Report: Martavis Bryant working with counselor John Lucas


Still two weeks from being eligible to return to action, suspended Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant is working with ex-NBA coach and substance-abuse counselor John Lucas.

That news came via a Houston Chronicle report Tuesday. Lucas, who’s based in Houston, has worked with many NBA players but also other professional athletes and celebrities fighting various substance issues.

Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin told reporters Tuesday that Bryant is not with the team, though he’s eligible to be after a change in NFL rules regarding players suspended for substance abuse. Tomlin did not want to say much else.

In August, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the team is worried both about Bryant’s long-term status with the team and ability to stay clean.

If Bryant fails another test, he’ll be suspended for 10 games. Assuming he’s healthy and clean, he can return to the Steelers in two weeks and play Oct. 12 at San Diego. Bryant was inactive for the first six games last year as a rookie before catching eight touchdown passes and averaging 21.2 yards per reception. His emergence helped the Steelers become the NFL’s most productive offense in 2014.

24 responses to “Report: Martavis Bryant working with counselor John Lucas

  1. If Martavis has to miss the entire season, just so he can get his personal life straightened out and drug-free, that’s fine by me. The young man has a world of potential that can only be fulfilled if he’s clean and out on the field doing what he does best, hauling in the long ball. Good luck buddy!!

  2. All you have to do is hold it together for a few years. Retire by the time you’re 30-32. Then you can smoke all the weed you want.. Not that hard.

  3. The problem isn’t that he smokes weed. Its that he was stupid enough to smoke it right before the yearly drug test they all know exactly when its coming, and then continued to smoke regularly after being placed in the substance abuse program.

    You don’t even have to wait to smoke till after you’re done to keep making your millions, you just have to not smoke for 4-6 weeks before the yearly test so you’re clean by the time you take it.

  4. I have him on about 7 fantasy teams but as a fan of human beings and RECOVERY my hope is that he gets the help he seems to need and is apparently seeking.Playing football is secondary to that.

  5. You don’t even have to wait to smoke till after you’re done to keep making your millions, you just have to not smoke for 4-6 weeks before the yearly test so you’re clean by the time you take it.

    I figured a Cheaties fan would look at from a cheaters point of view.

    Hey Stoogy, did it take you an hour to composed your eloquent comment? Funny your comment matches your user name.

  6. Steelers 35 points a game average and 458 yards of offense per game average

    They do not need BELL back and Bryant can redshirt this year…

    seriously, this is a very dangerous team!

  7. Yeah, lets legalize pot, so all the lazy potheads in the world can be happy. If you can’t stay off it, to make millions of dollars, then that should tell you the reason why it should NEVER be legal ! So many stupid people anymore !

    Gotta love a world where idiots put a drug, or drink, INTO THEIR BODIES WILLINGLY, then cry it’s a disease when they get addicted. LMAO

  8. Speaking of being really stoned, here’s what some guy had to say here once about another Steeler:

    stoogy says:
    Aug 28, 2013 12:49 PM
    Compare his game against Notre Dame last year compared to Eddie Lacy’s game against Notre Dame. The city of Pittsburgh should be embarresed that the organization passed on Lacy for this BUM.

    stoogy says:
    Aug 28, 2013 1:52 PM
    Yes I figured that someone would bring up the OL of Alabama which is very true. But the bottom line is that Bell is not a NFL caliber starting RB and the steelers and the fans will figure that out.

    stoogy says:
    Aug 28, 2013 12:15 PM
    He is slow and smaller then he looks on paper. He is to sluggish to get to the outside and the O-line isnt good enough to make him a whole to fit though in the middle. This team is better off with Redman or Dwyer and that isnt saying much at all. The worst stable in the NFL.

    Wow looks like Stoogy wound up smoking more dope than Bell! Don’t do it folks, clearly that stuff will rot your brain.

  9. I don’t know, Stoogy might be a little more clever than it looks at first…Stoogy could be spelled wrong and in the same way…personal branding or just really flat out stupid…?

  10. mikerobo1026 says:
    Sep 22, 2015 5:02 PM

    @calhounlambeau because it is just weed… Lol. It’s his 4th offence already. Dum dum


    what is an “offence”? unless you are in the uk, its spelled with an s, learn how to spell before you call someone a dum dum, S.T.U.P.I.D.

  11. I believe he violated the substance abuse policy. Assuming it’s pot may be inaccurate. Get well. Live a life free of addiction.

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