Goodell being interviewed for 60 Minutes


But for an interview on ESPN Radio that happened minutes after an ESPN article emerged that made him look not so good for his handling of the Spygate controversy and its aftermath, Commissioner Roger Goodell has stayed out of sight.

That’s ending tonight; via multiple reports, Goodell is being interviewed by CBS’s 60 Minutes at MetLife Stadium, in advance of Thursday night’s game between Washington and the Giants.

Steve Kroft of CBS News is handling the interview, which via is being conducted on the field at a “makeshift set with lights and cameras.”

Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post reports that a pair of NFL P.R. executives are listening to the conversation via headphones. As someone pointed out in response to that on Twitter, it’s possible they’re actually hearing a Patriots radio broadcast.

It’s not known when the interview will be televised, and it’ll be interesting to see how hard-hitting the interaction will be. On one hand, there’s a firewall between CBS News and the network’s broader business interests. On the other hand, CBS has a strong relationship with the NFL — and CBS surely hopes to retain the Thursday Night Football simulcast indefinitely.

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  1. It would be funny if this aired on CBS opposite the conclusion of the Pats/Cowboys game in a couple of weeks…..Brady wins again.

  2. The NFL Commissioner is corrupt.

    60 Minutes Sports recently featured a Patriots hating law professor who effectively declared exactly that.

    But as the NFL is a $45 billion businesses we shouldn’t expect any company that seeks to profit through it’s relationship with a corrupt NFL ownership/commissioner to expose what no one can deny – Goodell is a confirmed liar and he HIMSELF has tarnished the shield

  3. Funny McNally and jestremsky not only turned over their phones and nothing from Brady that was incriminating and the nfl never tried to push to make them an issue. I guess when there is nothing there, there is nothing there

  4. Ferdinand says:
    Sep 24, 2015 7:05 PM

    I hope he doesn’t think 60 Minutes is going to do a fair piece of honest journalism. That isn’t what they do much of the time.

    Maybe so but trying to figure out Roger Goodell’s concept of fairness or honesty can be difficult at best.

  5. Oh yay. I can’t wait to find out what his favorite color is, or what kind of tree he would like to be.

  6. littlescuppernong says:
    Sep 24, 2015 7:03 PM
    Maybe they could interview Jastremski and McNally right after Goodell and then maybe we could get some real answers? Like how much their hush money is worth?


    Funny, Tanguay. But they handed over their phones and there was nothing definitively incriminating

  7. Silly pats fans are not smart enough to see that Goodell took the fall for their hero. If the truth about Brady had surfaced, the NFL loses fans and credibility. As it is, Goodell is the villain, which only creates drama/stirs the pot.

    Goodell is the only reason Brady is still employed, Pats fans. He did exactly what the owners (Kraft included) wanted him to do. I know this because he’d have already been fired if that buffoonery this summer wasn’t orchestrated.

    What the Pats and Brady did was a potential league ruining controversy and the entire NFL got together to set Goodell up to take the fall. Those in the know can see this plain as day.

  8. Belichick will be filming their filming of the interview from a blimp overhead

    We’re on to the drones.

  9. “Be good journalists, ask the tough questions that all fans deserve the answers to!”

    In other words 60 Minutes, treat Goodell as if he were a Republican. Don’t make it a fawning, slobbering love fest the way you do when you have Obama on.

  10. Not worth wasting my time. He won’t give any straight answers and what he does say will just be the same old bs rhetoric.

    Goodell has become such a warped sideshow it really is time for him to go.

  11. “Belichick will be filming their filming of the interview from a blimp overhead”

    Drones my friend! Didn’t the NFL just get permission to film things from drones except during games and practices. All that leaves pretty much is pre game interviews with the commissioner

  12. This will be absolutely useless. The guy is such an absolute pathological liar. Expect to hear him throw out , “the good of the game” and “the integrity of the game” a few times.

    Meanwhile, he lies about absolutely everything, slanders everyone and tries to play the public as fools. If it wasn’t for the unsealing of documents and federal courts, no one would be any wiser.

    I expect more public relations garbage. You can’t believe anything coming out of this guys mouth.

  13. I am not sure what he can say about Brady, it is pending appeal. What will be interesting is to watch Goodell walk the line between punishing the criminals in he NFL while protecting them at the same time.

  14. So we get another spate of lies from this scumbag.

    Really doesn’t matter what he has to say, he’s been caught blatantly lying too many times now. He’s vermin.

  15. zachari14 says:
    Sep 24, 2015 7:30 PM

    Silly pats fans are not smart enough to see that Goodell took the fall for their hero. If the truth about Brady had surfaced, the NFL loses fans and credibility.
    I think your tin foil hat is too tight.

  16. Another PR move.. This man will not be interviewed unless he already knows the answers to the quiz..

    Funny, I’d like to think I’m a pretty decent sports person and like all the four so called ‘major’ ones..

    But I could not tell you the other 3 Commissioners names..

    Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? Just run the league..

    It’s not about you Roger.

    Now go back to school and get a Law Degree..

  17. Can’t imagine why 60 Minutes would accept this venue. Regardless of what Goodell says, he is going to take credit for some aspect of the game to buffer the actual questions. Goodell is the epitome of narcissism and shouldn’t be given any opportunity to support his disease. Yes it’s a disease. He should receive medical treatment immediately after he is fired.

  18. There was a time when “60 Minutes is here” were the four most dreaded words someone in the public eye could hear. Those days are long gone.

  19. We all know there won’t be any hard questions since Nobody can challenge Empereor Goodell and expect to keep their jobs. Too much money at stake for networks. Even if a legit question is asked we know Goodell will just talk around it and/or lie.

    For starters, here are few questions I wish someone would ask are:
    1. What is Mike Kensil doing these days for the League?
    2. What was the motivation to go after the best player in the league over something as silly as air pressure without evidence?
    3. How instrumental were some of the owners in wanting you to continue the witch hunt?
    4. How much does it burn to watch Tom Brady play this well with “properly inflated” footballs from the Super Bowl through the first couple weeks of the season?
    5. Will you show up at the Super Bowl if the patriots make it and how would you feel about handing another Lombardi?

  20. zachari14 says:
    Sep 24, 2015 7:30 PM

    What the Pats and Brady did was a potential league ruining controversy and the entire NFL got together to set Goodell up to take the fall. Those in the know can see this plain as day.
    Conspiracy theories are always fun, but in the Brady case, the NFL simply botched the investigation from the get-go. After the initial measurements, the entire thing was just mistake after mistake. Rational people can see this, plain as day.

  21. We all know that CBS will not do anything to embarrass Goodell or the NFL. 60 Minutes is a joke and there’s no longer any such thing as investigative reporting on TV.

    Goodell will spout bs and nonsense. CBS won’t challenge his answers or press him for details. Tomorrow the NFL will put out a press release stating Goodell faced a “tough but fair” interview, and that matter is officially over.

  22. What a worthless interview this will be. Roger Goodell would never let anything resembling truth ever come out of his mouth. He is sorry excuse for a human being.

    The world would be a much better place he would just take a nice warm bath, slice his wrists and be done with it. He is nothing but lowlife scum.

  23. He needs to do an interview with no pre-approved questions. I would actually like to see Bill Simmons , SVP or Dan Patrick get a live in person sit down with Roger. That’s a ratings winner.

  24. “dontbugmeonsundays says:
    Sep 24, 2015 8:44 PM
    I guess I’m in the minority, but I actually think Roger has done good for the league in general.”

    So did you like his handling of the ray rice situation last year or the framegate scandal this year? Hard to butcher every decision that comes across his desk but he has managed. Incompetence at its finest.

  25. zachari14 says:
    Sep 24, 2015 7:30 PM

    What the Pats and Brady did was a potential league ruining controversy and the entire NFL got together to set Goodell up to take the fall. Those in the know can see this plain as day.

    What did the Pats and Brady do?

    Boss Goodell still has his cushy, 40+ million a year job, so what fall did he take?

  26. The biggest problem with Goodel is his desire for public attention. He is always putting servicing his ego ahead of the interests of the league. Any time Goodel is seeking attention for himself it is bad for the NFL.

  27. good thing for roger he has such a tight bond with the chairman of the nfl’s tv committee, who would never allow anything unflattering to cross the airwaves about a commissioner that he holds in such high personal regard and places so much professional trust.

    in a related story chris mortensen reports 11 of 12 phone calls from roger to kraft’s personal cell phone went unanswered

  28. CBS is a broadcast partner of the NFL. I fully expect a series of softball questions that have been previously vetted by Jeff Pash.

  29. What the Pats and Brady did was a potential league ruining controversy and the entire NFL got together to set Goodell up to take the fall. Those in the know can see this plain as day.


    Evidently the only one in the know is you.

  30. “…..the entire NFL got together to set Goodell up to take the fall. Those in the know can see this plain as day.”
    Dude, this is the NFL, not Area 51. Take of the tinfoil hat and return to reality.

  31. I still think that Roger would make a better Republican Presidential candidate than Donald Trump. However, he’d have to take a big drop in salary and power.

  32. zachari14 I love your whole conspiracy theory and I would subscribe to it if I had I had a lower IQ score than the 131 IQ score I received through testing Goodell is a misguided cannon He either doesn’t react or reacts like a pit bull. Case and point Ray Rice, the league office had the tape Goodell stated they never saw it. When the public out cry came then he changed his tune. Now the Deflate Gate stuff is all ESPN media driven along with certain GM’s and Owners crying because their is supposed to be parity in the league. Since 1994 when Mr Kraft purchased the team the Patriots are the winning est franchise in the NFL (look it up do some real research). First the Chris Mortison report was incorrect , later retracted, Then ESPN had to retract their statements but they did it at night when everyone is asleep. Also read the Wells Report. I went to law school if the Brady was guilty why not have actual proof, not circumstantial evidence =, and for goodness sake you wouldn’t need a wordsmith = Jeff Pash of the NFL’s office to re-do the report and put words in like generally aware when trying to indite someone. They had all the information they needed for the two ball boys and nothing implicated Brady to doing anything wrong. It was stated in all the documents that Brady likes his balls a certain way all QB’s do Ask Aaron Rogers who likes his balls over inflated and so do kickers ask Jay Feely when he played for the Jets who they had their own deflate gate and the penalty was 250k . So it was an abuse of power by Goodell and the league office because so many owners are pissed the patriots continue to win. And please no one say because they cheat, because anyone with a half of brain knows that’s not true. you have a teams calls and still loose. because it comes down to man vs man. Also if some of you want to take it their the Dolphins in 2011 some of their players stated that they had the Patriots calls on tape . What did the league do ? Nothing because it was a way to try and stop the patriots reign. All teams have cheated in their history so don’t be JADED to think your team hasn’t because I can bet you that they have

  33. Just another opportunity for Goodell to attempt to repair his image. Expect a lot of softball questions and the usual lies from Goodell to cover up his past mistakes. Thanks alot 60 minutes, would love to see you put him on the hot seat but I doubt it.

  34. Come on guys, you know nothing juicy can come out of his mouth that’s the truth. If, and that’s a big IF CBS asks any tough questions, Roger Dodger will hide behind “since the appeal is ongoing in the courts, I can’t comment on that.”

    We all know he will make broad brush “integrity”, “fairness”, “thorough” and “independent” statements.

  35. I believe that he won’t tell the truth. He told ESPN Mike and Mike that the NFL had nothing to do with the Patriots locker room guys being suspended. Few days later, Troy Vincent was saying the Patriots will need to apply for their reinstatement. If the NFL had nothing to do with their suspension, why did the Patriots need to apply for reinstatement? Did not make sense. He was clearly lying.

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