Source: Romo won’t have surgery, will miss 8 weeks


Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo won’t have surgery on his fractured left clavicle and will miss about eight weeks, a source told PFT Monday.

Romo broke the same bone in the sixth game of 2010, and he appeared to know immediately he’d done it again in the third quarter in Philadelphia Sunday. The early estimate on his absence in 2010 was 6-8 weeks, but he missed the rest of the season.

The 2-0 Cowboys have their bye week in October, so the eight-week timetable gives Romo a chance to return for the team’s final six or seven games. The Cowboys play at the Dolphins on Nov. 22 and host the Panthers four days later on Thanksgiving, so those are the games circled for now as potential comeback dates.

Brandon Weeden is the Cowboys’ quarterback for now. Weeden completed all seven passes he threw after replacing Romo in Philadelphia, including one for a touchdown to Terrance Williams.

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  1. The Cowboys with Weeden could go win 6 of the next 7 games. Ok 5 for 7 if they lose to the Patriots and Seahawks.

    3 games against NFC South opponents
    2 NFC East division games (Giants and Eagles really?)
    1 game Patriots
    1 games Seahawks

  2. Sign Tim Tebow to be Weeden’s back up until the return of Romo. No brainer here as Tebow has leadership, experience, and knows how to win.

  3. If the Cowboys go .500 or better during that stretch, Dez will be back, Hardy will have gotten rolling, Gregory back, they could be the team no one wants to face in December.

  4. Major pieces of the defense will be back in 2 weeks! That certainly helps. With that being said, I do not think I could sit through another game like the AZ game last year, when Weeden started 🙁 🙁 I hope we are scouring the wires for some q/b help!!!!

    A fanatical Cowboys fan…..

  5. Hope he gets better soon. As bad as this division is I think Dallas still has a chance to win it. I hope Dez gets a chance to drop another pass in Lambeau in January.

  6. Don’t get ur hopes up seasons over Rogers had same injury 2yrs ago never came back after 8 weeks went by they keep saying maybe next week maybe next week next thing u’ll know season will be almost over u’ll be out of playoff race and they won’t want to risk re injuring it

  7. Lucky them the NFC East is a complete mess. Even if Romo miss eight games, I am sure the Cowboys can still make the playoffs, after that anything can happen.

  8. Trying to be objective here:

    The next eight games for the Cowboys are: Falcons, Saints, Patriots, Giants, Seahawks, Eagles, Buccaneers, Dolphins.

    If Weeden starts all eight, then they win at most three. The Falcons are rolling right now, and the Cowboys don’t have the weapons to win it. And Dallas just isn’t playing football at the same level as the Patriots, even if they had Romo.

    With Romo they’d have a shot at the Seahawks and Dolphins, but with Weeden both of those are losses. I also think Weeden blows at least one of the other four, maybe two, but definitely one. Weeden definitely wouldn’t have won the first Giants game, and either Tampa or New Orleans could surprise them. But I’m not gonna count on anything good out of my Eagles until I see it.

    That puts Dallas at 5-5, optimistically. They probably lose to the Packers, and if they lose one more game down the stretch, it’s very easy to see the Cowboys and Redskins each at 8-6 and playing for the division in early January.

  9. Are people serious when they say things like “SIGN TEBOW”? Weeden understands the offense better than anyone out there who is available. What is the point of bringing someone in that will need 4-6 weeks to start get a grasp on the offense. Weeden will drive the bus and boy am I glad they picked up Kellen Moore now. Kellen does have experience with Linehan’s offense.

  10. Good to hear. Not a Cowboys fan but hate to see these injuries. Someone needs to show me where the Patriots loss comes from this season. Week 5 @ Dallas used to be a top that list.

  11. When teams get to prepare for Weeden, he completely falls apart (see Arizona Cardinals last year).
    Now it’s possible that 2 offseasons in Dallas has helped Weeden learn something. If they can go 3-4 in the next 7 games, then it will be a small miracle and the Cowboys may be in contention for a wild card spot….that said, 9 wins may win the NFCE.

  12. .
    Jerry spent the entire offseason trying to get the Patriots QB suspended. Perhaps Jerry should have been more focused on his own QB situation? Brandon Weeden.. … Lol.

  13. Okay, if we can win just 3 of the next 7 games Romo comes back and we are 5-4. We can win the division at 12-4, 11-5, or probably even 10-6.

  14. Maybe someone needs to say that maybe Romo ought to think about retiring because he keeps getting some pretty serious injuries…

    Tebow is not an answer at QB – for any team, including a CFL team.

  15. It’s funny to think that, if recovery goes well for their injured guys, they could be making a run late in the season with the freshest/least-worn-out QB, receiver, and defensive lineman in the league.

    Their next 8 games aren’t an easy lineup, but of those, I’d say only the Pats and Seahawks are genuinely steep challenges. Losing to the Pats would have little effect on their standing, and losing to the Seahawks is only really a home-field-advantage issue, which is probably out the window anyway now. All the other games are winnable.

    They’re not getting home field. All they need to do is stay within a game of their fellow NFC Easters. I think they can do that.

  16. The Patriots are coming out of a BYE week when they face Dallas week 5… even with Dez and Romo … Dallas would have a real tough time, and it would have been a great game.

    I’m so bummed… that week 5 match up was setting to be a great game… now … not do much.

  17. Weeden will NOT be the same Weeden, we saw in the Arizona game last year. Weeden has improved, this will be the 1st time Weeden has had the same offensive coordinator in his short time in the NFL, 2 yrs in a row. The Cowboys have the best defensive coordinator in the NFL, in Rod Marinelli, who was instrumental in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning the Super Bowl, in 2003, with Brad ” noodle arm ” Johnson @ quarterback. Weeden is a step up from Brad “noodle arm ” Johnson. Marinelli, will have this Cowboys defense prepared, especially, with Sean Lee, back quarterbacking the Cowboys defense. With Hardy and McClain retuning, you have a top 5 defense. Cowboys will go 7-1, you heard it here 1st, the only loss will be to the Patriots. The Cowboys will be 9-1, when Romo and Bryant return, on their way, to winning Super Bowl 50, in the rematch against the Patriots. How About Them Cowboys! ! Super Bowl Bound Baby! !

  18. At the end of 8 weeks I see all NFC East teams at 4-4 with a 1/2 season to go. To early for anybody to be thrilled or doom and gloom. It’s just get into the tournament and everybody is eligible. One only has to remember the NFC South last year and the Giants winning a Super Bowl after a 9-7 season.

  19. They should try to trade for Zach Mettenberg in Tennessee. That guy is young and has a lot of potential. He would be a successor to Tony Romo who seems to be getting hurt an awful lot these days. Dallas does NOT have a successor to Tony Romo yet (it ain’t Brandon Weeden). They better makes some moves to do it now.

  20. elimanningup says:
    Sep 21, 2015 3:01 PM
    Giants will win the NFC East. You can book that.

    Are they building a time machine and going back to 2007?

    Im a Giants fan too but I dont see it at all….we just dont have the horses to compete.

  21. 8 weeks until he can practice or 8 weeks until he is expected to play?

    A hairline fracture can heal quickly (and from the looks of the way the clavicle was fractured it probably is a ‘minor’ fracture). A more complete fracture will take a full 8 weeks to heal, regardless that surgery is not required. Romo would still need time to practice and rehabilitate.

  22. Lucky for Dallas… that defense of their’s looks absolutely like a dominant unit.

    Once Greg Hardy, Randy Gregory, and Rolando McClain are back, they are going to shut some teams down.

    All Weeden will have to do it not screw it up (which I’m not sure he can actually accomplish).

    It will be interesting.

  23. Weeden needs to go 4 and 3 while Romo is gone.It’s doable as long as he doesn’t turn it over and the defense keeps playing like they have been. Lose to the Seahawks and Patriots. Split Falcons and Giants. Win the rest.

    6 and 3. Romo can go 5-2 and win the division.

  24. OK, ok calm down you worriers / haters.

    First of all, these are not the 2010 Cowboys who had no depth when Romo was injured. The team was imploding under the leadership of Wade Phillips. So they let Romo sit and get healthy for 2011.

    Second, Troy Aikamn had the same injury and missed 5 games.

    Third, this team is beating division rivals WITHOUT, Romo, Dez, Rolando Mclain, Greg Hardy, Randy Gregory, Orlando Scandrick and starting guard Ron Leary. In 2010, they couldn’t win with all of their washed up old stars with or without Romo.

    Weeds is a smarter QB with another year in the system. The O-line is solid. Many many weapons on offense. Leary will be back in a week or so. Hardy and Gregory should be available in 2-3 weeks. Dez back in 4-5 weeks.

    Its still very early.

  25. jgo304 says:
    Sep 21, 2015 3:33 PM

    No Dez for 10 Weeks Minimum
    No Romo for 8 weeks Minimum

    Boys fans are thinking playoffs!?!?!?


    That’s just how bad the competition looks at the moment.

  26. elimanningup says:
    Sep 21, 2015 3:01 PM

    Giants will win the NFC East. You can book that.


    I would agree if the Giants had a defense, but I don’t think they do. I think maybe 9 wins max for the Giants. Probably won’t win the division unless Romo doesn’t make it back in 8 weeks.

  27. NFC East is up for grabs.

    If you look at the schedule a .500 record for the Cowboys over next 8 weeks is possible.

    Giants have some very winnable games coming up too.

    Redskins bullied the Rams yesterday. Most thought that game would be the other way around.

  28. I can’t believe that someone was ignorant enough to suggest Tebow. Will the Teboites never learn.

  29. A Thanksgiving comeback would be awesome but I hope he doesn’t rush it and is fully healed.

  30. I’m not going to panic just yet, Weeden has been practicing with the team on the days Romo doesn’t, he’ll have Romo on the sideline, obviously he’s no Tony Romo, but I don’t think we’re going to see an implosion. It’s going to be fine.

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