Stafford sounds ready to play Sunday


Although Lions coach Jim Caldwell would say only “We’ll see” when asked if quarterback Matthew Stafford can play Sunday night against the Broncos, Stafford himself sounds confident.

Asked today if he thinks he’ll take any extra precautions to keep himself healthy, Stafford said he expects to be good to go.

“I don’t think any. Just go out and play my game,” Stafford said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press.

Asked if it’s scary to go against Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware, Stafford wouldn’t go quite that far, but he did acknowledge that he and the Lions’ offense would have a tough test on Sunday.

“Scary’s not the word, but you’re definitely cognizant of them,” he said. “If you wanted to build a pass rusher on Madden, that’s probably what it would look like.”

Stafford has started every game since the start of the 2011 season, and it appears that he’ll be ready to start the game on Sunday as well. Although if the Lions can’t protect him better than they protected him last week against the Vikings, it remains to be seen whether he can finish the game Sunday.

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  1. Stafford is an iron man, there is no way he was going to miss the home opener. I have no inside information but I’ll bet later on we will hear that the injuries are more severe than what shows up on the report.

    The fact that this man’s leadership is questioned is beyond me. He’s my favorite quarterback in the league and you can tell that he cares about winning football games just listen to a mic’d up or replay last week’s game as he kept scraping himself off the turf.

    Not the best quarterback in the league but I wouldn’t ever trade him. Not his fault they are off to a bad start.

  2. It doesn’t matter if Lombardi is going to call a game to play on Stafford’s (and the team for that matter) weakness vs his strengths. Square peg meet round hole! Abandoning the running game after running a few of the most vanilla running plays don’t work! Especially with a back coming back from an ACL injury! That isn’t going to get it done. Refusing to use your shiny new 2nd round back is getting Stafford killed.

    This isn’t New Orleans! Matt has a better arm than Brees, but far worse under pressure than Brees. I see better receivers than Brees had too. Take advantage of that talent, not neuter with a system, that is designed for average at best talent (AKA system guys).

  3. And the NFL informed the Vikes today that Barr shouldn’t have been penalized when he pushed Stafford out of bounds.

  4. You can’t have a little time as he’s had to throw and hope to be effective. Tough to say this, but, this coaching staff may be worse than the last. He’s much-maligned, yet, in a better organization he could be a perennial play-off QB.

  5. He will battle it out but I dont think it will matter much. Peyton will look great bc the lions cant generate a pass rush and play predictable coverage schemes. Stafford wont have time to pass this week—-broncos have a much more formidable pass rush than minnesota. I wish I were more optimistic but hey im a realist

  6. The guy is to give him that. I haven’t seen a qb get beat up like that since Favre against the Saints in the 2009 NFC championship. Hopefully they put him in a flak jacket because I have a strong hunch that Ware and Miller are going to bring some serious heat.

  7. At some point I wish Stafford would say “f this guys, I’m calling the plays” and forget whatever Lombardi calls.

    IDK but what a coming out in a formation where 81 and 15 are on the outside, EE on the line not so much to block but chip a defender and break up the seam, AA in the slot and Burton by Stafford to help block rushers?

    Those are our best players on O and that can create some mismatches.

    On defense I wish we would play a more aggressive press coverage. They give these WRs so much space its frustrating. If they are scared the DB will get burned, bring the safeties a little bit closer just in case. Hell have Tulloch line up in the middle obviously but a little deeper, somewhere between the corners and safeties.

    All I know is I’ll be up there this Sunday, I hope we win. We have the talent and it was on display at least for a half.

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