Chancellor holdout arose from impasse over 2016 pay


Now that the Kam Chancellor holdout has ended, questions remain about how it even started.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the holdout started because the two sides couldn’t agree on an adjustment to Chancellor’s contract that would have applied in 2016.

Initially, discussions in early August between the team and Chancellor resulted in a tentative understanding as to a deal that would, as of 2016, pay Chancellor in accordance with the top safeties in the game. The Seahawks later declined to execute in 2015 a deal that would kick in for 2016, due to concerns regarding the precedent it would set for other players with multiple years remaining on their own deals.

And that’s when things turned hostile between player and team, because Chancellor believed the Seahawks had reneged on the arrangement.

Just before the third game of the preseason, the Seahawks (per the source) made a revised offer worth less money than the deal that previously had been scrapped. This actually made things worse in Chancellor’s assessment, because the Seahawks were not contradicting their prior refusal to set a bad precedent.

As a last-ditch effort before the start of the regular season, Chancellor suggested moving enough money from 2017 to 2016 to increase Chancellor’s pay for 2016 from $5.1 million to $10 million. The Seahawks offered an increase to $8 million. Chancellor would have settled for $9 million, but the Seahawks declined. (NFL Media previously pegged the gap at $900,000.)

That’s when the decision was made to miss games. Moving forward, it’s possible that the Seahawks will still reconfigure Chancellor’s pay for 2016. But Chancellor has much less leverage — especially since he now owes the team $1.6 million in fines and bonus forfeiture.

Chancellor ostensibly has returned for his teammates, but he also has stopped the financial bleeding. Moving forward, the real question is how much of that blood he’ll get back after the 2015 season.

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  1. I guess one person’s “reneged” is another person’s “rescinded”, especially if the owner gets more involved and has a drop dead date… the third preseason game reasonably being that date, a point where the player wouldn’t be reasonably ready to play a full game week 1.

  2. hmmm, interesting, not – For future reference I’d rather have in understandable than fast.

  3. The real story here is that opposing slot receivers will have to go up against a perfectly healthy – and thoroughly disgruntled – Kam Chancellor.

    Good luck to those unfortunate souls…

  4. I just hope the Seahawks keep the money he forfeited for missing TC and the first two games. Don’t give him a dime of that money

  5. If you’re hot happy (with the deal you just signed, but that’s another thread) play out your contract and refuse to take any offer from the Seahawks. What am I missing??

  6. Whether Cam got the money in 2016 or 2017 he would have gotten all of it. He has chosen to disrespect his teammates and lose money and contribute to distractions which might have caused the two loses. Wish players would think of their fans, teammates and the long term consequences before they chose to holdout. Never really remember one incident when the outcome was positive

  7. Kam let his emotions take over. I seriously doubt any responsible agent promoted this approach. But it sounds like Kam let personal feelings of betrayal get in the way of doing business. There is a right time to attempt a hold out and 1 to 2 years into the contract is probably not the right time due to the overwhelming leverage the team has. The closer towards the end of the contract a player gets the greater his leverage.

    Oh well. Glad to have Kam back. It’s a joy to watch him play. I was never upset with his holdout just puzzled as to what leverage he thought he had.

  8. I also appreciate when these athletes that make millions of dollars for “putting they bodies at risk” to play a game, then they pretend to give homage to soldiers that lay their lives on the line for $280.00 a week. Seems right…

    (Que the ‘Team America’ theme song)

  9. clbrwns says:
    Sep 23, 2015 4:19 PM
    Welcome back to 0 – 2. Glad you decided to honor the contract YOU SIGNED.


    Kam was vastly underpaid for 4 years. The 4 year contract wasn’t a new contract, but an EXTENSION to the last year of his. It wasn’t a 4 for 28 million, but a 5 for about 29.5 million. Kam had to sign the contract because what happens if his knee goes out?

    Coincidentally, Kam owned the playoffs with a derelict knee this past postseason. He probably thought he’s worth more than an average of 5 million and change a year. And you know what, 31 teams out there probably agree with him.

  10. I don’t see the big deal in any of this. He signed a contract. At some point he disliked contract, and wanted more money. Seattle said “no”, as they are entitled and expected to do. He holds out, and Seattle shrugs its shoulders. He comes back and is welcomed with open arms. This went exactly how it’s supposed to go

  11. Unreal how this explanation can be laid out, and the geniuses who were leaving less than complimentary sentiments aimed toward Chancellor maintain those sentiments, when, in reality, if you read the story, you would fully understood why he continued to hold out after preseason ended. Unreal.

  12. coloradical420 says:
    Sep 23, 2015 4:41 PM

    “They never seem to be given enough money to play a game… and then they claim to be Godly… figures.”

    To us, it’s a game. To them, it’s a business, their business, and one that exacts a heavy toll on their bodies and their health. Which is why I normally don’t blame the players for trying to get every dime that they can. BUT . . . you sign a contract, live up to it.

  13. Who the heck is advising this guy? Sounds to me like Cam has set a pretty bad “precedent” himself.

  14. dtroxallday says:
    Sep 23, 2015 4:55 PM
    What the heck is he doing with his money such that he already needs some of it fronted to him?
    money isn’t guaranteed. Sooner he gets it an banks it is better for him.

    A little surprised you didn’t look at things from his point of view.

  15. Piece of garbage left his team to go 0-2 for money. Like he needs it. Offseason fine. Missing actual games. Rubbish. Horrible team mate. Wouldn’t trust him watching my back one bit.

  16. I sure hope they don’t roll over and waive his fines…
    I will lose all respect for Paul Allen if they do.

    I think they should suspend him for a game or two. they don’t need him for Chicago. Let him get into game shape on his own dime…

  17. You didn’t take $8,000,000?

    There isn’t one person commenting here that feels a bit sorry for you. Especially someone that just gave up $2,000,000!

    Just think what you could have done for the mininum wage in the city of Seattle.

  18. Sorry, don’t believe for a second he’ll ever have to forfeit anything for missing time. Never. Team puts those clauses in and when it’s a star involved it’ll never happen, they’ll look the other way and write it up as part of the mediated agreement.

  19. So he decided to give up at least 500k (if they don’t make him pay the fines) just to try and move an extra million up to 2016 than they were willing to do when he was likely to make that money anyway in 2017 (not like they would cut him unless he knows something they don’t and that he is going to become a mediocre player in a little over a year) and has now shown the front office he will leave the team high and dry because of his selfishness. Smart guy and all the players like him. Someone give me his contact info so I can have him manage my money.

  20. Call it a voluntary suspension without pay. Also, if he wants more money moved from 2017 to 2016, then that means he’ll be whining about being “underpaid” in 2017.

  21. Good for the Seahawks, when these players sign contracts, they need to fullfill them. If they refuse to play then they sshould be fined accordingly. This is a man that will be bankrupt with in a year of being out of football. 5 million for one year is more money than most of us will ever see in our life’s. It’s not the teams fault these clowns spend money like water. Pay your fine, then pull your hamstring for being out of shape, then good luck..

  22. A serious question for the fans attacking Chancellor on this thread.

    Why do you follow a sport played by men that you either (a) disrespect or (b) envy (maybe both)?

    This is Chancellor’s life and career. Whether or not his holdout was effective it was his right to hold out. He made a choice knowing the consequences. A few years back Logan Mankins held out. Both men appear to me to be men of character and loved by their teammates. I assure you that very few, if any, of their teammates have a problem with them holding out.

  23. Football players hold out because NFL teams have all the leverage when it comes to contracts. If you’re young and unproven you get payed very little but you sign the best deal you can because you don’t know when an injury will take you out. You out perform that deal and don’t get compensated. When that deal is done you’re old and won’t get a long term deal with much guaranteed money.

    Kam is only guaranteed $7,825,000 over the 4 years of a $28,002,008 contract. If he gets hurt they pay him that money (which is nothing compared to the top payed safeties in the league) and cut him. Your lifespan in the NFL is not long so when you’re outperforming your contract you restructure. That’s how the business works. I don’t blame him at all.

    Emmitt Smith missed 2 games in 1993 because of a holdout then Dallas gave that man his money after an 0-2 start. He’d been outperforming his deal and that’s what you do.

  24. Some people here think this makes Kam look like an idiot. Personally, I think their current 0-2 mark makes the team look far more foolish. Those were some costly, costly losses. And after all the defensive guys they lost, Kam was even more critical to them this season. But hey, at least they didn’t allow Kam to set a precedent, or something.

  25. He’s looking to play this coming game. We all know what’s going to happen it happens all the time. He’ll end up with a hamstring or shoulder injury by coming back to soon. No matter how much he worked out you can’t replicate game conditions in weight room.

  26. The NFL needs to establish that if you start the season under contract, you cannot hold out and extort the team for more money. Contracts exist for a purpose and if a player is too stupid to negotiate in good faith at the start of the contract negotiations, he should not get the contract corrected to suit his terms.

    Once the season start that player has two options in this proposal – sit out the entire season at no pay or play under terms of the contract.

  27. It doesn’t matter if he is back or not. Seattle has a function problem on both sides of the ball. Lots of “ME!” type players on the team. We can only hope their season is long and miserable. Just for Pete’s sake and some of their fan base. I’d enjoy watching them go 6-10.

  28. Here’s what would have happened had the Seahawks caved in to his demands.

    Move most of his salary from 2017 up to 2016. That would have essentially meant the last year of his deal he would have been making peanuts so he would have demanded a new contract next year since he wouldn’t be paid with the highest-paid safeties in the league–never mind that he would have had a significant portion of his four-year deal accelerated. Nor would that have taken into account the guaranteed money he got up front.

    If Kam wants a new contract every year then he should just sign a one-year contract instead of signing a four-year deal then whining about it after one year.

  29. “Per a source with knowledge of the situation”…” resulted in a tentative understanding”…

    Summary: According to Chancellor’s agent (who is scraping to save any form of credibility he can muster), Chancellor’s agent made it known to the team that Chancellor would hold out if he didn’t get a new contract. And the “tentative understanding” is the agents description of mutual knowledge of a potential holdout…not an agreement with the team that suggested it was acceptable.

  30. Wow! There is no I in TEAM! He did not return for his teammates…..he returned because he wanted to stop the financial bleeding. His team is 0-2 and he let everyone down by holding out!

  31. realfootballfan- I just want to clarify for you. Russell Wilson was making less than 1 million dollars per year. He started at around 500 k.

    The going rate for just a starting qb is around 17 million.. In three years he’s been underpaid approximately 48+ million dollars based on an average starter qb salary. Since he’s been so wildly successful ( not just defense but NFL qb records) he deserved every single penny he received.

    His pay or lack thereof enabled Seattle to resign most all of their core players when they would otherwise not have had that opportunity and would have certainly let others walk.

    Russell Wilson has been soooooo drastically underpaid compared to his position standards we as fans or you as a dumb hater should have no qualms with him getting his payday.

    RW is worth every penny he’s gotten just think guys like Cutler, Kaep, Dalton, shoot even Johnny football have made more in One season or signing bonus or one single game in many circumstances than RW MADE IN THREE FULL SEASONS..

    Anyone making an argument without atleast SOME common sense and or perspective is flat out stupid.. Where were you when Russ was collecting 25k – 40k game checks (before taxes) and going deep into the playoffs.

    Kam came back tail between his legs and Seattle wiggled just enough to make it feel like a win win or in this case retrospectively a lose lose.

  32. All of you player haters are nincompoops!

    Every contract is renegotiable and non-binding in the NFL. Otherwise how do players get cut, waived or forced to accept lower salaries despite their existing contracts?

    No NFL team fully honors every contract, why should the players be held to a higher standard?

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