Kirk Cousins continues to throw interceptions at an alarming rate


Kirk Cousins threw two interceptions in Thursday night’s loss to the Giants, continuing an alarming trend that began with Cousins’s very first NFL game: He throws too many interceptions, and when he throws interceptions, Washington loses.

Cousins has eight career games with multiple interceptions, and Washington is 0-8 in those games. Cousins now has a whopping 23 career interceptions.

How bad is that? Consider that Cousins has the exact same number of career interceptions as Washington second-string quarterback Colt McCoy and Washington third-string quarterback/scout team safety Robert Griffin III. But McCoy has thrown his 23 interceptions in 831 career pass attempts, and Griffin has thrown his 23 interceptions in 1,063 career pass attempts. Cousins has thrown just 514 passes in his career.

When it comes to throwing interceptions, Cousins compares unfavorably to some of the worst quarterbacks in recent NFL history. Cousins’s career touchdown-interception ratio is almost exactly the same as that of Jaguars draft bust Blaine Gabbert: Cousins has thrown 21 career touchdown passes and 23 interceptions, while Gabbert has thrown 23 touchdown passes and 24 interceptions.

Cousins also throws interceptions at a worse rate than Raiders draft bust JaMarcus Russell: Cousins and Russell both have 23 career interceptions, but Russell threw 166 more passes than Cousins has thrown.

Washington coach Jay Gruden insisted after Thursday’s loss that there is no quarterback controversy, and he’s sticking with Cousins. But if Cousins keeps throwing picks, Gruden may decide he has no choice but to pull him, because Gruden’s own job could be on the line if his hand-picked quarterback keeps throwing interceptions.

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  1. Regarding the JaMarcus stat, I think it is misleading – he would have thrown more picks if he was remotely accurate.

    Normally JaMarcus blew his throws so badly that no one was in the zip code, opposed to being a bit over/behind a target.

  2. The difference is that Cousins actually looks good at times between all those interceptions. Is he going to make it? I don’t know, but there is reason to think he can correct it.

  3. Don’t worry redskin fans you will have a new QB a new back up QB, a new 3rd string QB and a new head coach……… Only problem is that you will have the same owner lol

  4. Colt McCoy showed more promise than Cousins ever did.

    Cousins’ ceiling is ‘game manager’ – on a good day.

  5. Less than 24-hours ago, media and Washington nation were telling everyone this is the Redskins surprise year, and Kirk Cousins has turned a corner; the Redskins are in position to challenge for the division with New York bumbling around in the 4th quarter, the Eagles looking inept, and the Cowboys riddled with injuries.

    Um….Washington is 1 – 2 already and on pace for another losing season. They looked horrible against a not so special New York team last night.

  6. Logicalvoicepft what’s up man? I thought you guys were supposed to win by “21+”? Haha, skins will be 4-12, maybe 5-11. But I hope you skins fans enjoyed being atop the team stats for a week, though. Back to the basement.

  7. This shouldnt be surprising to anyone. Every preseason we hear how good Cousins is then every regular season he turns the ball over at numbers that make Brett Farve jealous.

  8. Jay Gruden named Kirk Cousins a starter for a reason.

    If he’s willing to pull him because of two bad games than obviously he wasn’t completely sold on Cousins and maybe appointed him starter because he does not like Robert Griffin III.

    Give these guys a chance to redeem themselves. Every quarterback known to man has had bad games but has rebounded because of the confidence in themselves, confidence from their coaches and teammates.

  9. Geez how soon everyone forgets. Last week Cousins carved up a very good Rams defense. Brett Farve threw 39 INTs in his first 1000 pass attempts. Peyton Manning threw 28 INTs in his first 575 pass attempts. Kirk Cousins isn’t those guys for sure, but this INT talk is a little bit much.

  10. What have you done for me this week? I read numerous articles about the turnaround in Washington. They lose in Prime Time and its all falling down?

    The run game did not get anything going – The Giants were stout against the Skins offensive line and tackled very well.

    Cousins forced and made some bad throws – you could also feel that coming when they were down 10 plus. His decision making isn’t the best and seems to have a sped up clock in the pocket leading to not getting his feet set and inaccuracy at the moment.

  11. If Gruden really wanted to save his job, He shouldve played Griffin from the get go and proved that Griffin aint fit to lead a team regardless of the end result, that would atleast buy him one more year imo.

    Now that they gave him the control to pick his QB and do things his way hes practically signed his own termination papers.

    Gruden and RG3 most likely wont be Redskins next season and Gruden will be lumped in with his brother as coaches who had hype but never really proved their ability to mold and develop QBs.

  12. It’s not just the INT’s. His receivers were beating the Giants secondary like a drum, and he kept throwing behind them. At best the receiver reacted to the ball and made the catch. The catch yes, put tackled immediately because they needed to break stride. Several times the poor throw allowed a pass breakup by a beaten defensive back.

    He was terrible

  13. First play of the game was an 8 yard run and then they decided to throw on consecutive plays, and then Cousins throws the the pick on 3rd down. They should have kept running the ball on that drive and imposed their will on the Giants D. Instead they put it on Cousins to make plays without any offensive balance. I put this more on Grunden and the coaches than I do Cousins. Running the ball and clock control to keep Eli and OBJ on the sideline should have been their mindset going into this game. Terrible game plan by the Redskins coaches.

  14. Stats rarely tell the whole story. Often very misleading. However, Cousins is a backup, and so is Colt McCoy. RG3 isn’t even a QB. So Washington should be looking for a QB with the number one pick. I’d hate to see a good young QB go to waste in Washington, so it’s probably best for everyone to just watch Cousins and McCoy battle it out. It will give people something to talk about. In the mean time, Cousins is the best option. Maybe they could trade for Blaine Gabbert.

  15. Trash..can’t believe Shanahan and Gruden think he’s going to be elite…I’ve never seen a QB throw INT’s like this and then wake up to be an all pro the following year…he is what he is.

  16. Kirk Cousins is exactly what everyone outside of the DMV thought he was. He’s Jay Cutler without the arm strength. He’s Brian Hoyer. He’s Ryan Fitzpatrick without the smarts.

  17. With the Giants, Eagles, and Washington incompetent and Dallas losing Dez and Tony, it looks like the NFC East will have a 7 – 9 division winner this year.

  18. bradygirl12 says:
    What can it hurt at this point to give RG3 a shot? Kirk Couisins can”t stop throwing to the other team.

    I can think of 16M ways it can hurt, the 5th year injury guarantee

  19. You’re aware, I hope, that this was Cousins’ 12th career start. I would encourage you to look up the numbers for the first 12 starts of Favre, Aikman, Elway, Luck, Manning, etc.

    I’m not saying he’s going to become those guys, but how about a little perspective. To his credit, Gruden has said that Cousins is his guy, and the franchise wants to see what they have.

    Redskins were not anticipating a playoff appearance this year. The Griffin Era is over…..he’s terrible.

    Cousins will be up and down all year. As a Redskins fan, I’m willing to ride it out. He looks like a talented QB to me.

  20. **ALERT**Missing Persons Report **ALERT**

    Be on the look out for a competent team oriented Redskin QB – if you find him please contact Jay Gruden immediately!

    ALSO Be on the lookout for LogicalVoicesPFT! Hes rumored to be hanging around those MEDIOTS that said at 1-1 the Redskins might challenge the hurting Cowboys in this division.

    FINALLY Be on the look out for a new Logo designer for RG3. Image and mottos are important for establishing his QB comeback!


  21. Man, going from Favre to Rodgers is going to leave Packer nation in a deep funk when we have to have one of the run of the mill QB’s out there. It’s a few years off, maybe closing in on 30 years of HOF caliber QB’ing when it’s all said and done. And then to have a “Cousins or RGIII ‘controversy'” caliber reality as a possbility? Hoyer or Mallett? Manziel or McCown? There’s not enough beer and cheese in Wisconsin to drown sorrows and comfort food when this sort of thing becomes our reality.

  22. Forty-nine (49) PAs (Pass Attempts) is simply too much over-compensation for lack of an effective running game. If the running game picks up positive yardage and Kirk Cousins throws effectively (i.e., not missing open guys), then the Redskins have a better chance to win.

  23. Must be an MSU thing….
    Yeah that’s it trash talk Sparty. Our football and basketball programs are both so awful we never finish in the top five or go to any final fours or anything so you’re definitely well within your rights to spew garbage like that. I’m sure whatever school you went to regularly dominates in both sports. Man I wish we weren’t so bad at football and basketball.

  24. Cousins has a weak arm and poor accuracy. I understand why the Skins aren’t turning to Colt McCoy but it is kind of amazing to me that Jay Gruden hates RGIII so much that he was willing to bench him in favor of this guy.

    It’s also kind of amazing that RGIII is so delusional and arrogant that a coach would rather not deal with him and turn to Cousins instead.

    Moving forward, it wouldn’t shock me to see Snyder give RGIII one more chance next season with a new regime (especially if they don’t draft high enough to get a top QB). If that doesn’t happen I think Philly or New York (Jets) would be his best options. There aren’t too many franchises that are going to give Griffin a shot to run things.

  25. If you want to understand what Kirk Cousins can be, you have to give him time.

    QBs take time, even with the Pass-Friendly rule changes, it takes time.

    Eli, Drew Brees, Favre, and many other legit QBs threw picks when they were young.

    QBs need to be given a legit chance.

    RGIII is so out of favor with Gruden, and Colt McCoy is what everyone thought he was.

    Cousins should keep his job and still get opportunity.

  26. romoistop5 says:
    Sep 25, 2015 9:08 AM

    Logicalvoicepft what’s up man? I thought you guys were supposed to win by “21+”? Haha, skins will be 4-12, maybe 5-11. But I hope you skins fans enjoyed being atop the team stats for a week, though. Back to the basement.
    Hey, leave LV alone; it cannot be easy coming up with all the love he has for RGIII. Besides, 5-11 would still be an improvement from last year. Kirk needs the reps to see what the Redskins have and if he keeps this rate up he will have 16 for the year (1 in week one, 0 week two and 2 last night. At least they where in the game on a short week on the road against a team that owns them.

  27. I’ve been a huge Skins fan all my life… Last night was the first time ever that I went to bed in the 4th quarter of a game. Why??? Because the backup QB is starting over our best QB… RG3. I didn’t even care… lost all interest in my team. I’m done watching.

  28. I want to know why the writer thinks that Gruden got to hand pick his QB. His options were 3 hold over QBs and he chose one of them. That’s not exactly hand picking.

  29. The Washington team is exactly who we thought they were. Just a bad team. Which is what they will be as long as Snyder owns them, a fish rots from the head….

  30. he may be bad but he is not jamrcus bad, nobody is! when he is a 100lbs. over weight and a drug addict then you can compare him to that loser!

  31. When Cousins senses pressure, he takes off in full sprint back and to his right. The backwards angle and speed at which he retreats is so severe that he eliminates any chance at completing a pass as he loses sight of receivers downfield and once he finally does look up he can’t get enough on the ball to get it to his receiver. He’s also so far back that he can’t even scramble for a few yards. His coaches need to correct this.

  32. bradygirl12 says:
    Sep 25, 2015 9:02 AM

    What can it hurt at this point to give RG3 a shot? Kirk Couisins can”t stop throwing to the other team.

    It will likely cost Washington about $16m if they put RG3 in and he gets hurt… He’s not going into any game this year. They will put Trent Williams at QB before they put RG3.

  33. Cousins and the Redskins made an average New York team look good last night. Might as well play RGIII and see if he can develop. Cousins is what he is.

  34. All interceptions are not created equal. Comparing raw numbers does not mean much. Where on the field do they happen and when? Red zones? End of half hail Mary? Close game? Pick-6? Short pass vs deep route? Are they passes that were tipped by the receivers? I am not saying Cousins is good or bad. Just that the INT raw numbers can be misleading. Some have more of an impact on the game.

  35. Well, how does he compare to NFL, whipping boy, Geno Smith? Haven’t we been led to believe that he’s the league’s all-time, worst turnover machine?

    What a curious omission. Man, facts really messes up the narrative. I notice Eli and Andrew were left out too.

  36. At least Kirk didn’t get sacked seven times.

    Also, weird series of events in which the Skins had to punt the ball in three consecutive plays, in a row.

    Never seen that before but then again, if it can be done, the Skins will find a way to do it.

  37. The running game had limited effectiveness, I think that was because the skins were already down 9-0 early. The problem with Kirk is that he can’t look off defenders and forces passes. Without being able to do that, he should not be a NFL QB. I was not as upset about the INTS as I was about the missed open receivers. Ok, so we bench RGIII because he can’t hit open receivers but we see that Kirk can’t do the same thing, so we are sticking with him? I don’t understand that, considering the fact that last year, Gruden was quick to bench RGIII for McCoy and Cousins.

  38. But ESPN did a story telling me how awesome that 3 QB’s from Michigan State are in the NFL…

    Cousins – 17 games 21TD/23 INT
    Stanton – 21 games 12 TD/14 INT
    Hoyer – 33 games 20 TD/20 INT

  39. Andrew Luck has 12 picks in his playoff career which is 260 attempts. He has 9 TDs.

    Where are the articles after he sucks it up in the playoffs that he needs to quit throwing picks?

  40. There is a Gruden thing at work here. Tampa had a very good team. They just did not have a quality quarterback. In seven seasons, Jon Gruden started 8 QBs for the Bucs.

    The Gruden boys just can’t get their QB thing right.

  41. Kirk Cousins threw for over 300 yards last night. It’s it his fault we got away from the running game sooner than we should’ve.

    Mikah312I: obviously you are young if you have never seen worse. Teams have started two QB’s before splitting series.
    We are doing fine everybody a short week after a physical game against the Rams is our only fault. Let the haters keep hating. HTTR!!!

  42. Cousins missed key throws last night that could have changed the game. He had TWO missed TD passes to Jordan Reed, one straight down the sideline and the other one when he was being blitzed and he didn’t stay in the pocket to deliver the pass! He would have been hit but hey this is the NFL and GOOD QBs will take the hit in order to make the play, instead he started backpedaling and just made a half ass throw. This dude is NOT the answer and once again the Redskins will need to draft their QB.

  43. I hope logicalvoice is ok. He really thought they were going to the superbowl this season.

    First pick of the draft will be the Redskins, and they won’t have to trade 3 picks to get it.

  44. RG3 is still the best QB on that roster and why he is not playing if he’s been cleared to do so is beyond me. That entire franchise is a joke from it’s head in the sand owner, to their inept front office, and a prima donna head coach and starting QB with egos so big they can’t get along.

    The NFC East is a very winnable division this year given all the issues the teams are having yet Redskins fans are probably going to be looking at another 5-11 season when it’s all said and done and more change over on the coaching staff and a QB who the team paid a king’s ransom for being shipped off for a mid-round draft pick and the same song and dance on ineptitude starting all over again. As much flack as “Jerruh” gets for meddling in the front office side of building his squad, at least Dallas has put some competitive teams on the field in the last 10 years and isn’t completely lost like Snyder is who is the main problem Washington has had since becoming owner of that franchise.

  45. 1989: Troy Aikman – 9 TD and 18 INT in 11 games (293 Attempts)

    1992: Brett Favre 18 TD and 13 INT in 15 games (471 Attempts)…(not counting 4 Attempts with 2 INT in Atlanta the previous season)

    1993: Drew Bledsoe 15 TD and 15 INT in 12 games (429 Attempts)

    1998: Peyton Manning – 26 TD and 28 INT in 16 games (575 Attempts)

    Young QBs have to learn offensive systems in addition to reading NFL defenses. They throw picks. The sky is not falling. The jury is still out on Kirk Cousins.

  46. It’s simple, the Redskins don’t have a QB, they have three guys getting paid way too much to suck it up.

    Hopefully their coach, GM, and owner figure that out so they can do something this offseason.

  47. I thought the New York Football team got pretty fortunate with all the Redskins mistakes as there were plenty of times when I wondered if the New York Football team was going to blow the spread. I was so happy to see them run on the last play. Lost a little money on the Under but majority of money was on the spread -3……tax free!

  48. What is even more alarming is that the Redskins actually have a win. And of course logicalvoice is nowhere to be found when the skins play like they normally do – he is the ultimate fairweather fan/troll. Last week’s win for Washington was a fluke – even the blind squirrel gets a nut from time to time.

    The skins WERE running the ball well. They WERE leading the stats in defense – all until last night, when they were given the smackdown by a much better team.

    It doesn’t matter who the coach, QB, or GM is. With Snyder at the helm, the Redskins team will continue to do exactly what all those in Washington D.C. do best – take money from the fans/citizens and give back absolutely nothing in return.

  49. This clown is a DISGRACE to the coaching profession , how much longer is this going to go on before he is giving his walking papers.

    Its so weird to see something bowl over to being PERSONAL between him and RG3.And he is going to put in the LESSER of the QB’s just to show Rg3.

  50. Why people keep comparing Cousins to rookie QBs? This is his fourth year. As bad as his INTs were, he was missing open receivers all night. He missed two sure TDs to Jordan Reed and he missed a wide open Ryan Grant for a huge gain/potential TD on the sidelines. The whole night he was throwing behind his receivers.

    You can tell who watched the game and who looked at the box score. Cousins racked up his yards in garbage time after the Giants were up 25-6. He should have had a lot of yards prior to that be he was just plain off target. I don’t know what Gruden, Shanahan, or anyone else sees in him. He’s Rex Grossman 2.0

  51. The people laughably bringing Andrew Luck in how horrible Kirk Cousins is fail to mention that Kirk Cousins has all these picks in 100 or so less passes than Luck threw all of last year. Wrap your head around that. This is who he is. He makes bad decisions repeatedly in games. It’s not like Brett Favre. It’s not like Andrew Luck. It’s not even like Jay Cutler. It’s like Ryan Leaf or something on the lower end of the QB spectrum like that, so stop bringing up guys who were actually good or even mediocre in Cutler’s case to excuse from the bad player Cousins is.

  52. darcrequiem is exactly right. If you don’t think Cousins was absolutely dreadful last night, you can’t possibly have watched the game.

    In addition to the int’s, which were brutal, Kirk Cousins specials- panic throws to covered to recievers- he missed open recievers on drive killing incompletions as well. Well over 100 of his 300+ yards came with the game already decided.

    It seems like the Redskin Potatoes specialize in these frustrating, mediocre, low ceiling QBs.

  53. Hence instant weekly analysis and conclusions are too soon to say for a fact as talking heads on both radio and tv like to do.. You see patterns and trends typically after the 1/4 mark, where the bad teams and good teams begin to distinguish themselves. After all this is a week-to week league where things are constantly changing, i was actually shocked when local radio heads proclaimed that Cousins had turned the corner and the Redskins were legit, yeah right lol.

  54. Sorry to turn your season upside down like that Redskins. I know you were hopeful after last week but the GMEN needed a win bad.

  55. Everybody freak out all you like. I’m not going to read too much into a game on a short week when everyone is sore fro, mailing the Rams. With a desperate N.Y. team at home to boot. I’ve seen too much physicality from this squad to let the click fishermen get me riled up. Nice try tho’.

  56. There is no QB controversy, but you can bet you’re going to see Colt McCoy on the field sooner or later. These pundits who want to pretend Colt is no better than Cousins apparently didn’t see any of the games last season or this year in preseason. McCoy is never going to throw those kind of interceptions. Gruden is doing what the front office tells him to do. When he’s finally had enough he’ll convince Dan and Scott that it’s time to end this experiment and go with a QB who is not going to be the reason you lose games. Personally I’ve already seen enough.

  57. They lose every game in which Cousins throws multiple interceptions. I love all these comparisons to QB’s like Stabler, Manning, Elway, etc. Trust me, he’s not Manning or Elway or even The Snake.

  58. @nativetexan

    yeah he is not those guys they were all on good teams – Cousin is not on a good team. He is playing from behind and taking a lot of chances to try to get the team back in the game.

  59. @ finfan
    you are correct Stabler is not – but he is a finalist for this year.

    My point remains – if Cousins was throwing INTs on a team that was wining no one would care.

    I think the better question is how many of Cousins’ INTs started his team into a decline (like his fumble against TB) and how many of them were 4th quarter gambles and desperation plays.

  60. Cousins’ INTs are rarely 4th quarter gambles or desperation plays, unless you count being under pressure a desperation play. No reason to make excuses for the guy. There’s a simple solution: stop throwing multiple interceptions.

  61. Cousins is not comparable to Manning, etc. not because he’s on a bad team, but because his decision making is bad and he often just throws bad passes. Those guys didn’t continue to throw interceptions throughout their careers like they did when they were rookies, and all interceptions are not equal. Maybe Cousins can improve. Time will tell. But he’ll have to do it against someone better than Tampa to prove it to me.

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