Cowher places clock-management blame on Coughlin

Getty Images

In 2006, former Steelers running back Jerome Bettis said that coach Bill Cowher would leave the Steelers after the season. Bettis was right.

Since then, Bettis has said that Cowher would like to coach the New York Giants. The only problem is that the job hasn’t become available since Cowher left the Steelers.

That dynamic made Cowher’s comments about current coach Tom Coughlin on the Thursday Night Football pregame show even more compelling. While Cowher didn’t mention Coughlin by name, Cowher blamed the team’s failure to hold leads on poor clock management. And he placed responsibility for poor clock managent on coaching.

With highlights showing the Giants snapping the ball with plenty of time remaining on the play clock, Cowher said that the huddle shouldn’t break with more than 12 seconds before a delay of game penalty, and that the snap shouldn’t occur with more than two seconds left.

Cowher explained that, when he was coaching in Pittsburgh, those standard procedures kicked if the Steelers had a two-score lead at any point after the middle of the third quarter. Implicit in that observation is that Coughlin, in his 12th year as head coach of the Giants, doesn’t.

If Coughlin doesn’t get a 13th season in New York, it’ll be interesting to see if Cowher gets a chance to implement his clock-management techniques at MetLife Stadium.