Terrell Owens had agent reach out to Cowboys

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The Cowboys are missing their top wide receiver right now and one of Dez Bryant’s predecessors in that role made sure that the team was aware that he’s willing to come in and try to help the team out while the broken bone in Bryant’s foot heals.

Terrell Owens said during an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show that he had his agent give the team a call to let them know that he’d be an option for them if they were interested in his services. Owens acknowledges that his age — he’s 41 — might get in the way of a team offering him a job, but said he thought Tony Romo’s injury was partially a product of a receiver missing a check and that a more experienced wideout could have kept that from happening

“I’m not sure what the situation is,” Owens said. “My name may have come up in discussion as far as bringing me in. But again, a lot of people are going to factor in my age as far as why I can’t play.”

In the past, Owens has said that he thought Romo threw the ball to Jason Witten too much and that the quarterback “definitely had a hand in” his departure from the team. While talking to Eisen, though, Owens said that he’s not the same guy and that he hoped the past issues wouldn’t preclude the possibility of a return.

“We all know what happened when I was there, and there were some things said where it kind of maybe fractured the relationship between myself and Witten and Romo,” Owens said. “Time has passed, and hopefully, they know that I’ve moved on beyond that. Maybe, hopefully, they have. But for me, it’s all about giving myself an opportunity. That’s all I ever really wanted.”

Owens said he feels he’d be a “viable” option for the team given a week or so to round into form. As we’ve seen with the lack of interest in a Randy Moss comeback, though, it looks like the NFL has decided that Owens will remain a former player.