Chancellor stops the bleeding, but how deep will the financial cut be?

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By showing up and ending his holdout, Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor will resume earning game checks in excess of $267,000 per week. The bigger question is whether the Seahawks will force Chancellor to pay out well over $1 million in fines and bonus forfeitures.

As calculated by PFT before Week One, Chancellor racked up $1.1 million in fines and another $500,000 in signing-bonus forfeiture. That’s a total of $1.6 million that the Seahawks could demand.

And here’s the problem: If they don’t get the money back, other players (like defensive end Michael Bennett) could be more inclined to stay away from mandatory activities in 2016, confident that the Seahawks ultimately would forgive and forget.

The separate question for Chancellor and the Seahawks will be whether they give him any extra money, including but not limited to the $534,000 in lost wages arising from the decision to skip a pair of games.

For now, it appears that Chancellor simply showed up, with no guarantees or concessions. Which means that the 0-2 Seahawks finally have secured their first victory of the year.

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  1. Need to add a 20% surcharge to that bill for blinking first. He’s not coming back for ‘his boys’ he’s coming back for ‘his cash’, End of story.

  2. I love how the real Seahawks fans have to give a disclaimer about how long they have been fans, because even they know that the northwest is the epitome of “bandwagon”…

    Anyways, Kam chose the right time. When that sorry ass Bears team rolls into town, they are gonna get smoked by a far superior Seahawks team (even without Kam). Then Kam is gonna act like he was the reason…

  3. I’d tell him they’d be glad to rescind the fines, as long as he fires the idiot agent who talked him into the dumbest holdout in NFL history.

  4. Kam may have picked a bad time to make a stand. The Seahawks seem to be eager to show they aren’t going to stand for this in the future so I expect they will not forgive any of those fines. That won’t make him very happy but who cares. More than likely he won’t be able to step in right away and play anyway.

  5. Here is what they should do to resolve the problem.

    They offered him 3.1 moved forward to 2016. They should give that and make him pay the fines.

    That still gives them a win and gives Kam something to make him feel like he gets a win of sorts as well.

  6. What are top safeties making these days? In 2013, 28 million contract extension for four years. It’s not like he’s eating ramen for dinner. At the end of the day, Seahawks took care of this dude. Kam put the Seahawks in an impossible situation.

  7. We keep talking about ‘his agent’ like he’s a fictional character in a book. I’m sure the guy has a name and I would like to know who he is – the guy who is paid to manage the business side of things for Kam, took a calculated risk and watched it backfire in spectacular fashion. Pretty sure this won’t appear in his glossy marketing materials.

    Maybe next time, the next agent won’t gamble with a guys livelihood in cavalier fashion like this.

    Granted, Kam is an adult who presumably can make his own decisions. But these guys get professional advice for a reason and unless Kam did this against the wishes of his agent, then his agent was being negligent in my opinion.

  8. Welcome back Kam. I thought you were going to hold to week 10. At first I thought they should hold him to the fines but if they want him to be here a few more years they should let him get a pass and fight for more Super Bowls. Chancellor caved – no need to shame him more for his holdout mistake.

  9. It would be the stupidest move imaginable for the ‘hawks to forgive this debt. The whole reason they didn’t renegotiate his contract is because they don’t want players holding out every time they have a good season. If there is no price for Chancellor to pay for his idiotic holdout, then what’s going to prevent the next player from trying this?

  10. Wasnt it the Packers Seahawks game that ended the refs holdout too? Welcome back Kam this team was lost without you.

  11. I think the damage is done. And some players will just look at him as to being greedy. And how have they secured their first victory? He’s not the overpaid quarterback that should be racking up the W’s. I don’t see the Steelers in total disarray because Troy Polamalu isn’t playing anymore so how can a safety be the answer to your teams woes? Isn’t that your quarterbacks job? And the media talks about how Kam shouldn’t holdout this and that but they’re the first ones to throw it in our faces the very first chance they get after a loss…

  12. Thought it would be 0-6 before he caved, he’s even a coward at being a coward. But hey, if they now win a couple he can go right back on vacation to use the leverage.

  13. I wish him well but the team has to collect at least the majority of the fines.
    Maybe give 20-50% discount.
    Anything less would send the wrong message to other players facing similar circumstances.
    Anyway the fine money is given to charity, not returned to the team.
    So he still gets tax relieve for his 2015 return.

  14. General Lee A. Ware says:
    Sep 23, 2015 10:42 AM
    I love how the real Seahawks fans have to give a disclaimer about how long they have been fans, because even they know that the northwest is the epitome of “bandwagon”…

    It’s part of the massive inferiority complex Seattlelites have about, well, everything. They’re largely ignored, and it rankles them. That’s why they had to create this fake rivalry with the 49ers and the SF Bay Area in general. Ask Seattle people about California and SF, and they’ll start spewing hatred and bigoted stereotypes. Ask Bay Area people about Seattle, and they’ll say what a nice place it is if not a bit rainy.

  15. Smart move is to collect the debt with a wink/nod that he’ll get it back on his next contract and then make it beyond clear that if anybody finds out, the deal is off.

  16. Here’s what I would advise, Cam wants his 2016-17 money moved up to 2015, Ok, we will take 1.1 million and move it up to 2015. Now the Seahawks will keep the 1.1 million, Kam doesn’t have to pay the fine out of pocket today and we will all proceed forward.

    Dumb ass move by Cam, please pay at the windown on your way out.

  17. All this talk about keeping the fines in place is great, if you don’t look at the larger picture.

    He is under contract for 2 more years after this, that’s true. It’s possible he could just dog it this year and next, possibly risk being benched, and turn it on somewhat when it’s time for a new deal. Still doesn’t solve the safety issue in Seattle.

    Seattle might consider helping him save some face here, for the good of the team.

  18. All he’s got to do is play at an All Pro level, make players around him better, and be humble. Then talk to the Seahawks quietly during the off season and he may be able to get a better deal.

  19. The Hawks should go after the money, here’s why –
    Kam missed a lot of training time, and 2 games. He’s not up to speed, a little rusty, and maybe not in top shape.
    He will probably under perform for a couple of weeks as he gets back up to speed.
    So the Hawks are overpaying for at least 2 weeks.
    And there is always the increased risk of injury, such as a hamstring pull.

    They should go after the money because he missed actual games and damaged the team.
    He made his decision , now has to pay for his actions.

  20. I really hope the Seahawks don’t give him the full pay and keep what he was docked for missing games.

  21. I wish Pete had the luxury of sitting Kam against the Bears but because of the 0-2 start, this team needs him on the field ASAP. Granted, they probably whoop the Bears with or without him, but with little margin for error at this point you can’t take any risks. Kam is a professional in his off field preparation so I have no doubt he is physically ready to play. Additionally, because the defense hasn’t changed under the new DC, he already knows most, if not all, of the coverages and schemes.

    I appreciate the work put in by Shead and Bailey but they do not bring what Kam brings. Hopefully, the team and Kam can come to some kind of understanding in the off season that will prevent this from happening again.

    I appreciate the idea that they don’t negotiate with more than one year left on a deal, but players also want to know that if they out perform their deal, that the team isn’t going to stick it to them for agreeing to a team friendly long term deal like Kam has. If Kam comes out and has another All-Pro season, then the team would be wise to give him a little bit of a raise to keep his pay in line with the top of the Strong Safety market and prevent any future holdout discussion.

    Oh, and Kam needs to fire his agent.

  22. Marshawn hasn’t been the same this year. I wonder if he was not going full steam because of Kam’s holdout. Chancellor specifically mentioned Lynch in his decision to return. I wouldn’t not be surprised if Lynch has a huge game against the Bears; meaning that Lynch will be playing with his full passion now that Kam is back (and a little because it is the Bears…).

  23. Welcome back BamBamKam!

    Your pre-season starts Sunday against the Bears! I will be there with 69,000 other 12’s to welcome you back to the Clink.

    PS: Please fire your agent!

  24. “Marshawn hasn’t been the same this year” because our O-Line has only played together for a few games and is not getting it done.

  25. Let me explain…no that would take too long. Let me sum up…

    The fans point out how long they’ve been fans in order to show the trolls what idiots they are. Subsequently, it’s no surprise the idiots are too stupid to figure that out.

    Ragnar isn’t holding out, he’s unemployed.

    Some of the fines are NFL/PA-based and can’t be forgiven by the team. IIRC, the only ones they can waive are the $30k/day for missing TC (totalling $1.1 million). The game checks and Signing Bonus amounts may not be forgivable.

    PC may actually hold off activating Kam while he gets back in shape…he’s been very careful with health issues of the players, erring on the side of caution rather than rushing them back.

  26. Interesting strategy by the Seahawks FO.

    When Lynch held out last offseason, they negotiated with him and allowed him to come back to the team after giving him another $1.5M for 2014, and forgiving his fines.

    When Chancellor does the same thing, they don’t budge an inch, and even the 12s are calling for his fines not to be forgiven.

    Do you think the Seahawks are trying to demonstrate the difference between the negotiating power of offensive and defensive players? Or are they just showing preferential treatment to one star over another?

  27. They are so going to not get that money back. This situation is going to be like if somebody shot a family member and you know they aren’t going to jail because they have friends in high places. In this case, “Bygones! Welcome back!” Not a ‘hawks fan by the way, I just know how these things go.

  28. Seahawks should force the issue and nail him for that money. First, Chancellor knew the cost of holding out and he chose to gamble that money on the fact he would get more. He lost. Why should the seahawks treat him like family when clearly he didn’t consider the seahawks team his family. He chose to go against the contract he signed and held out knowing full well the consequences. I think if teams are going to avoid this kind of stuff which is just like holding out on the franchise tag, teams need to let these guys sit and pay the price. Look at how stupid the Cowboys are for breaking down and paying Dez Bryant and giving him a raise to sit all season. Let these greedy fools sit. They have so much money and want so much money, that they will do stupid things to try to squeeze every last dollar out of a team.

  29. The NFL should change the rule where teams are allowed to waive fines and docked pay. It’s for that reason that players think they can hold out without eventual penalty. It would also take the team out of an awkward situation when said player returns.

  30. It’s tough. If the team let’s it go it probably increases the chance of good relations in the future, but what precedent does that set for the rest of the roster (or upcoming draft picks)?

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