Cowboys deal for Matt Cassel similar to one Bills made in March


The Bills were a little desperate for a quarterback in the spring, when they agreed to trade the Vikings for Matt Cassel.

The Cowboys were even more desperate for one this week, and gave up a similar package.

According to Todd Archer of, the Cowboys acquired Cassel and the Bills’ 2017 seventh-rounder in exchange for their 2017 fifth-rounder.

In March, the Bills sent the Buccaneers’ 2015 fifth-round pick (acquired in a previous trade) and their own 2016 seventh-rounder for the Vikings’ 2015 sixth-round pick.

The Cowboys might have dealt a 2016 pick if they had more, after having given up next year’s fifth to Oakland for wide receiver Brice Butler, their sixth in a draft-day trade with the 49ers so they could pick seventh-round tight end Geoff Swaim and their own seventh to the Seahawks for running back Christine Michael.

And it seems the Cowboys were eager to part with whatever they needed to once they took a look around.

There was even some level of conversation with Kyle Orton (despite him doing them wrong last year), before the Cowboys tried out Matt Flynn, McLeod Bethel-Thompson, Josh Johnson and Christian Ponder.

Flynn and Bethel-Thompson were still hanging around in locker room when reporters entered in the afternoon, prior to the Cassel trade coming down, so they were likely deemed best of an odd lot.

Either way, the Cowboys made the boldest move available, one that cost them more in picks and cash, to get the closest thing to an established veteran on their roster in the wake of Tony Romo’s broken clavicle.

17 responses to “Cowboys deal for Matt Cassel similar to one Bills made in March

  1. I fail to understand why giving up a 5th rd pick (two years from now) in exchange for a 7th rd pick (two years from now) & a veteran QB constitutes being ‘eager to part with whatver they had to’ and being ‘even more desparate’ than the Bills.

    Kellen Moore will be bumped up from the practice squad to be the #2 this week, which position Cassel will take over after he gains at least passing familiarity with the offense.

    Dallas was expecting Ponder to ‘win’ the tryout, but, after the Coaches reported that all of the guys they brought in ‘failed to impress’, they pulled the trigger on Cassel.

  2. This might be the first time in NFL history that any team traded for an ex-Viking QB, usually just being on the Vikings spells the end of the line for your NFL career.

    Canada is your last option after that.

  3. I kind of feel a little bit sad for Cassel. He participated in the preseason and TC only to be cut before the season started then resigned 2 days latter as the backup. Now he gets traded to Dallas 2 weeks into the season which also begs the question, if the Bills weren’t comfortable with Manuel being the backup before the season started why are they all of a sudden comfortable now?

  4. Since Flynn already has been in Buffalo, maybe Thompson or Johnson gets a look there as a 3rd qb. Ryan liked Brad Smith, so assume those guys would get a look before Ponder.

  5. How is the Cowboys season done? There are 8 games between now and Romo’s return.
    Atlanta has a horrible defense and an offense that runs through a single player – Julio Jones. The Cowboys defense effectively neutralized OBJ and Jordan Matthews. I would say that OBJ is on par with Julio.

    New Orleans will have a new HC next year. The excuses about an injured Brees will spiral and this team is not going to be a difficult competition to win.

    New England will beat the Cowboys, but I even with Romo they had the edge. Cowboys head into the BYE week at 4-1.

    Coming off the BYE we have New York Giants who know how to lose a game, and a Seahawks team that lost the anchor to the offensive line in exchange for an amazing TE that they don’t utilize.

    Then we play the horrible looking Eagles again and a Tampa Bay team that was ripped in half by a rookie QB (Mariota).

    Is it really out of the realm of possibility that the Cowboys are 7-2 by the time Romo (and Dez) return?

  6. What’s funny is that Weeden is as good as Cousins and Bradford. Giants are a mess. Defense is awful, oline can’t block worth a damn. So all this talk about Dallas is premature. Plus the Dallas defense is better than last season with more reinforcements on the way. Dallas still wins the East.

  7. Rex let Cassell go so that Manuel (3 years experience) can gain more experience and be ready when Taylor ( 4 years experience) retires. Makes real good sense. There is no sense in having an experienced NFL quarterback on the bench ready to come in and settle things down if and when Taylor has more games like he had against New England.

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