Eagles make quarterback change, and it doesn’t involve Tim Tebow

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Eagles coach Chip Kelly said last night he’d evaluate everything, and he’s started at the quarterback position.

According to Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com, the Eagles have swapped out third quarterbacks, releasing Stephen Morris and signing Thad Lewis.

Lewis was part of final cuts by the Browns this preseason, and has also done time with the Rams, Texans and Bills, meaning he’s moved among some of the most dysfunctional quarterback depth charts in the league in recent years.

He’s played in seven NFL games and has a career 81.4 rating, with more touchdowns (five) than interceptions (four), and has played some generally acceptable football along the way.


89 responses to “Eagles make quarterback change, and it doesn’t involve Tim Tebow

  1. Well see, the “Chipster” came up with the solution to the problem after thinking long and hard about it!

    Just like Nero did when he decided to fiddle while Rome burned.

  2. Too bad Tim Tebow has to get reps in the CFL before Chip will let him back. At least Tim Tebow won an NFL playoff game.

  3. Wonder if Kelly will pull a Petrino-type exit between Halloween & Thanksgiving.

    NAH! I’m sure that he’s got a LOT more class! 👍

  4. Truth be told, hes not all that bad of a QB. When he was in Buffalo he was forced to step in mid season. Bills fans jeered him and lost a lot of hope. He came right out and played some very solid football. Hes not a starter anywhere, but hes a quality backup who can get a win or 2 in a pinch.

  5. Overrated offensive line, and a couple of used up backs, to go along with one-dimensional WRs and a fragile QB. There isn’t much shock here.

    There’s being 0-2 and being ghastly like that, and being 0-2 with easily correctable errors.

  6. PFTneedsToBringCommentSystemToThe21stCentury
    Who are all these morons that think Tebow is any good? He’s a fine Christian but a terrible QB.
    Is Thad Lewis better than the Tim Tebow who had 18 total touchdowns to just five interceptions while leading his team to a playoff win? You remember, the team that floundered and looked dead until Tebow was named starter?

    I agree he’s unconventional and at times almost unbearable to watch. However, he won games. He’s better than Thad, you cannot disagree with that.

  7. As I was watching that debacle yesterday – especially when Bradford hit the wide-open Sean Lee in the end zone – all I could think was, “Is Chip EVER going to do anything about that train wreck of a 3rd-string QB?”

  8. jgo304 says:
    Sep 21, 2015 4:26 PM

    This is rock bottom.


    Oh no it isn’t…

  9. This is absolutely WHY you keep Tebow – he can run the triple option, he can run the zone/read, he can run the pistol AND unlike RG3 or even present day Mick V – he won;t get hurt doing it (and even if he did get hurt he would blame himself.

  10. I’ll say it – they should have given Tebow a call. He knows the offense, has supporters in the locker room, and the Pope is coming to Philadelphia in a few days. The Eagles may not win on the field but certainly would earn one off it.

  11. I think Kelly misses the good ole days when everybody thought he was a genius racist instead of over-hyped beady-eyed faux king

  12. I’ve always liked Thad. He picks up systems quick and has a solid command over the huddle. While he’s not amazing he’s a good 3rd QB and the Cardinals would have been happy to have him last year. The guy is a hard worker and smart. Just not blessed with talent. Still better than Ryan Lindley and Tyler Palko (who was also a hard worker, just had arm talent/capabilities on par with Tebow).

  13. That’s it Chip. Bradford stinks the joint up and you punish the third string QB. What did you – drag Bradford into the office and show him the transaction releasing this 3rd string scrub and yell to Bradford “Play better or your next!”. Yeah, that will show him Chip. Thanks for the 2nd rounder next year by the way.

  14. “Eagles make quarterback change, and it doesn’t involve Tim Tebow”

    That headline is just cruel click bait to Eagles fans. As a Giants guy I would normally appreciate that but nobody should be kicked while they are that far down

  15. “What were seeing is the aftermath of not getting Mariota”

    I don’t think so. Do you honestly think Mariota would have won that game for the Eagles yesterday? Remember…he lost to the Browns and Manziel, of all people.

  16. How ironic…. Chip only signed all those QB’s initially because he thought he’d land some draft-day bonanaza from QB-needy Cleveland…. But Cleveland held firm, and now its Chip who is signing Cleveland’s castoffs…. love it. Chip ain’t as smart as he thought he was.

  17. relax eagle fans. it’s still early. dallas is in deeeeeeep trouble now too. …i believe gang green will spank the jets at the link on sunday and all will we well again. 🙂

  18. Maybe Eagles fans will rent some advertising signs wanting Tebow back. It worked in Denver. Elway and Fox gave in. All he does is win, baby.

  19. you know there is absolutely no quality qb’s available anywhere…so it doesn’t matter how many more changes they make the rest of the season…it is already over for some teams after two weeks…

  20. Lewis is better than mot 3rd QBs, but teams prefer to use that spot on developmental guys on the lowest minimum salary guys with no experiences-like UDFAs they can hide on the practice squad. He’s at the point where (for most teams) if he doesn’t secure a solid #2 role he has a hard time sticking on the roster. He seems to play decently enough as an emergency starter.

    While I wasn’t going to say anything about TT, some of the above applies to him. He’s not fine-tuned enough to be the solid #2 Pro-style QB on any rosters and he doesn’t fit the typical #3 mold. He seems to suffer from self-idolatry issues.

  21. Eags fans, as much as I dislike the genius Kelly, you’re going off the deep end.

    Of the four teams who played in last season’s NFC / AFC champ games, two (GB and Indy) started 0-2.

    True neither advanced, but they got there and Indy has the banner to prove it.

  22. Chip Kelly isn’t the one who did anything outside of the ordinary. He is making changes that most teams do, and he isn’t touting them to the press.

    The press, and the folks here are the ones making this look like the team thinks it is a big thing.

  23. Isn’t it funny every NFL team that has cut Tebow or disqualified him has taken a nose dive. First The Jets who was willing to start everyone except him and ended a terrible season. The Jaguars who initially said they would bring him on after he left Denver, The Jaguars have sucked as usual! Now The Eagles who might have been able to start him and see how he does. This whole blacklist thing is ridiculous. Teams would rather lose and coaches get fired than hire a controversial QB (meaning one with the press that Tebow gets).

  24. Chip is in trouble. Ownership should now realize that he doesn’t know what he is doing.

    He gets rid of the perfect back for his style. Gets a guy who is the total opposite and won’t adjust his system.

    O-line is really bad. They can’t run block at all.

    The defense that wasn’t spectacular anyway is worse because of injuries and an offense can’t stay on the field.

    Luckily the next 4 games are against non-playoff teams.

    Get this the Washington Redskins actually have a chance to be in 1st place after 7 weeks.

    Why? Cream puff schedule. 1st 7 games are against non- playoff teams

  25. ROFLMAO!! Yep! It’s all HIS FAULT! The guy on the bench! HE’S the reason their offensive is ONLY offensive to their fans! NOT the insipid personnel moves like getting rid of PROVEN talent like McCoy, and Jackson and rebuilding the Oline from spare parts! It’s all HIS fault their ST aren’t playing like they did last year! it’s all HIS fault that the defense wasn’t all that good to begin with and went in the toilet when they lost two LB’s!

    PLEASE don’t fire him Lurie… keep this hilarious charade for another couple of years… by then Josh McDaniels/ Mikie Shanahan impersonation should leave your team the worst shamble in the league!

  26. Kelly is an arrogant foool…..absolutely NO IDEA what he’s doing at the NFL level. What a ridiculous move allowing this rookie to run the whole personnel show.
    That’s about as dumb as electing a Jr Senator to run the United States….oh, wait……

  27. Bradford looked lost, showed no confidence and brought no fire to the team. I kept waiting for the move to Sanchez. I expect him to make the start Sunday, if not, at least a very short leash for Bradford.

    But who knows, Chip Kelly may have officially gone insane as many pundits have pondered.

  28. Mr. Wright 212 still trolling the Eagles right punk. Better worry about your Giants. How’s that infection doing ? You know the one that made you a cheerleader instead of a football player. Time to buy a fresh copy of football for dummies don’t you think. Remember library steps anytime.

  29. Mr.Wright 212 not once during that game did Bradford utter those immortal words ” don’t score Rashad “.

  30. It sure as hell SHOULD involve Tebow. The guy is a WINNER. Sam Bradford looks like a deer in the headlights and the offense looks awful with him at the reins. What an unmotivated looking crew.

    Tebow has more ‘it’ in his little finger than Bradford has in his entire body–which should be injured soon enough…

  31. Relax. Its a move to solidify the backup QB position so we can trade Bradford to the Texans for Chris Polk. Our running game was great with him last year. And the Texans need a qb.

  32. Hey, you could always bring back Joe “Knuckles” Banner, he’s the God of everything football….just ask him.

  33. LOL It’s KARMA for Kelly cutting Tebow. It was a stupid move on his part. If nothing else, Tebow was a leader that gelled the team. He inspired others to play harder by his playing harder. Kelly screwed up.

  34. Relax. Its a move to solidify the backup QB position so we can trade Bradford to the Texans for Chris Polk. Our running game was great with him last year. And the Texans need a qb.
    As much as I would like to see Bradford in Houston over the choices the Texans currently have, It won’t help either team. the O-Line for both teams is currently a mess. Until they fix that there is is no need to change abs And Chris Polk is not half the RB DeMarco Murray is

  35. Tebow fans are so pathetic. These supposed Christians have so much hate and bitterness in their hearts for anyone who slights their beloved hero. Kelly’s biggest mistake was bringing in Tebow when anyone else with an ounce of football knowledge knew he was never going to be worth a roster spot.

  36. So, Chipper himself said that Tebow wasn’t good enough to play for the Eagles, sooooo….

    What does say about the rest of the Eagles team after watching them stink up the stadiums 2 weeks in a row????

  37. It’s amazing how those who hailed Sam Bradford as the perfect QB for Chip Kelly system refuse to look at his record with the Rams. Other than getting hurt, he was famous for throwing interceptions in the red zone, falling flat in critical situations , and not making the playoffs. He has no accomplishments as a starter. The reality is Bradford is actually worse than Mark Sanchez. At least Mark Sanchez (another pick 6 machine) had some role on a team that won two playoff games for the Jets when they had a stout defense. Tim Tebow is a better all-around quarterback than both. The reason he’s not on any team, especially not chip Kellys Eagles is because his gigantic ego will not allow Tim Tebow unconventional play dictate the direction of the team. It has nothing to do with wins and losses it has to do with a gigantic egos of NFL owners and gms and coaches. They can’t stand to have a player who has more twitter followers then entire NFL teams. I predict Tebow chants will start soon during Eagles games if they haven’t already.

  38. Chip gets what he deserves. He had a chance to hold onto Tebow at 3rd string QB, but know he trades Barkley to Arizona for some no-name talent and now swaps him for another. This after saying, he would only go with two QBs. So much for the new-look Eagles. They’ll be lucky to break .500.

  39. Tebow is wretched. It is absurd why people continue to yammer for him. A clue: the entire NFL has passed him by. Not one team wants him. They know. And as for those who bellow that Tebow won a playoff game…no, he threw a pass that any high school QB could throw in busted defensive coverage to win that game. That was no skill on his part. Ryan Leaf could have made that throw.

  40. I think it’s safe to say that Chip Kelly’s alleged “genius” tag is fading rather quickly. First he passes on a proven “winner”, Tebow, for Stephen Morris (that went well) and now has opted for Thad Lewis instead (wow, inspired choice…NOT!)

    The Eagles are now 0-2 — impressive…NOT!

  41. Well, that fixes all of the Eagles problems. They’re 0-2 with no detectable offense because of their third string quarterback.

    That Chip Kelly is a genius.

  42. Tebow WILL NOT be an NFL starter. EVER. So you people who seem obsessed with his name need to just move on and find your true calling in life.

  43. It is quite amazing ; but, my crystal ball says that “Monday morning quarterbacks and football announcers” are all the same, and couldn’t cut it in football if they tried. Opinions are like butts, everyone has one……whoopee!

  44. I’ve never been a big fan of Sam Bradford. Sure he is a nice guy but brittle, inconsistent seems to be his only accomplishment in what 4 years?
    When the Eagles got him I was wondering what were they thinking but in four letter thoughts.
    He looked horrid last week, under and over passing. Mobile he is not. Bottom line this team is in shambles due to the moves by chip. The next big move is chip, bye bye

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