Brady plays late into 51-17 blowout


In 2007, the Patriots launched the Go Eff Yourself Tour following the Spygate scandal. Eight years later, the band is back together again.

The 3-0 Patriots dismantled the Jaguars on Sunday, scoring 51 points. And they showed no mercy.

Quarterback Tom Brady remained in the game late, as the Patriots drove for the last touchdown that pushed them past 50 points. It became a common occurrence as the Patriots rebounded from being caught red handed videotaping defensive coaching signals to the first 16-0 regular season in NFL history.

The difference this time around? No one seemed to bat an eye about the failure of coach Bill Belichick to pull Brady and other starters with the game clearly in hand.

After the game, reporters asked neither Belichick nor Brady about the decision to keep the quarterback in the game. Maybe no one asked because everyone knows the answer: Like the Patriots of 2007, then plan to put a foot on the throat of every opponent possible — and then to press down hard.

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  1. Just an indication of the ethics and sportsmanship of the organization. Foolish to risk your qb in a blow-out. One hit, cheap or otherwise, and your season is done.

  2. The NFL made the mistake of angering Tom Brady. Now all of your teams are going to pay for it.

    I hope the Colts are ready in week 6. That weak team is going to get the worst of it. Too bad the cursed Ravens are 0-3. The Patriots won’t get another chance to make Harbaugh cry like a baby after getting beat.

  3. They could have put up alot more, 21 points..if they’d been as aggressive in 3rd and 4th quarters.

    Had all backups in….Where is Brady supposed to fine tune timing @ game conditions w/backups?

    Belichick took foot off gas pedal….Must be friendly w/Jags staff

  4. Here we go again. People whining about the Patriots running up the score and keeping Brady in.

    Football players play. You can get hurt on any play in any type of game. Ask Ben Rothlisburger. Every play is a risk.

    (Hope he’s not too seriously hurt, btw. Hate to see injuries like that. His face said it all.)

  5. Brady is on a tear I have a bad feeling about him being out their late though. Doesn’t matter the opponents talent level that’s always a risk.

    If Brady playa late in another blowout game we’ll get the message and so will the opponent and guaranteed someone is coming for him on a late hit..

    I hope we don’t have to see that but I’m worried we will see Brady get tagged playing unnecessary snaps when the game is well in hand.

  6. Ah yes, the unwritten mercy rule. It would be a written rule next year if this had been the Ravens

  7. I didn’t know it was Belichick’s job to help the other teams defense to stop the Pats from scoring. All this running up the score crying is just sad. Don’t want to get blown out out a better team on the field. Brady could of had 6 tds today instead they had Blount and crew run in for 4 td’s . In the immortal words of one Ric Flair ” To be the man you gotta beat The Man”.

  8. It should also be noted that the NFL gave the Patriots their bye week after just 3 games. They may simply be trying to make sure the starters stay in game shape, as they have been only playing with live ammo for three weeks.

  9. Lots of handoffs to Blount and only a few passes to get first downs and wind the clock down. They scored every time they had the ball.

    Luckily, even though they were slaughtered, the Jags provided BB with some “teachable moments” headed into the bye week.

  10. With a bye week coming up next week why not keep him in, it’s only the 3rd game of the year. Belichick usually plays Brady the entire game regardless of the score. He believes football players should play and doesn’t think fear of injury should change that belief. This is no different than what he’s been doing for years.

  11. Our team realized today that we are not ready to go on the road and beat the defending Super Bowl Champs. Shocker.

    NE scored on every drive except the last one when the clock ran out. It was that tough.

    Good win, NE.

    Jags, let’s just get ready to play Indy. The worthless Titans just took them to the brink. Play good run D and pressure Luck and it will be a game.

  12. Does anyone read what they have typed before they post? The Patriots did nothing wrong today. The NFL scheduled a game, and the Patriots showed up and played. Should there be an investigation into why the game lasted 60 minutes now?

  13. .
    Brady played most of the game, but there were a lot of new faces getting some serious playing time. Guys like, Coleman, Richards, Easley, and Mason seemed like they played the entire game.?.

  14. The Haters are freaking out. Good news for the Pat’s naysayers – they may have a bad game or two this season.

    Brady is a man on a mission. Don’t poke the bear.

    This is payback for the beast QB ever.

    Goodell and his NYC Park Ave stooges deserve this.

    I submit it’s the NFL that cheats. Brady never lied. I lost count how many Goodell had lied.

  15. The Colts game will be so emotional. I could see us putting up 60 points on the Colts and I could see Robert Mathis take out Brady’s knee to end his season as a retaliation.

  16. Here comes Bills fan berating the city of Boston and the Pats. Why don’t you focus on your team that the Pats just slapped around and not worry about the best team in the NFL. Stop dragging your 4 straight Super Bowl losses around like an albatross. Your team sucks and your city is the armpit of the Northeast!

  17. When Brady gets hurt in a blowout it will be the only time I will cheer an injury….the arrogance and lack of class reminds me of Hitler rolling thru Poland….Toms bunker will be a blind side hit…..with tons of applause.

  18. The best revenge for the Patriots against the Colts would be play Jimmy G and the rest of the back ups and let the starters treat it as another bye week. I’m thinking it would still be a 14 point victory and really show how pathetic Colts nation is.

  19. So the Pats win 51-17 (34 point difference) and claims of running up the score by a classless organization are abound.

    Bills win 41-14 (27 point difference) and they played good football.

    Moral of the story is apparently only beat them by 4 TDs not 5 and make sure your team isn’t the Patriots!

  20. Look, the pats go out and play 60 minutes every game. They had backups in and they’re calling run plays to eat up the clock.

    If your defense gives up in the 4th don’t be a crybaby about it.

  21. floratiotime says:
    Sep 27, 2015 7:29 PM

    The irony is that the Pats are a good football team that didn’t have to cheat … but they did.
    Well where were you when the nfl was stumbling around the question from the judge asking if they had any evidence brady cheated and could only answer no? You could have made a difference, why are you hiding the the proof?

  22. How long was Ernie Adams talking to to Tom Brady thought out the game thro his helmet? You know…. Watch out to the left, someone coming to the right? Ask Dough Flutie… Brady is a fraud. And Billy boy leaves him in the whole game. Karma right around the corner for the Frauds!

  23. I am a Broncos Fan, and despise the Cheating Pats… But if they want to run the score up on an opponent, that’s their right!! It’s the Defense that should be stopping them.

    The true story here is not Brady and company run up the score! The story is why did the defense suck so bad?

    You don’t want them to run up the score, then stop them…

  24. billsfan1 says:
    Sep 27, 2015 7:21 PM
    He’s getting his reps in now for when he’s suspended later..

    The organization mirrors the city…


    As does yours. All bluster and nothing of interest.

  25. I think it’s gotten to the point where you guys in the Media don’t even realize you’re doing it. Whenever the Patriots do something like this you can’t help but raise topics of “sportsmanship” and “running it up” and the “Go Eff Yourself Tour”. But if anyone else does the EXACT SAME THING no one bats an eye. Case in Point: the Cardinals had the game against the 49ers today WELL in hand from about halftime and yet Carson Palmer stayed in the game very deep into the 4th and they kept throwing to score. But there’s no “sportsmanship” conversation about that.

    Its obvious more and more everyday that the Pats are just the NFL’s easy target for controversy. That’s ok though, its tough being on top all the time.

  26. I remember these same complaints from 2007 and Belichick and Brady could care less, and neither do I. The NFL and their pet franchises (Colts, Ravens) have tried everything they can to undermine the Patriots, so the Revenge Tour of 2015 is charging full speed ahead. Sorry, Jaguars, you were on the schedule, and the Patriots are taking no prisoners. Only three weeks until the Patriots hang 50+ on the Colts. Think the Patriots are taking this personally? You bet they are.

  27. Brady could have been throwing a medicine ball and still scored. The precision, the accuracy, the offense, the defense, the coaching and the fans made it look like a fine Swiss watch with every gear working smoothly in play after play. Perhaps the coaches from the other teams might shut up, watch how the game should be played c and give the nonsense a break. Particularly the posters who are beside themselves with disbelief. Yes, dopes, the Pat’s did it again just to rub your face in it. Now, get used to it.

  28. shikbraves says:
    Sep 27, 2015 8:00 PM
    What happen after that 16-0 season to pretty boy?
    He won a Super Bowl a few years later what did your sorry azz team do?

  29. Where were all these “running up the score” and “classless organization” comments when Saint Peyton threw for 7 TDs against the Ravens in week 1 of 2013, when the Ravens defense was so obviously gased they could barely sit on the bench without falling off? Oh, that’s right, Peyton can do whatever he wants, never a whimper about Peyton running up the score to pad his stats, but if anyone else does it that makes them the scum of the Earth.

  30. In 2007 the media kept writing about the Pats being poor sports and running up the score.

    Then Peyton Manning throws 7 TDs in a game (blowout) and his team breaks the Pats record and we hear nothing.

    I guess Peyton needs kid gloves since he will go down as a all time top 10 great and Brady is All Time No 1.

    Bow down

  31. All you losers talking about injuries and running up the score and celebrating an injury need to climb out of mommies basements. I hope your mothers fall down your cellar stairs and blows out a hip when she lands on top of you and snaps your necks!!

  32. Ahhhh, poor babies. So all the owners try to frame Brady, it backfires and now that he is ticked off, they want him to take it easy on them.


  33. Nofoolnodrool says:
    Sep 27, 2015 7:41 PM
    When Brady gets hurt in a blowout it will be the only time I will cheer an injury….the arrogance and lack of class reminds me of Hitler rolling thru Poland….Toms bunker will be a blind side hit…..with tons of applause.

    Carson Palmer took every snap but the 3 kneel downs that ended a 40 point blowout. Even though he has a formidable injury history.

    Tyrod Taylor took every snap in a 27 point blowout of Miami including the final kneel down

    Russell Wilson took every snap in a 26 point shutout including the kneel downs.

    But Brady gets compared to the most vile mass murderer this planet has ever known. I can’t fathom what that pathetic a level of hate for someone you don’t even know personally is like to live with. IT’S FOOTBALL for God’s sake. Please get a grip and find help

  34. I find it truly amazing how many fans go out of their way to trash the Patriots. All the Patriots are doing is winning. Exactly the same thing ever fan wishes their own team would do. And the Patriots do it convincingly. And they do it in spite of the fact that their extraordinary success works against them when all the parity rules kick in. And they do it using players that have cleared waivers. And they do it giving up key players like Revis and others.
    Every other team in the NFL is allowed to do everything the Patriots do. Eventually another team will. Until then the Patriots will continue to excel. No amount of trashing the Patriots and Brady will change that.

  35. In fairness, if Brady had been able to use his standard under-inflated footballs it would have been 102-17

    So once again we have PROOF that Brady cheats given how poorly he played today

  36. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    Sep 27, 2015 7:39 PM
    The Colts game will be so emotional. I could see us putting up 60 points on the Colts and I could see Robert Mathis take out Brady’s knee to end his season as a retaliation.
    Matter of time before someone takes that smug punk cheater out of the game.

  37. I don’t even know why the NFL is still playing this year. I mean it’s only three weeks but everyone knows the Patriots are going to go undefeated and win the Super Bowl. Who’s going to stop them, where in the schedule are they going to lose? There is no competition, nobody can even keep the score close, let alone win. Every team is going to have to pay the price for the NFL catching the Deflator.

  38. Tyrod Taylor took every snap in a 27 point blowout of Miami including the final kneel down
    No. This isn’t true. Manuel finished the game.

  39. truthprofessor says:
    Sep 27, 2015 8:14 PM

    6 TDs, 3 FGs

    Maybe the Pats can work on that a little bit, and have 9 TDs vs. the whiny pansy Colts.

    63-7 would e nice….

    72-0 would be nicer

  40. I don’t understand the logic of complaining when a team is running up the score. There are players with performance-based bonus incentives and personal and team records. Why shouldn’t they be given the opportunity to maximize their income or break records. Besides, knowing Belichick, he is still trying new configurations and routes etc for when he may need them later on the season.
    This is not 11 year old kids playing. It’s professional football.

  41. This just shows how classless the Patriots are and why football fans everywhere hate this team. They get caught cheating and then take it out on all the other teams. It’s one thing to win a game but its another to run up the score. There was no need to do this. Last time they did this they paid for it by losing the Superbowl and their perfect season. Just remember Patriots, Karma is out there and what goes around comes around!

  42. tbmferris | Sep 27, 2015, 10:55 PM EDT
    This just shows how classless the Patriots are and why football fans everywhere hate this team. They get caught cheating and then take it out on all the other teams. It’s one thing to win a game but its another to run up the score. There was no need to do this. Last time they did this they paid for it by losing the Superbowl and their perfect season. Just remember Patriots, Karma is out there and what goes around comes around!

    Did you even watch the game? NE could have had 70 if they wanted. Brady spent the 4th QTR handing the ball off. There is no story here. The final score can too easily be taken out of context.

  43. Don’t let the facts get in the way haters.

    They ended the 3rd Qrtr with a long drive and scored on the first play of the fourth Q, spreading the ball with runs and passes to a mix of starters and backups. It was a relatively slow methodical drive. They got the ball back with 13 minutes to go and, again with many reserves, ran a 17 play drive that lasted over 10 minutes. Every play was a run or a short pass. They scored with under 3 min to go. So basically they ran one offensive drive in the 4th Qrtr.

  44. mackcarrington says:
    Sep 27, 2015 9:43 PM
    Tyrod Taylor took every snap in a 27 point blowout of Miami including the final kneel down
    No. This isn’t true. Manuel finished the game.

    I stand corrected. Taylor took all but 3 snaps, the same as Brady. Well that certainly changes everything, lol

  45. Ha ha,who scored most points this week? and BTW this is the pros,no whining. When a pro baseball team scores 20 runs,you don’t stop,this isn’t Little League! Don’t like it,get out of the pros!

  46. Brady played late, but only because there was a long (8-10 minute) sustained drive in the 4th quarter filled with runs and short to intermediate passes. No hurry up or attempts to stretch the field vertically. Dion Lewis, Edelman, and Gronkowski were pulled in the third quarter. If not, it might as well have been 70 to 17. For what its worth, Jacksonville also (unsuccessfully) ran a fake punt down 30 in the second half…

    So basically, that wasn’t running up the score. Week 5 vs Indy, however, will be an example of running up the score.

  47. Who wants to pay that kind of money for a ticket and then see their team lay down for the last half of the game. If the league expects dominate teams to lay down, then they need to cut the ticket prices in half if the game includes an elite team playing a dog!

  48. But but but what about DA FUMBLEZ? How come nobody is updating us on DA FUMBLEZ in this game?



  49. willycents says:
    Sep 27, 2015 7:08 PM

    Just an indication of the ethics and sportsmanship of the organization. Foolish to risk your qb in a blow-out. One hit, cheap or otherwise, and your season is done.

    By that logic any time we (the pats) get a 30+ lead the other team should take their qb out too, why risk an injury and loose him for rest of the season. They stay in cause the play 60 minutes not until they have scored a bunch and the game seems one sided

    GG on to two weeks from now

  50. They beat the Bills by 8 points. That’s one score. Not exactly “putting your foot on the throat.”

    But hey, Bills were the home team so it was impressive. Just weird since Bills did exactly what they said they wouldn’t… Leave gronk and Edelman wide open.

    You have 2 people to guard. That’s it. Make anyone else beat you.

    The next meeting between the two teams isn’t too far off. It’ll be pretty exciting.

  51. These same people complaining were happy James Harrison took trophies away from children.

    Checkout Carson Palmers backup numbers.

  52. people trashing only the patriots in blowouts when there were at least 3 others and those qb’s stayed in the game look stupid.

    as for the moron wondering why brady would want to demolish other teams, get your head out of your rear end.the owners were behind deflategate.

    every brady win proves NFL was wrong.

    best numbers of his career and he is 38.

    any one still thinking brady cheated hates just to hate.

  53. It’s always the same 8-10 commenters with the same posts that reek of jealousy and sadness. It’s pathetic and embarrassing. The tears are extremely tasty, however. I’ll keep drinking them while my team continues to cruise.

  54. It is really hilarious how obsessed you people are with this team and its QB. Wishing Brady gets hurt, comparing BB to Hitler, whining about “cheating”. My word you (especially Bills, Phins, Jets, Ravens, Colts, Broncos fans) are truly the most pathetic group of whiny babies I have ever seen.

  55. Did I miss the whining about the Cardinals running up the score or not taking their QB out earlier. Give it a rest.

  56. All the dumb hate! They claim the Pats can’t score with inflated balls and then whine that Brady runs up the score – LMAO!

    I’m a lapsed 9ers (huge Montana) fan, & can’t stand all the BS from some in the league and some pretend “fans” who whine about the Pats. I watched the game, and it was clear to me that Brady was in clock-eating mode all of the 4th. I’d have pulled him in the last 8 minutes, but think the Pats don’t ease off too much because of a very few past times when they lost huge leads.

  57. So the rest of the League believes that Brady and the Pats cheated, despite evidence to the contrary, so this is simply a demonstration of how ludicrous and preposterous that idea is. Brady and the Pats don’t need to cheat to compete.

    If Brady is in for the whole game, it helps him continue to elevate his level of play as the season goes on. He stays in shape and can throw 60 passes by the playoffs, if that is necessary.

    You do realize that this is a competition? Some teams take that seriously and some don’t for whatever reason. The rest of the League should be learning from BB and Brady while they have them to learn from. Their preparation, their work ethic, their attention to detail. As it is lots of coaches and teams copy BB all the while complaining about what a cheater they are. Even Harbaugh this season was a total hypocrite.

    No NFL fans or teams have the high road here. And the Patriots will be playing 60 minutes every game this season. All of the NFL was on notice of that before the season started. They had time to prepare, the same as the Patriots did. They all have better draft picks then the Patriots do and they don’t have to put up with the rest of the NFL’s abuse. So I have no idea what anyone has to complain about.

  58. @Unchained81 – Really, what the rest of the League needs, is for the Patriots to just let everyone win. That I’m sure is what would satisfy them. On the field, off the field, suspend Brady, take away draft picks. And if the Patriots are still able to play well, they’re supposed to play at the level of the team they are playing?

    I’m willing to write to BillB and suggest it. Just show up and fumble, fail to tackle, miss all their field goals and make sure they don’t score, for an entire season. Unfortunately for all of you, that’s not going to happen. But let’s face it, that’s what you’d all like, right?

    Why don’t you all try to improve your teams instead? As much as you believe they deflated balls, they didn’t and there’s no excuse for believing it because there’s more than enough information out there to realize it wasn’t true. So anyone who still believes it, is just someone who wants to believe it for their own reasons.

    Too bad, you can’t appreciate the talent and hard work that the Patriots always put in and learn from it. But that’s on you, if you don’t.

  59. I’m not sure professional football players feel the same hate towards Tom Brady that some of these “fans” do. Does anyone truly believe that an NFL player would risk his career to take a cheap shot at the most visible player in the league? Doubtful, even for the most reckless players out there. Chances are, plenty of guys in the NFL side with Brady because of the union connection. None of them want to be the next target of an ignorant and willfully negligent league front office.

    I can’t wait to see how this season pans out. Would be awesome to see the goodell hand the Lombardi trophy to Kraft and Co. once again.

  60. The patriots started running the ball and actually held up, they could have scored 60 if they wanted. If that last drive lasted only a few minutes Brady would have come out with 5-6 minutes left on the clock but… they almost lost to Buffalo when they stopped pushing hard last week, not going to make that mistake again.. take no chances..

    the reason they scored 50 a game in 2007 is they had Randy Moss and Wes Welker and Kevin Faulk (and I’ll admit a pissed Brady/Bill B.)

    If you think about it, both ‘cheating scandals’ have been complete non issues. The game taping, everyone did it until that week, the pats just pushed it one week longer than others, the balls… they were not even underinflated, non issue..

  61. For the fans of other teams, the New England Patriots are like that song you hear in the morning on your way to work, and then as hard as you try, you just can’t get it out of your head.

    NE Patriots = Hater’s Brainworm!

  62. I would be the definition of poetic justice to see Brady blow out a knee irreparably while running up the score on some non-playoff team, ending his career and going into acting, with all the success of Mark Gastineau.
    Never used to hate the Pats until I saw Brady EXPECT to walk from being caught at a really cheap little cheat, one of myriad , cheap little cheats and classless scams the Pats have always engaged in. I remember Belechick mumbling something about “an interpretation of the rules” when he was caught taping signals after receiving the largest fine ever put on a coach in NFL history.
    I’ll never buy a Gilette razor as long as I live.

  63. The Pats were up on the Bills by 30 something going into the 4th qtr and only won by 8. Plus the Pats have their bye week and the players needed reps. Practice is poor for creating game conditions.
    Get used to it BB rarely pulls starters.

    Get used to it the Pats are going to push the NFL’s face in a big steaming pile or $hit every week if they can.
    Just wait till the Colts game! I hear Vegas has set the line +65 Colts and the U/O at 78. They must think the Colts will score 13 points.

  64. when losers cry and whine, you don’t paint a good profile of yourselves. Must suck to lose…cry..and whine. Try to have some dignity for crissakes……Or you can do what you do and keep lowering your social status.

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