Bruce Arians reminds Cardinals 2-0 start doesn’t mean much

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The Cardinals are 2-0 after getting strong starts from both their offense and their defense this season, which is the sort of thing that leads to a lot of slaps on the back.

It’s only been two weeks of a 16-game season, however, and coach Bruce Arians wants his players to keep things in perspective. Quarterback Carson Palmer said that Arians reminded the team that they “ain’t [bleep]” during Wednesday’s team meeting and Arians found another way to make the point when he was talking to the media.

“When they’re patting you on the back, they’re looking for a soft spot where to stick the knife,” Arians said, via

The Cardinals learned last season that a fast start doesn’t guarantee anything as Palmer’s injury played a major role in the team going from 9-1 to 11-5 and a playoff loss on the road to the Panthers. There’s no message Arians can send that will eliminate the possibility of another major injury, but the memory of last year and the coach’s stance this year should keep the team from getting too far ahead of itself.

15 responses to “Bruce Arians reminds Cardinals 2-0 start doesn’t mean much

  1. In my many years of being a Cardinals fan, Bruce Arians is the best thing to happen to this team. He knows how to win and is always great for a good one liner. Arizona is excited and the rest of the country will soon now about this team

  2. Look at where their two victims are in the power rankings. Nobody on the Cardinals should need a reminder like this but it’s good on Arians to give them one anyway.

  3. They beat teams #31 and #32 on Florio’s last power ranking.


    And let’s be honest, if Arian’s saying this it’s because their team is making travel plans to Santa Clara.

    Really overrated coach and team.

  4. Everything depends on Carson Palmer staying healthy. If he can play the entire season, the Cardinals will be in the playoffs.

  5. Hey Marionette:

    Last year Cards were 9-1 before they lost #1 and #2 QB to injury.

    What was the 49er’s record last season with your # 1 QB playing the entire season?

  6. Hey dwoofer:

    You still have an injury-prone old man at QB who has played in just 2 playoff games in his 13-year career, losing both. And the backup answer is Matt Barkley now (for when Carson is carted yet again)?

    Krapernick meanwhile has been in 6, winning 4 of them… with an avg. playoff QBR that’s better than Palmer’s.

    Bruce can’t do it all.

  7. As a cards fan… Bruce Arians is the best thing to happen to this football club… It’s only a 2-0 start… Let’s talk after week 10when they should be 7-3 or 8-2

  8. Listen to hating 49er fans. It’s comical. We get it, you are scared. Either way, the Cardinals don’t make the schedule, they just play the games. The reason the two teams the have played are a couple of the worst is because of the throttling the Cards put on them.

    Palmer 15 – 2 over his last 17 as a Cardinal. When this team is healthy, they can beat any team in the league. Every team in the NFC west is scared of the Cards for good reason. So keep it up haters. When the Cards are hoisting the Lombardi, you can remember this post.

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