Cowboys expect Dez Bryant back for Week Seven


Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant has been out since suffering a foot injury in Week One against the Giants. He should be ready to return for the Week Seven rematch against the Giants.

That’s the word from Cowboys Executive V.P. Stephen Jones, who told the Ben and Skin show on 105.3 The Fan that the team is expecting Bryant to be out through the Week Six bye. That would mean Bryant’s first game back is October 25, on the road against the Giants.

“Our prognosis has never changed,” Jones said. “I know there have been a lot of people who have doctors on their media staff and like to speculate on these things, but we’ve been pretty consistent from Day One. At first we thought maybe four to six [weeks] and that changed to six to eight. By the next day we were pretty much thinking six to eight. We really feel like it’s a very fair goal to think that Dez will be back after the bye.”

Reports on the severity of Bryant’s injury have been all over the map, with an estimated return ranging anywhere from four weeks to 12 weeks. But it sounds like Bryant, who will miss his second game on Sunday against the Falcons, will need to miss only two more games after that before a well-timed bye week has him ready to return having missed only four games.

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  1. Not buying what Jones is selling. Feet for WRs are no joke. Better be 100% before putting him back on the field or else risk further injury. Not worth it.

  2. A 6 week Jones fracture return??? Really???

    Brandon Weeden has the most bleased arm in NFL history?!

    Im about tired of keeping up with the Jones’s that family has some serious mental issues.

  3. Dez, Hardy, Mcclain, Gregory all coming back at the same time… I think this team will be just fine in this weak division and can still win it. If They have a healthy Romo around week 10-12 and are still in contention these guys have a real shot.

  4. Its funny to think Dez can come back this quick from this injury. I just heard Chris Carter this week say he thought Dez would be lucky to come back before week 10. This is coming from a HOF WR who had the same injury and missed a significant amount of time. Everyone heals different but I think the Cowboys are dreaming on this one,

  5. Has anyone every broken a 5th metatarsal here?…Yeah didnt think so. I have and I was in a boot for 8 weeks. I walking fairly normal around 10-11 weeks. I was 100% at 12-13….And Im not even an athlete. Im older than Dez. And I dont have the medical team/equipment Dallas has.

    Basically there is no reason for him not to be ready to go in 7-8 weeks, aside from reinjury. Conditioning might be the bigger issue, because I couldnt do squat for 8 weeks or so….but again I dont have those resources Dallas does.

  6. We don’t know the severity of the break. It could have been a slight fracture in Dez’s case.

    I’m sure the Doc’s won’t let him out there until he’s ready.

  7. The “Most valuable franchise in sports”.


    Correction –

    The “Most Annoying Franchise in sports.”


    The most annoying owner (Jugg Head Jones) in the history of sports.

    The most annoying state in the union = Texas!

  8. They might want to rethink this. Why should he come back against the best team in the NFL and risk getting hurt again? If he does he will certainly have his other foot broken and be out for the remainder of the season. Best to wait another week and start his comeback against a team he actually has a chance of catching a ball against. No way he catches anything against the NYG shutdown corners.

  9. I guess to some people Texas is the most annoying state because we are the best state and what ever little crappy state your from is nothing in comparison. really is Jones anymore annoying then the owners of the Redskins, Eagles, the Patriots, the Raiders, the Browns, etc…..Jerry Jones bought the cowboys for 146,000,000 and its now worth what 2 or 3 billion dollars? seems like he is a heck of a lot smarter than most people. and last but not least you think the cowboys are the most annoying team? Well again its probably because whatever little NFL team your rooting for has never even come close to achieving what the cowboys have. There’s what like 4-5 teams that just have always stood out above the rest. Cowboys, 49ers, Steelers, Packers. I guess if I was a fan of anyone else I’d be jealous to so spew your hate, wave that jealously flag high in the air. we get it.

  10. One thing to keep in mind is the severity which none of us knows. In Julio’s case, he said they wouldn’t let him put any weight on it for six weeks. Dez was in a walking boot and standing at practice this past week.

    When Julio suffered, he actually stayed in the game and played through the game so that may have exacerbated it to a degree. Dez immediately left the game and didn’t return.

    So please just wait and see how he recovers. Also, depending on the record, he may or may not take an extra week.

    Just R-E-L-A-X.

  11. @boyzrulethenfl

    Recently Top Tier Athletes with Jones Fracture Injuries:

    Julio Jones IR Missed 14 Games??

    Kevin Durant, Rushed back & reinjured, ended up out for the year and a 2nd surgery.

    That was in the last 2 years….Unless he’s getting stem cells shot into his bone marrow I don’t see how Dez comes back in 6 weeks. I’ve had this injury, it was excruciating for the first month. Then running didn’t happen for another few weeks after. Not saying I had Dez’s surgeons cause i didn’t but to think he’s back week 7 is insane considering the Boys have no QB & their running game is lacking bad.

  12. Maybe KD had a different break, but he had to miss most of the season. When he played he wasn’t playing like KD.

    NBA isn’t a contact sport yet Cowboys and people expect Dez to be back this season!? He won’t be near 100% and he broke his foot on non contact, if someone steps on his foot or he is gang tackled he will be out longer.

    Just sit him for season.

  13. Please Jerrah … bring him back before he’s ready. The whole league can’t wait to see you destroy the career of the best player your franchise has had in 25 years.

  14. If the doctors clear him and say he is healthy, then I’m gonna have to go with it. It’s always amazing when folks use their “professional off the corner doctorate” to diagnose both Dez’s injury and recovery time. They base it off of someone else’s injury. For example, “Adrian Peterson is done for the next season and won’t be the same when he comes back” only to see him almost break the single season record. Then you had people saying RG3, who was all in for week one, will be back like Peterson but will be even better because he’s younger. Look how that played out. Honestly, we don’t know. Those doing most for the talking are not part of the medical staff and everyone heals at different rates. Guess we shall see.

  15. 700levelvet says:
    Sep 26, 2015 8:34 AM

    The.,.”Most mediocre franchise in sports”.,,

    Soooooooo…. What’s your take on the Eagles and Kelly then?

    Tell us how it feels to be in last place. Tell us how the most mediocre franchise in sports can lose their 2 best players and many others and still boot stomp the Eagles. It must have hurt some to get blasted in the home opener.

    The floor is yours, the mic is hot, and the spotlight is ready for you. Go.

  16. 700levelvet is back talking smack. Funning considering his Eagle look like they will be lucky to get to mediocre. But they do have all those past Super Bowl victories to hang their hat on…. Oh, wait.

  17. Now that we know what the owner thinks, what do the doctors think?

    If I remember correctly the Cowboys wouldn’t even rule out Dez for Week 2 right away following the surgery.

  18. If he plays in week 7, the foot will be re-injured by week 10 and he won’t be healthy again until training camp 2016.

  19. Seriously Cowboy fans you beat the Eagles who for the most part were pathetic. However you managed 1 offensive touchdown and not with Romo against an over worked defense. To early to be this full of yourself, there’s lots of season and plenty of regret in your future. What goes around will come around.

  20. Commissioner Cools
    September 26, 2015, 8:23 AM EDT
    That’s the good news. Here’s the bad…
    Weeden be the one throwing to him.
    Bad news for you, they were college teammates, along with Randle

  21. 700levelvet says:
    Sep 26, 2015 8:34 AM

    The.,.”Most mediocre franchise in sports”.,,


    So I finally figured out you are an Eagles fan. If Dallas is mediocre, then what are the Eagles? A laughing stock, pathetic organization that has a doughnut, bagel, zero, zilch in their trophy case. I hope you are enjoying your prized FA Demarco with his 21 rushing yards. Enjoy the Chip Kelly era buddy!

  22. There’s one thing I’ve always said about the Dallas Cowboys and that is everyone’s loves them in some form of love. Those who love them, those who love to hate them and those who hate to love them.

  23. greymares says:
    Sep 26, 2015 1:04 PM

    Seriously Cowboy fans you beat the Eagles who for the most part were pathetic. However you managed 1 offensive touchdown and not with Romo against an over worked defense. To early to be this full of yourself, there’s lots of season and plenty of regret in your future. What goes around will come around.

    No one is full of themselves.
    And every win against a division opponent is good. Especially one whose fans throw things at the bus every time they show up.

    And the reason the defense is overworked is part of the problem with the Eagles.

    If things ‘come around’ let me know. If anyone can match Dallas’ bad luck with injuries I would be interested in hearing about it.

  24. If this is the case and they’re rushing him back to play in week 7, then Dez’s 2015 season when said and done will have consisted of two partial games played.

  25. Anyone who think the Cowboys are rushing players back is acting plain ignorant… for starters they put romo on short term IR… randy gregory is still out with his high ankle sprain ND they just ruled another one of our starters out this Sunday while placing another on ir. If they was so he’ll bent on players playing through injuries this would definitely not be the case..

  26. Is anyone on here actually a doctor? Or have this happen to them? Or see the future? All of you be like “He’s just gonna get hurt again!” How do you know that? From a biomechanical perspective, a fracture take in general 6-8 weeks to heal. Compound or torsional fractures are different which is what Julio Jones had. This is a different injury. A fracture is not the same in every case. Drives me nuts when people just say things without having any knowledge about it.

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