NFLPA investigating Brandon Fusco concussion


Last Sunday, the ATC spotter in Minnesota apparently missed that Vikings guard Brandon Fusco had suffered a concussion. The NFL Players Association has launched an effort to determine whether “apparently” is “accurately.”

Per a league source, the NFLPA is investigating whether the spotter failed to recognize and/or to take action in response to the apparent struggles of Fusco to get to his feet after a block that involved helmet-to-helmet contact.

This year, the ATC spotter has the ability to stop the game and order the immediate examination of a player in distress. The change arose in part from the fact that the ATC spotter recognized that Patriots receiver Julian Edelman needed a concussion examination after taking a big hit in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLIX. However, the ATC spotter was unable to order a closer look at Edelman until after the drive ended.

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  1. It was at the end of the 3rd quarter. He was rushing to the beer line to get 2 for the rest of the game.

  2. Programs like this instituted by the NFL (or any other company/institution) can’t be 100% accurate. Now we’ll hear union bluster about what a travesty this one instance is. Spare me.

  3. Come on man, there’s players getting up slowly after just about every play. Is a spotter really supposed to stop play after every incident? The concussion protocol is 100 times better now than it ever was, but let’s not overdo it. Unless the NFL is looking for more advertising space to fill 4-hour games.

  4. There should be an investigation into the clear concussion ODB suffered when that Cowboys safety destroyed him. If that occurred to a no. Name backup he would have been done for the night. There was prime time early season marketing and business pressure to let ODB to continue to play, ontop of him being a good player. But come on, ODB was clearly concussed.

  5. It’s a conspiracy!

    It’s a cover up!

    It’s an example of cheating and corruption at the highest levels!

    Or it’s a simple mistake.

  6. Did they investigate the Edelman situation? The SB just a tab bit more important than this game was.

  7. So the league spotter wanted to examine Edelman but no penalty was called and no fine was issued or H toH admitted to after the fact by the league.

    How then did Edelman get a concussion?

  8. h0metownzero says:
    Sep 25, 2015 6:19 PM
    The disgraced Vikings have a long and reckless history of blatant disregard for player safety.

    stupid troll…..
    anyway Fusco did not get concussed it was late in the game they are hard working Oline under pressure to perform by a very demanding coach. He got up a little slow . If anything this is a ploy to hid who is gonna play who is not gonna play game

  9. Regardless of whether it was a mistake by the spotter, or malfeasance by the Vikings, Fusco should be sidelined for this week’s game.

  10. You got to give the ACT spotter a break on this one. Normally they look for a dazed, stupid look on the player’s face and the spotter spent the afternoon looking at all the Viking fans and soon after, couldn’t tell the difference.

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