No calls to, from Randy Moss

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Randy Moss is officially retired, but he has mused at times in recent weeks about a return. Making the possibility more plausible is the fact that multiple young receivers who worked out with Moss in the offseason rave about his skills.

Despite that, a source with knowledge of the situation says Moss has not attempted to find a job with an NFL team, and that no NFL team has inquired about his services.

Saints receiver Brandin Cooks has said Moss could instantly make an impact on a team, and Buccaeeners wideout Mike Evans has said that Moss has a better burst than the second-year player in the first 10 yards. But it’s believed Moss would return only for a short list of quarterbacks — possibly only Peyton Manning or Tom Brady — and that he has no interest in playing just to play.

But Moss seems to be happy with his burgeoning TV career, including a seat at the main desk for the new FOX pre-pregame show. Some think he has the potential to become a Charles Barkley-style personality, with enough reps.

Though TV would still be there after a comeback, there aren’t many seats at the TV table. Giving one up now could make it hard to get one back later.

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  1. There is no question about Moss’ ability or athleticism. He is absolutely capable running a precise route and making a circus catches look easy for any team in the league.

    The problem is when a safety comes at him full speed after that catch and lays him out on the turf. He’s not going to just spring to his feet like he used to, that is when he will feel the impact of age. A few hits like that and it won’t be long before the old ‘Randy plays when he wants to play’ attitude comes back.

    No team is going to benefit from having their best player lightly jog down the field during 75% of the plays that aren’t intended specifically for him. What other option do you have, then? Only put him on the field when you intend to throw to him? That’s an invitation for double coverage.

    I loved watching Randy Moss play, but at this point it is better for him to stay where is rather than tarnish his legend with an ill-advised comeback.

  2. Why does anyone take this nonsense seriously?

    Randy Moss couldn’t get separation and had already lost a step and a half or two by 2012. He couldn’t earn regular playing time with a Niners team that was sorely lacking in receivers. Moss hasn’t played football or even been to an NFL training camp or tryout since then. He’s 38 years old.

    Moss was once great. So was Jerry Rice. So was Barry Sanders. So was Lawrence Taylor. Chris Johnson was once great, he’s still playing actively, and he’s 8 years younger than Moss but no reasonable observer expects Johnson to be a star again.

  3. There’s little question Moss could probably still play well if he was motivated.

    That’s the problem, motivation. There’s a reason the Pats pawned him off on the Vikings who pawned him off on was it the Titans ?

    Moss the first 2.5-3 years with the Pats was fantastic, then he lost his motivation. Once that happens he plays without much effort and has little impact.

    Yeah is someone paid him many millions he might show himself to be motivated again. But who would do that after the way things ended for him ? NFL minimum wage even for a veteran with his years is not enough to make him walk out the front door.

  4. The Patriots and Denver don’t have needs at that position and his exit from New England wasn’t good in any case. I don’t even think he could make the Patriots with Edelman, LaFell, Amendola, and Dobson already on the roster to go with all of those tight ends.

  5. Randy looks and sound great on the Fox pre-game show. Of course the smoke show next to him doesn’t hurt the viewing pleasure, but his football intelligence shines through. Hope he stays out of the game for his own health and welfare but continues to work in the media.

  6. He’ll be 60 years old and there’ll still be the obligatory article about how he MIGHT be getting a call any day now from some team needing help. It’s like Favre.

  7. Um, is anyone else not buying this “non-pouty”, “non-angry”, “non-pain in the behind” act he’s putting on? I want to throw up during his commercials for that TV company that I will not name because it stinks.

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