Tom Coughlin “frustrated” by Eli Manning’s peformance through two weeks


For three quarters of Sunday’s game against the Falcons, it looked like Giants quarterback Eli Manning was on his way to a redemptive ending after his Week One disaster in a loss to the Cowboys.

Manning had thrown for 262 yards and two touchdowns to put the Giants up 20-10 in the third quarter and they were inside the Atlanta 10-yard-line again when things took a turn for the worse. Manning fumbled the ball away after he was sacked by Kroy Biermann on a third down that saw him hold the ball for a good long time before the hit came from behind.

From there, Manning was 5-of-11 for 30 yards in the fourth quarter and picked up a delay of game penalty when he couldn’t get the ball snapped in time on another key third down. The difference between the first 40-odd minutes and the close of the game was hard to reconcile for coach Tom Coughlin.

“I mean there are times when it’s tremendous and then other times when it’s not,” Coughlin said, via the New York Daily News. “I’m frustrated like you are.”

Manning said the team is “not making the plays in the crucial moments” and the defense certainly deserves some blame for allowing opponents to come back for wins in each of the first two games. The Giants knew their defense was going to be iffy, though. They didn’t know Manning would be, especially in the crucial moments that call for a franchise quarterback to perform like one.

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  1. Hey- a little patience is required here. Cruz is coming back and the DEF is young…it is a little too soon to sound the alarm.

    Eli is a (2x) champion…the rest of the team and coaching staff needs to rise-up around him…he will be there.

  2. I give Eli 1/3 of the blame. He gave his defense a 10 point lead in the fourth quarter, they lost that. Also NO running game whatsoever, Eli was the teams second leading rusher. O-line looked pathetic.

  3. The most confusing quarterback to ever have win Super Bowls. Hot and cold…I can’t believe he got the money he did. David Tyree, Plaxico Buress, Manninham, Strahan should receive a royalty check

  4. The Giants have been very competitive against two respectable teams. They had the lead with less than 3 minutes left in both games. Bottom line, the small errors must get corrected, as it’s costing this team important wins. It’s not crazy to think this team has a chance, especially with what we saw yesterday out of the NFC east.

  5. Dear competition committee;
    I think games should only be three quarters long.
    You… Because of player safety (wink wink)

    The Mara family

  6. I’m frustrated that Tom Coughlin is still coaching and Reese is still the GM…22-28 since the last Super Bowl…no talent and no discipline. The real problem is Mara now going on the 4th year of waiting for things to change and every year we are out of the playoffs by the end of October. Change isn’t going to happen until you reset this team from the top on down. You can’t coach forever, everyone has to move on at some time. Why doesn’t the owner see what everybody else sees?

  7. I’m still amazed that this stiff won 2 super bowls. The NFL should really investigate the Giants and what they got THEIR hands on leading up to those 2 games. The evidence suggests there is NO WAY this clown should have ever made it into the playoffs.

  8. Fans are frustrated by the lack of quality play Parker was kept and Jones was released.
    Jones has 3 TD’s in Green Bay
    Parker has dropped 3 key passes that my mother could have caught.

    The D were just 11 guys in uniform they did nothing to stop long drives down the field. How many times did the Falcons convert on 3rd and forever?

    Not defending Eli but there is plenty of blame to go around in the land of the Giants

  9. Anyone who didn’t think Manning was “iffy” apparently has had a broken television since the Giants last Super Bowl.

  10. I am very frustrated as well.
    Get it together Eli and fast.
    Cruz needs to get out there as well, I’m sick of waiting for him.
    And JPP, need I say more? Give him one more try and if he doesn’t perform (which I suspect he won’t), get rid of him.
    NFC east is completely up for grabs and I would like it if the Gmen would step up to the plate.

  11. Eli has never been consistently good over his entire career. He had two great playoff runs and they seem to over-shadow that fact that he’s basically an average QB for the most part.

  12. You can’t spell Elite without Eli. Of course you can’t spell Eliminated without Eli as well or Deli.

  13. in mannings defense, in that 4th quarter i can think of at least four dropped passes and 3 of the 4 would have led to first downs with 3 of them being significant yardage.
    donnell with two drops, one high but it hit both hands. randle with a drop and of course parker with a drop on a pass that would have given them first and ten at the 27 with a minute to go.

  14. As soon as a guy gets paid,his A-game does a disappearing act. But- other than Beckham,he has no receivers,so it’s not all his fault. Preston Parker? How did this guy make the team in pre-season?

  15. Eli and Flacco are not hall-of-fame quarterbacks no matter how much the media whats to say so because of their super bowl wins.

    The level of inconsistency you get from both is crazy and both put up clunker games almost as often as good ones.

    Eli’s career QB rating is BELOW THE AVERAGE IN THE LEAGUE over his career. Same with Flacco.

    How you can be “below the league average” in such an important stat and still be considered “elite” or “hall-of-fame” is crazy talk.

    I could care less about their “hot” streaks in the playoffs. Eli hasn’t made it to the post-season more than he has. That’s not elite.

  16. How many of Eli’s 13 incompletions were blatant drops? At least 5? He didn’t throw anything close to an interception. The “turning point” that is mentioned in the article happened on the same drive the Giants lost their starting left tackle for the rest of the game. The defense fell apart again highlighted by the fact that their best cover corner was knocked out of the game. No way can you put this one on Eli.

  17. Eli held the ball, that he was sacked on, because he saw a WIDE OPEN Preston Parker, standing all alone in the End Zone.

    This is what has become of our NY Giants.

    Also, stop telling us that this team practices, no way in hell.

  18. Coughlin’s act is wearing very thin. He should focus more on his own blatant mistakes rather than going after Eli. Coughlin is getting outcoached weekly, and this will almost surely be his last year in New York (if he even survives the season).

  19. The teams’ performance, or lack thereof, through the conclusion of the first two games certainly is point of contention and frustration to many fans, myself included. Everybody knows, from coaches to players, that to give yourself a chance to win a game, you must be in it. Well, they did, but they also took themselves out. This is definitely not a Giants team that boasted the same discipline, knowledge and awareness of years past. From the coach to the QB, mental mistakes that’s lead to the first two losses make them appear as though they’re new to the game. Maybe that is it for this coach, maybe even the QB. I don’t know, but since I am not willing to undergo another rebuilding, and as painful as it is to watch, I would just stick with the team for now.

  20. The race for the NFC East starts Thursday night. Dallas is about done. We know who Washington is. It is a race to see who can get out of their own way first… Philly or Big Blue.

  21. The Giants have had the same problem for years. THEY NEVER REBUILD! They think they are the old NY Yankees. The Yankees had that knack to get that one guy every now and then that would keep them in contention and they never went into what we sports fans know as “rebuilding”. You can’t do that in Football because it’s a different beast. In Football, you can see a player breakdown, i.e. Eli Manning as he becomes more complacent and too rich and takes it for granted that he’s elite because he gets paid like it. WAKE UP GIANTS, GET A QUARTERBACK! and once again, I say, Eli is not his brother.

  22. Well Mara wiffed on giving Eli $84 Mil., what’s his explanation since Eli was quoted as not being worried about playing the last year out w/o a new deal? 3/4’s of this $84 Mil is guaranteed no less.

    Teams rot from the top down, mgmt. makes mistakes too.

  23. the extension was bad, but it’s not the biggest waste of $84 million. Our gov’t spends that every hour on worse things

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