Jerry Jones: You won’t see a more gifted passer than Brandon Weeden


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones thinks Cowboys General Manager Jerry Jones made a brilliant move when he signed Brandon Weeden as the backup quarterback.

Jones said on 105.3 The Fan that Weeden has all the tools to fill in capably for the injured Tony Romo.

“This quarterback Weeden can drive the ball down field,” Jones said. “He’s a thing of beauty on throwing a football. His passing motion and his arm, frankly, you won’t see a more gifted passer, power, accuracy, the entire aspect of it. If he can basically prepare, be the starting quarterback, come in and execute and keep his head right, then I feel good about Weeden.”

Unless Jerry Jones is talking about a different Brandon Weeden than the one who washed out after two seasons and a 71.8 passer rating in Cleveland, those comments are just a wee bit ridiculous. But Jones insists that Weeden will prove he is a different quarterback than he was then.

“Certainly we think Weeden has really progressed. As [Cowboys quarterbacks coach] Wade Wilson said, he’s just not the same guy that we had last year. He’s progressed that much. He said that before we had this issue with Tony. I think we all feel good about what we got,” Jones said.

With Romo out for half the season, Cowboys fans had better hope Jones is right. Weeden may not be the most gifted passer you’ll ever see, but he’s the most gifted passer who’s healthy enough to play for the Cowboys for the next eight weeks.

213 responses to “Jerry Jones: You won’t see a more gifted passer than Brandon Weeden

  1. Weeden has some talent and the Cowboys are able to win without cheating their way to the top like the league skidmarks New england Asterisks. #foreverTainted

  2. Oh wow somebody take the psychedelic drugs away from Jerry.

    Ummm hate to tell you but Brady, Rodgers, Brees, even Manning with a bad arm are far more “gifted” passers than Weeded could ever be in his wildest dreams.

  3. Hmmm
    Certainly a different spin than Sunday when Jerruh felt ‘lower than a crippled cricket’s…’ when Romo went down.

  4. I have my hopes. I refuse to judge a man based on his play with the Browns. He know he is a gifted athlete and we know he had a lot of success in college. Two years now in the same system so we shall see. Two things are for certain, he doesn’t have to carry the team and we will know a lot more on Monday.

  5. Sounds like Jerry is saying Weeden has all the physical tools, but not the brains.

    If he can basically prepare?????

  6. Then why is he not a starter somewhere? Then why did he look so bad last year against Arizona after having the whole week to prepare and every Wednesday getting work while Romo rested? Then why did they hope Vaughan would beat him out as backup? I think JJ forgot to take his meds again…

  7. I’m going to need to see more to erase the memory of what I saw last year against Arizona… That was Brutal. I think Kellen Moore might be the guy for the job after a couple of weeks.

  8. Jerry, I respect you as a close friend to the late Al Davis, But PLEASE shut up. Everytime you open your trap, something ridiculous seems to spew out.

  9. He must have been hitting that crooked cricket’s a** if he thinks Brandon Weeden is a gifted passer, unless he means gifting INT’s and fumbles to opposing defenses.

  10. I think Weedon will surprise some people. Lots of folks thought a few years of “apprenticeship” behind a good starter would be good for him.

    I don’t expect him to look like Brady or Rodgers but I bet he doesn’t look like the guy who started for the Browns three years ago either.

  11. Ha ! If Jerrah truly believed that b.s., then Weeden should be starting ahead of Choke Romo. Guessing that Jerrah is just trying to make himself…..and Weeden, believe that crap to bolster both of their confidences.

  12. mikermiker says:
    Sep 22, 2015 12:08 PM
    Weeden has some talent and the Cowboys are able to win without cheating their way to the top like the league skidmarks New england Asterisks. #foreverTainted


    Dude, get over it. It’s getting old.

  13. This is the guy who lost out to Brian Hoyer in Cleveland who has since been benched in favour of Ryan Mallett in Houston.

    Think about that, Jerry.

    Don’t tell us you didn’t rock yourself to sleep at night praying nothing happened to Romo.

  14. Of course th pft trolls come out. While weeden is garbage. Jerry is talking about physical attributes, not mental or play making. He said as much, “keep his head right”. As in not be a complete dumpster fire.

  15. Stephen Jones is somewhere hoping to tell his dad to shut his pot hole and stop being delusional while he continue his search for a QB since he’s the smart one now thats why he took over decisions making

  16. Jerry is hanging out too much with Irsay..they will see the GREATEST OF ALL TIMES in back to back weeks…

  17. I don’t get why people are jumping on Jerry for this.

    “He’s a thing of beauty on throwing a football. His passing motion and his arm, frankly, you won’t see a more gifted passer, power, accuracy, the entire aspect of it. If he can basically prepare, be the starting quarterback, come in and execute and keep his head right, then I feel good about Weeden.”

    He’s saying that his QB has a great arm, accuracy, etc. He’s building up his employee, something that any boss will do. But when you dissect this even as a hater of JJ, what’s he saying is probably damn accurate. There are a lot of guys who have the measurable, but don’t have the brain. What he said also goes for Jamarcus too. He just left out the part of having a QBs mind.

  18. Jerry

    You probably will never have a smarter quarterback on your roster than Kellen Moore

    Give him a shot. Give him some time and although he’s small and doesn’t have the strongest arm, he’s a winner. He’s easily the smartest young quarterback in all of football.

    There is a reason why Moore was far better, and far more successful when he was in college than his peers. Weeden, Dalton, etc…

    Moore will get you in the right play everytime, he will get the ball to the right guy everytime, he will put the ball in the right place everytime, etc… If having an offense predicated on timing patterns works for Peyton, why not see what happens if Kellen gets a shot? Theres a good chance he will have you on a winning streak after a short break-in period.

    If he gets on the field, you may have a hard time getting him off. Every preseason game he played for the lions suggested he was ready. So…. they cut him. Idiots.

  19. Last time Romo needed a backup, it was Kyle Orton to which Jerry stated…”There’s reason why I’m paying Kyle Orton $10 million”!

  20. Unlike other backups, he practices with the starters every week. For the first time since the 7th grade he’s had the same offensive coordinator for two years in a row. he has the best o-line in the league. He’ll be okay.

  21. I just took a hit off Jerrah’s bong. I KNOW I am the most gifted QB ever, physically and mentally. Eat your hearts out Peyton, Brady, and Rodgers. And, that is at 65 years old. Good stuff he has.

  22. Jones was speaking specifically about Weeden’s “arm talent” (buzz word) not his ability to lead a team and execute a game plan. He addressed those in the next part of the statement with a big “if”.

  23. “… Unless you’ve seen Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Drew Bree’s, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Blake Bortles, Derek Carr, Teddy Bridgewater, Andrew Luck, Matt Stafford, Jay Cutler, Kirk Cousins, Sam Bradford, RG3, Johnny Manziel, Ryan Tannehill, Philip Rivers, Alex Smith, Big Ben, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, Tyrod Taylor, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Carson Palmer, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson…” he added.

  24. Yesterday Nobody had it as bad as Jerry…

    Today, Weeden…. BRANDON WEEDEN… is the most gifted passer in the league…. yep time for assisted living

  25. If you like a Qb that over throws your WR/TE/RB or puts it 10 yards in the dirt in front, then yeah, he is great. He also didn’t have great touch when in Cleveland and would rifle fastballs on short passes. Granted we didn’t have the best WR’s, but he did have Josh Gordon to throw to and TE Jordan Cameron and the Oline wasn’t that bad as well.

  26. Ladies, before you knock yourselves over with gleeful glad handing trolling–what Jerry means is his throwing motion and his ability to launch a tight, accurate spiral. Being a ‘gifted passer’ and a starting NFL QB are actually two different things. Now, try and keep up here. Weeden threw as good of a ball you will ever see on that 3rd down all out blitz to Williams. Perfectly thrown, in the perfect target zone, over the middle, facing getting smacked. Now, does that mean he will save the Cowboys season? No, it means Jerry is high on how he throws the ball. The game at this level is mostly mental–Weeden has yet to show he can perform consistently and keep his mental focus sharp, but his ability to throw, is now excellent. That’s all.

  27. Dr. Jerry Jones – can you please examine GM Jerry Jones , Owner Jerry Jones and HC Jerry Jones for any neurological disorders??

    Thank you,
    53 Cowboy’s

  28. Jerry is great. All he has to do is say something and all you Cowboys haters start blogging your life away. He’s got the number one team in the WORLD because he can get a million internet hits from you goobers with one statement. Hahahahaha

  29. This is where we see what a team is made of.

    The ‘Boys can rally behind Wheeden and scrape up some wins, the Dallas D can bow up and stop opponents from scoring.

    C’mon Cowboys, show us what you got. I’ll toon in just to see that.

    [Same for the Saints, too. QB went down? then it’s time to rally.]

  30. Is this the dreaded “vote of confidence” now that they can’t sign Matt Flynn or trade for RGIII?

  31. Well, Weeden has been “gnawing” the leg off a chair to get on the field, so Im expecting he’ll play great.

  32. Jerry didn’t say anything crazy. There are tons of guys with a strong arm and nice motion that can’t read a play or throw a guy open. Jerry’s just saying if he can get the mental part of the game they’ll be fine. History says Weeden can’t get the mental part of the game but it’s not unreasonable for Jerry to say he’s a good passer.

  33. Why do these guys feel the need to do this to their backups?
    Let’s say it’s true… why not just let that become evident? Otherwise you’re setting the guy up to fail even if he isn’t “half bad” when he gets a shot. He didn’t look horrible in relief once Romo went down. And he didn’t toss the game away. With that offensive line and some decent decision making, he can probably keep you around .500 while Romo is gone and that should be more than enough in the NFC East to put you at the top of the division with a 4-2 finish with Romo.

    Right now Dallas is wishing they’ve have signed Demarco Murray… and he is wishing he’d have taken less money to stay behind a real O-Line. What’s his stat line in Philly so far? 35 carries for -56 yards or something like that?

  34. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry … now you’ve gone and done it. This is going to be used as evidence at your upcoming competency trial.

  35. Does he mean gifted passer or gifting passer. I’m thinking the latter. After all he is 5-16 as QB.

    Perhaps his quote is part of his morning daily affirmation/ mantra:

    “His passing motion and his arm, frankly, you won’t see a more gifted passer, power, accuracy, the entire aspect of it. If he can basically prepare, be the starting quarterback, come in and execute and keep his head right, then I feel good about Weeden”

    “His passing motion and his arm, frankly, you won’t see a more gifted passer, power, accuracy, the entire aspect of it. If he can basically prepare, be the starting quarterback, come in and execute and keep his head right, then I feel good about Weeden”

    “His passing motion and his arm, frankly, you won’t see a more gifted passer, power, accuracy, the entire aspect of it. If he can basically prepare, be the starting quarterback, come in and execute and keep his head right, then I feel good about Weeden”

  36. The fans of the:


    disagree with you Dr Jones


    Don’t forget Cowboys fans.

  37. I’ll have some of whatever it is that Jerrah’s smokin’. That must be some really, really good stuff if he thinks Weeden is a great passer.

  38. Excuse me, if Weeden isn’t going to have to carry the team, who is? Is it the 3.1yd per carry running back by committee going to do it? Or maybe Dez has a little Kobe in him and he’ll be back next week? Or is it the awesome O-Line that failed to keep Romo upright gonna do it? Either Weeden steps up or the Cowboys are gonna lose 8 of the next 10 games. The Cowboys are very fortunate to play in the NFC East where all the teams are very capable of imploding at any given moment.

  39. dont u worry jerry, the thought dick vermeil was LOCO too when he said “we’ll rally around kurt warner and we’ll play good football”

    how’d that turn out?

  40. This comment has been taken way out of context. Jerry said this during a phone interview while Brandon Weeden was driving his limo on Interstate 30 in Arlington.

  41. Makes a lot of sense – this is the same senile man who said Roger Goodell is a good guy, who’s doing his best, and has lots of integrity. Should he switch from NFL owner to stand up comic? I think so.

  42. Jones is saying Weeden has the physical traits that could make him a top QB in the league (1st round pick suggests similar). Weeden’s problem is mental.

    Arizona’s defense made most of the QBs they faced last year look bad.

  43. Weeden didn’t “wash out”, he was scrubbed out of Cleveland by their incompetent, indecisive, unable-to-stick-to-anything management.

    How much better would that team be now if they’d stuck with almost ANYONE they’ve had the last few years?

  44. What do you guys expect him to say? Would you rather your boss pump you up and try to instill some confidence or publicly trash you and rip you down? If it’s the latter than you need to say no more.

  45. I don’t know about the “thing of beauty” comment but think Jerry has a point. Weeden has always had a live arm.

    Stop laughing and consider Jerry’s comment from this perspective. When Weeden played against the Cardinals he only had a few practices with the first team, going forward he started running the first team every Wednesday because Romo was getting the day off. Now fast forward to this year. With exception to Jason Witten and most of the offensive line, every player at the skill positions were on the 2nd and maybe even 3rd teams, a group thats already very familiar with one another. They can grow, mature and build trust.

    I’m not saying Weeden will be a world beater but I think I understand Jerry’s train of thought (for once). Weeden is better positioned to be successful than he was the last time he had to start. The players we see on the field Sunday could provide the make up of the team over the next two or the years, McFadden and Witten being the exceptions.

  46. On slightly serious note: Atlanta, New Orleans, New England then the bye. Then the Giants, Seattle, Philly, Tampa and Miami. If they can be the very beatable Giants and Eagles plus one other game they are 4-4 but 3 and o in a really weak division. I hate the Cowboys but win the division, get healthy, get a home playoff game and then see. Hail.

  47. I’ll always have contempt for Jerry Jones for the way he treated a true legend like Tom Landry…..

    ….but on the other hand it’s hard to really dislike Jerry seeing as how he provides an endless stream of comical relief every time he opens his mouth. And the best part is that he never intentionally tries to be funny…

  48. Cleveland and Dallas don’t compare when it comes to the hiring of professional staff, from the headcoach down to the last physical therapist/trainer. Cleveland is a garbage organization. Who was Weeden’s QB Coach? Some piece of garbage. Draft #1, hire no QB coach worth a crap. Cincinani long had the same model, drafted #1s and got next to nothing out of them, after 20 years, they figured it out, Cleveland has not

  49. More daily spew from JJboy. Man, he is more entertaining than Chip Kelly or Rex Ryan put together.

  50. Jones is not talking about decision making. He is talking arm talent. Guess what people, he is correct about that. Brandon can spin it. If you read the rest of the statement you know the problem has been mental. We will see. I’m sure the Boys would take 4-4 in this stretch. 6-4 with 6 to play. They would be pleased as pie with 3 wins out of the next eight. Not out of the question.

  51. Weeden is not Romo, different style of QB entirely, but After Romo left the game last Sunday, Weeden threw for 7/7, 73 yards, 1 touchdown, 0 picks. Not a bad start.

  52. Two hours later Jerry called back the repoter and said “you did mean the Nerf’ Football League right?

  53. By now I think fans are wise to the snake oil salesman Jerry…

    I dont think he could sell sunscreen to an albino in the desert

  54. Truthfully, it is unfair to judge Weeden by his time in Cleveland. By the same token, if he can’t make it behind the Dallas O-line, it will be completely fair to label him a bust.

  55. Brandon Weeden can really spin a ball.

    So can Ryan Mallet

    Derek Anderson may be able to gun one better than either one of them.

    Its not whether they can throw a football, its whether they can play football. Whether they can play Quarterback in the NFL.

    That, is a different story.

  56. uhh Cowboy Eric

    The answer to your question is Norv Turner, possibly the most successful Offensive Coordinator in Dallas Cowboy history.

    If you want to refer to him as a piece of garbage that is your opinion. Too bad I spent the time reading it.

  57. I can half understand that your public comments are strategically said to boltser your QB’s confidence but it needs to start within the framework of believability. And this is so far away from reality that it becomes counterproductive, nobody really believes it, your QB is now the lead clown driving the clowncar and the media will feast on this for weeks to come.

  58. Hey Jerry, if he throws so well, then why isn’t he the starting QB instead of Romo?

    Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the village idiot of the Dallas Cowboys – Jerry Jones.

    Stick to being a good owner Jerry because you still have not learned how to be a good GM. For 20+ years, Jerry has taken bits of what he hears coaches and scouts say and parroted them to make himself sound like a knowledgable GM. In the process, he has wasted 20 years of football in Dallas. Can’t wait till he is no longer available to mess up the franchise.

  59. By Jones’own admission, Romo should have been Weeden’s backup instead of being the eternally injured starter because that is whdt the owner wanted.

    OR Jones is just blowing major BS as usual.

  60. If he’s that gifted, why wasn’t he starting elsewhere? Why isn’t Romo second string? Jerry is a joke!!!!

  61. CLEVELAND didn’t want him…but Jerry,if you keep telling yourself that Weeden is gifted,you might just start to believe it. Wow. Talk about blowing smoke up his own ***!

  62. I didn’t even read the article. The headline says it all. Now I’ve heard everything. Get read Cowboy fan, this dude is a pick throwin’ machine. Sincerely, a Browns fan

  63. Bengals??? Ummmmmm Noodle-Armed Dalton has accuracy, but is garbage when the wind blows 5 mph.

    Weeden has an arm, but is missing something upstairs. I just hope he’s competent

  64. If by “gifted” JJ meant “Given the starting QB position on ‘America’s Team'”, then he is not completely delusional.

  65. bradygirl12 says:
    Sep 22, 2015 2:57 PM
    CLEVELAND didn’t want him…but Jerry,if you keep telling yourself that Weeden is gifted,you might just start to believe it. Wow. Talk about blowing smoke up his own ***!


    Agreed. Jerry, read that slowly. He couldn’t start for CLEVELAND.

  66. I suppose all the jokes are warranted but it could always be worse. Dallas could have drafted Manziel & had him in at #2.

  67. no he didnt say he was the greates of all time. but he did say that his mechanics are better than every other qb in the world. so, yeah Jerry is an idiot and deserves all that is said

  68. There’s some truth to what Jerry said, but throwing well in practice and throwing well in a game are two different things. By all accounts, Drew Henson excelled in the former, but we all know how he did in the latter.

  69. Cornerstone2001 says
    I don’t think he could sell Sun tab oil to an albino in the desert.

    You do know the Cowboys are the most valuable pro sports team on the planet? I am not a fan of the team or the man but the businessman knows what he is doing.

  70. Brandon Weeden is a very gifted passer. Extremely accurate with the long ball basically everything Jerry Jones said. None of those were issued he had in Cleveland.

    The issue he DID have in Cleveland was taking 42 minutes to decide who he was going to throw the ball to before eventually deciding to throw it in the general direction he was facing as the pocket finally collapsed when the offensive line just gave up blocking from fatigue. This resulted in him having just as many throws batted in the NFL as he did during his brief Major League Baseball career.

    Well that and that whole thing where he had the leagues best receiver (Josh Gordon) and never even considered throwing to him his entire run there.

  71. Jerry, I love you man. But please shut the hell up already. For Christ’s sake man. Brandon Weeden is average at BEST. STOP IT!!!

  72. Let me see if I get this straight — there is no passer more gifted than Brandon Wheedon? Where is Tony Romo on that list.

    I have a feeling that, by Christmas, Wheedon may be regifted.

  73. Jones repeated, “You won’t see a more gifted passer than Brandon Weeden.” Then he slid his cold, boney fingers behind my eyes and pulled them from their sockets, my world fading to black forever.

  74. Im a cowboys fan living in ohio..and ive heard 100s of browns fans say since 2012 that weeden has a great arm and can play..but they all say he just doesnt play smart..and thats exactly what jones is all hatets

  75. azarkhan says:
    Sep 22, 2015 12:32 PM
    Jerry, Brady threw for 466 yards on Sunday. Call me when Weedon throws for 300 yards.

    Check your phone…

    2013-12-01 vs. JAX: 370
    2012-12-02 vs. OAK: 364
    2012-09-16 vs. CIN: 322
    2012-09-27 vs. BAL: 320
    2013-10-13 vs. DET: 292
    2012-10-07 vs. NYG: 291
    2013-09-08 vs. MIA: 289

  76. is it sad that i prefer Kirk Cousins to Brandon Weeden??? that’s how much i dont trust Weeden. i felt he was a major reach in that draft and that he was another Chris Weinke.

  77. Kurt Warner, Jerry? He’s younger than Weeden…or at least looks younger. There you go Jerry, take Warner out of retirement and then make that statement.

  78. Jerry Jones must be hallucinating. If Weeden is as great as Jones says he is, why did Jones trade for Matt Cassel?

    Weeden is another in the long line of guys who hang around the NFL but can’t play.

  79. You won’t see a more senile old owner than EGO MAN himself. Those of you that don’t know me that is the name I have given Jerry Jones on the Cowboys website. Next he will be raving about the game Aikman just had. Lock the old fool up before he hurts himself

  80. I think we all woild have an ego if we owned a team worth 4.1 nillion dollars..the most valuable in the nfl and 4 most valuable sports team in the world..stop hating and ill have a cherry come with my quarter pounder meal ..thx hater

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