Colts coordinator Pep Hamilton: Blame me for slow start

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Colts quarterback Andrew Luck did the dutiful thing this week, placing all the blame on himself for his team’s offensive slump to start the season.

But as far-reaching as the Colts’ problems are, there’s plenty of blame to go around, and another member of the organization stepped up for his share yesterday.

According to Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star, Colts offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton volunteered for some responsibility for the problems as well.

We have not done our job,” Hamilton said. “I have not put our guys in position to be successful and to put our guys in position to produce.”

That’s an understatement, as the Colts are last in the league in scoring (10.5 per game) despite an impressive array of skill-position talent to go with one of the game’s best young quarterbacks in Luck.

But along with the documented personnel problems up front, the Colts are tied for the league lead with seven holding penalties, creating bad down-and-distance combinations which not even their sometimes-effective no-huddle looks can overcome.

“I have to do a better job of, first off, doing whatever I can to keep us out of the extreme passing situations,” Hamilton said. “We’ve had more first-and-20s, second-and-20s, a lot of long-yardage situations. Those situations are tough on any offensive unit, not just the offensive line. I have to find ways to make sure we’re more efficient and more productive on first and second down. . . .

“We’ve gone no-huddle early and often throughout our first two games. But when you have a positive play and then it’s followed up by a self-inflicted negative, you’re going to have some long-yardage situations. It slows down the offense and makes it more of a challenge to get first downs.”

It’s noble for Hamilton to offer to be accountable for things like holding penalties, but the reality is the Colts could use better players in front of Luck instead of just around the edges. That’s a problem that gets solved in March and April and May during free agency and the draft, making the answers hard to come by as September turns to October.

26 responses to “Colts coordinator Pep Hamilton: Blame me for slow start

  1. But when you have a positive play and then it’s followed up by a self-inflicted negative
    I assume the self inflected negative he’s referring to is deflategate.

  2. Still, it starts with Irsay for not holding Grigson accountable for not doing anything to shore up the O-line. The Dorsett pick is looking more and more wasteful all the time. We needed to get O-line help from the draft, from free agency, from the street, from anywhere. Grigson allowed himself to be distracted by pretty, shiny things. Why is it so hard for a football professional to see that you need a solid foundation in the trenches. You need something to build on.

  3. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if it were Irsay and Grigson throwing out the mea culpas? Never going to happen but everyone laying this at Grigson’s feet alone needs to think a little deeper. Among other things does anyone really think Grigson did the Richardson deal on his own?

  4. Pep should have been fired on the spot when, after marching down the field on a nice drive, he decided to get cute and call a pass to the backup tackle on 2nd and 2 around the 10 yard line. Follow that up on 3rd and 2 with an end zone fade to a banged up TY Hilton while being covered by Revis Island.

    The O-Line is crap, Pep. Your QB is getting blitzed every play. How about you mix in a screen pass or 3 step drop?

  5. Pep isn’t a great offensive mind but Grigson bears the blame for the horrid trenches.

    “Hey, let’s draft a WR in the 1st! Give him 9 targets in two games. We don’t need a DT/DE/OT/OG/C.”–Grigson

  6. Arians isn’t the answer and Pagano isn’t the problem. The problem is Grigson, and everyone, Irsay included, is finally starting to figure that out. The offensive line has been atrocious for years, and Grigson has continually failed to address it. Much like he fails to address the defensive line needs. You can’t win in the NFL without strong line play. But hey, let’s draft another WR with our first round pick! Grigson is an idiot and needs fired yesterday.

  7. Andrew “Bad” Luck has become an INT machine lol Who will be this season’s INT King: Luck or Kirk Cousins (QB/Redskins)?

  8. If the Colts slide continues, Pep appears to be a very likely “pink slip” candidate. Chud would probably take over at OC (through the year, but he is linked to Pagano’s fate).

    Honestly, as a Colts fan I don’t have much confidence in the current coaching staff across the board… and Grigson (GM) shouldn’t be guaranteed anything beyond this year either with some of the decisions/draft failures he’s had.

    I have to agree with the above, it is too bad it didn’t work out where Bruce Arians could have stayed on board.

  9. Pep will figure it out. The Colts are just too talented. There are a lot of new weapons, and it takes a while to figure out what works and what doesn’t. The Bills and the Jets are the two best offenses the Colts will see all year. I don’t think anyone will be too surprised to see the Colts go out and win 10 of their next 11 games.

  10. I’m not a Colts fan- so Colts fans I would tell you not to panic. For 3 reasons : 1) You faced 2 of the better defenses in the NFL 2) You play in an absolutely atrocious division 3) Despite all the offensive mistakes you probably would have won Monday if Gore didn’t fumble a goal line snap without contact. Would have changed the entire dynamic of the game.

  11. buds4grant says:
    Sep 25, 2015 9:19 AM
    Pep isn’t a great offensive mind but Grigson bears the blame for the horrid trenches.

    “Hey, let’s draft a WR in the 1st! Give him 9 targets in two games. We don’t need a DT/DE/OT/OG/C.”–Grigson
    Grigson hired Pep Hamilton. In fact, Grigson hired all of Pagano’s coaching staff….so this really is on Grigson!

  12. It’s probably Gary Kubiak’s fault.

    It’s an NFL rule that was installed in 1998. If the Colts draft you #1 overall nothing is ever your fault. If you have a bad stretch of game (Like what every QB goes though) it’s somebody elses fault.

    If it’s not Kubiak’s fault then it’s probably Bill Belichick’s fault.

  13. Even Andrew is embarrassed by the OC trying to deflect blame. Tomorrow, Irsay will claim it’s is fault and every OL and WR will take part blame.

    Just stop it! Andrew’s premature coronation is what set this whole thing up. If only WE would let the kid grow and play like a normal player, we wouldn’t be hearing all this nonsense. Luck is not the worst, but he is by no means, the best either.

    The experts and media have been trying to justify their faulty predictions and this is where we are. Anyone who saw Luck play in college, knew he had an issue throwing outside the has and that 15-20 downfield, his ball is in the air too long.

    But for analytics, they’d still be telling us we’re not seeing what we’re seeing. Like Peyton, Luck gets all the credit for inflated yards/TDs. He must take the blame for the INTs.

  14. At the end of the year, it won’t be about who to blame for failure, but rather who to credit for success. Pep probably realizes that, and is laying the groundwork for a head coaching offer.

  15. I think another participation banner (the one they hung last year was not the first of it’s kind there) is needed to restore confidence. Hmmm, what should it say? Hmmm. I know: “Preseason 2015 Participants”. They did win one game in preseason, so it’s not a total joke like the AFC Finalist banner celebrating a 45 – 7 loss is.

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