Saints run Superdome losing streak to six games


It wasn’t that long ago when a trip to play the Saints in the Superdome felt like an automatic loss for the visiting team, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that it feels like a long time ago.

Sunday’s 26-19 loss to the Buccaneers was their sixth straight loss at home and their first loss at home to the Buccaneers since the final week of the 2010 season. It’s hard not to draw a line between the loss of the team’s mystique at home and the overall struggles that have them with a 7-11 record overall since the start of last season, although coach Sean Payton stressed this is a new season with a new team.

“It’s a fair question [about the home losing streak], but this is a different team in this locker room,” Payton said, via the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “They are dealing with an opening home loss. Obviously we talked about it all week, the advantage you can have of playing at home here and the history of playing here and all those other things. There are just so many guys that are new to it, and we need to embrace it. The ones that have been here need to communicate how important it is for this to be an advantage.”

Whatever advantage the Saints derived from the Superdome came because the noise and venue exacerbated advantages they already had over the opposition on the field. The Saints of 2014 and 2015 don’t appear to have too many of those advantages, which means there’s nothing a building can do to swing the tide in their favor.

36 responses to “Saints run Superdome losing streak to six games

  1. Hard to watch this team.

    I hate to say it, but it’s time to trade Brees and start over. He doesn’t deserve to be on the field with a bunch of UDFA misfits while finishing his career.

    This team is an absolute dumpster fire.
    Makes me sick to watch.

    SP has lost his fire. Snead fumbled, walked past SP and he didn’t say a word to him. 2009 SP would have torn him a new bung hole.

    It’s time to start over with a new coach, GM that is a football guy, rather than a number cruncher, and start building with a new quarterback.

    I just threw up a little reading that, but it needs to happen. Always a hero in the big easy Breesy! Thanks for the memories, but it’s over.

  2. This game was scripted to allow Jamebust to get a win after looking like the proverbial deer in the headlights last week. Brees, at the beginning of the game looked like his mind was on something other than the game at hand, a symptom of knowing the outcome even before you start.

  3. Man That’s sad… 🙁

    I think the decision of the Saints & Seahawks to swap Unger & Graham is going to backfire on both teams, if it hasn’t already.

    The saints passing game isn’t the same w/o Graham & the Seahawks running game isn’t the same w/o Unger.

    Some times GM’s get too cute and outsmart themselves.

  4. How long can Sean Payton live off that Superbowl win? He’s vastly overrated and overpaid.

  5. Too much mullah to Brees leaves less to other positions and overall quality depth. Especially on D. And FA signings that just don’t pan out. Both situations together cannot be readily overcome.

  6. NFL fans everywhere (except New Orleans) predicted this outcome when Mr. Greedy Brees decided that a huge contract for him was more important than the Saints having money to keep and sign other important players. Really it’s that simple, even though Saints fans will probably continue to disagree.

  7. Who is watching Payton and Loomis while Benson is going through his legal problems? They should be on the hot seat, but there may be no one there to turn up the heat!

  8. We Saints fans have to finally admit that the glory of the Payton/Brees era is over.

    Payton has not been the same since his suspension and Drew must have some kind of undisclosed injury that has him throwing ducks.

    For yesterday’s game it was apparent to anyone watching that the Saints really suck.

  9. I think that the Saints just gave up on the season already. They lack the passion and motivation to compete. Either they don’t like Sean Payton, Drew Bress, or Rob Ryan, but something is definitely wrong in the locker room. The Bucs made Marriotta look like Joe Montana last week yet Bress couldn’t do anything.

  10. Time for both of the Ryan brothers to retire from professional football. Both are overrated and are going to cost their teams big bucks the longer they stick around.

  11. After watching the game live and then re-watching it on the DVR my expert analysis is this, geez we suck. I know division games are supposed to be tougher that out of division games but damn we made the Bucs look like team of All-Pro players. O-line was horrible and had Drew running for his life most of the day. From what I noticed he had the same problem Manning had Thursday which was almost no room to step up in the pocket. If you can’t step up into the pocket you get exactly what Manning was for the majority of his game and what Drew was for his entire game, crappy off target throws. Running game disappeared until Khiry got the ball. Its a shame we only let him carry it 5 times and all in the second half. Kicker sucked which is a shame after going 4/4 last week. Which brings me to the D. Overall they didn’t have all that bad a day. We still have issues stopping the run. We did have three sacks and three turnovers which was a lot better than the previous week. This team is obviously a work in progress with so many young guys on the field so it has to get better right? We can only hope so.

  12. They don’t have the league and officials helping them out like they had in 2009
    Yeah, the ‘league’ helped the Saints become one of the most consistent offenses, finishing as either the Number 1 or Top 5 every year for the past 10 years… Thanks ‘league’ lol

  13. The reality is that the Saints SB window is now closed. The team is a mess.

    But also keep in mind that the week before the Bucs got the doors blown off and lost a blow out. In the NFL, even bad teams rarely get destroyed two weeks in a row. There is always a tendency to respond and make up for the bad loss and play harder. The Bucs wanted the win more than the Saints did.

    It’s the reason I hate playing teams the week after they got blown out. That’s when upsets happen.

  14. Whodats r down but not out! Ppl r talking like were gonna be some 4 win garbage. Nahhhhh, with Brees and Payton were never gonna be too far off .500.

    And weve got a very ez second half of the season, the season is a marathon not a sprint. We finish strong and we can make the playoffs!

    Hang in there whodats and lets tear the panthers up this weekend!

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