DeMarco Murray leaves practice with hamstring injury


DeMarco Murray was already off to a slow start. Now, he’s even slower.

According to Reuben Frank of, the Eagles running back left practice early Wednesday because of a hamstring injury, and was listed as limited on the injury report.

It’s fair to say Murray hasn’t looked like himself so far this season, after gaining 11 yards on 21 carries in his first two games. That 0.52 yards per carry average is 4.19 yards per carry off his 2014 pace, when he gained 1,845 yards on 392 carries for the Cowboys.

And if he’s going to improve on that this week, he’s going to have to do so against a Jets defense which ranks first in the league in points allowed (although just 14th in rushing yards allowed).

The Eagles’ 35 yards per game as a team is the seventh-worst by any team after two games in the last 50 years.

“DeMarco’s a great player, but I think that we also have two [other] great backs who can get the job done,” center Jason Kelce said, referring to Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles. “Bottom line is, whoever is carrying the ball behind us, we have to do a better job up front blocking. As long as we can take care of the line of scrimmage and do what we need to do, we can make hay in the run game.”

It would be nice of them to start any time now, although Murray’s condition may prevent that.

43 responses to “DeMarco Murray leaves practice with hamstring injury

  1. Too many touches last year, plus new team and system and a suspect line, I don’t know why anyone is surprised about this

  2. 11 yards rushing through 2 weeks or 0 yards if he sits this week. Is that really a loss at this point?

  3. Demarco: Who do we play this week?

    Chip: The Jets, they just shut down Andrew Luck at home and have a better front 7 than the Cowboys.

    Demarco: I just pulled something.

  4. I sure am glad the Eagles picked him up. You paid him how much? 40 million for 5 years and $18 million guaranteed. Suckers!!!!!!

  5. And think, just last season he was being compared to Jim Brown because he averaged 5 yds. per carry for the season. Well. Brown averaged 5 yds. per carry for his entire 9 year career.

  6. brenenostler says:
    Sep 23, 2015 2:44 PM

    Hi, I’m Dallas Cowboys’ DeMarco Murray and I have DirectTV….

    And I’m Philadelphia Eagles’ DeMarco Murray, and I have cable

    Bravo sir, Bravo!

  7. Decent pickups but they were all paid waaayyy too much money! They’re screwed for the long haul. As much as I like my team having a shot even with Romo out I hate to see the division so weak.

    I still don’t get all the backfield pickups considering their offense and Maxwell is getting roasted on a regular basis. Alonso is out and Bradford looked terrible.

  8. Is it just me or does it seem like Murray is going to try to find a way out of philly before this season ends…I won’t be surprised if he ends up on another team before the trade deadline

  9. This is why you will always have 4 preseason games and 16 regular ones. Players going to a new team are barely ready in 4. Start the season 2 weeks earlier and both Murray and McCoy would have been out.

  10. Cowboys all day, if the eagles trade him, all the money from the bonus accelerates onto this year’s cap. I doubt have the space to do that. A cowboys can that doesn’t understand football. Crazy.

  11. brenenostler says:
    Sep 23, 2015 2:44 PM
    Hi, I’m Dallas Cowboys’ DeMarco Murray and I have DirectTV….

    And I’m Philadelphia Eagles’ DeMarco Murray, and I have cable


    I just realized I hadn’t actually laughed out loud in days. Nicely done sir.

  12. Interesting how Murray stayed healthy and had his best year during a contract year…..He got paid and that is what matters to him. What a fraud!

  13. Well, well.

    I wonder if all of the media blowhards who bashed Dallas not resigning Murray (with the amount of carries he had in 2014) have much of anything to say after week 2?

    11 rushing yards in 2 games, and he is now injured. BTW, Murray has averaged about 100k per those 11 rushing yards, with his guaranteed $9 million for 2015.

    $562,500 per game in 2015 is what he will earn. Murray LOVES those Philly fans who are flipping the bill for that guaranteed salary of his. I wonder if this love will be reciprocated?

  14. He’s no dummy…he knows who they are playing this week..look for him to be a scratch for the game.

  15. As a Cowboys fan I actually feel bad for Murray. I really liked him as a player, and was sad to see him go. The eagles don’t seem to know what to do with him, and he doesn’t seem to be a good fit in Kelly’s “system”. I feel like the eagles didn’t really want Murray so much as they just didn’t want the Cowboys to have him. They WAAYYY overpaid for him, he had no choice but to take the money.

  16. The Bills are looking good with the Shady for Alonso trade….Let’s compare McCoy and Murray at mid season….

  17. What do you mean too many touches last year…murray has gotten hurt and missed games every year he has been in the keague..all of you haters called out jerry jones on not signing cowboys fans know what murray crow haters

  18. This is a blessing for Eagles fans. DeMarco is just a product of the system. Anyone, even non-athletes that weigh under 200lbs could run behind that Dallas O-line. Murray isn’t a good RB. It will just take the Eagles less time to weed him off the depth chart now.. He’s easily the 3rd best back on that team, yet he’s grossly overpaid.

  19. I think both teams deserve what they are getting from their running game. D. Murray has had to bad games and doesn’t really want to face the Jets defense thus a very convenient hamstring injury. As for Randle and the Cowboys, I’ve seen Randle get less meat off the bones than Murray did. Either that Dallas OL isn’t as good as advertised or Randle is a really lousy RB.

  20. Making signing him for all those bucks, the Bradford trade, and trading LeSean for AGAIN injured Kiko Alonso look better and better every day. Tell me again how Chip is a genius again, Daddy…

  21. Eagles are better off running Sproles and Matthews to get the run game going right now. This is actually a positive as it gives Chip cover to do something different.

  22. But…Sports Science!

    I don’t want to be rubbing salt on the wound, but Shady is getting 100 yards combined a game behind a not very good Buffalo line and he’s doing it for the same amount of money as Murray (not even counting the extra cost of Matthews)

    Hey, but at least we have that young linebacker in Kiko Alonso…

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