Indy at 0-2 as well. It doesn’t make me feel better that the Eagles struggling offense has to go against an impressive looking Jets team next week.

  34. “Luck only threw 16 interceptions last year,” only should not be in this sentence, that’s a lot of interceptions. Sixth most in the league actually.

  35. Karma – the Colts should have worried more about their team than trying to get the Patriots in trouble.

  36. BSPN must be apoplectic right now with Luck looking like he’s already reached his usual playoff form. Dare we expect another anti-Pats article within the next week or two?

  37. He “only” had 16 interceptions last season? yeah, that’s such a small amount!

    He has the most turnovers of any player since the start of the 2014 season. If his name weren’t Luck and if he wasn’t hyped up beyond belief before entering the NFL then you can be sure the media would be criticizing him rather than making excuses for him.

    He’s probably the most overrated/hyped player in the NFL right now. People can say “well he threw 40 tds last year”….well Stafford threw 41 in 2011 so should we proclaim Stafford an elite QB?

  38. Just watching on the TV, it looked like the PSI in the Jets’ footballs was around 11.5. I think that explains another abysmal performance by the Colts.

  39. Now that Brady is killing it with legally inflated balls, who the Colts going to try and blame for their ineptness. What you saw in the AFC title game is what you saw last night. They stink. Had nothing to do with ball inflation. Go put yourself up another banner . That organization of snitches and fabricators can lose all their games, right along with Baltimore, and they deserve it. Next time, when Brady just annihilates your team, just cover up your head and don’t say anything.

  40. This is what the Colts get for obsessing and whining all off-season about deflated footballs. Perhaps the Colts should have paid more attention to practicing and building a real football team instead of a joke. But somehow, the Colts obsess over the Patriots and throwing them under the bus for doing something every QB does in screwing with PSI inflation, as Aaron Rodgers admitted, and now the Colts are paying the price.

  41. What’s the difference between the way the Eagles looked on Sunday and the way the Colts looked last night? Yet, Eagles are getting crushed in the media. Having said that, Eagles beat the Jets next week, surprisingly.

  42. Most of Lucks stats came on one touchdown drive late in the game. Almost close enough to be considered garbage time and fueled by YAC.

    I’m not saying Luck is horrible but he had a awful game and there’s no excuse about it.

    I agree that the stats will inflate once he enjoys feasting on the cupcake division opponents.

  43. Whats Lucks qb rating since he was caught playing with deflated footballs in the AFC Championship game last year?

  44. “You NE fans are so classy”

    You expect us to stay silent?

    The Colts dragged the Patriots organization through the mud with their baseless accusations. And bear in mind, this is at least the fourth time in the past decade or so that the Colts have filed a formal complaint with the league against the Patriots. They can’t beat them on the field so they whine to the league like a bunch of fairies.

    They’re getting exactly what they deserve.

    God, I can’t wait to see Brady and the Pats drop 50 or so on the Colts in October.

  45. I know you can say this about almost every team in the league, especially the AFC East, but the Jets are just a legit qb away from Super Bowl contenders.

  46. Before blaming the coaching staff for the state of the Colts, you should remember that Pagano isn’t even allowed to hire his own assistant coaches. Grigson hires them. I don’t know of any other team that takes the feet under their head coach that way. Fire Grigson, give Pagano a chance with his own staff choices.

  47. As a Pats fan all I can say is ‘do you believe in karma” Jim Irsay? Lucky you have a team in the weakest division in football, but I have no sympathy for a hateful owner who’s sole job it seems to be is to find fault with the Pats.

  48. Colts and Luck arent very good. The media pumps these guys up because these columnists are all being paid off by publisists. And while youre at it Aron Rodgers inst all that either. At least not when it counts. Check out his stats against the Seawks last year if you can find them. Hes a playoff choker like Manning

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