Seahawks activate Kam Chancellor, bounce Dion Bailey


The man who fell down in a few moment of a Week One loss to the Rams has fallen off the Seattle roster.

The Seahawks officially have activated safety Kam Chancellor for Sunday’s home opener against the Bears. To create a space for Chancellor on the roster, the Seahawks have waived Dion Bailey.

Bailey made a glaring error 13 days ago, falling down while covering Rams tight end Lance Kendricks, who scored an overtime-forcing touchdown.

Chancellor’s activation is no surprise; his holdout ended on Wednesday. The question is whether he’ll get extensive playing time at a time when he may be in great physical shape, but clearly isn’t in football shape.

29 responses to “Seahawks activate Kam Chancellor, bounce Dion Bailey

  1. Hopefully he’s smart enough to know this is how injuries happen.
    No camp/ preseason just training alone wI’ll not get you in NFL shape but then he’s a freak of nature.
    Good luck be smart kam hate seeing injuries no matter who it is.
    Competition is much better with him on the field

  2. I’m happy Kam is back but I’m sad to see Dion go. He had a good preseason and his story stood out to me. I hope to see him back.

  3. Not only do I hope the Bears pull off a gigantic upset, I hope it comes at the hands of a questionable call by the officials. I really, really, really want to see Pete Carroll spontaneously combust in high definition glory.

  4. No one is happier than Sherman.

    Without Kam back there to back him up – Sherm’s looked mighty pedestrian the last 2 weeks.

  5. I love how buffalo fans keep pounding their chests without any Super Bowl appearances recently. Good job dominating New England last week. Better job talking about it beforehand.

  6. Feel bad for Dion Bailey, I have a feeling he doesn’t pass through waivers which is good for him. His reaction after the game, he took it pretty hard because that was a big chance to shine.

    Young talented and physical safety with basically two years of training with some of the best CBs in football. He will get plenty more chances. Go Hawks!

  7. Not a Bears fan at all, since they’re my team’s biggest rival. But if the Bears somehow manage to win this game I’ll probably laugh uncontrollably for at least five minutes.

  8. Seattle scares no one this season. They appear to be a step slower this season, and as the season progresses, teams will find ways to out scheme them. Pete knows it and it is why he is making excuses and whining so much. It will be the officials fault.

  9. @therealhillbillybuffalo

    The Seahawks are still the reigning NFC Champions!
    Get used to it.

    Go Seahawks!

  10. I hope NE claims Bailey. No star by any means, but I wanted him coming out of college as a coverage LB/in the box safety, and wouldn’t have been angry if NE traded a 7th or something for him this preseason.

    Would def take him for free. Let him compete for reps behind Harmon and Chung at SS.

  11. stoptrippn says:
    Sep 26, 2015 4:31 PM

    Bailey hopefully makes the practice squad

    I think he has to pass through waivers to be signed to the practice squad. I’d be surprised if he makes it through waivers. Someone will pick him up. He could probably step right in and play nickel for a few teams. After all that talk about how good Bailey was and they cut him. If they thought he’d pass through waivers after that they are delusional. I’m surprised they didn’t make room by waiving someone else. I can’t imagine how this won’t hurt the depth in their secondary unless they were completely disappointed in how he played that first game.

  12. After all the talk I heard from Seahawks fans about how they didn’t need Kam and how Dion Bailey would step right in and they wouldn’t miss a beat, he gets cut the moment Kam returns.

  13. TheRealHillBilly says “Love how Seattle fans are no longer pounding their chest screaming how great their team is.”

    I’ve been a Seahawks fan since the late ’70s, and I’ve been tired of the belligerent braggadocio of a bunch of bandwagon brats who –until a few years ago — thought a 12 was that weird XII thing at the top of a clock.
    As much as it pains me, any crap we get from opposing fans has been earned. It should serve as a reminder to always be respectful of those you pass on your way up, because they are the same ones you’ll see on your way down.
    That said, the season is young and the Seahawks like nothing more than being discounted. Go Hawks!

  14. Best thing about him falling is that Carry Williams somehow still took the blame from it by media & social media.

  15. Heard the Pope speak today and took three things away from it. We need to care about climate change, see the homeless as people not statistics and yes they should have run the ball

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