Rams tryout a bunch of wideouts, including Nick Toon


As the Rams prepare to host the Steelers, they’ve taken a look at a fairly long list of receivers.

Per a league source, St. Louis recently worked out seven free-agent receivers, led by former Saints receiver Nick Toon.

The Rams also kicked tires on Issac Blakeney, Kain Colter, DaVaris Daniels, Jordan Leslie, Tyler Rutenbeck, and Taylor Washington.

The Rams currently have six receivers on the roster, and none are injured. It’s possible one or more are currently residing in coach Jeff Fisher’s doghouse, and that the tryouts were aimed at getting their attention.

5 responses to “Rams tryout a bunch of wideouts, including Nick Toon

  1. Britt is a solid #2 receiver in the NFL. On some teams, he would be a #3 receiver. We need to go bigger than free agents here. Our round one draft pick needs to be a long-term WR.

  2. The Rams could have Randy Moss, Jerry Rice, Gronk, and Jim Brown in their prime and still go 8-8.

  3. If they are all healthy, then it’s quite obvious to me that it is Brian Quick.. He has seemed to disappear from that offence.

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