Michael Sam: I want to play in the NFL, wasn’t getting better in the CFL

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Michael Sam was the first openly gay player to be drafted in the NFL and the first openly gay player in the CFL, but he still has his sights set on the ultimate goal of playing in an NFL regular-season game.

Sam said on the Dan Patrick Show that he left the Canadian Football League’s Montreal Alouettes largely because he wasn’t getting better in the CFL, and his real focus is on getting better so that he can play in the NFL.

“I never really wanted to go to the CFL, but I did it and I committed to going,” Sam said. “I want to thank the Montreal Alouettes for all they’ve done for me, but I wasn’t getting better as a football player. That was one of the main keys, I wasn’t getting better as a football player. It was a different defense, a defense I wasn’t used to, and all the stuff I learned from the Rams, the Cowboys, I thought I was losing that technique in Montreal.”

Sam says he has no doubt that he can make an NFL roster next season.

“I am a football player, a damn good one too, and I want to prove myself within this league,” Sam said. “I know that I can do this, and I can play in this league.”

Realistically, however, Sam may have already used up his last chance. If Sam wasn’t good enough to make an NFL roster before, and didn’t get better during his stint in Montreal, why would NFL teams think he’s going to be good enough to make an NFL roster now? Sam deserves credit for having the courage to come out before last year’s draft, and he showed some flashes of talent in the preseason with the Rams. But he’s a long shot to make it back to the NFL.

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  1. Desperation to stay in the media coverage. Being that he is gay, that shouldn’t be too difficult a task.

  2. Wait, he spent 2-3 weeks in Canada, including walking out of training camp..Is it a wonder that he didn’t get better? And now he wants someone to pick him up from the NFL next year…

    Time to take that Oprah job…

  3. See you should have followed Tebow….work out on your own and keep chasing your dream at the NFL level…living in another country is not for everyone…..

  4. Real world conversation:

    Me: “Boss, I’d like to get promoted, but I’m wasting my time in this job, so I quit.”

    Boss: “See you later, good bye.”

  5. He may not have been getting better..but he quit on that team TWICE. He’s kidding himself if he thinks NFL teams won’t know that. I don’t care how great you think you are. You don’t quit on your teammates.

  6. Stop talking about this dude. He’s done. He’s a quitter who used being gay as an excuse so people would feel sorry for him. Straight or gay, you stunk. Ask Oprah to hire you since you were more concerned with her than you were playing football. Talk about a 7th rounder who is actually in the league.

  7. This guy is in denial mode. He was TERRIBLE on the Alouettes. Not from a scheme standpoint, but from an athletic standpoint. Slowest DE I ever saw on camera. Get real Michael Sam.

  8. He’s become delusional. Teams didn’t want him because he has marginal talent and he brings a circus with him, and now he has proven that he is a marginally talented circus that will also quit. He won’t even get a work out.

  9. I want to play in the NFL too!….unfortunately, I don’t possess the physical gifts to do so….just like you, Michael Sam.

    I don’t care how……but hey, Michael Sam, WILL YOU PLEASE GO NOW!!!

  10. This dude is totally delusional. He spent what, 15 minutes in Montreal between his “personal absences”? Tough to get better in 15 minutes, and the 15 minutes he was there, guys were leaving him in the dust he was so slow. If you’re totally invisible in the CFL, how do you think you can make the NFL? Please disappear.

  11. Yeah, nothing you can learn in the CFL. Just ask Warren Moon, Doug Flutie, and Cameron Wake- they’ll tell you how bad the CFL was for their careers. You’ll definitely become a better football player by hitting the gym as opposed to actually playing football.

  12. Anyone else sick of hearing about this guy? Yeah I know you are gay…don’t care. Like a lot of guys you were good in college, but you suck at the next level. Add to it you went AWOL on a team. Your 15 minutes of fame have turned into 3 hours….turn this show OFF.

  13. Clearly he has no support network guiding him through his early career issues. Problem is, he REALLY needs someone like that to advise him. The reality show was an embarassment, he comes across as wishy-washy with regard to actually putting in the effort and eventually getting better.

    Canada might not be the NFL, but it is a steady diet of reps, and the help of some veterans to help with with the little tricks pros use. But much like Tebow, that just isn’t good enough for Mike. So now can we please just ignore this guy and let him find that lovely position at the local car wash, hosing down the SUvs?

  14. Please go away. You are not NFL material. Your publicist may keep getting you noticed but, it comes a time to move on. That time is now.

  15. What a shame. The guy was a great college player and should be talented enough to make an NFL roster, or at the very least, a practice squad.
    He just doesn’t have it between the ears. You go to the CFL, you destroy the competition, and then you hopefully get an opportunity in the NFL.
    Instead, you waste the opportunity and quit. Bad combine numbers and now you’re labeled as a quitter.
    He obviously thinks he knows better and is better than everyone else. I don’t see his life story ending well.

  16. While he might not like it …. step one would being patient and maybe accepting a PS spot… develop and maybe make a team.

    But I think he lacks that patience and the ability to step out of the headlines and become just another player on the roster.

  17. Stop posting articles about this guy. I have no problem at all with an openly gay NFL player if the guy can actually play in the NFL. Michael Sam is not an NFL player. Stop giving this guy press time.

  18. It was a different defense, a defense I wasn’t used to, and all the stuff I learned from the Rams, the Cowboys, I thought I was losing that technique in Montreal.

    Good job. You just told people that you can’t adapt to any other defense than what you’re used to.

    You also told teams that techniques you learned from the Rams and Cowboys isn’t used in the CFL? Like what? Doing your assignments? Tackling?

    He wants people to feel sorry for him but his latest statements have probably doomed him to the point no team would take a chance on him now.

    Next stop? He’ll probably get a reality show on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network).

  19. But seriously, can’t someone with a defense just like Dallas’ or St’ Louis give him a chance? Clearly if you run a different defense, he has absolutely no way of ever figuring it out (based on his logic).

    Sam: “You mean you want me to learn a defense I’m unfamiliar with? Uh, no thanks. I can’t. I’m apparently incapable.”

  20. “I never really wanted to go to the CFL, but I did it and I committed to going,”

    He was there for a cup of coffee. Michael Sam is to commitment what Goodell is to integrity

  21. coltzfan166 says:
    Sep 25, 2015 12:23 PM

    It’s sad the only reason you trolls hate on him is because he’s gay. If he were straight, yall wouldn’t care if he wants to play in the NFL.
    If he were straight, he would’ve fallen off the media map shortly after training camp last year as he should have. Being gay is apparently all he has going for him right now (“not that there’s anything wrong with that!”). That’s for dang sure the only reason the media won’t let us forget about him.

  22. I saw him play in the CFL. He was atrocious.

    I have no doubt he left because he was about to get released and he didn’t want the embarrassment.

  23. Go to work in the league offices. They need more delusional people to fill the roles of the ones who are going to be fired over deflategate

  24. When he got drafted, I called his career. Getting drafted right before the end of draft was complete publicity stunt sham, a favour Fischer did for Goddell to make the NFL look progressive. I knew full well he wouldn’t start anywhere. The NFL and tough dudes in the locker room arent ready for that.

  25. coltzfan166 says: It’s sad the only reason you trolls hate on him is because he’s gay. If he were straight, yall wouldn’t care if he wants to play in the NFL.

    If he was straight, nobody would be writing about him or care about him.

  26. I watched this guy play in college, long before he announced he was gay. What I saw was a guy who wasn’t strong enough to play inside, at an NFL level, and wasn’t fast enough to play outside, at an NFL level. Jackson Jeffcoat was the same way. Jeffcoat, eventually caught on with Washington as a backup. If Jeffcoat was spending a lot of time bringing attention to himself, he’d be on the streets too. Both guys put up big sack numbers in college, but their skills aren’t NFL level. Jeffcoat was a pre-season first rounder in most mock drafts. He went undrafted but was signed as a free agent by Seattle. Seattle cut him and Washington picked him up. Washington cut him too, then signed him to the practice squad. He has since worked his way onto the active roster. His father was an all pro for the Cowboys, and Jeffcoat wasn’t gay. He was passed up because he didn’t have the talent. Same with Sam.

  27. 1,000 other players that have been drafted/not drafted the last 5 years could have the same article written about them. Why is Sam so different?

    Oh, that’s right. But we’re not supposed to make a “big deal” out of THAT…

  28. When is Michael Sam going to figure out that the NFL isn’t interested in him? If the league wanted him, he’d have a job (or at least an offer or two). This is becoming tiresome. Move on with your life, Michael. The NFL isn’t working out for you.

  29. “The CFL was his best chance to prove he could play at a higher level and get a shot at the NFL.”

    -Tim Tebow

  30. Remember all the talking heads like Jay Moore saying this guy would have been a 1st round pick if he didn’t “come out”??
    Wonder how they feel now???
    Probably still making excuses and saying he just needs the right chance.

    Can’t fix stupid

  31. I love that everyone wants to act like he never had skills. He was an All American and SEC Defensive player of the year. His skills haven’t transitioned well to the NFL, just like other high profile players.

    It’s a shame, but let’s not pretend like he’s only known for coming out of the closet.

    Now, would he still be in the news? No. Are his 15 minutes up? Yes, 20 minutes ago.

  32. Mr. Sam. If you can’t hack it in the CFL, and you have already been rejected buy the NFL, then how are you going to make an NFL roster? At some point you have to admit to yourself that you just are not good enough and move on with your life. With the choices you have made, I am sure Oprah and others will be happy to help you with your post Football career.

  33. So you went to the CFL, and after nearly zero time of actually playing for your team, AND taking advantage of an extended absence from it to begin with, you’ve left because you weren’t getting better. (Can’t imagine how you’d have failed to get better when you aren’t going to practices)

    And now an NFL team is supposed to look at that and say ‘well, I’m sure that’s just the kind of work ethic we need here’.

    So what happens next? Let’s say some team is dumb enough to take that flyer on you- do you leave a 4-12 team because you’re not winning enough? Do you leave a 10-6 team because you don’t get enough playing time behind the guys who really do put in the work?

    Increasingly unimpressed with Michael Sam- seems like a nice guy, and I’m glad he took the leap that has opened the door for more players to come out openly, but as a football player and a personality I sure wouldn’t let him on my roster if I were an NFL general manager.

  34. He needs to look at guys like Jeff Garcia, Joe Kapp, Warren Moon, Joe Theismann, Rocket Ismail, Doug Flutie, Fred Jackson, Curt Warner and Cameron Wake. All of these guys had 4 things in common. They did not go to the NFL initially. They all went somewhere else and actually committed to their teams and getting better. They didn’t quit when they had setbacks. They all had Very Good NFL careers. There are also many others who went to Canada or Arena, worked hard and did make NFL Rosters.

  35. He needs to look at guys like Jeff Garcia, Joe Kapp, Warren Moon, Joe Theismann, Rocket Ismail, Doug Flutie, Fred Jackson, Curt Warner and Cameron Wake. All of these guys had 4 things in common. They did not go to the NFL initially. They all went somewhere else and actually committed to their teams and getting better. They didn’t quit when they had setbacks. They all had Very Good NFL careers. There are also many others who went to Canada or Arena, worked hard and did make NFL Rosters.

  36. Can this 3 dollar bill please just evaporate.!! He’s had more then fifteen minutes and sick of seeing and hearing about this dude.

  37. If Tim Tebow is blackballed from the NFL due to a perceived “lack of QB skills”, then Sam should also be blackballed for a “lack of football skills in general”.

    He was cut for a reason.
    He was not signed by any NFL teams for a reason.
    No NFL team will sign him, not due to his gayness, but because he outright sucks as a player.

  38. coltzfan166 says:
    Sep 25, 2015 12:23 PM
    It’s sad the only reason you trolls hate on him is because he’s gay. If he were straight, yall wouldn’t care if he wants to play in the NFL.


    I his name wasn’t preceded with “the first openly gay player in the NFL” nobody would have read more about him than “Michael Sam gets drafted” and “Michael Sam gets cut”. But, because of the required tag to his name, people are having to read articles on pretty much everything this guy has said or done since coming out, very conveniently timed to coincide with his chance to be drafted, I must add. I don’t remember seeing or hearing any hate on him until we were force fed the life and times of a far less than average football player, just because of that tag.

  39. I’ll bet Michael Sam and Jonathan Martin would be great friends. They could throw their own little pity parties every Sunday and talk about how mean everyone else is.

  40. His best chance was having two 10 sacks season in the NFL, now he a quiter who is not worth the trouble.

  41. tcostant says:
    Sep 25, 2015 1:24 PM
    His best chance was having two 10 sacks season in the NFL, now he a quiter who is not worth the trouble.

    Opps – should have read ” two 10 sacks season in the CFL…”

  42. His frustration is no different than anyone else’s. He was a very good college football player whose attributes just don’t transfer well to the NFL game. He’s not the first and in good company with a bunch of more highly regarded players. The NFL game is faster and it’s players are bigger and it requires different skill sets.

  43. Neither Michael Sam nor Tim Tebow are remotely close to being legitimate NFL players. They should be in the political news rather than football news. Tebow is a perfect candidate for those on the far right who push their outdated religious views on everyone else and Sam is a perfect candidate for those on the far left who try to socially engineer everyone else with their doctrines of political correctness.

  44. Utterly delusional, demonstrated gaps in logical thinking, absence of any media cognizance…

    Sounds like he’d be perfect for an NFL front office job.

  45. It’s really hard to believe this guy really loves the game as much as the media spotlight.

    I remember a QB before the “BCS” era that led the Washington Huskies to a Rose Bowl Victory, was easily one of the best collegiate QB’s coming out of college and didn’t even get a sniff from the NFL. He went to the CFL for 5 years and torched the league. Finally got his NFL chance and then torched the NFL. Never played on teams with a stout defense but nonetheless ended up being one of the best QB’s(statistically) to ever play and ended his career with the coveted gold blazer and a bust in Canton. Warren Moon!

    Maybe Sam should revisit history for some inspiration and stop doing these interviews.

    He comes across very disingenuous and self serving which damages his credibility to the nth degree. He used being “gay” as a springboard instead of what he can do on the field. Horrible P.R. move in hindsight and now look at him………………………………

    Just sad.

  46. This young man evidently has some serious mental health issues and is in denial of that fact. He played the I am gay card to it’s end.

    One does not succeed at anything by walking out every time something does not fit right. He just wants center stage. He may say he he is good enough but talk only goes so far. Never giving up is how you succeed in life. I can’t even seeing any decent agent investing time in him.

    There is a lot of gay players on NFL rosters. The difference is they do not parade that fact around and they are mentally tough, Sam is not. He takes every chance to be in the media he can get.

    The ONLY reason he announced he was gay because he knew the NFL had to give him a chance. I don’t care if he was defensive POY in college. Look at Eric Crouch. Heisman QB. Played for a NC. Drafted as a WR and never did anything.

    In short the NFL could care less if he slept with a Walrus. If he was good enough he would be on a roster and he is not. He even got a second chance at the veteran combine in AZ and stunk the place up.
    Like it was said. If he wasn’t gay and a regular player we would be hearing nothing about him anymore. But it’s the media calling him up that keeps dragging him out for attention again.

  47. C’mon now, stop talking about not talking about him so he doesn’t get the attention he’s seeking.

    I can keep talking about talking about him though – in fact I can keep talking about not talking about talking about him – because I know best and Dan Patrick’s producers couldn’t possibly know exactly how my brain works.

  48. Michael Sam you must think you deserve it to be handed to you on a silver plate. If you can’t hack it in the CFL then you will never play in the NFL.

  49. The sad thing is that when he doesn’t get picked up by an NFL team next year, he has the “It’s because i’m gay” card up his sleeve to play, and if he doesn’t play that card, there are various groups that will play it for him…

  50. What other middle of the road college player gets this much attention. He’s had is 15 minutes now go off and live your gay life.. Enjoy being married to your boyfriend and the fact that you are Gay because no one else really cares.

  51. Whether he’s straight, gay, “in-transition” or whatever, he should have “stayed” in Canada. He has NO other way to demonstrate his skills to the NFL. If the “technique” that he is so concerned with doesn’t exist in the CFL but you are the “only” one familiar with it, then wouldn’t that put you “one up” on any offensive lineman that come up against in the CFL??? Furthermore, if you are so intent on making to the NFL and you have demonstrated that you are “dominating” the CFL ballplayers wouldn’t that in fact make you “more attractive” (and i do mean “athletically” Michael, not in any other context….) then logically he should REMAIN in the CFL !!

  52. This guy is such a disappointment to the LGBT community. Dude comes out so that he could be the first one, and blaze the trail for others to be able to be openly gay and still play in the NFL. You would think that someone who wants to be an inspiration for others would work hard to set a good example…

    Nope! He wanted to do a reality show while in camp (big no-no for any player, let alone a rookie 7th round pick) and only cancelled because his team told him to. Then after experiencing some hardship (getting cut by Rams, Cowboys) he decides to go the CFL to work on his skills. So you would think that he would have motivation to dominate the diminished talent in the CFL, so he could get signed by the NFL. Nope, he quits, walks out on his team, and now is on the radio saying he’s too good for the CFL and wants to play in the NFL. Just go away dude, nobody cared whether you were gay or not, they just wanted you to shut up and ball…and you didnt.

  53. I was a big supporter when he came out. Contrary to what most on here would like to say, it DID take courage. I really wanted him to get his shot. I thought getting drafted by STL was horrid for him, as they had one of the deepest DLine depth charts in the league. I thought he had a chance in Dallas.

    But this guy isn’t an NFL football player. Two teams have declined to keep him. There are millions of gay Americans, almost ANY team would love to have him from a marketing stand point, because it would be a GIANT bump in fan base and merchandise sales.

    But Michael is just the WRONG dude, to be THE one. He has proven he has no heart. Has no mental toughness, and doesn’t have the physical talent to make up for it. He lacks any of the traits needed to be an NFL DLineman.

    Please, stop the circus. At this point, pursuing this any further is going to do the OPPOSITE of what you want Sam. Other gay athletes are going to look at you and STAY in the closet.

    Go pursue something else in life. Congrats on being strong enough to open yourself up to the ridicule you got from many. Congrats on being the first. It’s over now.

  54. Can we please stop saying he was courageous to come out before the draft. He only came out because he knew he was not getting drafted unless he brought attention to a sensitive subject matter.

    I mean really, NFL teams do not care who you are, what you do, just that you can play the game. Hell Frank Clark, Cox, Hardy…are in the league and deserve to be in a jail cell. But they can play the game. Michael can’t play!

  55. Cam Wake provided the blueprint for guys who don’t make it on their first time in the NFL. Wake got cut, came to the CFL, and became a dominant defensive player.

    He went out on the field and proved how good he was. NFL teams notice that, and one of them gave him another shot, which he took full advantage of.

    That’s how you do it. You can’t get better at football by not playing football. Sam left Montreal *twice* in half a season. That proves something, but it’s not something that helps him land another NFL shot.

    His orientation is irrelevant to this. What NFL team would want a guy who was cut twice, then quit on a CFL team? It’s crazy.

  56. I think the Sam cycle is now ended.

    If Sam’s objective was to try and move the needle on gays openly playing in sports, mission accomplished. Any more media involvement will show it has some other agenda, and will do more to hurt the cause than help. Anyone else willing to come out will think twice that they will be accused of attention seeking.

    Time to move on with life…

  57. I’m surprised we didn’t get 50 more of the “it has to be because he is gay because he was co-defensive player of the year in the SEC.”

  58. Should have focused more on being an NFL Player instead of being a gay football player and maybe he would have caught on.

    He’ll be on Dancing with the “Stars” next season. Would he have a male or female partner?

  59. I was rooting for him, now I just see an entitled brat. You couldn’t cut in the NFL, you left your CFL team out to dry that gave you an opportunity to be a football player. Selfishly you leave because it didn’t help y-o-u. Good luck getting another shot in the NFL.

  60. cazspaz hit the nail on the head. Quitting on your teammates (twice) isn’t going to endure you to an NFL club. Football abilities are not all that make up an NFL player. It is mental toughness and work ethic, working hard to get better. He obviously doesn’t have it in him to do that with a club he “committed” to.

  61. Defensive version of Tim Tebow…many people pulling for him to succeed, some people want him to get multiple chances…etc.

  62. How many times is this softy going to retire and comeback? He makes Farve look like Peyton Manning.

  63. Tell that “not getting better in the CFL because the defense is different” crap to guys like Cameron Wake.

    Just like Tebow, at the end of the day it’s not the baggage, it’s just that the guy isn’t good enough.

  64. Looks like he didn’t have the skill to be able to play in the NFL or CFL, so he said he was gay which gave him the opportunity to compete in those leagues but still his play was not good enough to make the squads. Maybe he should say he’s really a cross-dressing transgender, which I’m sure would give him another opportunity to try and make a team in either leagues. If that don’t work, he can try saying he’s bi-sexual. I’m sure there’s unlimited opportunity for him to make a team. Just depends on what sexual fetish he wants to list. How about the joke is over?

  65. coltzfan166 says: Sep 25, 2015 12:23 PM

    It’s sad the only reason you trolls hate on him is because he’s gay. If he were straight, yall wouldn’t care if he wants to play in the NFL.

    everybody hates on him because hes gay? are you delusional? the fact that he was gay got him inside the door, and his talent couldn’t keep him there. don’t use his orientation as the reason for him not making it in the nfl. you are insulting those in the gay community who aren’t getting the opportunities. sadder is the fact that those who are qualified to do things, aren’t given the opportunity.

  66. Well you don’t get better if you don’t show up meathead! You need to practice to improve, not hide out at home while the team holds a spot for you. The gall of this guy. The unmitigated gall.

  67. He has maturity issues…..needs to learn to stay consistent and work hard. Also, the whole cake feeding on draft day thing was disgusting. It it were a hetero couple, I still would think it is disgusting.

  68. Cry hard enough and your lord and savior Barack Hussein Obama will PUT you on an NFL team whether they like it or not.

  69. Problem for Sam is that he is slow. Even if he was a workout warrior, speed is really a natural ability, either you have the fast-twitch muscles or you don’t.

    Also, NFL teams are as mercenary as they come. If they thought he could play, he would be on one of them. Why are Adrian Peterson, Aldon Smith, and Greg Hardy on NFL teams? Because they can play. Why are Tebow and Sam not on teams? Because they can’t.

  70. The guy is delusional, and a few fries short of a happy meal.

    He wasn’t getting better, because he reached his physical limitation ceiling in college. It doesn’t matter what position you compare him against…nose tackles to cornerbacks… he is just about the slowest, least agile, and weakest players out there.

    He was horrible in his brief time in the CFL, he’s too slow for even it. I was watching this guy trying to run his full speed and the QB’s rolling left or right… looking downfield, not nearly going their fastest and Michael Sam couldn’t even close the gap on them.

    He says he made commitment, but he didn’t, he left. This moron thinks you can quit and still bring out ‘commitment’ as if it applies to him. That’s complete denial right there folks.

    He says he never wanted to go there? That’s the only place that would have him, and he couldn’t do anything with it because… he sucks.

    He is telling any potential employer that he can’t play a different defense, and he can’t remember fundamentals. Brilliant!

    Yet he uses that as a reason he is quitting. That somehow the style of the defense he was using in the CFL was making him worse.

    How is he supposed to make the NFL when he doesn’t want to work or stick with anything? If you aren’t the most physical, the fastest, the quickest… you need to work harder then anyone.

    With Michael Sam, he happens to be among the slowest, least athletic, weakest player all together on either team at any game, and yet he ALSO doesn’t want to work hard or stick with it.

    Yet he has no doubt he’ll be on the NFL.

    Michael Sam is…… Cuckoo-Cuckoo-Cuckoo-Cuckoo

    (and his preseason performance were lucky gifts… not talent… watch the film. Any idiot can grab a guy right next to him. That’s not talent.)

  71. WOW I’ve never seen so many mean people in my life, and i know 90% of u are doing this cause he’s gay, wat a shame america, i really hope he makes a team next year and shuts all you doubter’s up

  72. I think what he really needs is a good sports psychologist. He needs to get his head screwed on straight (no pun intended). Like he said, he made a commitment to the CFL, but then he walked away from it. That’s the thing that people take from it.

    He should ask Doug Flutie if playing in the CFL is a waste of time and doesn’t prepare one to play in the NFL. He should ask Curt Warner if playing Arena Football is a waste of time and doesn’t prepare one to play in the NFL.

    Bottom line Michael, go somewhere, be the best and show you can learn. Then you’ll get noticed. If you can’t make it in a “B” league, you can’t make in the big times.

  73. seahawkz says:
    Sep 25, 2015 4:12 PM
    WOW I’ve never seen so many mean people in my life, and i know 90% of u are doing this cause he’s gay, wat a shame america, i really hope he makes a team next year and shuts all you doubter’s up

    ——–Not going to happen

  74. I think he had 14 minutes more of time in the spotlight than he deserved! Time to get a real job & put that college degree to work! Oh yea, he’s a washed up jock! I forgot! Damn the real world sucks huh?

  75. How long did other players stay in the CFL before the jump? A few seasons is seems. This guy seemed to just flat out quit.

  76. You are all missing the point here. Goodell, listen up because it will make you and the owners a lot of money. Michael Sam is letting you know that the CFL is better than the NFL. After all, he was able to master the defences at both St Louis and Dallas but couldn’t grasp the complexities of the Alouettes defence. So obviously the CFL is a harder league to play in.
    Soooooo, instead of investing billions to try and set up teams in England, Germany, Japan, Australia and Mexico, just buy the CFL. You can probably buy the entire league for under $1 billion (Canadian) and you get 9 teams right off the bat. Now it won’t help Michael Sam at all as he has said so himself that he’s not qualified. But it may just help with this whole New England Patriots domination thing as there is bound to be at least two or three teams that can beat the pants off of Brady. And Goodell, you get a whole new country to impress with your narcissistic pronouncements as no body there has heard of you.
    One more thing Goodell, don’t forget you heard it here first.

  77. He’s listed at 6’2″ but no way. Another network did a piece on him back on campus and several guys he’s getting pictures with are taller than he is and several girls were pretty close to his height. No way I would say this guy is an NFL DE standing next to these other college kids.

    Dallas runs the Tampa-2 which is noted for undersized players, but he didn’t even stick to the practice squad there. So where does he fit?

    Since 5-10% of the population is gay, there must be some gay players in men’s sports and maybe some day that will come to public light.

    That being said, it is looking increasingly unlikely that the person playing in the NFL with that distinction will be Michael Sam.

  78. Why do I feel like he is going to be that celebrity who is found overdosed in a bathtub in a few years? The media set him up for failure, it’s almost sad

  79. Watched him play for the Alouettes in his only CFL game against the Ottawa RedBlacks – he was awful. I think I would have made more of an impact had I suited up.

  80. I remember anyone speaking against drafting him here was bashed for being a bigot. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t any good.

    Everyone here swore he would be great.

  81. coltzfan166 says:
    Sep 25, 2015 12:23 PM

    It’s sad the only reason you trolls hate on him is because he’s gay. If he were straight, yall wouldn’t care if he wants to play in the NFL


    Dude, seriously? Are you for real? I haven’t heard anything this idiotic since… well, since Trump last opened his mouth.

    Here are a couple of facts for your information. First of all, he walked out on his team during training camp and didn’t show up again until the season started. Not sure what he did during that time, but working out sure as hell wasn’t on the list because he didn’t do squat when he was on the field. Then he quit again and he comes up with this BS that he wasn’t getting better up here. Personally, I think he peaked during his last season at Mizzou and the CFL is about as good as it’s going to get for him.

    Furthermore, from a social standpoint, Sam couldn’t have landed in a better situation, as Montreal is known for being one of the most gay-friendly and open-minded cities in North America.

    Secondly, and I’m just speaking for myself, I don’t give a crap if Michael Sam is gay. All I care about is if he can play and based on what I’ve seen he can’t. I don’t like Tim Tebow, who’s straight and can’t play quarterback at the pro level. Why? Because he has a pop-gun arm and he can’t read defenses. I don’t like Johnny Manziel either and he’s straight too. Why? Not because he had a drinking problem, but because he had -and probably still has- the maturity level of a 5 year-old.

    Any other dumb thing you’d like to add?

  82. I just can’t wait for him to finally come out and say that he believes he’s not getting a fair shot at the Nfl bc he’s gay, not his talent level. I will die laughing.

  83. coltzfan166 says:Sep 25, 2015 12:23 PM

    It’s sad the only reason you trolls hate on him is because he’s gay. If he were straight, yall wouldn’t care if he wants to play in the NFL.

    Sorry I have to disagree with you. There might be a few around here who think that way but I would bet 99% of us (and fans in general) do not care if he is gay or not what we don’t like is the constant coverage a guy gets as a bad football player.

  84. What has he done to deserve another shot at the NFL besides quit on his team twice? And don’t blame the CFL because you aren’t good enough.

  85. Translation: As the first openly gay person to get drafted by the NFL, I have an ENTITLEMENT to actually play in the NFL whether I am good enough to play in the NFL or not. I didn’t like playing in Canada, so now I am staking my claim on the NFL and by god they better get me in there or there will be hell to pay.

  86. And if you were a “better” player you would be playing in the NFL, but your not. So if you want to get better you had better play somewhere else or there is no hope that you will get better.

  87. seahawkz says:Sep 25, 2015 4:12 PM

    WOW I’ve never seen so many mean people in my life, and i know 90% of u are doing this cause he’s gay, wat a shame america, i really hope he makes a team next year and shuts all you doubter’s up
    Since you like him so much, we took a vote. He will start at DE for your Seahawks next year.

  88. Go ahead and join the twitter style mob as if you trolls know anything about his football talent.
    Just remember that he doesn’t see your comments and you are only letting evil into your lives and betraying any semblance of compassion. That is what us Catholics are taught to have. That is what Islam preaches. You are no different than wannabe brats joining ISIS in my mind. And you wouldn’t dare talk to him or I in person, just know that. I am straight but I’d show you real quick about prison life you little fake bigots.

  89. nightflyer2012 says:

    Oh no not this jabroney again!
    The only reason he’s not on a team is cuz he sucks!
    (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)



  90. Dude already peaked.

    It doesn’t help that he became more about the story than about football- the game is unforgiving if you’re not 100% focused.

    He should be happy he made it as far as he did.

  91. NFL teams are not inclined to pass on a good thing, so the neg’s much be more abundant than the bennies. I just wish Sam would stop trying to blame others for the fact that he was not worth the investment.

  92. Sadly for Mr. Sam, the NFL is still (for the moment) a harsh meritocracy where if you can’t play the game, you don’t get to play the game.

    Go cry somewhere else.

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