Ndamukong Suh freelancing part of Dolphins problem

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Yesterday’s loss to the Jaguars revealed a number of problems with the Dolphins, but perhaps most troubling is that their highest-paid player is already doing is own thing.

According to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, one of the problems yesterday was that star free agent defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh “strayed from [defensive coordinator] Kevin Coyle’s script.”

While Suh has the ability to make plays with his singular talent, that can also create mass confusion among the other 10 players on defense if he’s not where he’s supposed to be.

Asked to explain his lackluster play against the Jaguars, Suh said: “I couldn’t tell you. At the end of the day, we have to go back to the drawing board and figure out what we want to run so guys can make plays and go from there.”

They didn’t make many, allowing the Jaguars 273 yards before halftime and 396 total.

But they also need Suh to be part of the answer, which might be difficult since his contract gives him more job security than anyone in the building other than owner Stephen Ross.

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  1. The loser of the Bills/Dolphins game is going to dig themselves a hole. Judging by how the Dolphins have played thru 2 weeks, the Bills will be favored, but the Bills have a poor record in these types of games. There is going to be a log-jam of teams vying for the wild card spots, and these games between 2 teams competing for these spots are huge wins and losses for the respective teams.

    Fry the Fish.

  2. Philbin’s ENTIRE coaching staff is a JOKE!!! It looked like the entire team just gave up!!! Philbin is supposed to have this team ready to go week to week & FAILS BADLY!!! Buffalo is going to destroy us next Sunday because the got beat by the CHEATERS!!! A LONG LOSING SEASON FINS FANS!!!

  3. Suh is one of the most talented defensive players to come along in decades (and I’m saying this as a pats fan) but he is also a head case. Guys like him need a very disciplined environment in order to be as good as they can be.

    He is never going to get that in Miami. He is calling the shots, not the other way around. He will flash brilliant at times, but he is going to be, overall a non factor at best, or liability at worst during his career in miami.

  4. For all the hype Suh gets – I’ve never really seen him be the dominate player he gets made out to be.

  5. The Lions are doing the same as they did when he was there. Minus people getting stomped on in the literal form.

  6. It is extremely rare that big money free agents make a positive impact in the win column. Tough with so many positions to fill and a hard salary cap. Some teams never learn.

  7. Haynesworth Part Duh?
    The game between the Fins & the Bills has some sidebars in addition to division seeding. Miami’s D gave up huge yards to Jax and will be looking to make a statement. The Bills lost their week 2 SB will there be a hangover there?

  8. Most overpaid player in the League. Might even be the most overpaid player in the history of the League.

    You need more than amazing physical skills in pro sports to be great, which is why he isn’t great. Not even close.

  9. PHINS put in “HOCK” their future for 6-7 yrs with this clown,,within months he will develop a “TUDE”,,and in the off season all the talk will be,,the dolphins are stuck with him because of the GI-normous cap hit…YOU WATCH. In the mean time his mega contract will keep you from signing players you need to “WIN”

  10. As a Phins fan, we all know our defensive coach stinks. But he still has to follow the calls. I never thought he would be another Haynesworth. That will cripple a franchise.

  11. It’s been clear Duh is not a team player. From all his selfish cheapshots and intentionally trying to injure other players, to all the personal fouls, and never participating in OTAs with the rest of the team. He didn’t even attend OTAs with his new team to help set an example to others. Selfish.

  12. Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of idiots.

    The Dolphins are garbage top to bottom.

    They deserve whatever they get for being dumb enough to give this guy all that money.

    I hope they go 1-15.

  13. im not worried about SUH.. he’s an emotional player and wears it on his sleeve. If he’s doing his own thing i truly believe its the DEF coaching. We let other players leave and they play better than when they here all the time (Odrick, Vontae Davis etc)! ITs the damn coaching. Go a head and make a change already!!!! SUH is a one in a generation specimen. With our DLIne theres no reason on earth we should have 1 sack in two games. I beg Ross please can the Head coach and D coach and show us that you care about the product on the field. I don’t want to waste this season. Let Lazor run the show for the time being.

  14. Coach Killer – Lesson 1. Sign for so much money that you destroy any hopes of a good team.

    Coach Killer – Lesson 2. Don’t listen to your coach and do your own thing.

    Coach Killer – Lesson 3. Blame the coaches for Lesson 2.

    GM Killer – Lesson 1. Sign a free agent for so much money that it destroys any hope of a good team around the free agent.

    GM Killer – Lesson 2. Sign players that will not listen to coaching.

    GM Killer – Lesson 3. Blame the coaches for the player not listening.

    Franchise Killer – Lesson 1. Follow the Coach Killer and GM killer lessons.

    I’d like to thank the Dolphins for following these plans. This should bring about 5 more years of dysfunction to Miami. Good effort.

  15. No wonder this once proud franchise is now a perennial gutter-feeder. Did they learn NOTHING from the error of their ways with that stupid contract they gave “No Trick Pony” Mike Wallace! Fool me once, shame on you. But fool me again, over and over for YEARS and , well, you get the picture.

  16. Freelance or what ever I just wish he’d get some sacks!!! We all know the coaching staff of the Fins is a JOKE, do what needs to be done to get a win for Christ sake!!! Division game coming up I’ll bet Philbin will not have these guys ready for that game!!! Ross please FIRE PHILBIN!!!

  17. The lions couldn’t get rid of this guy fast enough. Does his I don’t care attitude really surprise anyone?

  18. Maybe I’ve just missed his dominate games, but… Dude disappears for long stretches in games, sometimes whole games. He takes himself off the field constantly. Maybe it’s just perception, but how many snaps does this guy play?
    He’s a decent DT, except for the dollars and the crazy any team would rather have him that not have him. But, he’s a top ten or fifteen DT not a marque player. His presence on the field has little impact on the final score. From what I’ve seen he’s a lot more talk than action.

  19. Well, Suh is classless and dirty. I’m not surprised he is already giving Miami trouble.

    Give him another couple years, and he’ll become lazy and unmotivated. Then he’ll really be an albatross.

  20. The Bills, Jets, and Dolphins will all be in salary cap hell in 2016 & 2017. That means bye bye Mario W and Gilmore from Buffalo, Marshall & Mangold from NYJ, and the Dolphins have 1/3 of the cap committed to 3 players.

  21. Totally expected. His signing was the best news ever for the rest of the division. At least they get a break from his salary when he eventually gets suspended for a few games.
    Bills and Fins vying for a playoff spot? Yes they have improved but playoffs are unlikely.
    1. They cannot win the division
    2. They have to wrestle one of the wild cards from
    two of the real contenders, like ravens,colts steelers, broncos, chiefs, bengals, chargers…possibly even raiders and jags.3 of those teams will win their division and the rest are better than fins and bills.
    C’mon man!

  22. Lions fan here, lived in Michigan my entire life. I am even wearing a Lions hoodie right now after watching the pile of hot, steaming garbage that was the Vikings game yesterday.

    Suh Is an immense talent, he is without question the most talented player to wear a Lions Jersey not named Sanders or Johnson. When he is on he dominates and wrecks absolute havoc on the Opposing offense.

    But, it was well documented here that Suh is out for Suh.

    It was reported here that Suh basically was above the Law. Schwartz essentially turned him loose and let him run crazy with no discipline. He played on the edge, and he crossed it often. The lack of team discipline, and underachieving with the talent they had ultimately got Schwartz canned, and it was no coincidence that the team hired the complete opposite of him with Mr. even keeled Jim Caldwell.

    Suh was talking about free agency in the 2nd year of his contract with the Lions, then he played games with them when the team tried to get a deal done with him in the last year of his contract. He didn’t have an agent, then he did, then he wanted to work on a deal, then he didn’t. It was a joke.

    So free agency rolls around and the Lions make him an offer that would have made him the highest paid defense player in history, but he wanted to be a higher paid highest paid defensive player in history and left. Also, let’s not forget that Suh also was drafted during the era before the rookie wage scale and got HUGE money when he was drafted. Had he been drafted today, his free agent deal prob would have paid him less than his rookie deal with the Lions did.

    Now in the first couple games with Miami, it looks like the pattern not only has continued, but gotten worse now that he got his mega deal.

    While I miss him here when he was on point, I am so glad that the Lions stuck to their guns and made him their best offer and didn’t blink. Miami blew out their salary cap for him, and looking back in the future that contract will be talked about in the same breath as the Alex Rodriguez deal as one of the worst contracts in sports history and it will be looked at as a cautionary tale that paying a DT that is a mental case more guaranteed cash that the best QB in the league (Aaron Rogers) prob isn’t the best move.

  23. Shu is not the main problem, the players are not tough mentality as a group, the coaches did not have this team ready for Jax, they thought they could walk in and take over, there habits is to play to the team, next week against buffalo they will play much better, if not then its time for new coaches. Bill

  24. Players like Cam Chancellor and other guys looking to redo their deals or get a big deal in their late 20’s can thank Suh and others before him for GM’s not really getting excited about doing mega-deals like this.

  25. Suh is a issue, and so is Tannehill ability to get his team on track in the first quarter. But Tannehill is the Teflon man, all the accolades none of the criticism.

  26. Any idiot who compares Suh to Haynesworth has never watched either player. Suh is a phenomenal DT who got paid for his outstanding performance in Detroit. Hate him for stomping on Rodgers if you’d like, but don’t hate him for getting paid for being the best DT in the NFL. Haynesworth? Watch a football game before commenting…

  27. Dolphins D was pretty darn good last year without Suh… You guys DID NOT need him!
    Won’t end well….

  28. Apparently his MASSIVE contract entitles him to dictate the defensive scheme as well.
    You know, like a coach on the field …

  29. Its pretty simple. This team is a utter mess and a huge disappointment. I rarely get sucked into the hype but this team shocked me so far this season. On paper, sure they look solid but on the field they are the worse team in the league. Only 1 guy on defense has played well and that Jones. Grimes as well but that is it. The entire DLine has been terrible. The entire LB core has been terrible and besides Grimes and Jones, they all have been terrible.

    The fact is, we needed to address the oline and we will have to select a top LT in next years draft. Then LB is very weak along with CB/S. We are paper thin as well. We have a coaching staff that is terrible. At one point the Jags had undrafted CB on the field, yet Miami didn’t exploit and rather we ran 2 or 3 running plays that added to a punt. We drafted a top WR and he never gets on the field, however when he came on the field he had a nice catch and was then sidelined. So they have a nice toy but rather keep it in the box.

    I do not blame Suh. I watch the games, he has 2 guys all over him which opens up lanes and allows pass rushers to attack the QB.. Where is Wake and where is Vernon? Wake will be gone next year as he is getting old and is terrible against the run. I am as real as a Miami fan there is.. I believe we get better in the oline and that wont happen until next year and IF the D was as good as advertised we would be in ok position but we are looking at a 5 win team max and the Bills are gonna have a hay day with this bunch.

  30. Tap the breaks here a second folks.
    He has been freelancing but please don’t act like he has been a “non-factor”.

    Teams have had to consistently adjust to his presence. He is a defensive tackle, his influence isn’t going to be seen on the stat sheet. They have run zone plays away from him as much as possible and tried to cut him. This should open things up for the LB’s. He also pulled in a chop block call on Sunday.
    The doing your own thing is not good. I also take this with a grain of salt because this is coming from the evaluation of a beat writer, not from a coach or even rumors around the team.

  31. Thank God he isn’t in Detroit anymore. If not for the simple fact that the team is bad enough without him and don’t need the distraction. Good luck Miami!

  32. Ah yes, a multi-million dollar body and a ten cent head…….that’s always a winning combination

  33. I wouldn’t be surprised if Coyle was the problem. The last couple of seasons players were seen arguing with the coaching staff & unhappy with Coyle’s schemes. Last season Coyle actually had his best pass rusher, Wake, drop in coverage. Coyle is also a major problem here.

  34. This is becoming a weekly feature. Did he decline an interview or something? Was it Suh going off script last year when the Dolphins suffered similar defeats to lesser talented teams? Was it Suh that called a time out and gave a game to GB? The D Coordinator nor the Coach are in the positions they should be in. Philbin should be an O coordinator. Hopefully for the Jets. Not sure what Coyle should be as he hasn’t improved a single aspect of the defense.

  35. For all of the people comparing this to Haynesworth – Totally different situation.

    Haynesworth gave up and played soft after he got his contract and his $$.

    Suh wants to win and commited in doing so. The guy is clearly frustrated.

    It’s Miami’s D-Coordinator and Line coaches that need to figure out a way to either free up Suh from double teams and cut blocks, or find a way for other Miami players to take advantage of Suh’s double team.

    If they don’t we could have a Brandon Marshall type situation as both players are vocal and will take internal matters externally. Something Philbin totally hates.

  36. Bad Grammar but you get my point. A big mouth in the locker room of a bad team. Never good. we know.

  37. Is freelancing codeword for dogging it? Looked like he was content to just dance with the center Wisniewski most of teh day. Jags mainly solo blocked him and he was pretty quiet.

  38. Everything you need to know is included in that statement:

    “At the end of the day, we have to go back to the drawing board and figure out what we want to run so guys can make plays and go from there.”

    The message is clear: No faith in the defensive schemes/plays, and probably no faith in the people deciding them, either.

    What we don’t know is if it’s just Suh who has no faith, or other players as well.

  39. They should just change the whole salary situation. If you perform badly, you get X amount. If you perform well, you make much more.

  40. amaf21 says:
    Sep 21, 2015 10:37 AM

    signs a big contract with a new team then becomes ineffective, freelances, and continues to play dirty. just like albert haynesworth.
    I don’t want to defend Suh, but he’s too early in his career to pull a Haynesworth.

    You gotta remember that Haynesworth admitted that he literally went to Washington to rob the team blind– get a huge contract and then get himself cut. At the same time he was already nearing the end of his career when he did that. Suh is still a kid, he’ll probably want to play out this contract hard, then rob a team blind on the next one

  41. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    told ya so!

    and the really bad part of it all Miami fan’s is wait until his skills start to diminish which should be in about a year or 2 and then he’ll really go psycho.

  42. Even if he WAS the most dominant DT in the game, I don’t see how you can justify spending that much money on the position.

    We knew as Lions fans that the only thing worse than losing him to free agency would be to win him in free agency at that price tag.

  43. I think the real problem on D is that aside from Grimes, Jones, Jenkins and Mcain (on one play against Washington) the entire defense has been freelancing. So far, the D Line stinks against the run, the pass rush is non existent, Linebackers are no where to be found, and DB’s are getting torched. That’s just on defense.

  44. Marv Levy used to say that the best FA you can sign are your own..
    As much as it can be a big contract issue, I think many times teams go after the “big fish” without much credence to how they will truly fit in the scheme.
    Is Suh freelancing because he is paid and lazy? or is part of it that his particular skill set may not be used correctly thus far? ( I honestly don’t know).

    Guys like him and Dareus are skilled in pass rushing, not clogging the middle ala Ted Washington. Again, I do not know what the answer is, but it may not be just because he is paid

  45. jjackwagon says:
    Sep 21, 2015 10:56 AM
    Talk of the Dolphins vying for a playoff spot? The Jags beat you, let that sink in for a moment.
    Is the season already over and I missed it. Last year the pats got beat by the Dolphins, barely got by the Raiders, and crushed by the Chiefs, and were 2-2 to start the season. This game was a wake up call to the entire team.

  46. Long time fan (since 1980) and had some optimism coming into this season and here’s my assessment of the first two games. I think the offense is doing better but my only complaint is that we need to run the ball more. Those play-action fakes aren’t faking anyone out if you are not at least trying to establish the run. If the defense were able to stop any drives, I know this offense can score. The Defense needs to be fixed, and needs to be fixed fast. I was clamoring for Kevin Coyle’s removal last year, and with Suh “free-lancing” on defense this last game, tells me Coyle’s concept of “making the defense simple” is not sitting right with our Defensive players. Philbin, you need to step up and jump in that Defensive room and help Coyle out or else you won’t be here next year.

    Win, lose, or tie… Dolphins till’ I die!!

  47. newmarketmaulers says:
    Sep 21, 2015 10:37 AM

    Sounds like Haynesworth and his brief time in NE.

    That is what he did in Washington. A big pile of goo..

  48. Again.. after reading the comments, its obvious non Phin fans who do not watch game assume its Suh and they are all wrong.. Suh is double teamed which creates opportunities for the other guys.. Instead of blaming Suh, lets ask Wake and Vernon what their deal is? What about Shelby? Working for Uber may become his full time gig. What about the entire team sucking an egg and how Ross kept that puppet Philbin around with his buddy screwing up the defense. It is top to bottom a mess and it wont be fixed this year.. Get use to it and be ready for a top 5 pick in next years draft with a new coach and possibly new GM.

  49. A dirtball by any other name is still a dirtball.

    And, a HIGHLY PAID dirtball by any other name is still a dirtball.

  50. More unfounded Suh bashing from this site. How exactly did he freelance? Who said it? The defensive coaching staff watched the tape and has publicly stated those accusations are unfounded. Suh may not be having a statistical impact but he has not been playing as bad as has been reported.

    The Dolphins defense believed their own hype and the last two games can serve as a wake-up call. Bashing the defense is not warranted. The Redskins ran for 180+ on the Dolphins defense and suddenly the d-line is viewed as garbage. The Rams have what many consider the best defensive line in the NFL and the Redskins gashed them for right around 200 yards. The second half of both games showed that the defense can play. They do need to get more QB pressure and eliminate those stupid penalties but the defense can play. It is week 2, chicken littles. Maybe the hype was overboard but the sky is not falling.

  51. I see Kevin Coyle or somebody on the coaching staff, trying a cya move, has made a media friend. Yeah, it’s Suh’s fault just like it was Randy Stark, Jarred Odrick, and Paul Soliai. You know how many DCs wish they had that to work with? I know one in Detroit who wishes he had it back because he had a #1 defense with him and freelancing wasn’t a problem.

  52. I’m the complete opposite of a Dolphins fan, but come on. It’s one week and one game. They’re still 1-1. You can’t dub Suh as Albert Haynesworth two games into his first season with the team. They’ll get one the same page at some point and figure it out. But you’re all taking this report by some unnamed source (and we all know how reliable those kinds of reports are…) as concrete evidence that he’s a freelancer on defense. Put away the pitchforks and let him get adjusted to the new schemes

  53. Figures he can’t literally step on AND over the defense coordinator. So, he just does it figuratively by ignoring him.

    Is it too late to get Incognito back?

  54. Didn’t Coyle come from Cincinnati? Lets start with him being in charge.. He has run D into the ground and should have kept players that we let go.. Oddrick Salate etc.. I hate free agency.. It has ruined the sport…. Maybe we could get Swartz…

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