Jordan Rodgers applauds Russell Wilson for taking high road

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Just as the ultimate reality show was becoming a little less real, it’s getting a little more real between Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his brother, Jordan.

Jordan has taken to Twitter to applaud Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson for taking the high road in response to Aaron’s “God was a Packers fan tonight” crack at Wilson.

Via Ryan Glasspiegel of, Jordan Rodgers posted a pair of tweets regarding Wilson’s muted response to Aaron’s remarks, saying “[m]y parents taught this as well, way to take the high road.”

Some thought this was a slap at Wilson, because there’s no way Jordan Rodgers would be publicly siding with Wilson in a dispute with Jordan’s brother. Right?

In response to speculation that Jordan Rodgers, who played quarterback at Vanderbilt before bouncing around the NFL for a couple of years, was calling out Wilson, Jordan Rodgers made it clear that he was indeed giving credit to Wilson for being humble in victory and in defeat.

That probably won’t go over well with Aaron, who is sensitive to the point of being sensitive about being perceived as being sensitive.

105 responses to “Jordan Rodgers applauds Russell Wilson for taking high road

  1. Aaron is a diva and likes being a wise a$$. Congrats to Jordan for knocking his brothers oversized ego down a peg or two.

  2. I think Aaron was just pointing out that Wilson’s comment that God is a Seahawks fan is ridiculous. Seahawks lost, get over it.

  3. This sounds like the exact arguments my middle school daughter and her friends have almost daily.

    Is this league about playing football anymore? The league is going to start handing out participation trophies to soothe all of these hurt feelings each week.

  4. He didn’t take the high road, he did the exact same thing Aaron did.
    He squeezed into his statement that he was taught to be humble in victory and defeat.
    Yall need to shotgun a few recovery waters if you don’t think that was a similar type of jab at Rodgers.

  5. Why automatically assume Wilson’s lack of a response was due to ‘taking the high road’?

    Also possible that Wilson may realize how ridiculous his statement was in the light of simple logic. Perhaps someone pointed it out for him. At which point it would be best just to let people think you’re ‘taking the high road’.

    I applaud Aaron in pointing this out in a league full of players who point to their imaginary friend in the sky when THEY do something good on the field.

    Added bonus is watching NFL fans get butthurt when this is pointed out as well. Rational thought should be held in higher regard than superstitious thinking.

    The NFL could use more Aaron Rodgers’ and Arian Fosters.

  6. If you believe in such fairy tales of gods and powers and divinity then you deserve to be made fun of and its all very funny. Even if it tippy toes on your “beliefs” it was funny and Wilson should laugh.

  7. Sounds to me like he was saying “what comes around, goes around”. Didn’t sound like a slap at anyone. They’re all big boys. What’s good for one, is good for the other. I don’t think Russell Wilson owns the patent on God talk, does he? Two can play that game. If you’re going to live in a glass house, it’s wise not to throw stones. No crying when one comes back at ya.

  8. buckhuckster says:
    Sep 25, 2015 10:55 AM

    Jordan Rodgers must have cable instead of DirecTV.

    Don’t be like that Rodgers.

    I wish I could press the thumbs up button multiple times, this comment wins the day!!

  9. Rodgers absolutely should not have made that comment. To what end did that serve mocking Wilson’s beliefs? Rodgers just came across as being smug.

    Rodgers is a strong christian as well. So instead…he should let Wilson get away with saying that he lost the NFCCG because in Wilson’s words, God wanted him to win vs. Rodgers?

    Rodgers is on record as saying last year that he doesn’t believe God cares about the outcome of football games, but he does the people involved.

    Wilson is a fraud. If he took the high road and was gracious in victory and defeat, he wouldn’t have made those stupid comments after the NFCCG. So God wanted him to win the NFCCG last year….then decides to do a 180 and make him choke on the last play of the game and lose the SB??

  10. This “God wanted me to win” stuff is too much. How would anyone out there like to lose a job or promotion to someone who said later, “God wanted me to get that job” Sounds like God is a fair weather fan, and only likes winners.

  11. “To what end did that serve mocking Wilson’s beliefs? ”

    You throw it out there, expect a response. Not everyone believes what you do, or agrees with everything you say. It goes in public, anything can happen.

    Many religious folks claim to be very open, but are the most judgmental people. Good on Rodgers.

  12. Funny how much the concept of humility is being talked about in a scenario where no one involved has it. Aaron Rodgers might be the most honest-about-it of the bunch, but let’s get real.

  13. “Way to take…” suggests to me he was actually taking the piss, particularly when you factor that Wilson clearly didn’t take the high road.

    I reckon Jordan, quite understandably, simply didn’t expect anyone to have the slightest interest in his opinion – or was drunk – and is reversing course to either (a) mitigate the backlash that was heading towards his brother or (b) avoid being smote.

  14. Wilson didn’t take the high road last January. Turnabout is fair play.


    Wilson’s comments were not intended as an insult to the opposing team, rather an expression of his personal belief. Not the road I’d take but Russell did not use his comments in the same classless manner that Rodgers did.

  15. We are wayyy too sensitive in America.
    Not everyone agrees with religion. Alternatively, some people like to speak their faith.
    I’m not mad at either QB.

  16. scoops1 says:
    Sep 25, 2015 10:58 AM

    Aaron Rogers is the Jerry Seinfeld of the NFL

    I think Aaron is converting to Catholicism just for the jokes!

  17. ariani1985 says:
    Sep 25, 2015 11:06 AM
    erin Rogers should worry about actually winning a playoff game!
    Rodgers has won 6x more playoff games since he’s been in the league than the Vikings have.


    And he has a Super Bowl ring, something that dumpster fire of a franchise has never won in 55 seasons. Fifty Five. And soon to be Fifty Six.

  18. What do you expect from a Vanderbilt grad. He’s acting just like his alum buddy Skip Bayless. Aaron was just pointing out that God isn’t a fan of any NFL team, and Russell Wilson is the biggest phony around and he was definitely insulting the Packers and Aaron with his comments last year and he got payback in the Super Bowl because it was all about Wilson and not about the team.

  19. For the record, Rodgers is an excellent QB. Arguably the best in the game. Additionally, all of this is silly.

    However, I do have two questions. Why does Rodgers get upset when others mock him, but has no qualms doing so to others?

    And, why didn’t God want the Packers to win the last year, and the Fail Mary game?

  20. Its funny because Aaron Rogers always puts a chip on his own shoulder…. Very sensitive as well as insecure I guess

  21. Geez…. Are we so moronically, politically correct that a guy can’t poke a little fun at another guy about God?
    In the first place, here are the facts:
    No one knows if there is a God. Not even the Pope, who is all the news in NY City on this day.
    Anyone who says they do is simply saying they believe there is. Yes, all the wonders of the world make it seem as if there is a higher power which created everything, but no no one knows for sure. And lest anyone think otherwise, I do believe there is a higher power which created all of this. But I’m not about to tell anyone else they have to believe that.
    And does anyone really believe that if there is a God, he takes sides over the outcome of a football game? I mean, c’mon!
    Humans are pretty much alike in that when they have good fortune, they feel someone was looking out for them. And when they have bad luck, they feel like they must have let that someone down and were being taught a lesson.
    Russell Wilson said what he said and I had no problem with it, and no one else should either. Aaron Rodgers then said what he said and no one should have a problem with it, either. Rodgers was probably just joking anyway, and everyone is now trying to make a big deal over it.
    And even if he was taking a stab at Wilson, so what? What difference does it make?
    Please, everyone. If there is a God, please leave Him (Her?) out of all this. Because He (She) has a lot more to concern Himself (Herself) with than NFL football games.

  22. analeye1985 says:
    erin Rogers should worry about actually winning a playoff game!

    Maybe analeye1985 should worry about his team and their lack of playoff appearences let alone their playoff victories.

  23. About time someone called out Aaron Rodgers for how he feels compelled to take shots at almost every QB in the league just because he won one SB. Show some class dude, you’re the only top star QB who says the crap that you do.

    And all these zombie-like Packer fans who justify everything Rodgers says are worse than Patriots fans who insist that Tom Brady didn’t deflate footballs.

  24. Go Hawks!

    Roger’s smart ass comment was right on and Wilson’s constant references to god are tiresome. A player that thinks the outcome is reliant on his imaginary friend rather than his own skill and hard work will be quick to accept failure as god’s will rather than his own shortcomings and that in turn will lead to underachievement.

    Own it and be it or you will be left in the wake of those that know it is completely up to them to make things happen and not the misguided belief that somehow your side is better than the other because you pray harder or visit more sick kids in the hospital than the other guy.

    This is such nonsense in a sport that is about dominance, violence, and sex. Oh and let’s not forget greed.

    Give me a break.

  25. For whatever this is worth, Aaron isn’t a follower of Jordan on Twitter. Something tells me he stopped following him at some point in the past 24 hours …

  26. voiceofrealism says:
    Sep 25, 2015 10:53 AM
    I think Aaron was just pointing out that Wilson’s comment that God is a Seahawks fan is ridiculous. Seahawks lost, get over it.

    GB fans have no right to say “get over it” when they whined about the Fail Mary for 3+ years and then got soft at the end of an NFCCG.

    Aaron is a little soft, just admit it. He’s still the best QB in the league.

  27. Big Ben scores, then A. Rodgers never even has a “Discount Doublecheck” let alone an SB ring — darn it, Ben lol

  28. Anyone who has to point out they are taking the high road and being humble in the manner that Wilson did after Rodgers comments is not “being humble” or turning the other cheek. In Wilson’s mind he lost because God was teaching him a lesson in being humble…seems like a deflect, pretty lame too.

  29. I’m pretty sure Wilson made this comment first. How is that taking the high road? What a dumb thing to say when people are starving, beaten, and killed everyday. Yea, God was “taking care” of the Seahawks. Sure.

  30. He has since deleted the tweets.

    Anyways, it’s hard to look at Wilson’s rebuttal this week and take it as the “high road” anyways. And if Jordan has the same sense of humor as Aaron, this is being WAY blown out of proportion (they both like to subtly troll others), which is probably why he deleted his tweets after this was the spin on them.

  31. frankfortschooldropout says:
    Sep 25, 2015 11:27 AM
    “Fredo- You’re my older brother and I love you. But don’t ever take sides against the family again.”
    ” I can handle things! I’m smart! Not like everybody says! Like, dumb. I’m smart, and I want respect!”

    -Jordan Rodgers

  32. Wilson said god created football, then said he let them win the way they did to make it feel special. If you don’t like what Rodgers said then I would expect that you are furious about what Wilson said.

  33. packergator says:
    Sep 25, 2015 12:59 PM

    I’m sorry – who’s Jordan Rodgers, except for Aaron’s little brother?
    That’s the whole point! You’ve never said anything dumb, or been a jerk, and then have family take you aside and let you know it’s time to stop? Well AR, it’s time to stop.

  34. Aaron is right though. Religion, especially Christianity, is thrown around waaaaaay too much, especially in sports and even worse, in politics and law. We have the Separation of church and State as laid out by Thomas Jefferson. We should never lose that ideal as a secular nation. God loves all his children, not just one team. To think otherwise is completely ignorant and asinine.

  35. Jordan didn’t see a game slip out of his grasp only to have the other QB attribute it all to God.

    That’s why Aaron did this and I think a good chunk of the NFL watchers would agree.

  36. alfredogarciashead says:
    Sep 25, 2015 10:55 AM

    Rodgers absolutely should not have made that comment. To what end did that serve mocking Wilson’s beliefs? Rodgers just came across as being smug.


    That’s because he is smug!

  37. It’s amazing how many people don’t understand all of the circumstances and behind-the-scenes stuff… this was all purposeful. It’s called “trolling”. Rodgers did it. His brother did it. And you were all trolled.

    This is like logicalvoicessays, people. He doesn’t ACTUALLY believe the things he types on here… he is TROLLING. Get it now? AR was saying that God was a Packer fan because of how RIDICULOUS of an idea that is. Trolling Russel the Love Muscle… who has some mental defect he calls “talking to God”.

    Like God telling him to lead his girlfriend instead of having sex with her. That’s the type of stuff serial killers say people.

  38. Aarogant Rodgers lost the NFC CG and loudly proclaimed the better team did not win. Um you lost so therefore you weren’t the better team that day.
    He mocks Wikson after he wins the next game they meet.
    A smug jerk when loses; a smug jerk when he wins.

  39. Wilson started this crap, keep your god to yourself, Aaron gave a little what Russell deserves. These happy clappers destroy locker rooms, and many of the most vocal are the biggest sinners. I have many friends that have played in the NFL and many say that they don’t want to hear religious talk on the clock, and many are my friends are christian, and some teams have a policy that a player cannot talk religion while representing team. Wilson started it and needs to shut up…..I live in Seattle and he is rubbing teammates the wrong way.

  40. Rogers did the same thing to Brees when they BARELY scraped by the Saints with a win after the lockout…
    Rogers said something like ‘I see those player-only workouts really helped a lot’… trying to dis Brees because he held player workouts and Rogers didn’t…. Always trying to put a chip on his own shoulder as he can’t play up to par without one lol

  41. I would guess Rodgers’ entire family is aware of what a smarmy piece of crap he is…they watched him grow up.

  42. jwcarlson says:
    Sep 25, 2015 1:41 PM
    It’s amazing how many people don’t understand all of the circumstances and behind-the-scenes stuff… this was all purposeful. It’s called “trolling”. Rodgers did it.
    We are well aware. Most just think Rodgers is a genuine jerk of a human being. Guess what? AR does this type of thing all the time. That’s what makes him a jerk. His talent is respected. The man is not.

  43. Rogers did the same thing to Brees when they BARELY scraped by the Saints with a win after the lockout…
    Rogers said something like ‘I see those player-only workouts really helped a lot’… trying to dis Brees because he held player workouts
    He wasn’t directing that at Brees. He was directing that at the media wonks like Skip Bayless who was criticizing him for not having workouts.

  44. I don’t share Russell’s beliefs and I’m not a religious person. I also choose not to mock someone else’s religion or culture. The media, and idiotic posters, love to misconstrue Wilson’s comments and blow them out of proportion because they don’t follow the dominant liberal atheist doctrine of the times. Russell is one of thousands of black athletes in this country that give God credit for their athletic ability and opportunity to play professional sports. He just happens to be the most visible.

    Rodgers snarky comment just makes him look like a douche. Maybe just stick to funny insurance commercials.

    PS: Thank Michael Bennet for the GB win…wouldn’t have happened without those “free” plays.

    Go Hawks!

  45. Some brilliant thought and logic here on PFT. Earned or not, he comes across as a smug and douchey. And, ironically, most of WI, that buy tickets and pay for his contract in GB, probably hold those same “idiotic beliefs”.

    So by your own logic, since Russell and the Hawks outplayed and totally punked GB in the 4th quarter of the NFCC game (I was there and it was the greatest thing I have witnessed…since Sherman’s tip), then I guess Russell EARNED the right to say whatever he wanted after the game?

    Go Hawks!

  46. Jordan Rodgers knows his brother makes jokes and also knows that not everyone takes the high road when he cracks them.

    Hence his response.

  47. A-Rod is an all around classy guy. Arrogant? I don’t think so. When you’re as good as he is and, at the top of his profession, he can get by being a little “chippy”. I’d say confident would be more like it. Any fan, regardless of the team you support, would LOVE to have A-Rod as QB on your team. Patriots included (and, I think Brady is probably the all-time best). Haters’ gonna hate regardless of what he says. To the ‘hawks fans that are hollering about the refs loving Green Bay, etc… get over it. You didn’t take the “moral high ground” when the “Fail Mary” or, “Inaccurate Reception” was called (erroneously) in your favor. In the words of the great George Lopez… “Member? I member.” So, why try now? It’s a game and they will play again sooner or later. Funny, how the NFL works that way.

  48. On this very site they posted how Wilson said after his Super Bowl pick that God spoke to him directly in his head and told him he was testing him. So the last thing we have to worry about for Wilson is humility. He thinks he talks to God directly.

    The whole God helped us win – and then I guess when you lose its your own dang fault -thing is out of hand and Rodgers was being sarcastic. Well played I say.

  49. Let me get this straight. Wilson can make statements to the fact of God helping him or his team in games or situations but Aaron Rodgers can not? Do any of you know Rodgers depth into his religion? Sure don’t so stop assuming he was throwing a cheap shot at Wilson. If there’s anybody who’s smug or has an ego it’s Wilson not Rodgers. Aaron is the most humble QB if not player in the league. Haters gonna hate Green Bay be GREAT!!

  50. No one but the media said that comment was a knock on Wilson! You all take every thing you read and run with it. Rodgers could of been quite simply saying that God was a Packer fan that night, nothing more nothing less! But for Wilson to say God intended for those 4 interceptions to happen is way out of bounds!

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