Manziel: “Obviously disappointing” to not start, but I did my job


The Browns are going back to Josh McCown at quarterback this week, which means that Johnny Manziel will be back on the bench as the backup quarterback when the Raiders visit Cleveland on Sunday.

Manziel said that the decision by coach Mike Pettine was “obviously disappointing,” but that he understands why the Browns made it and that he feels his play in the last two games showed progress over where he was during his rookie season. He also said that he’ll remain ready to come in and fill the role again if circumstances lead the Browns back in his direction.

“I’m going to be a team player and do what I need to do from here on out and be ready if my number’s called,” Manziel said, via “I felt like I went out and did some good things. I bridged the gap and that’s what we needed. Our team needed a win, and I was the next guy up. We got the win.”

Manziel doesn’t have much choice other than being a team player and biding his time until injury or ineffectiveness causes the Browns to look his way again. Raising a stink about returning to a backup role would undermine talk of a more mature Manziel and do nothing to make the Browns think twice about their choice. There’s a pretty good chance that Manziel will get another chance this season and a performance similar to what he turned in the last two weeks would likely make the Browns think a little longer about giving him a longer run with the first team.

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  1. The Browns are an embarrassment. They go back to McCown without really knowing what Manziel can do. He’s played well over the last two games and not rewarding him tells the team that the organization is just looking to pile up the loses, just as the Bucs did last year, and gain the #1 overall selection. Then again, that’s just and NFL fans perspective.

  2. Yeah Johnny you did your job and the numbers don’t lie. Neither does the tape and you’re still throwing against your body with all your might, running at first hint of pressure, your footwork is still terrible and turning the ball over.

    You’re probably feeling very good about yourself, but a couple TDs with wide open receivers, don’t change alot. The Browns are right to sit you now. Don’t forget, you’re only weeks from sitting for a sore arm. The Browns are saving you from yourself, as everyone can see, you’re one TD from resurrecting the “money sign”.

  3. Manziel played ok when he was starter. He is still prone to turnovers. But a player shouldn’t lose their starting job because of injury. There is a reason McCown was named the starter at the beginning of the year. If McCown struggles then you replace him with Manziel.

  4. Don’t worry Johnny you’ll be back in, starting soon enough.

    As a lifelong Browns fan, I am very impressed with the turnaround. A lot to learn – but very impressed. What I am less impressed with is Pettine, and Farmer. Farmer doesn’t seem to know much about being a GM, and Pettine over the course of time has become “Opposite George” from Seinfeld for me. Think what you want to do and do the opposite.

    Josh McCown is not a very good QB, and he is not the future. He is one of the many Scott Mitchells of this era (think Cassell, Ponder, Flynn, Schaub, Hoyer) – one good partial season in relief and now a man in demand. At 36, hardly a project and his numbers speak for themselves. Why not put in a raw, but progressing Johnny Manziel?

    I would love to ask Haslam to replace those two but we do need some continuity. But if I am running the show I would ask some very, very hard questions.

  5. Can someone please explain to me the point of Cleveland starting a 35 year old Josh McCown? Even if he turns into a middle of the road start (he wont) you still only have maybe 2 years tops before he falls off the cliff. Start Johnny, find out what you have. I don’t even like Manziel but going with McCown is asinine.

  6. Still can’t believe the astronomical fail the Browns are making by putting Josh “never going to be good enough to be a starter” McCown in.

    No McCown is good enough to start for any team. I’m dreading if one will have to start for my Saints, honestly.

  7. His performance over the last two weeks?? Against a decent defense in the Jets he only fumbled twice and threw an INT…outcome: Loss…against a weak defense (Titans) he had a couple of big throws and performed admirably but he certainly didn’t light things up…are we seriously going to say this guy is now ready to be the starter? I’m also not convinced that his arm could hold up throwing 25+ a game.

  8. Can’t blame the kid for being disappointed, and he is right…he did his job. And, if nothing else, he created a demand for his services at the first sign of trouble with McCown.

    It won’t be long, now before Johnny gets a legit shot at taking that job as his own. And with his new attitude and work ethic, I am looking forward to that.

  9. Good for Manziel. That’s the right attitude. He may not like it but he’s in a great spot. He’s the backup QB that got the team the win. He will be the most popular player in town and when he has to bail out the Browns again then he will increase his value for the next contract.

  10. Good for Manziel. That’s the right attitude. He may not like it but he’s in a great spot. He’s the backup QB that got the team the win. He will be the most popular player in town and when he has to bail out the Browns again then he will increase his value for the next contract.

  11. I am not a Browns fan and defintately not a Manziel fan. But, I would love to know what is going on behind the scenes in Cleveland as to why the Browns won’t give him a shot.

    Is Manziel acting like Eddie Haskell and saying all the right things but doing the opposite?
    Is it the coaching staff giving the front office the finger for them picking Manziel?

  12. This guy needs a Harbaugh like minded coach. IE – Alex Smith only make him throw 18-22 times. Let him run 3-5 times. Get his 200 yards passing, 40 rushing, 2 tds. And don’t turn the ball over. They could win a lot of games. And at least make Cleveland a interesting club to watch.

  13. I hope when McCowan sucks 9and he will) Johnny tells them his elbow hurts and he can’t go in to replace him. you can be sure that if he comes off the bench and does not light it up the critics like the guys at pft will rejoice and say told you he was not ready. how on earth do you expect him to progress by benching him and bringing him off the bench and expect him to produce? and for the idiots who say he must be humble before he can good how much more do you want from him? you can’t get much more humbled than he was after last season. he went into rehab to straighten out and by all accounts i a changed man but that’s not good enough for you?

  14. Manziel should have said, “I’m glad we have a coach that sticks with his quarterbacks and doesn’t flip-flop after one half of play like Bill O’Brien”

  15. This attitude is exactly why Cleveland will never see a winning team. When he was drafted? Johnny Football was the answer to all the Browns’ problems. During last season? Another huge draft bust. He plays ONE game marginally well (anyone else notice Mariotta’s QB rating was higher? The Browns’ offense did NOT win that game on their own), and all of the sudden Johnny is a future Hall-of-Famer.

    And, let’s be honest, McCown is no Joe Namath, either.

    Get a grip. If this team finishes the year at any less than 8 and 8, the fans will be calling for Pettine’s head…and Haslam will probably listen–and replace him with an even LESS qualified head coach (if that exists–as you’ll recall, before Pettine saw his opportunity to have “Head Coach” on his resume after 10 minutes in the NFL, Todd Bowles, Adam Gase, and other qualified coaches from WINNING programs refused to even interview with this team). Good luck.

    And thus, the Factory of Sadness ramps up its production once again.

  16. That a boy Johnny. You have every right to take a shot at your stupid moron of a head coach.

    Pettine is an absolute clown that has no idea what hes doing and he sure as heck cant evaluate talent.

    Johnny should go to Pettine and say hey i did my job, why dont you do yours

  17. Manziel is handling things properly. He’s supposed to be disappointed and there’s nothing wrong with stating that fact as long as he supportive of the situation…which he is.

    Coach Pettine is doing the right thing for his locker room in toeing the ‘job not lost to injury’ rule. This ensures the vets trust him and still leaves the option to move on from McCown later (or sooner).

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